The OA: Part II | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • No one survives alone. The OA Part II coming March 22.
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    The OA: Part II | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 3 876

  • Psychic Rosemary Angelus

    This was better than the first season.

  • Mahdi Mallah
    Mahdi Mallah Day ago

    Season 3 pleaseee💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • El Be
    El Be Day ago

    Jaime fookin Lannister

  • risingmoon07
    risingmoon07 Day ago

    Comparing The OA to Stranger Things is like comparing the Mona Lisa to a drawing in a comic book. The comic book drawing may be great but it is no masterpiece.

  • JuanCarlos Rodriguez Vargas

    This is the kind of content make Netflix unique

  • MD Stov179
    MD Stov179 2 days ago

    The greatest show to watch while reading your favorite book. Absolute waste of time.

  • Filipa Carvalho
    Filipa Carvalho 4 days ago

    Fortunately there is netflix in this dimension too!

  • Master Devoe
    Master Devoe 5 days ago +1

    Netflix, never cancel this show, let the creators do their 5 season run, waiting for season 3 eagerly.

  • Kai
    Kai 10 days ago +2

    Season 3 now pls :(

  • Channy P
    Channy P 10 days ago +1

    This show was amazing binged watched it in two days felt like crying when it ended 😭 hope there’s a season 3

  • もな
    もな 12 days ago


  • Peter K.
    Peter K. 14 days ago

    Meanwhile the world is heading towards the ecological collapse.

  • Skeity Prim
    Skeity Prim 20 days ago +2

    This show is not for everyone. Underrated, but no surprise from there. Casual viewers might get weirded out by some of the elements (ex. the dance and the octopus), especially if taken literally--and if you're expecting a straight storyline. The two seasons were themed differently which made the entire show even more interesting. I've watched a lot of movies/TV series with esoteric/metaphysical elements, and I could say that this one was well-crafted and the concept was executed in a proper and captivating way. And yes, I'd agree that this is a work of art and not just a show meant to entertain viewers.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 21 day ago +1

    Please dont make us wait 2.5 years for Part III to come out!

    • Raffael PT
      Raffael PT 5 days ago

      I can promise you that at least 2 years you will have to wait.

  • The New Packed Entertainments Zone

    We waited to long we need part 3 immediately

  • RD S
    RD S 23 days ago

    When is Season 3 coming?

  • Piotr W
    Piotr W 23 days ago +1

    PART THREE WHEN? This is one of best your shows right now. I hope you don't cancel it. Instead, cancel 10 other poor shows you are releasing each year, canceling the good ones.

    • Raffael PT
      Raffael PT 5 days ago

      They won't cancel this show. they're taking too long to renew, yes. but there are many reasons why.
      - the creators need a break
      - Netflix is planning the budget stuff for s3
      - The creators are writing s3
      So yeah, this show was there when Netflix bombed, so it's one of the old ones. Like it has a good viewership too. It just takes longer.

  • Fleeting Films
    Fleeting Films 23 days ago

    this is seriously the best show on Netflix! Please give us Season 3!!!!

    XX PUNISHER XX 24 days ago

    I didn't even know this came out!!!!! Im happy

  • Willemijn
    Willemijn 27 days ago +2

    God, I still remember when I watched the first season and there was no one I could talk to. And I was mind blown when I watched the second season. Now I know..

  • AgtChaos
    AgtChaos 29 days ago

    Anyone know the music at 00:43?

  • Jesus Jasso
    Jesus Jasso Month ago +1

    NETFLIX! I NEED A THIRD PART NOW!! :') This is f***ing amazing!

  • Richard Brunk
    Richard Brunk Month ago +1

    Just finished it. Go watch it now

  • EMS Visuals
    EMS Visuals Month ago

    The OA is confusing. It's neither good or bad. It fails on so many aspects of the story and dialogue is not that great but cringy most of the time so as the acting. However, what I like about it the most are the cinematography and the concept. The biggest issue I have with the show is you don't really feel the relationships and connections that the characters have with each other, like the OA with Homer, for example, she loves him so much but yet It fails to portray that love in some way, its emotionless. If I could describe the show in one word: *Inconsistency*

    This is my point of view as a filmmaker. Any comments or questions are welcomed.

    • ツfunnypilgo
      ツfunnypilgo 24 days ago

      Meh, I thought the relationship between Homer and OA in season 1 was fantastic, the final scenes where Hap just leaves her on the street and she runs, shouting "come back" nearly got me crying. Though, I think you are right, it is a bit inconsistent. BBAs acting annoys so fucking much in S2, the connections between the teen group also sometimes fail to feel emotional, I like the character development of steve though.

  • N Angelova
    N Angelova Month ago

    "Its Godlike" !!!!!!!

  • bianca djorghi
    bianca djorghi Month ago +1

    Renew please oh God I NEED IT

  • Juliet Mcnabb
    Juliet Mcnabb Month ago +1

    i already need season 3 uGH

  • no gods no masters no personality cults

    best Netflix show to date 😍

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo Month ago +1

    Underrated series. This series is really really gooooold!!!! Every moment you can say "fuck" "what? For real" "shit"

  • Tanks Casomyr
    Tanks Casomyr Month ago

    Love her canine teeth...

  • Divine Arrowwz
    Divine Arrowwz Month ago


  • twenty øne gøners øn a beach in michigan

    The. Best. Show. Ever. I cannot put into words how beautifully intricate this series is! Patiently awaiting season 3!! 😁

  • steph d
    steph d Month ago +2

    this show is way too good i hardly believe it exists

  • gezundhaitsminista
    gezundhaitsminista Month ago

    another A+ season!!!! this one was so good too and also the fashion choices I COULD NOT - LOVED IT

  • gezundhaitsminista
    gezundhaitsminista Month ago

    best ever netflix-made series

  • Ahmad Alsmadi
    Ahmad Alsmadi Month ago

    Season one was amazing. Season two is a waste of time. For anyone who loved the first season, leave it there. S2 will ruin the story for you

  • armelle modéré
    armelle modéré Month ago

    It's me or the music sound like light of the seven?

  • Ngần Thúy Đạt
    Ngần Thúy Đạt 2 months ago


  • 88ntil
    88ntil 2 months ago +1

    With a series like this.. it has to take some time to create so I understand the long wait

  • Lila G
    Lila G 2 months ago +3

    Watched 2 seasons in 3 days I want season 3 Now! Best series ever..

  • Ever Mazing
    Ever Mazing 2 months ago +2

    Just binge watched this show!! Was FREAKING AMAZING!! Only mad that now I have to wait until the next season! :D

  • AgtChaos
    AgtChaos 2 months ago +1

    The music to this trailer is amazing. Who does it?

  • Praveen Jangra
    Praveen Jangra 2 months ago

    The both season Beyond emagination I agree 1st season little slow but 2nd season BOOOOOOM LOVED IT...

  • Azozeo
    Azozeo 2 months ago

    The Matrix 2.0

  • Boom
    Boom 2 months ago

    OA !!!!!!!

  • Abby Sheyba
    Abby Sheyba 2 months ago

    2 seasons and I'm still nowhere near understanding any of it as I was in the pilot

  • Gül M.
    Gül M. 2 months ago +1

    Waiting for season 3 please just watched 2 season today!!! Im so exticed and steven looks bomb at the last of season 2 😋😍💖🤗🤗🤗🙋🏼‍♀️👏🤩💖💖💖💖

  • Myth Gaming
    Myth Gaming 2 months ago


  • SuperNashum
    SuperNashum 2 months ago

    season 2 is even better than season 1. enjoyed every minute of this art

  • Diamond
    Diamond 2 months ago +1

    I want season 3 already 💔💔💔

  • skz bap jiyong
    skz bap jiyong 2 months ago

    I start to watch this series and i saw that seasons 2 came out after 3 years. Please don’t let me like this for another 3 years for the next season 😭

  • AJR4 3269
    AJR4 3269 2 months ago

    Zendaya is back

  • Raffael PT
    Raffael PT 2 months ago +2

    Stranger Things: We are the strangest show ever.
    The OA: Hold my movement.

  • Anderson da silva
    Anderson da silva 2 months ago

    This is serie Very Crazy.

  • Steve Olivier
    Steve Olivier 2 months ago +1

    I did not understand season one. Doesn't seem I will understand season 2 either... Awesome, I'm in.

  • Storm Hawk
    Storm Hawk 2 months ago

    What have the writers done to this brilliant original show? Season 1 was unlike any tv series before but this second season as alienated me with a completely different setting, new characters in the first episode we neither care about and have nothing to do with season 1’s storyline and overly complicated plots throughout . Just like Heroes it’s over egging the pudding.

  • blacksh3e3p
    blacksh3e3p 2 months ago +2

    This show is incredible! I've been telling everyone I know how amazing this show is. NETFLIX, you really need to up your promoting skills for this gem.

  • Stephen Jackson
    Stephen Jackson 2 months ago

    I've been waiting to start this.... I think our of fear that it will not be as good as season 1. Can anyone offer me some feedback? Is it GOOD???? GREAT??? OKAY??? TERRIBLY BAD? should I hold on to my season one memories and leave it at that???? Help

    • Raffael PT
      Raffael PT 2 months ago

      IT'S FREAKING AWESOME. the first season touches you more, is very dark. season 2 is more action and real time.

  • Shane W
    Shane W 2 months ago +1

    Just heard about this show and binge watched both seasons in a day and a half. The best show I’ve ever seen... I’d love to see a movie from this or some spinoff of sorts. The world needs brain food like this!

  • Taufiq AR
    Taufiq AR 2 months ago +1

    I just finished watching Part I but this.. Holy shit...

  • kati grace cox
    kati grace cox 2 months ago

    Ok someone tell me: am I ready to watch this? Do I need to watch season 1 again? Because I just remembered to bring ALL the feels.

    • Raffael PT
      Raffael PT 2 months ago

      Definitely watch season 1

  • 宮藤快晴
    宮藤快晴 2 months ago


  • Onur Köse
    Onur Köse 2 months ago

    I could watch all OA seasons forever in every possible dimensions.

  • Hunter Bauer
    Hunter Bauer 2 months ago


  • warrior derpina
    warrior derpina 2 months ago +2

    This is so underrated..i finished it in one watch. Mind blown!

    • Raffael PT
      Raffael PT 2 months ago

      Dude, it's not underrated. Y'all trigger me with the underrated stuff.

  • J. L.
    J. L. 3 months ago

    YO I JUST DISCOVERED THIS AND BINGED S1 IN ONE DAY!!! Such a unique and just next level show, and it makes you really THINK. Spread the word so that Netflix renews for S3!!!!!

  • Schamyl
    Schamyl 3 months ago

    My bully loves this television series.

  • juan pablo Sacchezin
    juan pablo Sacchezin 3 months ago +1

    It has been a month since the premiere and not a day goes by without thinking of the ending. Also, this trailer stills gives me chicken skin

  • Anar Meherremli
    Anar Meherremli 3 months ago +1

    Season 3 please

  • Chad Toast
    Chad Toast 3 months ago

    Need Part III!

  • Hada Luna
    Hada Luna 3 months ago +1

    😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤ loved!

  • Çağla Çopuroğlu
    Çağla Çopuroğlu 3 months ago

    it still does not make any sense. how come hap could go to another dimension since he is clearly not an angel?

  • dlpinecone
    dlpinecone 3 months ago

    I love BBA.

    YURA's BEAUTY ROOM 3 months ago +2

    I m getting Netflix again just to binge watch this season. Omg

  • Editora Mágica
    Editora Mágica 3 months ago +1


  • Patrick Zuniga
    Patrick Zuniga 3 months ago

    I was in a public transportation when I had this dream back 2013 or 2012. I heard a lady telling me something about a golden tree and golden lines. She said that we are all connected...i have not seen the tree but I saw the interconnecting and interlacing lines

  • Edgar Bernabe
    Edgar Bernabe 3 months ago

    1:25 song?

    • Patrick Daniel
      Patrick Daniel 3 months ago

      Edgar Bernabe not sure but it sounds like the game of thrones song from season 6 episode 10

  • msredux
    msredux 3 months ago

    Binge watched the first season in 1 day, but I really hated the first episode of season 2, and I was so ready for it, so I'm pissed now, and will wait to see the rest of the episodes, I really hope it gets better

  • Bujang Lapuk
    Bujang Lapuk 3 months ago +4

    I can't be the only one who likes The OA better than Stranger Things right?

    • Andrew P
      Andrew P 3 months ago +1

      The OA is a better show. I remember needing more after season 1 ended so I was told to watch stranger things because it's just as brilliant and weird but has a higher budget so it's just as good if not better and then I watched it and don't get me wrong I like stranger things but no it's definitely not as good as the OA. The OA just has better storytelling. And don't get me wrong I mean there's a number of things stranger things were able to pull off better but I think from a strictly storytelling perspective the OA is ahead

  • always and forever
    always and forever 3 months ago +3


  • Sammy N
    Sammy N 3 months ago

    I hated season 1 of this show. Hope season 2 is better. I watched because it because there's was nothing else to pass my time on

  • Edigator
    Edigator 3 months ago +1

    who's watching the trailer after you've watched PART II ??


    best show in the world and so much underrated

  • Chris R
    Chris R 3 months ago +3

    absolutely brilliant show. netflix dont you fkin dare think about cancelling this show like you do all the others. this is 10x better than stranger things the most overrated show ever. brit marling really is something special something about her just mesmerises me

    • Andrew P
      Andrew P 3 months ago

      Thank you! I love stranger things! A lot! But it is extremely overrated

  • L.A. RISSA
    L.A. RISSA 3 months ago +1


  • Leah Long
    Leah Long 3 months ago

    So annoyed with this show, I’m gonna wait to watch it. Hmph.

  • Theo S
    Theo S 3 months ago

    The OA is the new Fringe!

  • 707Kidd garage
    707Kidd garage 3 months ago

    You have to watch season 2 to understand season 1👍

  • Toni Watterson
    Toni Watterson 3 months ago +2

    Literally the greatest show I've ever seen. Oh my God.

  • Shr
    Shr 3 months ago

    yaaah more dancing.

  • Tommy Noell
    Tommy Noell 3 months ago +4

    you can never put an Octopus to this show,Director:"hold my Beer"

  • Mint Berry Crunch
    Mint Berry Crunch 3 months ago

    They better not stop a gunman with a fruity little dance number again. This time they might just stop a suicide bomber by suddenly reinacting Cats on Broadway.

  • Zach Biggs
    Zach Biggs 3 months ago

    first season was good until the end. second season was hot garb. By the end i felt my balls start shriveling up from all the estrogen flowing through my veins. not to mention there were several times i got third degree burns from the cringy interpretive dancing. made me want to blow myself until i bust a nut so big my head explodes and i die

    • Zach Biggs
      Zach Biggs 3 months ago

      @MaqueGenio just because of this i think i am going to watch the second season again and keep more of an open mind. I kind of had the second season on as background noise and i think it deserved more of my attention. thanks for being cool and opening my eyes a little more about it. i am just noticing that generally people are liking s2 more so i obviously missed somthing hahaha. but much love and thanks again :)

    • MaqueGenio
      MaqueGenio 3 months ago +1

      Thank you for your honesty, i respect that. I agree that S2 was always going to be risky after things being left open to interpretation. People who were on the "she is just crazy" camp are not going to like this direction. Not sure if there was any other way they could have gone with the show without fully embracing the supernatural and metaphysical elements. S2 is one hell of a ride - if you can handle it, so trippy and i love it.

    • Zach Biggs
      Zach Biggs 3 months ago

      i will say the second season ending was a lot better than the first season ending. but these are just my opinions and im not bashing anyone that likes it i can understand why some would

    • Zach Biggs
      Zach Biggs 3 months ago

      @MaqueGenio i was kinda trolling was just trying to be funny, but i did actually watch the second season. and it was ok it just didnt hold my interest as much i guess. i think it was the mystery of trying to figure out what exactly oa was and how to use her powers and how it all worked that kept me into it almost the whole first season. The second season just kind of lost that for me. it wasnt that bad by any means, and in their defense i dont think there would have been a good way to do a second season. should have just been a mini series one season thing imo

    • MaqueGenio
      MaqueGenio 3 months ago +1

      You are getting it backwards. The consensus is that S2 finale was leaps and bounds better than S1, even for those who have had issues with the "dance". My best guess is that you are probably just trolling and never actually seen S2. Go away kid.

  • James Rios
    James Rios 3 months ago

    Soooo she WAS telling the truth

  • SeaxOfBeleg
    SeaxOfBeleg 3 months ago

    It's almost like the creators of The O.A. Season 2 are promoting Creepy Joe Biden. Huh?

  • g jb
    g jb 3 months ago

    more over complex sillyness from netflix

  • Mighty Saiyan
    Mighty Saiyan 3 months ago

    This show is awesome, this kinda reminds me off 13 reasons why? I want to find out what happen to Steve and the others. Will Hap be exposed and be arrested. What happen when Pirarie jumped.

  • Marina and The Devil
    Marina and The Devil 3 months ago

    Binged both of the seasons and I officially stan

  • Bugsy Cline
    Bugsy Cline 3 months ago +2

    SPOILERS @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Season 1 was fantastic. SEASON 2 SUCKED Big time. Giant Plot holes. 1/2 the episode was a "Cop-Drama" too many of those on tv already. The best part of the first season was allowing all that great cast to interact with each other with a cohesive story. They took that eliment away in favour of a way to drag the story out into many seasons. I would recommend season one to anyone as a "fantastic story with tons of originality and a great cast"
    But they took all that away for the cash grab. I'm sure they'll be ok with this new direction as millennials are so easily entertained with shiny new objects. But you lost me. ZERO SUBSTANCE, Plot Holes and those stupid robots... WTF was that BS? it was a show for fans of Kubrick, now its for the Marvel audience.
    BOOOOO. won't be back for season 3. All they need now to completely sell out is car chases and building exploding, maybe a scene where OA hangs from a cable attached to a helicopter?... Tisk Tisk.
    PS... Giant Squid was absolutely the most stupid thing I've seen since Donald Trump said "wind causes cancer"

  • Drejc Derganc
    Drejc Derganc 3 months ago

    I mean.. I'm watching the show for the 3rd time through

  • TheWisestWizards
    TheWisestWizards 3 months ago +1

    The long miserable wait for The OA: Part III