NF - Leave Me Alone

  • Published on Jul 26, 2019
  • Official music video for “Leave Me Alone” by NF.
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    Music video by NF performing Leave Me Alone. © 2019 NF Real Music, LLC
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Comments • 32 741

  • Rikki Shays
    Rikki Shays Hour ago

    Anyone else out there find themselves using NF lyrics in day to day life? For instance, I can't just say the word "quiet" - I have to say it 5 times. And, "It took a couple days to get a Re- sponse"(spoken with the same cadence for ignored texts). And, "I'm the one holdin' the keys"(sometimes for my car, sometimes when I realize I'm in charge). And, "Is that me or the fear talkin'? I don't know anymore." And, "Who I am and who I wanna be can not connect." And the latest one from Intro 3 has been getting me some strange looks. Sometimes when I'm with a friend and we go out the door I'll say this just like Nate does, "Come on, let's go outside!"

  • Emily Garwood
    Emily Garwood Hour ago

    basicly its like leave me alone clown ass bitches

  • Imara Anderson
    Imara Anderson Hour ago

    I love your songs.

  • Kate Eastin
    Kate Eastin Hour ago

    What does everyone think about all the symbolism in this video and what it actually means? The black balloons, people in white and black. Walking in line going in dirty coming out clean. NF trying to hand over a couple balloons at the end.
    Pls share your thoughts and what YOU think he is trying to say here.
    I’m very impressed with this video

  • Renan Costa
    Renan Costa 2 hours ago


  • I think he's Great Loki

    Better than eminem

  • Kirt Cobain Acosta
    Kirt Cobain Acosta 3 hours ago

    This world's suffocating

  • OneOfKind Leo
    OneOfKind Leo 3 hours ago

    "NF Bro" Cant you see what the elites did, They told you this song sucks and copied your tone for this song. To put in Eminem and Joyner Lucas's song. They just speed it up.

  • Nicole Noseworthy
    Nicole Noseworthy 3 hours ago

    This guy!!! wow.. I thought i left this genre of music years ago, but he is special!

  • Random Guy Thinking
    Random Guy Thinking 3 hours ago

    NF shows that you don't need a Lamborgini in a rap song
    A shopping cart is enough

  • Fox YT
    Fox YT 3 hours ago +1

    Fame is wrong this song is fire

  • Lil Kue
    Lil Kue 4 hours ago

    Industry plant this man is garbage I rather listen to lil pump lmao

  • TexasKills 97
    TexasKills 97 4 hours ago

    Do people not realize he's saying leave me alone to the thoughts in his head??

  • 悠々彼方
    悠々彼方 5 hours ago

    I'm sorry to never leave you alone, because l love to listen your songs. from Japan.

  • Kuya Arbee
    Kuya Arbee 5 hours ago


  • Aleksander Helpingstine
    Aleksander Helpingstine 6 hours ago +1

    Dude this stuff is so trash how y’all like this I understand making a song or two about problems and depression but why you gotta be like you on a stutter saying the same story over and over again with a different t beat rap something different

  • Sebastian Nebre
    Sebastian Nebre 6 hours ago

    This comment section has never listened to rap music. 🤷🏽‍♂️
    “NF mAkEs REaL muSiC CuZ hE dOnT MumBLe”
    “NF dEsErvES a gRaMmy”
    Have y’all ever heard of:
    Kendrick Lamar
    J. Cole
    Rich Brian
    Andre 3000
    Tyler, the creator
    Earl Sweatshirt
    Joyner Lucas
    Travis Scott

  • Sydney Artus
    Sydney Artus 6 hours ago


  • RizkiGamerS GG
    RizkiGamerS GG 8 hours ago

    This how rap spent

  • Wussel Restbrook
    Wussel Restbrook 11 hours ago

    Too bad the world wants to hear more music from lil pump

    HEART SHAKER 12 hours ago

    Can someone explain me how the story goes from *"The search"* to *"Leave me alone"* ?

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper 13 hours ago

    The son the father the man...... Than there is a god of rap..... Than there is him

  • KetchupTeam VideoBlog
    KetchupTeam VideoBlog 13 hours ago


  • Shayne Scanlan
    Shayne Scanlan 14 hours ago

    Great rap words and great rapper makes NF

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson 15 hours ago +2

    The Most underrated artist, he is the best artist i listen to right now.
    Anyone else think so???

  • Stature melanin TV
    Stature melanin TV 15 hours ago

    I think Eminem is mad cause he knows for sure that finally there is someone who can replace him

  • Itsnotlemenzo
    Itsnotlemenzo 16 hours ago +1

    Now I know what he’s talking about when he said “remember back in no name I said fame called”

  • Vicens Dark Game
    Vicens Dark Game 16 hours ago +1

    Music is exelent soy mexican se que Nou you know spanish i want meet eres el mejor Nathan feustain me inspira tu música

  • Davidjoel Sostre
    Davidjoel Sostre 17 hours ago +1


  • Aidan Schuman
    Aidan Schuman 17 hours ago +1

    Hey when you coming back to ATL? The Search tour 2 ???

  • darryl cole
    darryl cole 17 hours ago +1

    NF vs Pennywise..... IT 3 PG 13 NO Cursing !!!

  • Christian Brauninger
    Christian Brauninger 17 hours ago +1

    Literally nobody:
    Nf’s friend: The song sucks...

  • wayne hughes
    wayne hughes 17 hours ago +1

    Proverbs 3-10 NF stay the course keep killing it man. You're inspiring alot of people

  • Ralcie Johnson
    Ralcie Johnson 18 hours ago +1

    ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cassie
    Cassie 18 hours ago +2

    2:22 a girl raises her arm as if to scratch her nose but she was supposed to keep still like everyone else. *OCD triggered*

  • Mirsaf Kostolac
    Mirsaf Kostolac 18 hours ago +1

    NF and Eminem

  • Carla Warenski
    Carla Warenski 19 hours ago

    You need to check out shirizi beats

  • Katy Pham
    Katy Pham 20 hours ago +1

    Worst song 0%
    Nice beat 78%
    Swearing 0%
    Good song 99.99%
    Things I can learn 78%
    And also I’m a kid thanks Nathan for not swearing your the best rapper

  • Johnathan  Tietz
    Johnathan Tietz 20 hours ago +1

    Why does this song have so many dislikes is there are that many retards in the world? And no I'm not an NF fan I just came here to check his music out and I'm impressed

  • Alfonso Quintero
    Alfonso Quintero 20 hours ago +2

    I’m surprised he only has 4million subscribers

  • Christopher Wise
    Christopher Wise 22 hours ago +1

    ~ I don't need advice from my Gods right now end of conversation ~
    A reference to the Rap God? Subtle! But its there!

    • FEAR Ridah
      FEAR Ridah 8 hours ago

      It's "i don't need advice from my doubts right now"

    • Christopher Wise
      Christopher Wise 21 hour ago

      This is definitely a ref to Eminem

  • Sergey Bull
    Sergey Bull 22 hours ago +1

    It's a good song! This is real MUSIC!

  • dimitris papa
    dimitris papa 23 hours ago +3

    How did he find a shopping cart with 4 working wheels??

    • StarGaming
      StarGaming 15 hours ago +1

      dimitris papa he is the one who hold great power to do that

  • Roselina Acevedo
    Roselina Acevedo 23 hours ago

    “Tell them how I feel but they don’t want to change, tell them how I feel but they remain the same”

  • K K Music
    K K Music 23 hours ago +1

    "NF isn't no rapper."

    NF: "Who you dissin'? Mood is switchin, don't come in the kitchen."

  • K K Music
    K K Music 23 hours ago +3

    It's undeniable, NF is the GOAT.

  • K K Music
    K K Music 23 hours ago +3

    "NF isn't the GOAT."

    NF: "No, I'm not the GOAT. I'm a menace."

  • 꿀라라라
    꿀라라라 23 hours ago

    I came here cuz I heard "an effing" in 'the ringer' which made me think em dissed nf but turns out he didnt. But I got curious, searched NF, and im into him.

  • the eliminator vlogs
    the eliminator vlogs 23 hours ago

    Keep up the good wor k

  • Craig m
    Craig m Day ago

    This kid is for real 🔥

  • Roberto Vargas
    Roberto Vargas Day ago

    EMINEM number 1 this NF rapper straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!

  • Taylor
    Taylor Day ago

    I’m so glad NF is on the come up. The Search reminds me a lot of another of my favorite albums, The Infamous by Mobb Deep. The Infamous and Mobb Deep are known for their uncanny ability to pull you into their dark life in Queens in the 90’s. The Infamous’ beats are some of the best ever for me, they do a great job of giving the listener the ability to see into Mobb Deep’s world. NF is also excellent at conveying his life and creating an atmosphere. He gives you a peek into his troubled psyche and bares out his inner demons for all to feel. It’s impressive how NF can do this in such an easy-to understand and refreshing way. There is a study that shows how many unique words rappers use and unsurprisingly NF is at the very far left with a survey low, 2,472 words. Mobb Deep have to use roughly 35% more unique words (4,243 unique words) to get their point across. NF is just a master of conveying raw emotion in such a transparent and brief way.

  • Soul Seeker 876
    Soul Seeker 876 Day ago +2

    Everyone: you can’t rap without cursing
    NF: hold my balloons.

    • Christopher Wise
      Christopher Wise 22 hours ago

      Crazy I never picked up that this guy flows without cursing ever! It is really expressive music I love this dude! just found him.

  • Steven Davila
    Steven Davila Day ago

    Never disappoints me NF, typical just another great masterpiece

  • Victoria S
    Victoria S Day ago

    NF !! I’d rather to listen to you than this trash out here frfr

  • ТРЭШ
    ТРЭШ Day ago

    pennywise red balloon
    nf black balloon

  • Anthony Butler
    Anthony Butler Day ago +1

    how could any douchebag listen to this song and push the dislike like tf?

  • EL Barto
    EL Barto Day ago

    eminem is fucked up!!!

  • Fido MY
    Fido MY Day ago


  • Joseph Perevimogha

    Nobody to kinda famous... That turned me on