Kylie Jenner Transformation 2019 | From 0 To 20 Years Old

  • Kylie Jenner | From 0 To 20 Years Old
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Comments • 80

  • tracy
    tracy Day ago

    Kylie never really needed work done she just styled herself unflatteringly as a teen w heavy black eyes and nude lips. She was and still is beautiful!

  • Samra
    Samra 4 days ago

    3:41 i dont think she is 12

  • Priyanka's World
    Priyanka's World 4 days ago

    2:30 thats seven? pffft

  • Gargi visharat
    Gargi visharat 4 days ago +1

    Bhai paisa na ho to kya kuch nahi ho sakta.

  • Gargi visharat
    Gargi visharat 4 days ago

    Kylie is plastic.

  • the god
    the god 4 days ago


  • Nandinie Kaushik
    Nandinie Kaushik 5 days ago

    It seems that every picture has a different girl

  • -
    - 5 days ago

    0:37 bruh that make up tho. Wtf did just happen to her skin lmao.

  • Eamon Augustine
    Eamon Augustine 6 days ago

    Shes a billionaire ess.
    Self made .
    Plastic def helped her.
    Why not she got the scratch .

  • Tequila Smith
    Tequila Smith 9 days ago

    That picture is not her with that baby bump

  • Tequila Smith
    Tequila Smith 9 days ago

    She look mixed now with black or Mexican and some of these pictures don’t make since y’all keep showing the same picture of different ages 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Purnima PANDEY
    Purnima PANDEY 14 days ago

    It's really surprising that how these people get their shape soon even after their pregnancy 😱

  • Alexander Espinoza
    Alexander Espinoza 14 days ago

    Get at me KLie if your single, and if uready to Mingo maybe we can go to the pink flamingo 🦩 I was raised in Dodger Town Where we make dudes bow down if they are acting rude that’s not kool baby girl I’m so in to you so I’m going to leave it up 2 you ; 🤓you know you want 2 Halla at me , I be a straight OG low key 🔑 dedicate that song you and me🎶 by: Brenton wood it’s a Oldie🎶

  • Maricel Bahero
    Maricel Bahero 15 days ago

    You know what i thought kylie is the eldest haha she looks more mature than kendall

  • Claudia mendoza
    Claudia mendoza 22 days ago

    Kendall was beautiful and she is beautiful in the kardashian family Kendall is more natural not plastic

  • chandni singh
    chandni singh 22 days ago

    Such a beautiful girl ❤️💖

  • Thamanna Parveen
    Thamanna Parveen 22 days ago

    Thank God ..then she was only 20..if 40 would her age we have to watch 40 pics 😂😂

  • Jezus Chrystus
    Jezus Chrystus 23 days ago

    Who is music

  • Cristian Anguiano Medrano

    Están bien operadas todas y juran que no tienen

  • Beauty Hacks
    Beauty Hacks 29 days ago


  • Bethany Axtell
    Bethany Axtell 29 days ago

    some of those pictures aren't even her

  • Sid Gaming
    Sid Gaming Month ago

    Who saw her lip transformation?

  • Animalacker
    Animalacker Month ago

    Like working on an old 4 door nova.
    Polish turd

  • Toni Roberts
    Toni Roberts Month ago

    She’s a very beautiful girl, not going to knock her, but you can tell all those girls see the same surgeon or something (besides Kendal who left her body alone). Seriously, look at Kendal, then look at all the other kardashian ladies. They are all beautiful but I agree with others that they need to chill out on the major changes, they are already beautiful. I saw a clip the other day, it showed Khloe in sweatpants and her ass looked so weird. It didn’t match her body size/shape whatsoever. It’s just a shame.


    Y'all realized Kendall looked exactly like how she was when she was little like not that she didn't change at all she's got woman features now but she looked like her childhood.
    But kylie on the other hand looks totally like. It's not even her.

  • Depi 010
    Depi 010 Month ago

    4:50 she's so pretty here

  • Kleo Beas
    Kleo Beas Month ago

    So much surgery for nothing! Only because she doesn't love the way she is

  • Justin J
    Justin J Month ago

    She started banging at wat age?

  • itsme 24
    itsme 24 Month ago

    Kendal is such prettier then Kylie

  • miko
    miko Month ago

    Она 12 лет выглядела как в 25😯😍

  • Dwi Anggry Resmiyardani

    She looks more older then her actual age 😶

  • Matin Ray Tangu
    Matin Ray Tangu Month ago

    The cheerleader is Kendall yo!

  • Khadijah Jaffal
    Khadijah Jaffal Month ago

    U post it on 2018 and the title said 2019

  • Stephane Kamdoum
    Stephane Kamdoum Month ago


  • CC M
    CC M Month ago

    She says she had "never" had plastic surgery... so basically she is saying he lips just sprung out of no where.

  • CC M
    CC M Month ago

    When she 12 she looks like about 16 ... She too old when she supposed to be young.

  • Sofía Coll
    Sofía Coll Month ago +1

    2:31 7 yEArs Old wtf😑
    4:35 wOw tHaT iS KyLie JeNNer 👏

  • lleguemos a 1k si te suscribes podrás volar

    I don't understand or see this, but I still see it

  • EverLxstiing
    EverLxstiing Month ago

    *The power of plastic surgery compells u*

  • loula loula
    loula loula Month ago

    Born at 1997 and age 20?😂😂😂😂 tfk

  • B. Biermann
    B. Biermann Month ago

    Nunja. So what.

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis Month ago

    Mould your face and body how ever you want it And still have the brain of a 3yo Great job

  • Melanie Perez
    Melanie Perez Month ago

    One the the 7 pictures she looks like she's 11

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez Month ago +6

    Surgeon: how much plastic you want ?
    Her: Yes

  • Greia Brane
    Greia Brane 2 months ago

    I think Kendall just the one who got a natural plastic surgery

  • Rose Vlogs
    Rose Vlogs 2 months ago +1

    I want 2 be rich 🍀

  • jerinet cabrera
    jerinet cabrera 2 months ago

    At 16 her lips were better?. Lol i love her now

  • Athens_1 PSVR
    Athens_1 PSVR 2 months ago

    Fake. Fake fake fake fake fake.

    GEETAMMA PAUL 2 months ago

    Kendall looks like Emma Watson

  • Mariam Al Alawi
    Mariam Al Alawi 2 months ago

    Stormi look alot like the original face of Kylie specially as a kid..

  • BellJD
    BellJD 2 months ago

    Baby pictures of kylies looks kinda the same as her now. Its just her teenage makeup was shit.

  • Donna Jean Fonesto
    Donna Jean Fonesto 2 months ago +1

    I really like her 16 year old image 😍

  • Juicy_devdev
    Juicy_devdev 2 months ago

    Bruh, in 11 she looks like 20

  • isabela jaimes
    isabela jaimes 2 months ago

    Este video esta mal fotos de 12 años cuando en realidad en esa foto tenia como 18

  • Sark Versatile
    Sark Versatile 2 months ago

    Scientists are trying to cast artificial Intelligence And they are selling Their Artificial beauties successfully

  • Veronica Sackmann
    Veronica Sackmann 2 months ago

    Some of the pictures are Kendall

  • Yil Dazty
    Yil Dazty 2 months ago

    At 17 she looked like she was 25 or so... for goodness sake

  • firsttrust thenLove
    firsttrust thenLove 2 months ago


  • marcia montalvan
    marcia montalvan 2 months ago

    no se yo pero en la 13 era Kendall Jenner

  • Hi There
    Hi There 2 months ago

    Right above the comments for me theres a video saying "After watching this you will HATE Kylie Jenner". Yea no, im not watching that bc she is awsome and i dont wanna hate her

  • Golden Lotus
    Golden Lotus 2 months ago

    By 17.. her whole face changed...

  • Sanja 2006
    Sanja 2006 2 months ago +2

    She whas also beautiful, why she changed?!

  • gabby
    gabby 2 months ago +44

    4:36 that isn’t even kylie..

  • Darusia i Olusia
    Darusia i Olusia 2 months ago

    4:37 I think it's Kendall 🤔

  • Jayfree3 Johnson
    Jayfree3 Johnson 2 months ago +1

    7:53 naw that aint it chief

  • Sara Kostic
    Sara Kostic 2 months ago

    Fake,sometimes plastic, sometimes little girl

  • Gabriela Maldonado
    Gabriela Maldonado 2 months ago

    I wonder if she can cook or go near fire because all that plastic might melt (her whole body ) 🔥

  • Seijei Frondozo
    Seijei Frondozo 2 months ago

    wtf is with the age?

  • Jamie Reynolds
    Jamie Reynolds 2 months ago

    at 2:29 she did not look 7

  • Violet Dae
    Violet Dae 2 months ago +2

    4:36 is not Kylie...right?

  • Anndula
    Anndula 2 months ago +2

    4:36 It's picture of Kendall. Damn, ages are absolutely wrong, that can be apologized, but even people on yhe photos are wrong😢

  • Komal Dhillon
    Komal Dhillon 2 months ago +3

    She started looking good at the age of 14 and 15 she didn’t need plastic surgery. But she still chose to

  • Hiya b
    Hiya b 3 months ago


  • Najoua Mrabt
    Najoua Mrabt 3 months ago

    The photos are wrong

  • Игорь Рыбкин
    Игорь Рыбкин 3 months ago +1

    This video have mistakes.

  • akemy 1124
    akemy 1124 3 months ago +6

    4:33 , 5:43 😂

  • M Kuda
    M Kuda 3 months ago

    Big ass Barbie plastic doll

  • antoo zuñiga
    antoo zuñiga 3 months ago

    Im not sure if she got a jaw reconstruction cause if you look at a picture of her when she was younger and you make her lips fuller it kinda looks the same

  • Lily Hope
    Lily Hope 3 months ago

    The 2nd pic for 12-year-old... WTF!

  • Lily Hope
    Lily Hope 3 months ago

    The ages are not right. She goes from being tiny to being about 16 to then being the normal age!