How to bake a MASSIVE OREO cake! | iJustine

  • Published on Sep 29, 2015
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  • jayjay milla
    jayjay milla 5 months ago

    i love you ijustine your my idol❤️❤️👌❤️

  • jayjay milla
    jayjay milla 5 months ago


  • Merlijn Vekeman
    Merlijn Vekeman 6 months ago

    iJustine: "I think I'm getting good at cooking"
    **Puts pre-made cake mix into blender**
    No no kidding love you Justine ;)

  • Shahad Almousawi
    Shahad Almousawi 7 months ago

    IJ u know how mixing the oreos and the batter was a struggle, don't take advice from me but what if u make the cake normally and the cream is the oreo part ad put a lot of milk so it might look ie a cookies and cream oreo???

  • Ella Maria
    Ella Maria 9 months ago

    I just watched your Oreo day video!!

  • Abigail Castillo
    Abigail Castillo 9 months ago +1

    2019 anyone?

  • Eva Iglesias
    Eva Iglesias 10 months ago

    When you put the water you sould put milk because it,s better

  • Meera Patel
    Meera Patel 11 months ago

    Make pancake art

  • Meera Patel
    Meera Patel 11 months ago

    Eww that icing looks like turd

  • Meera Patel
    Meera Patel 11 months ago

    Oh my God i smell burning HOLY HOT!

  • Fevric J Glandules

    Stop buying Oreos they have Palm oil in and they are killing orangutans like if you agree

  • nupur mundhra
    nupur mundhra Year ago +1

    I love your cooking ability cause you are very honest

  • Steel Granny
    Steel Granny Year ago


  • Zoel Amp
    Zoel Amp Year ago

    does she eat her cooks after recording video or throw it?

  • Evelyn V
    Evelyn V Year ago

    “I think I have a future in cooking” pours box cake into blender* 😂

  • aiman khan
    aiman khan Year ago

    When she says can I get a spoon I can't stop laughing 😂😂she is so beautiful

  • Rochelle Vdmerwe
    Rochelle Vdmerwe Year ago

    1:36 ? 😂

  • Nehwon Wondor
    Nehwon Wondor Year ago

    Think is Your Massive Oreo Cake?
    Think Your Try an Epic One for That.

  • a cereal box
    a cereal box Year ago

    "guess what we will be doing today?"
    Justine ur making what the title says 😂

  • Dandu
    Dandu Year ago

    uses blender to make mix

  • Sid Tuli
    Sid Tuli Year ago

    You are the best ❤

  • nupur mundhra
    nupur mundhra Year ago +1

    Wow 😯

  • Evelyn V
    Evelyn V Year ago

    Justine: I think I’m getting good at cooking, I think I might have a future!
    Me: you are making a box cake in a blender....
    😂😂😂 LOVE YOU JUSTINE♥️♥️♥️

  • Joel Laws
    Joel Laws Year ago

    Love looking at it it's easy and a lot of fun

  • Caillum Hector
    Caillum Hector Year ago

    Get a food processor

    MR. CURIOUS Year ago +2

    Who Is watching this after Justine's Oreo giant cookies video

  • Cathy Paulse
    Cathy Paulse Year ago

    Get a food processor

  • Red Ripper
    Red Ripper Year ago

    Jenna reaaly look like beatrice prior in the movie divergent😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sean Coffey
    Sean Coffey Year ago

    This was on my birthday

  • Vanessa Schmid
    Vanessa Schmid Year ago

    Oreo cake 😇😇😇😇😇

  • NaBay27
    NaBay27 Year ago

    👋 hey

  • Charlotte Riddiford

    You make me laugh I love you 😀

  • DD4L 101
    DD4L 101 Year ago


  • Yuno Gaming
    Yuno Gaming Year ago

    6:11 thts what she said

  • Monique Castelli
    Monique Castelli Year ago

    I like how I sit here and watch people make food, when I’m hungry 😂😂

  • Susan Everhart
    Susan Everhart Year ago

    U should have added more almond milk

  • Susan Everhart
    Susan Everhart Year ago

    That is baking not cooking

  • Stergios Mantziaris

    Make a poop cake!

  • AliK7
    AliK7 Year ago

    Justine: “i think i have a future in cooking..”
    Me: bish u making a cake in a blender your going the wrong way

  • Mackenzie McLaughlin élève

    You should make a tar pit cake

  • SIENNA 07
    SIENNA 07 Year ago

    Justine I love your shrimp shirt

  • Alaa Mgh
    Alaa Mgh Year ago +1


  • TheAmiraRose OMG
    TheAmiraRose OMG Year ago

    1:30 she had a British accent

  • Ashrita Bhatter
    Ashrita Bhatter Year ago


  • Rajendrakumar Chunilal

    I think you should of put the Oreo paste in on the cream

  • Mackenzie Nobles
    Mackenzie Nobles Year ago

    Can u do a editable bubblegum cake

  • Emem3030
    Emem3030 Year ago +1

    You should have baked the Oreo mix with the cake 🍰

  • Emem3030
    Emem3030 Year ago +1

    You could have added milk to the Oreos to help it blend

  • JR
    JR Year ago

    I think you should try making a cake from scratch. You've already mastered packet mixes.

  • Ti Martin
    Ti Martin Year ago +1

    I thank you had burn it up😲

  • Serenity Lester
    Serenity Lester 2 years ago

    make a cat cake

  • buddy 7865
    buddy 7865 2 years ago

    Justine you could of put the oreos on top of the icing without mashing them up ☺☺☺☺☺

  • Ivy Lopez **
    Ivy Lopez ** 2 years ago

    Why was jusTIne born if she is fat and she’s a idiot

  • That_Green_Gentleman_ Ryden

    5:53 the first slime video on RU-clip

  • John's Picks
    John's Picks 2 years ago

    Yes there really is a "kill" switch, Justine, but it's cleverly disguised as "off".

  • Maren Carbaugh
    Maren Carbaugh 2 years ago

    " I think I might have a future" she says as she dumps a box cake mix into a blender

  • Dayanara Peregrino
    Dayanara Peregrino 2 years ago

    a hamburger will be tasty

  • Anna Pelser
    Anna Pelser 2 years ago +1

    6:11 "I can't fit it in my mouth"
    --that's what she said..

  • Ravneet Kaur
    Ravneet Kaur 2 years ago

    And cupcakes

  • Ravneet Kaur
    Ravneet Kaur 2 years ago

    I mean make a Christmas cake