The Witcher 2 - Enhanced Edition - X360 - Letho: The return of the kingslayer

  • Published on Jan 27, 2012
  • Letho, the violent assassin of Kings, has something to say to celebrate the launch date of The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition on Xbox 360.
    The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition is now available on Xbox 360 and PC.
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  • Chris Lamar
    Chris Lamar Hour ago

    We still don’t got graphics like this

  • SuperSaiyan3985
    SuperSaiyan3985 Day ago

    This is possibly the most badass cinematic trailer I’ve ever seen.

  • Earl Kjartan
    Earl Kjartan Day ago +1

    Over seven years later and it is still one of the best trailers I have ever scene...

  • bdhbfgedfcgrhgdhb bhdgev cshg dvhg

    "Ok get into a funny position so when they uncover our bodies, they'll have a good laugh"

  • Tony Favilla
    Tony Favilla 5 days ago

    Geralt, for one reason or another, has hung up his swords.
    Somebody give Letho his own damn game.

  • Gasper Pozderec
    Gasper Pozderec 7 days ago

    Phahaha, and this FAT Basterd was the end boss🙈🙊🙉
    No wonder why project Red with the Witcher will never be as even close to the God of War💪

  • HyunSoo RO
    HyunSoo RO 8 days ago

    EVERY MOMENT i watch this i always wanted to play as Letho the Kingslayer

  • Smile Lab
    Smile Lab 9 days ago

    I feel bad for the wizzard :))

  • The Real Viper
    The Real Viper 13 days ago +1

    I sure do love to see myself work.

  • The Real Viper
    The Real Viper 13 days ago +1

    That Superior Northern Wind bomb though.

  • RAVEN AK47
    RAVEN AK47 15 days ago

    This is one of my favourite intros ever, & sets you up for a great journey into a masterpiece

  • Cyrano De B
    Cyrano De B 19 days ago

    My personal badass ranking of ALL Notable characters in this scene..:
    1. Letho (duh)
    2. Archer (first to attack Letho and his composure is insane)
    3. Mage (obviously a wise and powerful one)
    4. The two boxers (good sportmanship)
    5. Nights( No match for Letho but they protected their king to the death)
    6. Jesters (their frozen stance was hilarious)
    7. King (not huge into the novels and I havnt played the first game so I don't know a lot about him.. But not a badass at all)

  • The Real Viper
    The Real Viper 19 days ago

    Lord Tywin Lannister’s mad dog: The Mountain.
    Emperor Emhyr Var Emreis’s mad dog: Letho.

  • Mihail Bagrov
    Mihail Bagrov 21 day ago +1


  • Create -Space
    Create -Space 21 day ago
    We made it well.

  • Алексей Нефёдов

    А с Путиным такое может сделать!?

  • Owen Rice
    Owen Rice 23 days ago +5

    It's too bad The Witcher show won't be this good.

  • Lukas Sebesta
    Lukas Sebesta 23 days ago

    most epic intro

  • 이준식
    이준식 24 days ago

    cant wait for netflix coming out!

  • Геральт из Ривии

    2012:why do you need it
    2019 recommendations: oh hello yeah

  • rjjello
    rjjello 25 days ago

    simulate tw2 save and u can have letho in tw3, my dumbass always disables it

  • Sten Marsh
    Sten Marsh 25 days ago

    My name is Jaime.

  • DuBistNurNeidisch
    DuBistNurNeidisch 25 days ago

    One of the best trailers of all time. Period!

  • Gracekk24PL
    Gracekk24PL 26 days ago +2

    1:21 When while making a flip underwater you spinned too slow and water got into your nose

  • نادين Nadine
    نادين Nadine 26 days ago

    Please follow me

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 26 days ago

    Imma a ps4 guy and lets just say im grateful as fuck that the wild hunt was made for it unlike this game

  • Thelamb 99
    Thelamb 99 27 days ago +1

    Still my favorite game ad of all time.

  • w87g8765
    w87g8765 27 days ago +2

    If they hunt down all the sorcerer this video would be like 10 seconds.

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    *Jaime fookin' Lannister...*

    Wait, wrong series...

  • Nikita Belih
    Nikita Belih 28 days ago

    До сих пор смотрю с удовольствием.

  • kain Zed
    kain Zed 28 days ago

    very childish

  • Snake Pliskin
    Snake Pliskin 28 days ago

    Man this game has the tightest cinematics

  • Daniel
    Daniel 28 days ago

    Why RU-clip why!?

  • muttonshop1
    muttonshop1 29 days ago

    Letho the badass..hope he is in the Netflix series

  • Saul Gomez
    Saul Gomez 29 days ago

    the music in this video sounds like fable's

  • jérôme lebourg
    jérôme lebourg 29 days ago

    When 120 kg of muscles hurls itself at you.

  • Armando Morales
    Armando Morales Month ago

    Greatest trailer in the entertainment business.

  • valar morghulis
    valar morghulis Month ago

    Was that foltest?

  • The Real Viper
    The Real Viper Month ago

    The 519 dislikes are from God of War fans

  • Martin Lastname
    Martin Lastname Month ago

    2019 here

  • Ajeje Brazov
    Ajeje Brazov Month ago

    Can't wait for the third one

  • The Real Viper
    The Real Viper Month ago +1

    I wish Ciri could teleport Letho to the Game of thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire universe just so Letho can man handle the Mountain.

  • Cvdutt cvani prasad


  • Venack Lentz
    Venack Lentz Month ago +1

    What I didn't like of this was the dull fighting, I know is suppose to be a fantasy game but it should still have some realism when fighting, how that archer that is a really good one failed to shoot Letho? and then those guards are like the worst ones ever, and it would have made sense if we would have been able to see a fight there where the skills of Lethon are shown but nope, he just killed them like if they were untrained farmers with pitchforks.

    • WeAreTheBentusi
      WeAreTheBentusi 3 days ago

      Archers first shot was spoiled by the floor giving away underneath him as he fired. Letho saw the second shot coming and twisted aside then killed the archer before he could draw again. Archers not a chump, just the odds were not in his favor.

  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski Month ago

    we need such hero irl :)

  • Buttermilk Bob
    Buttermilk Bob Month ago

    and that my friends is why orcs can be rogues in WoW

  • Yamakaze Kai
    Yamakaze Kai Month ago

    Kind of late but.....
    Why the hell is the bowman at the front?

  • sad girl
    sad girl Month ago

    1:21 1:23

  • Dorky Town
    Dorky Town Month ago +9

    Did Letho use Northern Wind? It was so powerful.

  • mamed mamed
    mamed mamed Month ago


  • ASH Wiliams
    ASH Wiliams Month ago

    Every company has it's PR that is why CDPR has Legendary status

  • N. Bağ
    N. Bağ Month ago

    The Witcher "Obese Edition"

  • إبراهيم حماد

    Dose this game work in any windows??

    • Phantom
      Phantom Month ago +2

      Probably, but if you have XP or older you might want to download demo

  • Kalahification
    Kalahification 2 months ago

    Witchers are badasses.

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 2 months ago +1

    One of the hardest game I ever played

  • DurdenDevotee
    DurdenDevotee 2 months ago

    oh man -- I always loved this cinematic. This is like the perfect example of 'Rogue' to me. Crafty, intimidating, and quick as a snake...or a viper rather ;p

  • Dayrahl
    Dayrahl 2 months ago

    To bad the series sucks

  • Asahel
    Asahel 2 months ago

    damn that was calculated, the ice explosion is just a distraction as he needed the head.

  • Rozan TheOoz
    Rozan TheOoz 2 months ago +3

    Jaime Lannister must be jealous with this king slayer

  • Victor Siqueira
    Victor Siqueira 2 months ago +32

    2019 and still one of the best cinematic/trailer i've seen!

  • Anish Uzumaki
    Anish Uzumaki 2 months ago +1

    2019 still looking good

  • Sarah O'Mahony
    Sarah O'Mahony 2 months ago

    Turning the speed to 2 for the part where he's running across the ship until he kills the mage adviser as it breaks gives a great impression of how quick this all takes places, it really adds to it.

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young 2 months ago +1

    2:59 reminds me of mordhau; rushing to kill that damn archer

  • 7rbi A.H
    7rbi A.H 2 months ago +2

    The returen of jaime lannister

  • Braden Leavitt
    Braden Leavitt 2 months ago +1

    The Witcher 1 and 2 deserve a remaster

  • Jason Alcatraz
    Jason Alcatraz 2 months ago +11

    Feel bad for the Mage. He was sitting in the beginning like "Guh, can't believe I have to protect a man that finds THIS entertaining" and then is beaten with a clean slash across his face.
    I hope he survived his wounds.

    • CHUNKY "A" 🌟
      CHUNKY "A" 🌟 2 months ago

      He didn’t.

    • Felix G-V
      Felix G-V 2 months ago

      It's a gritty low fantasy world, so no, you dont survive getting your throat sliced in such a fashion.

  • Magge y
    Magge y 2 months ago +1

    just imagine the witcher series being half as good as this! i really hope they dont blow it!

    • Play Station
      Play Station Month ago

      What do you mean the last Witcher games has been out for years?

  • GBN Games
    GBN Games 2 months ago

    for being thick as the fucking hulk, letho is surprisingly agile.

  • Nathan XTK
    Nathan XTK 2 months ago

    The irony of this guy's death, he was a racist towards nonhuman especially Elves. But gets KILLED BY A NONHUMAN. Karma's a bitch.
    More reason why this is satisfying:
    Let's not even forget how this asshole cut off the heads of elves and would go out his way to kill elves even when his treasury was nearly empty.

  • Ikmalreza 1998
    Ikmalreza 1998 2 months ago

    A fatso can do this to people?

  • dejan
    dejan 2 months ago +35

    7 yeras after this still looks great

  • Koning Daan
    Koning Daan 3 months ago

    letho the real kingslayer

  • XGlite015
    XGlite015 3 months ago

    PS3 got MGS 4 as an exclusive, Xbox 360 got this. I bought an Xbox 360.

  • wolfy
    wolfy 3 months ago

    Arya stark could never

  • Andy Qoha
    Andy Qoha 3 months ago +1

    New xbox