• Published on Aug 28, 2018
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    We react to our old yearbook pictures! Man things have changed!
    The Show That Has No Name (yet) is HERE! Courtney, Keith, and Noah take a look at awesome fan art, answer some questions, and more!
    Noah Grossman @NoahGrossman214
    Keith Leak Jr. @KeithLeakJr
    Courtney Miller @Co_Mill
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  • Cheyenne Douglas
    Cheyenne Douglas Hour ago

    pause at 7:39 or 7:38

  • hoodini db
    hoodini db 3 days ago

    8:02 i was laughing way to hard at this

  • Boss Gaming
    Boss Gaming 4 days ago +1

    7 38
    doggo= aaaa yezzzz courtney

  • Grayson Prosser
    Grayson Prosser 4 days ago

    Do every t mobile ever

  • Brandon Willis
    Brandon Willis 6 days ago

    Noah's hair is always changing

  • Rand Binchi
    Rand Binchi 6 days ago

    6 : 20 I would go Katherine Howard or Anne Boleyn cuz they knew how to get down clearly you can tell off of their reputation

  • 85fnaf Min1
    85fnaf Min1 12 days ago

    I live in Ohio 😃

  • Kitaku
    Kitaku 20 days ago

    I had a class that taught me taxes, driving, bills, and all of that.

    DIMENSION GAMER 21 day ago

    Ok that’s is really embarrassing for me

  • XxSleepy PandaxX
    XxSleepy PandaxX 22 days ago

    I wonder what town in ohio does kieth live in I live in Lancaster

  • Joseph T Rosett
    Joseph T Rosett 22 days ago

    Don't say hag

  • Aidan Coyle
    Aidan Coyle 28 days ago

    why does cortney look younger now then the did in the yearbook??

  • Steven Freeman
    Steven Freeman Month ago

    No one is going to see this but you shouldn't pet other peoples animals, well not without their permission. That's just asking to get bit then they are gonna put the animal down. Is that what you want? Wanna kill animals, f-ing sick-o.

  • JeXter
    JeXter Month ago +2

    I was five when Noah was in the sophomore year.

  • Daxia Grant
    Daxia Grant Month ago

    Love you Courtney

  • Robert Heggestad II
    Robert Heggestad II Month ago +2

    Keith's from Ohio!!! I didn't know that. That's where I'm from.

  • Emerald Unicorn
    Emerald Unicorn Month ago

    Wish we could see the pictures... my schools did a mix of HAGS and HAKAS, which is cooler than HAGS. Have A Kick-Ass Summer. More rebellious :P "HAGS" is the default 'I don't know you or what to put, so here...' signature.

  • Ethan Robinson
    Ethan Robinson Month ago

    I can't see the pictures are you stupid or are you dumb

  • Brock Vlogs
    Brock Vlogs Month ago

    Just went to urban dictionary l looked up munge I look through and I went out at the same time

  • Pizza Pandas
    Pizza Pandas Month ago


  • Funny Videos With Karam

    What’s the point of the video if we can’t see the pictures all we see is them talking about the pictures

  • Raybon Inc
    Raybon Inc Month ago

    lrn hwo to play

  • Tomass. _lv
    Tomass. _lv Month ago

    Cortney screams: sad face sad face
    The editor knowing but still saying:WTF?!!

  • DFS MikkiMix07
    DFS MikkiMix07 Month ago


  • Brenda Babcock
    Brenda Babcock Month ago

    Send cortney to my house so I can smash and make a 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💏 and use some condums

  • Brenda Babcock
    Brenda Babcock Month ago

    Send cortney

  • thearmedknight
    thearmedknight Month ago

    50 shades of teenage Courtney. I want this RIGHT NOW!

  • Jed Wilson
    Jed Wilson Month ago

    How did you meet up

  • Tails 322
    Tails 322 Month ago

    "You're a little kid. The youngest I have is 2006 2007. Sixth grade."
    Me: shit y'all are all children. 07 I was graduatin

  • Sara TQ Montana
    Sara TQ Montana Month ago

    i just noticed the difference in courneys pupils.. in this video..

  • FrostySnowman
    FrostySnowman Month ago

    We could not see the pics!!

  • FrostySnowman
    FrostySnowman Month ago

    I need to learn fortntie classes

  • Monkey King7800
    Monkey King7800 Month ago +4

    I would want to learn magic and potions 🧪 like hogwarts

  • Иван Михнов
    Иван Михнов Month ago +10

    "Anthony is mexican"

    Like if you remember

  • Me-Myself-And-I
    Me-Myself-And-I Month ago

    2:000:0000 bruhh😂😂😂

  • Like Turtle
    Like Turtle Month ago

    Ohio gang like if your from ohio

  • Olivia welden
    Olivia welden Month ago

    when they let me choose how I wanted to do my photo it was worse than those in your year books

  • Emma Rogers
    Emma Rogers Month ago

    I graduate 2022 y’all. Talking about 6th grade in 2006... I WAS 2 😂😂

  • Jody Daniels
    Jody Daniels Month ago

    I love you guys so much I really want to meet you guys.

  • Jayneson Yadao
    Jayneson Yadao Month ago


  • DJ Spooky Ev
    DJ Spooky Ev Month ago

    ...we couldnt see the pics
    Like can u take a picture of the picture and edit it in plz

  • Martin Ward
    Martin Ward Month ago +2

    2:05 bottom middle of the page is eleven from stranger things

  • Georgia Ritchie
    Georgia Ritchie Month ago

    Noah: Theres three of them
    Courtney: WAIT THEY'RE STUCK

  • Stella Walker
    Stella Walker Month ago

    I was born in 2008 lol

  • Awkward Ghøst
    Awkward Ghøst Month ago +1

    Is it weird that my private school that has a class that teaches cooking,gardening,changing car wheels and a few other things,I have a lot of extra classes and most of them are WAY too complicated and advanced for people my age and we take these classes with high schoolers too

  • Awkward Ghøst
    Awkward Ghøst Month ago +2


  • robijuli236
    robijuli236 Month ago

    im actually heated that they didnt even put up any superimposed pics that we can actually see 🤬😤

  • Lingiune Gaming
    Lingiune Gaming Month ago

    Nice close up

  • Arta-
    Arta- Month ago

    We don't have yearbooks with pictures of us😂

  • Marco Cannizzo
    Marco Cannizzo Month ago

    I'm in the 6th grade and I need to learn to cook. I can't live off post mates for the whole of my college life.

  • M Wolfe
    M Wolfe Month ago

    I love how the whole point of this video was to show old year books BUT WE COULDNT SEE A SINGLE PICTURE

  • ele_lillite
    ele_lillite Month ago

    Noah got killed fictionally on my 6th birthday, woo.

  • Nikki Gulayan
    Nikki Gulayan 2 months ago

    What’s the point of watching if they aren’t going to show the pictures?

  • Eni Gjinaj
    Eni Gjinaj 2 months ago

    Courtney looks like Piper Perri

  • Shadowstatue 24
    Shadowstatue 24 2 months ago

    Do the diary

  • YF21_Septic
    YF21_Septic 2 months ago

    The shows name is a show w/ no name. What?

  • Llama Rama
    Llama Rama 2 months ago +1


  • シJungclock
    シJungclock 2 months ago

    Look at courtney s eyes is one green one blue this is cool

  • Mairead Quinn
    Mairead Quinn 2 months ago

    I was born in 2019🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🤑😎🤑🤑😎💚🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️

  • GuanMichio
    GuanMichio 2 months ago

    Courtney was adorkable and still kinda is. Though she is much prettier now. :p love you Courtney, and love the rest of the smosh fam.