Scroll Saw Stand

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
  • In this video I make a new stand for my scroll saw from plans I purchased from Steve Carmichael of Carmichael's Workshop.
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Comments • 22

  • Maula Yazhs
    Maula Yazhs Year ago +1

    Great Job! ..Thanks Dave

  • John Revill
    John Revill Year ago +1

    Great video. I've passed it's on to a friend of mine who would be interested in making one of these.
    I've also noticed in the a few of your videos of late that your Gatton CNC now has 10 V Bearings on the Z Box instead of the usual 6. I am about a week away from starting to cut out some of the parts from your plans and was wondering if I should make the same change to the design? Is there a reason you went to 10 bearings?

    • Dave Gatton
      Dave Gatton  Year ago

      Thanks for watching John. I have been asked that question about the 10 bearings vs 6 before. The 6 bearing design is quite sufficient for using your Gatton CNC as a hobby CNC. My machine however, is used more like a production machine as I use it to cut the Gatton CNC parts kits and it has many more hours on it than a hobby machine would. While I was doing some routine maintenance I decided to remake the Z-axis carriage and add some extra bearing I had laying around. Since I run a water cooled 2.2kW spindle on mine which is very heavy I figured it wouldn't hurt to beef it up a little. Since adding the extra bearings I haven't really noticed an increase in quality but I'm hoping that the changes will help it last a long time. I guess you could say mine is the "industrial version" of a Gatton CNC. :-)

  • paulsmessyworkshop
    paulsmessyworkshop Year ago +1

    Nice build Dave. That stand is great. Sure seems like having the saw tilted would make things much more comfortable. Steve sure did come up with a good design. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dave Gatton
      Dave Gatton  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Paul. The stand works great. I had to get a better stool though. :-)

  • Trevor Carter
    Trevor Carter Year ago +1

    That Carmichael fella is pretty crafty, Nice looking stand dave! Good to see that 788 getting some use again

  • Thom spillane
    Thom spillane Year ago +1

    Nicely done Dave. Came out awesome. Take care.

    • Dave Gatton
      Dave Gatton  Year ago

      Thank you for watching Thom. Much appreciated.

  • Sterling Davis
    Sterling Davis Year ago +1

    Love it, great job

    • Dave Gatton
      Dave Gatton  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Sterling. Hoping to do a lot more scrolling.

  • Mike Merzke
    Mike Merzke Year ago +1

    Very cool! I might need to go over and purchase a copy of his plans also. Now that Kelly has a scroll saw it would be nice to build her one of these so she can store her blades and other accessories. Of course I'll have to make sure its sized to fit both of us just in case I need to jump on there! Thanks for sharing!

    • Dave Gatton
      Dave Gatton  Year ago +1

      Thanks for watching Mike. This stand would be perfect for Kelly. It has a nice storage area in the front to put extra blades, cans of adhesive, and even a small drill. The stand that came with my scroll saw was about 5" or so taller than this one and it wasn't that comfortable for me. I think I'm going to like this lower height much better.

  • ManCraftingTM
    ManCraftingTM Year ago +1

    Did you consider making tabs and slots to have it all snap together? I need to do this to give my Scroll Saw a home, and I already have the plans as well. Also, what was the cut time?

    • ManCraftingTM
      ManCraftingTM Year ago

      Dave Gatton good point.

    • Dave Gatton
      Dave Gatton  Year ago +1

      As a matter of fact I did think about making tabs and slots but I knew if I did that people would ask me for the files and since it is not my design and I'm only making one I made it the way it was designed. Thanks for watching Chad.

  • Shaun Whiteley
    Shaun Whiteley Year ago +1

    Very nice, thanks for sharing. Silly question but if you turned it around so the narrow end was towards you would that not be more comfortable? Still having the furthest point higher. You could wrap your legs around it. Cheers

    • Dave Gatton
      Dave Gatton  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Shaun. The wider end is near the front of the saw because there is some storage on that end where you can put extra blades etc.

  • Steve Carmichael
    Steve Carmichael Year ago +2

    Cool! Glad you could use the plans Dave and thanks for getting them. The stand looks just like mine. lol It's neat that you were able to make the CNC cut it out for you. I did it the hard way.

    • Dave Gatton
      Dave Gatton  Year ago

      Thanks again for designing these awesome plans Steve. Thanks for watching too.

  • Mark Lindsay CNC
    Mark Lindsay CNC Year ago +1

    Cool project! But what is this thing "scrollsaw" of which you speak?

    • Dave Gatton
      Dave Gatton  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Mark. Scroll saws are fun. You should try one out some time. :-)