BLADE | 2019 Marvel Comic Con Panel (Mahershala Ali)


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  • Human runner
    Human runner 7 days ago +1

    Ali is a phenomenal actor and they better write him a great script.

  • Quincy Croft
    Quincy Croft 11 days ago

    The B and D are shaped like fangs.

  • Jermar Williamson
    Jermar Williamson 13 days ago

    Marvel should just learn from DC like what DC did with the Joker movie and do a spin off of Blade film where westly snipes could still play Blade like lets say a BLADE & WOLVERINE VS GHOST RIDER MOVIE would make millions. Its up to us fans to bring that to light because the more you talk about something the more it gets noticed !!!! BLADE & WOLVERINE VS GHOST RIDER MOVIE ANYONE ????????????????????????????

  • christopher cudmore
    christopher cudmore 14 days ago

    Great now they gonna ruin the Blade franchise.....

  • the_gifted_one
    the_gifted_one 15 days ago

    Fuck this...... snipes is Blade

  • ian favors
    ian favors 16 days ago

    I don't know how I feel about Disney blade

  • Chidera Okolo
    Chidera Okolo 17 days ago +2

    Blade took place years ago & started the Marvel franchise. Wesley Snipes is old, Ali is obviously a suitable choice. Whiny ass people who can't accept changes smh

  • Chidera Okolo
    Chidera Okolo 17 days ago

    Good need to see Dracula as a dangerous white guy portray the villain in the movie. They should follow the comic approach the Avengers (2019) run. Possibly add Ghost Rider/Black Panther/Doctor Strange into the mix.

  • VinnyLogz
    VinnyLogz 17 days ago

    Blade changed movies for me when I was young. And let’s be Honest. Blade was the Big Bang for Marvel Studios.

  • Iron Tyson
    Iron Tyson 18 days ago

    I hundred percent believe these new directors will destroy blades legacy same way they did with tom hollands annoying little hyper shit who spider man isn't . Spider man is an insecure nerd trying to battle his insecurities as well as protect man kind, now hes a little annoying turd. The orginal blade movie was a combination a excellent protrayel by snipes, great action, story, sexy, stylish, the setting and atmosphere was dark and slick at the same time, its takes very talented directed to archive this. Probelm is the new generation have no really sense of style, just typical 'lets act dumb' and this makes the audience laugh, white super heros are cringy and cheesy, even iron man(downey jnr) is great he does have a tinge of cringe, not cool at all and remember cool is a word invented from black culture swag and style, everything that blade and wesley snipes is. I really hope the keep this slick and not white wash it and ruin it like they do everything with their cheesy stupid ben stiller humour.

  • TankReady
    TankReady 18 days ago

    i'm pretty sure they have the wrong black guy Wesley snipes is blade and always will be..

  • amit sharma
    amit sharma 21 day ago

    wesley snipes should play jamal afari supporting character from the comic who is blade foster dad who has vampire blood

  • spalshy blumpkin
    spalshy blumpkin 21 day ago

    No one has the level of charisma wesley snipes has to play blade.....

  • Joe
    Joe 22 days ago +1

    Pray this movie isn’t a flop hope this guy is the right actor for the job and if he’s not please reboot it with another like Spider-Man franchise.

  • CJ Key
    CJ Key 22 days ago

    What’s done is done. He’s Blade now. He jus better come wit it because Snipes will be damn near impossible to pass up as the Day Walker

  • ihavetubes
    ihavetubes 23 days ago

    Blade-->black panther

  • luna
    luna 23 days ago

    only Wesley Snipes can be a Blade . dont do this please

  • Renee George
    Renee George 24 days ago

    Black Panther was first MCU film to be nominated for an Oscar how cool would it be if the new Blade is the first MCU movie to actually win one. I mean a two time Oscar winner is the lead that can't hurt lol

  • James Thong
    James Thong 25 days ago

    I believe Marvel Studios will hire Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones and Jon Bernthal to play different Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters in the MCU films, not the ones they played on the Marvel Comics television shows that were on Netflix. If that happens, I don't know which Marvel characters these actors and actress will play in the MCU films.

  • Zacarías Rosado de la hoya

    Oh yeah he’s the one to play blade .

  • Zuza U.
    Zuza U. 28 days ago

    Well if Blade is in Marvel then he is not R

  • abzy3k1
    abzy3k1 Month ago


  • Charles Manno
    Charles Manno Month ago

    I hope they DONT ruin BLADE.

  • kristien martin Madrigal

    when do we got to see a Spawn remake?

  • Max Jerome
    Max Jerome Month ago +2

    He’s gonna be an awesome Blade

  • ivywar 2020
    ivywar 2020 Month ago +3

    I wish there was a cameo with Wesley snipes in the blade reboot

  • Artur Durman
    Artur Durman Month ago

    Какой же мерзкий дизайн лого Локи

  • daniG
    daniG Month ago +1

    I hope the new Blade will be horror, not some funny Marvel shit.

  • Arran Vid
    Arran Vid Month ago

    MCU and Disney mess up characters so I have low hopes for them. I think Blade 1998 is better than all MCU movies. I think Blade 1998 will be better than this new Blade.

  • Andrew Norman
    Andrew Norman Month ago

    Can't wait to watch Deadpool 3 now.
    Wade is going to talk about Blade with the fact Ryan Reynolds was in it.

  • Renee George
    Renee George Month ago +1

    I have the Black Widow hat from attending that panel and now I want the Blade one lol @1:23

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga Month ago +1

    *FUCK YES!!!!! THE NEW BLADE IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • Yawar Inti
    Yawar Inti Month ago

    I always thought about a Infinity War version in whch Blade appears at the end with Wolverine when everything seemed lost

  • Amanda Nies
    Amanda Nies Month ago +2

    Thumbs up if you believe that Wesley Snipes should at least have a cameo in the movie.
    As much as we all love Wesley Snipes as Blade, I think it's time the mantle should be passed on, and I believe Mahershala Ali is the perfect successor.

  • Merve
    Merve Month ago

    oh god they're in love with him

  • Sugar ray
    Sugar ray Month ago +1

    Perfect casting.

  • JEFF marcos dillones

    Que asco

  • m4ch1n4
    m4ch1n4 Month ago

    Wesely Snipes will be the only Blade for me!

  • Just Joe :P
    Just Joe :P Month ago +14

    I wish Kevin Feige to be the speaker on my funeral. Damn that man can really introduce things whilst leaving people with goosebumps and thrill

  • Mya Jones
    Mya Jones Month ago

    What a time to be alive I can just cry

  • Robert B
    Robert B Month ago

    mehhh not a fan of his enough to think hell do well as blade but w/e I hope im wrong and he's amazing.

  • Ju
    Ju Month ago +2

    One of the most underrated actors. So happy to see him taking the Blade role! Been a fan because of the Cottonmouth role!

  • Manuel YaxaldebehereTV

    Un Blade progre?

  • Aitaoto Amituanai
    Aitaoto Amituanai Month ago

    Wesley Snipes as Whistler would be great for this reboot. 💯 Or any cameo. ✔✔✔ Let's get it. 🤘

  • AsapKimchi
    AsapKimchi Month ago

    Please put wesley snipes in the reboot if blade its only right

  • Kenroy Kent
    Kenroy Kent Month ago

    Best Superhero Reveal Ever!!!!!!!!

  • SaFaHa 85
    SaFaHa 85 Month ago

    Tht lil girl jumping is literally me right now 🤗🤗

  • Secular Turkey
    Secular Turkey Month ago

    such a shame... i dont care how sucsesfull actor Mahershala Ali is... we will always miss WESLEY SNİPES and we will never forget him as a BLADE, he is the only real BLADE and he will remain that way....

  • STARBOY Ober
    STARBOY Ober Month ago


  • reMARKable
    reMARKable Month ago

    Blade vs Deadpool and Hulk vs Juggernaut better be in phase 5.

  • PineXapple
    PineXapple Month ago

    Theme song at the end always give me the chills

  • deVaras
    deVaras Month ago +1

    Is it wrong to hope he is the funky 70s Blade who would call Dracula a jive-motherfucker?

  • Anthony Keenan
    Anthony Keenan Month ago

    Mahershala Ali was goat in Alita and Green Book.

  • Turner D Century
    Turner D Century Month ago

    Kinda surprised Blade isn’t a Woman. Perhaps next time.

  • Giovanna J
    Giovanna J Month ago +1

    They seriously got the best man for the job. He won’t be Wesley but I’m sure he will find his pocket.

  • Hanh solo
    Hanh solo Month ago

    So from a ghetto boss (luke cage)
    To blade. Hmmm not bad not bad....

  • OG Bobby Johnson
    OG Bobby Johnson Month ago

    For me Blade will always be Wesley Snipes, but I am looking forward to seeing what they do with that character next. Wesley is the G.O.A.T of the Marvel world, the original badass. Mahershala I’m sure will do that character justice, he’s a great actors as well.

    KARRIEM GREENE Month ago

    When feige said fantastic four I lost it

  • JayUppercase
    JayUppercase Month ago

    He is a fantastic actor, but he is already pretty old, and does he have any martial arts experience?

  • Hiari
    Hiari Month ago

    So what does this mean for our Marvel Netflix heroes? Are they no longer oart of the continuity??? I'd be sad. I'm hype for Ali to be Blade but he was Cottonmouth🤔

    • EH Miguel
      EH Miguel Month ago

      Halo multiple

    • EH Miguel
      EH Miguel Month ago

      Halo an actor can play multi roles.