What to Expect from Apple's Next Keynote

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • Apple Watch concept by Jadcepts on Intagram
    iPad and iPhone concepts from TheAppleHub on Instagram
    AppleiDesigner has done some amazing concepts that we used in this video as well

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Comments • 560

  • Joshua Amaral
    Joshua Amaral 11 months ago

    regarding the MacBook Air and the MacBook lines, I think they should instead kill both make a 13" one that resides around those two lines features (e.g lightness etc) and call that line just the "MacBook"

    • Joshua Amaral
      Joshua Amaral 11 months ago

      Sort of like with the iPad lineup ( two different sized pro models then one non-pro model with a bit more portability)

  • Mr Dan Master
    Mr Dan Master Year ago +1

    There is a 🕳 in your screen.

  • Gaz Matic
    Gaz Matic Year ago

    You were pretty close on most of this.

  • Rob Hutchison
    Rob Hutchison Year ago

    What about the iMac refresh?

  • MacXpert74
    MacXpert74 Year ago

    What's up with the echo? Did you record your audio in your bathroom?

  • Idgeef
    Idgeef Year ago

    I just want that new iPad lmao

  • mercuriallimit
    mercuriallimit Year ago

    Nahhh, just give me the watch series 4 with a reasonable price, if it hits 20% more than series 3 then i'm not even going to consider it

  • Unix Undertaker
    Unix Undertaker Year ago

    Good stuff. You’re one of my favs. Rock on.

  • C H
    C H Year ago

    Yeah! The keynote has now been announced! I can't wait!

  • jbarres80
    jbarres80 Year ago

    Been waiting for the Mac mini also new iPad Pro

  • Joseph Barros
    Joseph Barros Year ago

    The best channel for Apple stuff by fair

  • Iva Skukan
    Iva Skukan Year ago

    This year's Apple Watch is gonna be cellular version only?.. hmm.. In Croatia we had series 3 without that option.. so, I wonder what they're gonna do about it.

  • Evelyn Perry
    Evelyn Perry Year ago

    OMG they are coming out in my birthday!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • G. Gibson
    G. Gibson Year ago

    The iwatch needs a notch or no buy.

  • Joseph
    Joseph Year ago

    well i guess me getting the Apple watch series 3, and the Iphone 8 plus was a waste of money.... SON OF A BIT$&*$$$($($($(! My wallet simply can't keep up with Apple..

  • Marva Mason
    Marva Mason Year ago

    I’m waiting to see what is released for the iPad Pro and a plus size of the iPhone X. I thought I would really like the iPhone X but it’s just too darn small. I have the iPhone 6 Plus before and absolutely loved it so really want to go to the plus size again.

  • Amine ben
    Amine ben Year ago

    It’s crazy how he talks about a 1000$ iPhone like it’s something normal now

  • James
    James Year ago

    Going to an Apple store after an Apple event is like your wallet going to the gym

  • hasaandoo
    hasaandoo Year ago

    Student finance is coming in looking for a new Watch 👀

  • Don Elmediterraneo

    September : iPhone and Watch
    October : iPad and Mac
    That’s how I see it.

  • Adele Winker
    Adele Winker Year ago

    I want the iPads to be released soon because I would really like one for the beginning of school!!!!!!

  • Pat Molzen
    Pat Molzen Year ago

    The iPads are better without face id.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Year ago +1


  • vivek hari narayanan.v

    Fake, false promise companies...when u go for a repair in their store, they will deny paid repair as well in India...all the service people said in my case was no replacement parts available in India at the moment... mean come on...u want me to buy a new MacBook just coz u fucking won't have a repair for that in 2020...

  • Shahar Rozenbloom

    AirPower Could Also Power Two Phone Like Your Friend Phone In the Commercial.

  • Kronixio
    Kronixio Year ago

    Is apple watch worth it? I am going to upgrade my Phone and iPad, will be upgrading my Macbook Air in 2020 or something like that...

  • SN0WMaN
    SN0WMaN Year ago

    i hope that 02 pick up the watch's this year

  • Christa White
    Christa White Year ago

    My priority this year is the iPad. I’m very excited about the Series 4 as well but not sure if I can afford both yet. Can’t wait to watch the keynote with you!

  • Diamond G
    Diamond G Year ago

    It’s 2018 why doesn’t apple have touchscreen computers come on 🙄💀

    • Diamond G
      Diamond G Year ago

      Opportunity it’s still not Mac OS so it’s still limited

    • Diamond G
      Diamond G Year ago

      Opportunity yeah but I pads don't run max os and like it be nice for the Imac to be touch or Even apple pencil integrated

  • Django Groen
    Django Groen Year ago

    Maybe I'm gonna buy the new iPad pro as a first apple product since the iPhone 3gs

  • Tragic Toast
    Tragic Toast Year ago

    That shirt is so white that my eyes are crying from its radiance.

  • Melo C.
    Melo C. Year ago

    I hope they don’t get rid of the non cellular watches for series 4 I’m not a fan of the red dot or paying more for what I wouldn’t use

  • Leo Brown
    Leo Brown Year ago

    Apple Watch ⌚️

  • Lena Fagan-Nelson

    I need that X plus

  • Gavin Parzych
    Gavin Parzych Year ago +1

    When I saw your S9 video, you made fun of the little subtle changes. However in iPhones you try to blatantly justify and even applaud the minor changes. When some other company brings a feature first and apple an year or 2 later, you go all "its all gimmicks because it doesn't become standard until Apple does it". But when Apple does one innovative thing you boast about it in all its glory. You say it's fine there's no fast charger on he 2017 iphones because most people buying iphones have multiple apple products anyway? By that Logic, they shouldn't include chargers at all. You're a hypocrite sheep who's blind to every other company except Apple.

    • DezZ the Wanderer
      DezZ the Wanderer Year ago

      Gavin Parzych I love Apple and my Apple accessories. But even I gotta admit you are right calling him out on that. I normally follow Apple like it’s a cult, but even I’ve already decided that if I upgrade my iPhone 8 this year, it would be to the note 9 just because the new iPhones aren’t really changing much of anything.

  • Nenno Lam
    Nenno Lam Year ago

    One reason why I bought the MacBook Air... normal USB ports, and a glowing  logo 😝

  • Logan M
    Logan M Year ago +1

    You should shave clean that isn’t a good look for you.

  • JenChuLiChaeng OT4

    It’s time for my fingers warm up!!
    I’m so beyond ready for the 6.5 inch.

  • President lincoln

    packed with dissapointment

  • memetheif555
    memetheif555 Year ago

    your wallet will get less fat after this

  • Mak Cats
    Mak Cats Year ago

    I have a question: why do all the new iPad concept not have a notch if iOS 12 is optimized for one? (The time was moved to the left)

  • Jared Cruz
    Jared Cruz Year ago

    Hey dude, where do you get your cool Apple t-shirts ??

  • teachmehowtodoge
    teachmehowtodoge Year ago

    The new ipad pro, but if they dare to put that ugly notch on their ipad lineup, goodbye ipad for good.

    • Dani Swift
      Dani Swift Year ago

      It probably will because apple can't seem to not have that notch while Samsung has a tablet that's has little bezels and phones that are almost all screen.

  • Andrei Tacu
    Andrei Tacu Year ago

    This guy is pretty

  • Keith Clark
    Keith Clark Year ago

    You keep talking about Apple removing the lighting port As a technician for a cell company, I will say unless Apple has a way to do a complete restore without iTunes in the event of a non responsive phone it won't happen.

  • Im Tata
    Im Tata Year ago

    Yeah its gonna be packed full of dogshit

  • socky haha
    socky haha Year ago

    I have a prediction: The iphone its going to just be too expensive and shit as all of them have been.Literally the only people on earth that get exicted for a a gold color on a phone are the isheeps😀.By the way i hope you are watching this is in 1440p on you X as i do on my S8, oh wait...you can't ...oh well at least you can brag that you overspent about 400 for a phone😉

  • Molly Mason
    Molly Mason Year ago

    I bet the '' budget'' iphone 9 still won't be budget enough for me 😁

    • DezZ the Wanderer
      DezZ the Wanderer Year ago

      Molly Mason the budget model has been predicted to be anywhere around $700 to $750. Of course we won’t know for sure till Apple makes the announcement.

  • mikeandersonwa
    mikeandersonwa Year ago

    I miss the old style keyboard and trackpad... the new styles are absolutely awful.

  • poetanduknowit
    poetanduknowit Year ago

    Mac mini and iPad pro.

  • afootineachworld
    afootineachworld Year ago

    I’m going to wait until my iPad is unusable, I will literally be the only person on earth using an iPad Air in 2020.

  • Black Lotus
    Black Lotus Year ago

    Apple, just shut up and take my wallet!!!

  • Lewis Webster
    Lewis Webster Year ago

    Can I ask why people still care about the Mac Mini? It’s old and looks gross.

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller Year ago

    I am contemplating switching to iPhone. Google is refusing to remove apps from the Play Store that contain harrassing and untraceable ads and malware. I think it's time for a class action lawsuit against Google.

  • Hayk Grigorian
    Hayk Grigorian Year ago

    What's that red stuff on ur forehead

  • Jackson Garnett
    Jackson Garnett Year ago

    WOW really insightful and in depth. Interesting to see your takes on their reasons for release dates/ delays

  • Mark G
    Mark G Year ago

    I am a budget sheep :/

  • MidnightRyder
    MidnightRyder Year ago

    Better to skip this year and grab a iPhone X for cheap.. then in 2019 they are doing big things..this year is nothing much for iphone and iPad

    STAYlN ALlVE Year ago

    Word of advice, Don’t look at any replies to comments. They’re just losers with nothing better to do but to bash Apple or Samsung. Don’t be a loser.

  • Omar T
    Omar T Year ago

    I’m sorry but I prefer more video and less face.