Pocketbook Touch HD 3 Review

  • Pocketbook Touch HD 3 is one of the latest offerings from the company.
    Underneath the hood is Dual Core 2.1 GHZ dual core processor, 512MB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, but does not have an SD card. Integrated audio features are available via a micro USB audio adapter and Bluetooth wireless connection.
    The PocketBook Touch HD 3 supports both mp3 and m4b audio formats, providing a convenient opportunity to listen to and bookmark your audio books. The Text-to-Speech function converts text into voice and allows the e-reader to read aloud any text file from the device’s supported formats.
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  • Misha Ketslah
    Misha Ketslah 6 days ago

    You can sideload application. There is even SDK to write own :D

  • Simon Kwee
    Simon Kwee 7 days ago

    @ Goodereader: What are your thoughts on screen protectors on the Touch HD 3 or e-readers in general? If yes, which would you recommend glass or TPU? If no, for what reason not?

  • Esther Bliek
    Esther Bliek Month ago

    Is it really that bad in handling PDF? I mainly want an ereader to read scientific articles on..

  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 months ago

    it's an accelerometer that's used to determine orientation (not a gyroscope)

  • Dani
    Dani 2 months ago

    I placed an order for this item on 24th December 2019 at Good E-Reader online store,, and I'm yet to receive it. Calls to your customer support have gone unanswered and you haven't returned my messages. I would like to know where my item is, and if you cannot fulfill the order please refund my money in total. Buyers beware!

  • Lahav P
    Lahav P 2 months ago

    yeah that was Arabic, but if they have Hebrew why they dont write Hebrew in Hebrew?

  • Quettesh
    Quettesh 3 months ago +1

    If someone needs a device for PDFs, they should buy a tablet, not e-ink device.

  • Quettesh
    Quettesh 3 months ago +1

    Paperwhite 4 or this? They are priced the same here - PW 4 8GB little less, 32GB little more.
    Edit: I just decided when I saw how it is put together with the same issue as they had for a long time which Kindle solved with their Kindle Touch and first Paperwhite - I'm talking about the cracked screen issue which is much more common with the pocketbook and their unprotected screen mounting. I'm not careful with my ereader, I need something more durable and Pocketbook has more SW and HW issues than the Kindle.

    • Simon Kwee
      Simon Kwee 7 days ago

      Could you elaborate more on the cause of the cracked screen issue? And do you know if Kobo e-readers have this issue or not?

  • King Koopa
    King Koopa 3 months ago +1

    Soumi is Finnish

  • VeePlay
    VeePlay 3 months ago

    Hello. My Pocketbook Touch HD 3 is on the latest firmware, but I can't find "voice" settings and any bluetooth-related settings, also mp3 files don't get detected. Does anyone have any idea about this? Thank you.

      DJ PLUSZAK Month ago

      Try use adapter from the box. And plug in earphones. Then try run. Maybe this work. Sorry for English

  • Uroboros
    Uroboros 4 months ago

    -1 for microUSB

  • Mikuro2332
    Mikuro2332 5 months ago

    Do you know if you can read manga on this pocketbook?

  • Jan Engelblik
    Jan Engelblik 6 months ago +1

    Een prima review. The Pocketbook Touch HD 3 is mijn 3e e-reader en het is de beste. Bluetooth voor luisterboeken. Onafhankelijk van boekhandels. Een prima scherm en geweldig veel mogelijkheden. De Kindl is voor Europa/Nederland geen optie. Te weinig NL boeken in store en je bent volkomen afhankelijk van Amazon. De physical buttons zijn heerlijk in het gebruik.

    • Simon Kwee
      Simon Kwee 7 days ago

      Heb je ook een screen protector en hoes ervoor gebruikt? Zo ja, hoe goed presteren ze? Alvast bedankt voor het antwoorden.

  • Helena Duyck
    Helena Duyck 6 months ago +1

    I am thinking of buying the Pocketbook , but I have a question, will I have the same experience as with a book? With that I mean , do you get the feeling of looking at a screen , or does it kind of feel like a book?

    • Uroboros
      Uroboros 4 months ago

      Kill duck.

    • Mit Cherny
      Mit Cherny 5 months ago +4

      What does artificial strawberry flavour taste like? Is it like the real berry? It's close, but NOT THE SAME THING. Still, e-readers give you the closest experience to reading the real book. I haven't read a paper book for several years, and have zero intention of going back.

  • vanya sidorov
    vanya sidorov 7 months ago

    Can I install a third-party reader (cool reader, fbreader, etc.) ?

    • vanya sidorov
      vanya sidorov 4 months ago +1

      Thanks! You are really a genius!!!

    • Uroboros
      Uroboros 4 months ago

      Google it.

  • Alber Saber
    Alber Saber 7 months ago

    what about the battery life ?

  • I H
    I H 7 months ago +1

    I still use my Kindle keyboard that I bought in 2011 and I'm happy with it.. sorry but I don't see the point in any of these new ebook readers

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 9 months ago

    I bought one Pocketouch and I didn't like it! Definitely not!!! lot of bug

    • Sarah S
      Sarah S 7 months ago

      @Alber Saber pour moi c est bon les Touch croix rouge, banned forever

    • Alber Saber
      Alber Saber 7 months ago

      @Sarah S let mom touch est comme rien à la fin Les spécifications sont les plus importantes, le HD 3 à 2x la force de lux 4

    • Sarah S
      Sarah S 7 months ago

      @Alber Saber y Pas grande différence entre les deux modèles Touch, et celle que j'ai acheté ç est une bookeen museHD, plus solide super fine quoique un ou deux options que j avais sur Kobo me manquent

    • Alber Saber
      Alber Saber 7 months ago

      @Sarah S tais mode il Touche HD 3 , processor , ram, even the screen resolution are higher 2X
      I think it is the best specifications I found for E-ink device

    • Alber Saber
      Alber Saber 7 months ago

      @Sarah S quel marque vous avez acheté ?

  • OBEY 572
    OBEY 572 10 months ago

    Everything is 'nice'

  • paimless
    paimless 10 months ago +1

    ... So how do you replace the battery? Yes yes I know, you can't... Which is kinda absurd in these environment friendly times. After 3-5 years the battery dies, and you have to throw out the old, get a new + repurchase the e-books that has been locked to it... I mean watertight is nice, but longevity is better. So how DO you replace the battery?? :-/

    • Morons MORONS!
      Morons MORONS! 8 months ago +4

      I totally agree. I also believe, that at least every company should use the same changeable battery across all their models. If Politicians would do their work instead of being the bitches of the industry, they already would have forced them to a common standard for batteries, chargers etc.. Would also makes recycling much easier.

    • das 1988
      das 1988 8 months ago +1

      You don't have to replace the books. There is something called an Account....lmao..😂😂

  • Piotr Syguda
    Piotr Syguda 11 months ago

    good reader, horribly design

  • Данчо Димитров

    I have one an have been using it for like two months, ask if you have any questions.

    • cee cee
      cee cee 29 days ago

      Hi! Will I be a to listen to an audiobook while reading a book simultaneously?

    • Uroboros
      Uroboros 4 months ago

      How about Putin?

    • Mikey056 The English bulldog
      Mikey056 The English bulldog 5 months ago +1

      Данчо Димитров Този четец наистина ли чете всички файлове ? ePub . PDF ? Те са ми най-важни и се двоумя много с Kindle и за това питам

    • Данчо Димитров
      Данчо Димитров 10 months ago

      @forg aszt dont have one to test out, i think it can only do audio with bluetooth

    • forg aszt
      forg aszt 10 months ago

      Hello. Can you attach bluetooth keyboard to it?

  • Ccoolty
    Ccoolty 11 months ago +1

    1:46 it's actually called 'kinetic scrolling'

  • TerminaMorte
    TerminaMorte 11 months ago +8

    Shame they removed the microsd slot from the 3, or I would have bought it.

  • aparanoidsam
    aparanoidsam Year ago +8

    Would you guys consider doing a comparison between this and the Kobo Clara HD? I'm looking for a new device after my Kobo Glo and not too sure what my options are at the moment (definitely not interested in a Kindle though!)

      A.PRADEEP ANNAMALAI 7 months ago

      so whats you end up buying ? Even I am looking for an upgrade from my kobo glo

  • Paweł Rogowicz
    Paweł Rogowicz Year ago

    This device is a crap comparing to Kindle. I bought it and wouldn't make same mistake again.

    • Mike Freeman
      Mike Freeman 4 months ago +5

      @Gry Lauritsen He can't elaborate since he's just another Amazon fanboy

    • Gry Lauritsen
      Gry Lauritsen 9 months ago +3

      Care to elaborate?

    • Panthera
      Panthera 11 months ago +3

      In what way?

    • Maria Gracia
      Maria Gracia 11 months ago +3

      really? do you find kindle better? in which way? what model?

  • Domestic Goddess Wanna Be

    I ordered one of these and got nothing but headaches during the ordering process on the site. Warning longggggg post.

    I was charged twice for 1 e reader which is now in dispute with my cc company because after i sent them an email after I checked my credit card account , in which they claim I have only been charged for 1 ereader and only one payment was processed and they sent me screen shots of the 1 transaction . They charged me 20 bucks for shipping from China, when it stated on the ordering page Canada post.They also state on their website "Phenomenal Support" I have yet to experience this.

    After 5 days they processed my order, sent me a text with shipping link to a website .I checked the shipping information to find ---- the wrong address was placed on the shipping information. I then proceeded to call- no answer or call back . I then had to go to the DHL website and change the address to the correct one which they sent me 2 receipts of my transactions that had the correct shipping info. After I corrected the address I learned that a signature was required. I then had to make sure someone was home as I am not about to have my package stolen by it sitting in front of my door.

    But yes! I received it and I will say it is wonderful! I love this e reader.

    Now the topper to end my ordeal. I get a text after the e reader was delivered - Hi I see your order was shipped to the address on file. What seems to be the issue? I took a picture of the shipping label that was on the package and send it back to them and informed them that this address on the label is not mine and the only thing that was correct was my name, city and zip code. That is my issue. That was Tuesday the 19th. I have yet to hear any response.......So "Phenomenal Support"? ....anyone? ......anyone? and Not once did I receive an "I'm sorry that that happen . Let me look into what happen "

    So I will enjoy this wonderful e reader and if I need another one I will search hi and low for another retailer to sell this because I will NEVER purchase one from this company again.

  • Dru T
    Dru T Year ago

    Ordered one after seeing this. Look forward to trying out something different in the ebook world! Don’t see a lot of these in the US

    • Alber Saber
      Alber Saber 7 months ago +2

      what is your experiences with this one , i think that i will buy it but i checking the reviews

  • Desp K
    Desp K Year ago +4

    I mean ok, most everyday headsets and earbuds will do fine for that audiojack. Otherwise great review as always!

  • N N
    N N Year ago

    Hi. Is it soft touch on the back?

  • Allen Day
    Allen Day Year ago +3

    Where can I find a good comparison between this and the original Kindle Oasis?

    KAKAN Year ago

    It looks like it isn't Android.
    Maybe I can buy this one then.

    • KAKAN
      KAKAN 9 months ago +1

      @NETVO TV I'll start messing with the OS. And pretty sure I'll install some apps just to fill my curiosity and won't stop using them lol

    • NETVO TV
      NETVO TV 9 months ago

      Why not android on e-reader?

    • KAKAN
      KAKAN Year ago

      @Denisa Smékalová Glad to hear. Most of my content is probably going to be sideloaded as well.
      Thank you for your words :)
      I hope that your device keeps working as long as possible!

    • Denisa Smékalová
      Denisa Smékalová Year ago +1

      KAKAN I mean.. I have pocketbook ultra, and my father has the first touch. We have no problems, I love it and I’m very happy with my choice. I guess that if you want to buy books on your ereader, than kindle is better choice. Or maybe kobo but that is not available in my country unfortunately. This one is great because you also have the normal buttons, water resistances, the orange display.. and for me this pocketbook is like 130$ cheaper than oasis, which has the same functions.

    • KAKAN
      KAKAN Year ago

      @Denisa Smékalová I don't really mind if it runs Linux or BSD.
      The thing is, custom-made OSes or lightweight OSes like Alpine are very much better suited to an eReader than say, Android.
      Kinda like why you would prefer Android over Windows in your phone even if you had a choice.

  • Mrlefrog Vidal
    Mrlefrog Vidal Year ago +7

    I had a Kobo H2O that died in my bag as compressed and screen brok
    So l bought a second one that lasted about 3 years and got full of sea water in less than three minutes even though I had well checked that the rubber cap was correctly placed
    Enough of H2O
    I think this will be my next toy
    I don't understand why you do not explain better all the different files formats this device can read
    It's priceless

  • Salah K.
    Salah K. Year ago

    I want it !!

  • Timothy Roller
    Timothy Roller Year ago +18

    +1 for physical buttons.

    • Morons MORONS!
      Morons MORONS! 8 months ago

      I used a Sony Reader one and now the Pocketbook Aqua, both have touch screens, which I never used. Why should someone smear with his finger above the page you are reading and what will it do to the screen after some years of use? Actually I would prefer 2 buttons for "Forward" (like one at the button and one ate the back or at the side), so I could change the position of my hand more often.

  • dolcezzeemagia
    dolcezzeemagia Year ago

    Hi question for you. Can i transform all of my pdf books in another format readible from this ereader?

    • László Horváth
      László Horváth 4 months ago

      @Denisa Smékalová Thy the tips.

    • Denisa Smékalová
      Denisa Smékalová Year ago +2

      dolcezzeEmagia yes you can. I use program calibre for that...but honestly there is nothing worse than pdf to ePub. You can make it nice if you know how to set it (which is changing one number if you know what you’re doing). I like to put it into docx first, adjust the headlines, check if everything is ok and then I make from the docx the ePub file.

  • QueenKattz
    QueenKattz Year ago +1

    AWESOME Peter!!!! How COOL is this little unit !!!! I hope it's a giveaway one day....
    Katt ^,,^

  • Jay Vansickle
    Jay Vansickle Year ago

    Teeth writing with a capacitive stylus.

  • Joe Klamut
    Joe Klamut Year ago

    Hi Peter 🙋🏼‍♂️

  • Shmueli
    Shmueli Year ago