AWKWARD Situations we can ALL relate to

  • Published on Sep 1, 2019
  • AWKWARD Situations we can ALL relate to
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to AWKWARD Situations we can ALL relate to
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  • Dj Mccoy
    Dj Mccoy Month ago +8674

    Can y’all just like this so it blows up my phone I wanna feel loved😂🥺

  • Josip Kojic
    Josip Kojic 39 minutes ago

    I farted in public

  • Laura potatoes
    Laura potatoes 53 minutes ago

    At school BEFORE I went into the bathroom I pulled my pants down so EVERYONE saw my parts

  • KhuyenPham
    KhuyenPham 4 hours ago

    I am shorter then my class

  • Keira Blackwell
    Keira Blackwell 6 hours ago

    The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me was in 1at grad I told my mom I had to use the bathroom but then I pooped in my pants

  • JohnAustin 21
    JohnAustin 21 7 hours ago

    Crush in class

  • Jordyn Stephens
    Jordyn Stephens 7 hours ago +1

    I pooped in my bed before lol love you azzy😍🦄

  • London Kingston
    London Kingston 10 hours ago

    Someone was saying how are how are you good morning to a person behind me and I was saying and I started talking and then I saw the person behind me started talking and then my heart payment also I love you as you please follow me Also can you follow me on TicToc @Londonkingm

  • Crystal Hultz
    Crystal Hultz 10 hours ago

    I tooted in class #lol

  • It's pretty girl emani
    It's pretty girl emani 11 hours ago

    I love you so so much! Lol shout out me please!!!!!😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😤😤

  • Wolfie Gatcha
    Wolfie Gatcha 13 hours ago

    The most awkward thing that happened to me is when my bff walked in on me going to da bathroom

  • Ella Griffin
    Ella Griffin 13 hours ago

    Pooping in public

  • Cameron Kuykendall
    Cameron Kuykendall 14 hours ago


  • SaGe Charazard X
    SaGe Charazard X 16 hours ago

    My life

  • Elijah Mcbee
    Elijah Mcbee 16 hours ago

    I said what’s up to a girl

  • Stacey Duncan
    Stacey Duncan 16 hours ago

    Snezing in frunt of the class

  • Tilly mcgarvie
    Tilly mcgarvie 17 hours ago

    I pooped my pants

  • ShLintz
    ShLintz 20 hours ago

    I texted the wrong person😂

  • Sharifah Razira life
    Sharifah Razira life 22 hours ago

    And when I was cycling with my cousins and I almost crashed so I farted

  • Sharifah Razira life
    Sharifah Razira life 22 hours ago

    I made weird sounds while I was drawing and the teacher asked if I had to go to the nurse

  • Harper Whyley
    Harper Whyley Day ago

    In the toilet I opine a lady’s toilet at Walmart 🚺

  • Paula Kubiak
    Paula Kubiak Day ago

    The most embarrassing moment of my life is when I farted in public

  • melissa walters
    melissa walters Day ago

    I was pooping in my mom I came in my room and my mom had a potato to our ceiling fan and she said oh potato flew around my room before you came in I just flew around so fast I was so embarrassed

  • Gachamaster Meme

    When I went to six flags and the roller coaster and I cried so hard that I throw up al over the sit and my mom had to scream to the man and he stopped it and took me out and my mom came with me and he cleans the seat so it was so embarrassing and my mom had extra clothes so yea that was my embarrassment story I have ever told. What is yours

  • Spencer Zorza
    Spencer Zorza Day ago

    The most embarising thing that happened to me is, when everyone pulled out a earbuds and I pulled out headphones.1like equals 1dollar for my family😭😭

  • catycat cat
    catycat cat Day ago +1

    I am short to 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aileen Palomares

    So I was in the bathroom my crush came but now I dont like him but he came in side and I was shocked

  • Gacha_ Luna_cookie

    I awkwardly called my teacher MOM and she just stared at me and I felt uncomfortable 😓

  • Richard Beach
    Richard Beach Day ago

    i am not first
    i am not last
    but when Azzy upoads
    i click fast

  • Richard Beach
    Richard Beach Day ago

    i spilld milk on my fase

  • demonetization cause

    Once I was young and in the shopping center I saw someone that had the clothes my dad also owns. I talked to them then looked up and saw an old man.

  • Gamer Downs
    Gamer Downs Day ago

    The most embarrassing thing was wen I walked in a food store with no shorts on I walk with no shorts on is my house and that happened to me

  • Desi'ree Lee
    Desi'ree Lee Day ago

    The most embarrassing thing that happened to me when I was at school and this boy picket someone that was near me and standed up and all of my classmates saw

  • Syed Miah
    Syed Miah Day ago

    The most imbarasing thing that happend to me is when I called my teacher mom

  • Deandrad Mccants


  • siiri v
    siiri v Day ago

    .. The most akward thing? Well... I sneezed In clasw and... Literally EVERYONE thought i farted... Well that was a long time ago but STILLLLLLLLLLL

  • jackie lathon
    jackie lathon Day ago

    My phone rang when I was talking to my crush

  • Mateja Hari
    Mateja Hari Day ago

    Wen I say a really funny joke for me and nobody thinks its funny

  • Mandy Tahlor
    Mandy Tahlor Day ago

    I fell over in public and I farted at the same time

  • Candy Kendall
    Candy Kendall Day ago

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk

  • Noor Awni
    Noor Awni Day ago

    I was swimming something got stuck to the zipper of my swimsuit so my I don’t know and I kept i’m swimming for like 26 minutes everyone was laughing and I didn’t know everyone was laughing about me

  • gracie hewett
    gracie hewett Day ago

    the most imbarassing thing that happened to me was when i farted in a asembaly and evry one went dead silent and stared at me

  • Nenita Chin
    Nenita Chin Day ago

    One time I said 'hi' really loudly to a RANDOM GIRL and she turns around and then I saw that it wasn't who I thought it was and it was REALLY LOUD everyone heard it
    And then the worst part is she just looked at me all weird and I'm just standing there silently and akwardly................

  • Kristie and Adam Lancaster

    The most embarrassing moment was when my crush heard me say that
    I like him and he touched me

  • Detoun Oye
    Detoun Oye 2 days ago

    Embarrassing thing is that somebody came when I was in the bathroom please I’m so 😟

  • Lilliana Vaccaro-Blaskiewicz

    I was snow boarding and I got my head stuck in between my legs :(

  • Lilliana Vaccaro-Blaskiewicz


    sorry for the CAPS forgot to turn tham off

  • Carson Umbrell
    Carson Umbrell 2 days ago

    Being short

  • Fortkilller101 / tiktoker

    So gross

  • Heidi Huss
    Heidi Huss 2 days ago +2

    Once I called my teacher "mom" and she said "yes daughter" and everyone in the class laughed and I got stared at. I hated it.

  • Alo Ornelas
    Alo Ornelas 2 days ago

    Last.tame i. rout i. Love you. to mi crash

  • Crystal Hultz
    Crystal Hultz 2 days ago


  • Crystal Hultz
    Crystal Hultz 2 days ago

    I am 8 years old and i am in 3rd grade and i am a boy

  • Crystal Hultz
    Crystal Hultz 2 days ago

    Azzy you are the best youtuber

  • Crystal Hultz
    Crystal Hultz 2 days ago

    The most ambarising thing that happend to me was when i was at school there were kindergardener and my class would go around them but i was not paying atentoin and i just stayed there and my friend told me go so i was more ambarest.

  • Gary Hensley
    Gary Hensley 2 days ago

    I am a girl using my grandfather's phone btw I said I love you to my crush🦄🦄

  • Marion Jett
    Marion Jett 2 days ago

    I. Pedinthebed

  • Jashiya Wooten
    Jashiya Wooten 2 days ago

    The most in berasing thing that has happened to me is when I was in class and my teacher said get out your math book I was not listening

  • Meredith Lizmi
    Meredith Lizmi 2 days ago

    I’m sooo short so that last one is me!
    The most awkward situation for me is that I was waving to my friends and this random dude waved to me and then started walking for me and I was like “NOPE” so I walked away but he was waving to his friend behind me!!!!!
    Like oof

    SSSNIPERWOLF cool m 2 days ago

    I had a friend named Addy and this girl looked like her and said Abby and I saw her face