• Published on Jun 29, 2018
  • This video tutorial provides a basic introduction into physics. It covers basic concepts commonly taught in physics. you can access the full video at the link below:
    Here is a list of topics:
    1. Distance and Displacement
    2. Speed and Velocity
    3. Acceleration
    4. Scalar and Vector Quantities
    5. Gravitational Acceleration
    6. Projectile Motion
    7. Forces
    8. Tension Force
    9. Newton's First Law of Motion
    10. Newton's 2nd Law of Motion - F = ma

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    You are incredible. Seriously, because of you I actually get this stuff.

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    Penny should've just watched this video instead of asking Sheldon to teach her Physics.

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      Haha, really the best channel of physics

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    i like the way you talk ❤👌

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    Thank u now i can understand i need to know this to get into the nursing program

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to set up these classes and videos. I am learning alot from you and I really appreciate your help and support.

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    The clairity of this do e turned on my light bulb thanks

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    why is the gravity also decreasing when it goes upwards?

    • Lane Kurpes
      Lane Kurpes 20 days ago

      Zeo Tarig because the gravitational law says that it is -9.8m/s squared stating that even when an object is moving upwards gravity will pull it down such as when you jump gravity pulls you back down to the ground

  • TheJimKeiser
    TheJimKeiser Month ago

    Uniform motion and non-uniform motion are two different things.
    Speed is not velocity. Velocity is defined as uniform motion. Speed is not defined as uniform motion and includes acceleration and deceleration. Speed is defined as an average distance per second. Velocity is not a vector quantity as no direction is specified.
    The derivative of a constant is always zero. Instantaneous velocity has only one value which is zero. Only non-uniform motion can have an instantaneous speed. Instantaneous speed is an average distance per unit time. The graph of a constant is a straight line parallel to the X axis. There is no slope to a graph of velocity.

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    This channel saved half of my soul for my upcoming exam next week. Learning Science is the only way to make up from Math in case I might not pass.

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    What does he mean by absolute value guys?

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      @night flower ty

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      It means taking the positive value of a number. It's also written in this notation:
      The two lines mean take the absolute value of x. So just take the positive value of whatever is inside the lines.

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      Always positive

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    God created the universe and everything. He loves you regardless of your past.

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    Can you please make a single video containing all the formulas, theorems, etc... For each topics. Just formulas. It would be easier for your viewers to list them if they are in a single video :). Thank you very much!

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    Great video you explain it so easy, way better then my college teacher. you should also give some practice problems, and their answers in other videos, so we can also learn solving them by ourselves

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    I honestly cant believe this is somehow free to watch. This guy is literally god with his level of kindness. Thank you so so so much, you have no idea how much your videos help! You're so much better than most teachers, seriously!

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