The OA: Part II | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • No one survives alone. The OA Part II coming March 22.
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    The OA: Part II | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 4 166

  • Geron
    Geron Day ago

    My bully loves this television series.

  • juan pablo Sacchezin

    It has been a month since the premiere and not a day goes by without thinking of the ending. Also, this trailer stills gives me chicken skin

  • Anar Meherremli
    Anar Meherremli Day ago +1

    Season 3 please

  • Tribe of Dan
    Tribe of Dan Day ago

    In Season 3 Brit will play herself. The tree told her to create a following. That is us, the Netflix audience. In Season 3 we will be doing the moves to help move her and us to another dimension. Hap tells her she will never believe she is an angel but many will call her one. He means us. This is going to be so cool.

  • Chad Toast
    Chad Toast 2 days ago

    Need Part III!

  • Hada Luna
    Hada Luna 2 days ago

    😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤ loved!

  • Çağla Çopuroğlu
    Çağla Çopuroğlu 3 days ago

    it still does not make any sense. how come hap could go to another dimension since he is clearly not an angel?

  • dlpinecone
    dlpinecone 5 days ago

    I love BBA.

    YURA's BEAUTY ROOM 6 days ago +1

    I m getting Netflix again just to binge watch this season. Omg

  • Editora Mágica
    Editora Mágica 6 days ago +1


  • Patrick Zuniga
    Patrick Zuniga 7 days ago

    I was in a public transportation when I had this dream back 2013 or 2012. I heard a lady telling me something about a golden tree and golden lines. She said that we are all connected...i have not seen the tree but I saw the interconnecting and interlacing lines

  • Edgar Bernabe
    Edgar Bernabe 8 days ago

    1:25 song?

    • Patrick Daniel
      Patrick Daniel 7 days ago

      Edgar Bernabe not sure but it sounds like the game of thrones song from season 6 episode 10

  • msredux
    msredux 9 days ago

    Binge watched the first season in 1 day, but I really hated the first episode of season 2, and I was so ready for it, so I'm pissed now, and will wait to see the rest of the episodes, I really hope it gets better

  • Bujang Lapuk
    Bujang Lapuk 9 days ago +3

    I can't be the only one who likes The OA better than Stranger Things right?

    • Andrew P
      Andrew P 5 days ago +1

      The OA is a better show. I remember needing more after season 1 ended so I was told to watch stranger things because it's just as brilliant and weird but has a higher budget so it's just as good if not better and then I watched it and don't get me wrong I like stranger things but no it's definitely not as good as the OA. The OA just has better storytelling. And don't get me wrong I mean there's a number of things stranger things were able to pull off better but I think from a strictly storytelling perspective the OA is ahead

  • always and forever
    always and forever 10 days ago +2


  • Sammy N
    Sammy N 11 days ago

    I hated season 1 of this show. Hope season 2 is better. I watched because it because there's was nothing else to pass my time on

  • Edigator
    Edigator 11 days ago +1

    who's watching the trailer after you've watched PART II ??


    best show in the world and so much underrated

  • Chris R
    Chris R 12 days ago +2

    absolutely brilliant show. netflix dont you fkin dare think about cancelling this show like you do all the others. this is 10x better than stranger things the most overrated show ever. brit marling really is something special something about her just mesmerises me

    • Andrew P
      Andrew P 5 days ago

      Thank you! I love stranger things! A lot! But it is extremely overrated

  • L.A. RISSA
    L.A. RISSA 13 days ago


  • Leah Long
    Leah Long 13 days ago

    So annoyed with this show, I’m gonna wait to watch it. Hmph.

  • Theo S
    Theo S 13 days ago

    The OA is the new Fringe!

  • 707Kidd garage
    707Kidd garage 14 days ago

    You have to watch season 2 to understand season 1👍

  • Toni Watterson
    Toni Watterson 14 days ago +2

    Literally the greatest show I've ever seen. Oh my God.

  • Shr
    Shr 15 days ago

    yaaah more dancing.

  • Tommy Noell
    Tommy Noell 15 days ago +3

    you can never put an Octopus to this show,Director:"hold my Beer"

  • Comic 2 Movie Collector

    They better not stop a gunman with a fruity little dance number again. This time they might just stop a suicide bomber by suddenly reinacting Cats on Broadway.

  • Zach Biggs
    Zach Biggs 16 days ago

    first season was good until the end. second season was hot garb. By the end i felt my balls start shriveling up from all the estrogen flowing through my veins. not to mention there were several times i got third degree burns from the cringy interpretive dancing. made me want to blow myself until i bust a nut so big my head explodes and i die

    • Zach Biggs
      Zach Biggs 2 days ago

      +MaqueGenio just because of this i think i am going to watch the second season again and keep more of an open mind. I kind of had the second season on as background noise and i think it deserved more of my attention. thanks for being cool and opening my eyes a little more about it. i am just noticing that generally people are liking s2 more so i obviously missed somthing hahaha. but much love and thanks again :)

    • MaqueGenio
      MaqueGenio 4 days ago +1

      Thank you for your honesty, i respect that. I agree that S2 was always going to be risky after things being left open to interpretation. People who were on the "she is just crazy" camp are not going to like this direction. Not sure if there was any other way they could have gone with the show without fully embracing the supernatural and metaphysical elements. S2 is one hell of a ride - if you can handle it, so trippy and i love it.

    • Zach Biggs
      Zach Biggs 5 days ago

      i will say the second season ending was a lot better than the first season ending. but these are just my opinions and im not bashing anyone that likes it i can understand why some would

    • Zach Biggs
      Zach Biggs 5 days ago

      +MaqueGenio i was kinda trolling was just trying to be funny, but i did actually watch the second season. and it was ok it just didnt hold my interest as much i guess. i think it was the mystery of trying to figure out what exactly oa was and how to use her powers and how it all worked that kept me into it almost the whole first season. The second season just kind of lost that for me. it wasnt that bad by any means, and in their defense i dont think there would have been a good way to do a second season. should have just been a mini series one season thing imo

    • MaqueGenio
      MaqueGenio 5 days ago

      You are getting it backwards. The consensus is that S2 finale was leaps and bounds better than S1, even for those who have had issues with the "dance". My best guess is that you are probably just trolling and never actually seen S2. Go away kid.

  • James Rios
    James Rios 16 days ago

    Soooo she WAS telling the truth

  • SeaxOfBeleg
    SeaxOfBeleg 16 days ago

    It's almost like the creators of The O.A. Season 2 are promoting Creepy Joe Biden. Huh?

  • g jb
    g jb 17 days ago

    more over complex sillyness from netflix

  • Mighty Saiyan
    Mighty Saiyan 17 days ago

    This show is awesome, this kinda reminds me off 13 reasons why? I want to find out what happen to Steve and the others. Will Hap be exposed and be arrested. What happen when Pirarie jumped.

  • Marina and The Devil
    Marina and The Devil 17 days ago

    Binged both of the seasons and I officially stan

  • Bugsy Cline
    Bugsy Cline 18 days ago +2

    SPOILERS @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Season 1 was fantastic. SEASON 2 SUCKED Big time. Giant Plot holes. 1/2 the episode was a "Cop-Drama" too many of those on tv already. The best part of the first season was allowing all that great cast to interact with each other with a cohesive story. They took that eliment away in favour of a way to drag the story out into many seasons. I would recommend season one to anyone as a "fantastic story with tons of originality and a great cast"
    But they took all that away for the cash grab. I'm sure they'll be ok with this new direction as millennials are so easily entertained with shiny new objects. But you lost me. ZERO SUBSTANCE, Plot Holes and those stupid robots... WTF was that BS? it was a show for fans of Kubrick, now its for the Marvel audience.
    BOOOOO. won't be back for season 3. All they need now to completely sell out is car chases and building exploding, maybe a scene where OA hangs from a cable attached to a helicopter?... Tisk Tisk.
    PS... Giant Squid was absolutely the most stupid thing I've seen since Donald Trump said "wind causes cancer"

  • Drejc Derganc
    Drejc Derganc 18 days ago

    I mean.. I'm watching the show for the 3rd time through

  • TheWisestWizards
    TheWisestWizards 18 days ago +1

    The long miserable wait for The OA: Part III

  • PrestigeKipnyige
    PrestigeKipnyige 18 days ago +2

    Man Part II was orgasmicc

  • MaqueGenio
    MaqueGenio 18 days ago +1

    For those of you wanting more seasons please tell family and friends about the show. We need more people on board or else it might not make it. Apparently season 2 is not doing too well (tracking behind Sense8 on Google Trends) , and going by what Netflix has done in recent past there's a good chance that the show will never make it to 5 seasons as planned.

  • J Ram
    J Ram 18 days ago +2

    Am i the only one shipping OA and Karim

    • Selene Gonzalez
      Selene Gonzalez 5 days ago +1

      You are not the only one!!, i feel the chemistry!!!!!!!

  • Tiara Rider
    Tiara Rider 19 days ago

    After watching blacklist I was unsure if I would find anything else I’d truly love , BUT OA has officially topped anything I’ve come across of Netflix . I’m still amazed at how good it was 😍😍😍 😍😍 But what to watch next has me puzzy, like what else are you guys watching that good ???????🙄

  • Tribe of Dan
    Tribe of Dan 19 days ago

    Brit Marling makes references to Jewish Mysticism. This. Mysticism is about a very ancient cult called the "Cult of Saturn". The Elite worship Saturn. The black cube is symbolic all throughout the show. Anyone who knows anything about the Cult of Saturn knows is about the worship of Satan. The OA is the Original Angel, or Lucifer. Hap records the sounds of Saturn from her NDE. Why would she go to an Evil planet if she was a good soul? She is the fallen angel with her minions to follow. The tree tells her to create a crowd of followers. The whole show is so dark and inverted, hidden by what we think are good motives but you will come to find that these are selfish motives and have nothing to do with anything good. The OA says this herself in the last episode of season 2. The only person actually trying to make the world a better place is Hap of all people. He represents God. The OA is thrown out of Haps kingdom in the first season. Now she is attempting to get back to in that dimension. Sound familiar? Azrael is Old Night, an angel of death and a mover of souls across dimension, once he attached himself to you. In this case he is an Octopus with suckers to attach to OA. Old Knight is also a Russian Chess game. We know this is a game by the checker board flooring seen throughout the show. I am not a fan of Jewish Mysticism at all personally. People are going to hate this comment and say I am anti semetic, give me a break. Brit is an amazing writer and I feel her Scandanavian roots are here to expose something. I do not think she has a problem playing the good and bad character. She has a surprise in store for everyone who thinks she is a good angel. Wait and see.......

    • Tribe of Dan
      Tribe of Dan 9 days ago

      +Danny T your right. Apologies.

    • Danny T
      Danny T 9 days ago

      Tribe of Dan I see how you can interpret it that way. No need to be snide.

    • Tribe of Dan
      Tribe of Dan 9 days ago

      +Danny T glad you see the connection

    • Tribe of Dan
      Tribe of Dan 9 days ago

      +Danny T i edited the comment for you ok RU-clip police. However it's said, I am still 100% on point.

    • Danny T
      Danny T 9 days ago +1

      Tribe of Dan Oh, I know all about it. That’s why your comment piqued my interest. I’m saying is that it’s pretty disingenuous to claim that Brit “said the show is about Jewish mysticism and the cult of Saturn” when she said no such thing. Nowhere in the interview does she mention the cult of Saturn. And the quote about Jewish mysticism you’ve taken out of context - they were talking specifically about the kids leaving the door open and what influenced that bit.
      I’m not accusing you of being political or antisemitic lol, just kind of disingenuous. You can take motifs and symbols and interpret them however you want, but Brit definitely did not say the show is about Jewish mysticism and the cult of Saturn.
      Don’t know that I agree with your interpretation (I say this as someone who is familiar with Kabbalah, Gnosticism and esoteric philosophy in general) but I agree that there’s certainly something sinister going on with Saturn in the show.

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 19 days ago

    So Im go na wait for 2-3 years for season 3?

  • Jennifer DuBois
    Jennifer DuBois 19 days ago

    Just finished, OMG! Everything is one big fractal mind fuck! I LOVE IT! Can't wait for P3!🌌🏠🌹🚪♾

  • elle Egdein1
    elle Egdein1 19 days ago

    Just finished watching season 2. I gotta say it's really good....

  • krisy's life
    krisy's life 20 days ago

    I like the concept of this series and that its a psychological thriller.
    its justs confusing and I have no idea whats going on.🤣

  • Thais Pereira
    Thais Pereira 20 days ago

    Quantos anos levará para termos a 3 temporada?

    • MaqueGenio
      MaqueGenio 20 days ago

      Mas sera q vamos ter outra temporada? A serie nao e tao popular quanto muitos aqui pensam e a audiencia parece ainda menor nessa 2 temporada. To achando q eles vao cancelar bem antes das 5 previstas. Veja o q aconteceu com sense8 apos 2 temporadas. Precisamos de mais gente assistindo, ou entao ja era.

    TO5TADA 20 days ago +1

    Hook, line, fucking sinker. As a person who doesn't eat fish or has ever fished before this metaphor is not one I use often but it's an apt one. As of watching the first episode, I'm in it to the end. The show knows it's been a while since its first release and it eases you into it. I'm not claiming that it's gunna be this exact experience for everyone, but give it a shot.

  • Ayla Wortham
    Ayla Wortham 20 days ago +1

    I. Cried when they saw eacother again

  • Eduardo Saldivar
    Eduardo Saldivar 20 days ago

    A M A Z I N G! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • okmega
    okmega 20 days ago

    This season was so breathtaking!

  • Allen A
    Allen A 20 days ago

    dafuq is dis

  • spassmagnet
    spassmagnet 20 days ago +2

    "discovered" the show last week & bingewatched both seasons during my influenza time at home. wow. i mean i dont know what happend. but im cured now lol
    what a show. not sure if im scared or feel worried about the people (her) who created this powerful piece of literature :) its hard to describe.
    truly genius + geniune. got goosebumps and cried sometimes (ok as a man i have to say: this was the flu :P) - but i ve rarely seen this kind of deep storytelling.
    hope we get more seasons like these two!
    btw. pretty nice cast on every little supporting role! they really took their time to make this show great (again :P) in every way.

  • Alaa AbuZarifa
    Alaa AbuZarifa 21 day ago +1

    cancel the show, and I'll cancel my subscription.

  • Yana Mihaleva
    Yana Mihaleva 21 day ago

    This is my story :-) I meditatе for 10 years and I was really surprised by OA.
    What I saw in my meditations - it's all in the movie. Symbolic is also great in the movie.
    But I'm not sure what a normal person will see in the series.

  • Olive Rosa
    Olive Rosa 21 day ago +1

    @1:47 , that line, the intonation, it's beautiful.

  • Darlin D
    Darlin D 21 day ago +1

    Just finished part 2 and realizing it will be another 1 or 2 year for us to have a new season

  • Kepler TwentyTwoBee
    Kepler TwentyTwoBee 21 day ago +3

    So I told myself, 'You're going to watch one episode each night, to space it out longer'. LOL. Three nights in I had to watch through to the end, up till 4 am. So worth it!! It's more like a movie than a season. Outstanding

  • Rat Rod Bob Builds
    Rat Rod Bob Builds 22 days ago

    Was watching in amazement then totally SHOCKED by the gay male sex scene! I skipped thru that but couldn't get it out my mind! I'm out of OA for good! One more bad day like this and I'll cancel my subscription!

    • Peter von Harten
      Peter von Harten 14 days ago

      THAT was the most shocking thing to you? Not the telepathic octopus? Not the old woman selling human skins? Not the garden of dead bodies with flowers coming out of all their orifices?! Oh no, one little blip of IMPLIED gay sex that stops way short of showing the act. God FORBID.

    • Angelo Merte
      Angelo Merte 21 day ago +1


  • lucaa oliveira
    lucaa oliveira 22 days ago

    I love you nina/oa

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox
    Zaphod Beeblebrox 22 days ago

    Interpretive dance is the answer to everything.......

  • Glenn
    Glenn 22 days ago +5

    I’m canceling my subscription if Netflix cancels this show. Nothing else compares.


    • Peter von Harten
      Peter von Harten 14 days ago

      *sings Sinead O'Connor while watching the scene where Steve shaves his head*

    • Glenn
      Glenn 20 days ago +1

      +Nasawyia النّسويّة Smoke some weed and rewatch it, it'll make more sense.

    • Nasawyia النّسويّة
      Nasawyia النّسويّة 20 days ago

      Do you really like it. I mean first season was wonderful but second one is too boring, too mysterious confusing and lot of visual effects

  • Omar Huico
    Omar Huico 22 days ago +2

    Please season 3! Don’t dare to cancel this show !

  • luther schultz
    luther schultz 23 days ago

    Finally, I've been travelling for years, I finally found a dimension where netflix decided to create a season 2.

  • rahul sundli
    rahul sundli 23 days ago +1

    Watched season 1 and it was damn amazing 🔥🔥❤️❤️

  • Twenty Øne Llamas at the Disco !

    This show is hella good but hella confusing at the same time (at least for me)

  • Dan V
    Dan V 23 days ago +1

    this girl needs to stop going to the hospital

    PSYCHE DELIC 23 days ago

    Binged watched it all til 5 am. The house reminded me of the Winchester house and gave me chills. Such a good horror psychological thriller.

  • CuteMinx _08
    CuteMinx _08 23 days ago

    Can’t wait for the next season!...

  • Denise Gould
    Denise Gould 23 days ago

    Loved it
    Except for Karin character 👎 and the Octopus 👎

  • Madonna XXX
    Madonna XXX 23 days ago

    I hope there's a season 3

  • Mike
    Mike 23 days ago +1

    if you liked the ambiguous ending of season 1 the dont watch season 2. It goes in a completely different direction

  • Ffimac
    Ffimac 23 days ago

    Worth the wait :-)

  • marianne lessieur
    marianne lessieur 23 days ago +2

    Netflix are we gonna wait an others 2 years for seasons 3 ???

  • Joel Muniz
    Joel Muniz 23 days ago

    The OA 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗 best ever!

  • Gina C
    Gina C 23 days ago

    Could they not hire Vietnamese people? The characters at the beginning of season two weren’t even speaking Vietnamese. It was just gibberish.

  • Lauren Jackson
    Lauren Jackson 23 days ago

    The best show I've veer seen.

  • Johnwayne608
    Johnwayne608 23 days ago +1

    Shits garbage. Literally within the first 30 mins of episode 1 they try to say that cops don't give a fuck about illegal immigrants looking for their missing family members. Then the first detective we see happens to be an overtly racist white dude. So fucking tired of these shows virtue signaling and making straight white men out to be racist homophobic blah blah blah. Will not be watching the rest of season 2.

    • Peter von Harten
      Peter von Harten 14 days ago +2

      +Johnwayne608 Nobody cares how many people you kicked out of your bar lol. If it doesn't apply to you, why do you feel so personally attacked? The message isn't targeting you (if there's even a "message" to it, I really tend not to even notice that stuff). And why feel the need to defend your position by saying "I'm not racist because..."? I really don't understand anyone who whines about "PC crap". I have plenty of white, straight male friends who don't give a shit. So I think it says more about your character that you seem to be seeing things that aren't there. "Virtue signaling" lol gimme a break. Are you mad that a straight, white male character didn't play the main hero?

    • Johnwayne608
      Johnwayne608 23 days ago +1

      +Gene Sargent Yeah just like Jussie Smollet. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      I'm just speaking from what I've seen & experienced as a "straight white male". That's all I can speak for. Myself. But there seems to be an uptick in calling people racist nazi white supremacist etc. based off absolutely nothing more than the fact they voted for someone. I get it. I've kicked people out my bar for being foul mouthed & overtly misogynistic/racist. I've kicked 2 older guys out of my bar for asking me if I'm all about that "white pride" & then told me to get with it after I said no not really. Couple more racist statements followed & I booted em out.

    • Gene Sargent
      Gene Sargent 23 days ago +2

      +Johnwayne608 I'm sure black people are tired of seeing it too lol, just in real life

    • Johnwayne608
      Johnwayne608 23 days ago +1

      No. I'm not. I know there are. Just tired of seeing it. White man bad, white man racist blah blah blah. I've kicked people out of my bar for being racist. But I recognize the increase of it in media/hollywood. As Don Lemon said. We need to not demonize whole groups of people. But Straight White Males are literal terrorists. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      THE GOOD CONTENT 23 days ago +2

      Are you saying there's no one single white racist person or cop in the universe?

  • Brien Jesse
    Brien Jesse 24 days ago

    Season 1 messed up my mind! Tf hahah gonna watch rn!

  • Joseph Parrotta
    Joseph Parrotta 24 days ago +1

    2:32 Yeaaaah....You've never seen a chair used for that before.

  • Danny T
    Danny T 24 days ago +1

    Just here to say that the second season of this show might be the best 8 hours of TV I’ve ever seen... absolutely masterful. It asks the questions worth asking in the most thrilling, creative way possible. This was a rare experience, I would pay for a years worth of Netflix just for this show. Stay gold ;-)

  • ldn22 O.
    ldn22 O. 24 days ago

    Just watched 2nd season and wtf, WTF????!!!! Why aren’t people talking more about this thing?? Is nothing like nothing. I can’t even...

  • Justin Casar
    Justin Casar 24 days ago +1

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the creators of this show has batman as the 1st part of his/her last name

  • pnut84
    pnut84 24 days ago

    When people think of Netflix Original shows they think of Stranger Things but imo The OA is a way way better show. I just finished Part 2 and omfg my head is gonna explode on how good the sequel is. The acting is so good and the plot omg, I cannot wait for Part 3.

    • Landon Le
      Landon Le 23 days ago

      pnut84 stranger things is a 1980s blockbuster of nostalgia it works but it’s still a gimmick. The oa is original and heartbreaking

  • Faustino Zabala
    Faustino Zabala 24 days ago

    Watched this second season the day it came out.. now Im watching it again! the acting, the plot, the story, everything is so good and so complex and unpredictable, that it's like a new journey watching it again!

  • PalmurcioWorld
    PalmurcioWorld 24 days ago +3

    I need the Part 3 ASAP

  • Van Gogh's Ear
    Van Gogh's Ear 24 days ago +41

    Please dont rush in making season 3! If it took 2 yrs to make this 2nd season of awesomeness..TAKE YOUR TIME. Im in love w this series. Great work!

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 24 days ago

    I like this show but I’m halfway through season one I’m finding it hard to stay focused it’s soooooo long but it’s sooooo good

  • Holodoc Prime
    Holodoc Prime 25 days ago +56

    If you cancel this there's gonna be a Sixth movement - one that involves pitchforks and torches in front of Netflix HQ.

    • Arctic Eli
      Arctic Eli Day ago

      We'll need to travel to another dimension that has season 3

  • Crystal Hurmiz
    Crystal Hurmiz 25 days ago +1

    Just finished season 2 and I loved it! Had to binge watch this because I kept squirming in my seat to watch more! Love it. A must watch!

  • Franceska
    Franceska 25 days ago +12

    I just finished the season. I’ve watched so many shows in my life and this show has by far turned into one of my favorites of all time. I can’t explain how much I love it omg 😭

  • Jordaneshwar
    Jordaneshwar 25 days ago +3

    Did anybody notice that Hap took his real name at the end of season 2 - "I am jason Issac"
    Moreover, OA's name at that dimension was also her real name "Brit"
    Wtf! Are they in our dimension? Where we are watching them!!!!!!!

    • RaiwashiSP
      RaiwashiSP 17 days ago

      Yes they traveled to our dimension (or a similar one) where they are the actors and the OA is a TV show, I can't wait to see how this plays out

  • Jordaneshwar
    Jordaneshwar 25 days ago

    Mrs. Brit

  • Radiatun Zidnee
    Radiatun Zidnee 25 days ago

    We Need Season 3

  • Radiatun Zidnee
    Radiatun Zidnee 25 days ago +1

    Stranger Things : We are the Strangest Show.
    The OA : Hold my bear.

  • pamela kaur
    pamela kaur 25 days ago +1

    Seen it....dont get it...not sure if i can muster season 3

  • Elen-the- Potato
    Elen-the- Potato 25 days ago

    Every other month I would check if they had cancelled the show or if a new season would be coming soon for a while I thought the show had been postponed and then cancelled like some other shows and now its back 😀.

  • ygk -
    ygk - 25 days ago +1

    Love this bitch💞👑😍THE OA👌

  • Sentient Thundertank
    Sentient Thundertank 25 days ago

    Corniest TV show in existence, the dance made me cringe so hard my butthole puckered.

  • Mr.Who
    Mr.Who 26 days ago +1

    three words!! BEST SHOW EVER

  • Ravendra Kewlani
    Ravendra Kewlani 26 days ago

    It might have lost some fans since last season but this season was so well crafted and just worth the wait! Binged it in one day!

  • triangleswinger RC
    triangleswinger RC 26 days ago

    I'm on episode 6 and this show is a trip, I didn't see any reviews or trailers but I always try new Netflix shows. This one I kept turning off in the first episode because it was kinda slow but man the second episode and on are truly insane it just keeps ramping up the craziness every episode.