I Moved An ENTIRE Country In Minecraft - Part 19

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • I moved and entire country in Minecraft. No foolies
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  • Michael Plays Minecraft 14

    In order to make a conduit you need to access the crafting table. You will need 8 Hearts of the Sea and 1 Nautilus Shell. Put the hearts of the sea on the edge of the crafting table and put the Nautilus shell in the middle and there is your conduit! Thank you so much for this awesome content Jack!😁

  • Krazed Khajiit
    Krazed Khajiit Day ago

    PLEASE FOR ALL THINGS IRISH .. Someone PLEASE take soundbites of Jack screaming "DING DING DING TOP OF MORNING IRISH NOISES!" and put it on Zedge so I can download it to my phone so the entire world can hear his glorious IRISH NOISES! Thanks in advance! :3

  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller 2 days ago

    Sean: is this a swamp?
    Me:check if Shrek is there

  • Atahan Muhtarbekov
    Atahan Muhtarbekov 2 days ago

    Sean: Fence cow
    Felix: Water sheep

  • The Senient Domino
    The Senient Domino 3 days ago

    Jack: my snowman will live forever
    Me: *knowing what will happen when it rains* 😪

  • XxLittleGuvnorxX
    XxLittleGuvnorxX 3 days ago


  • arsh gaming
    arsh gaming 3 days ago

    I saw herobrine at 15:56 next to the tree

  • Fiona Fountain
    Fiona Fountain 4 days ago

    Timelines, determination, and a whole lot of other stuff. What game is this? Minecraft. JACK! THAT'S UNDERTALE YOU DUMMY!

  • Fiona Fountain
    Fiona Fountain 4 days ago

    Jack: Even though you're dead now
    Subtitles: You're dad now

  • Evelyn Brown
    Evelyn Brown 4 days ago

    15:53 - 15:58 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Evelyn Brown
    Evelyn Brown 4 days ago

    Jack, calmly and happily: “Alright, well that was very successful!”

  • Evelyn Brown
    Evelyn Brown 4 days ago


  • Gurmeet Singh
    Gurmeet Singh 4 days ago

    on pickxw

  • Nathaniel Wallace
    Nathaniel Wallace 5 days ago

    Fix your pub doooooor

  • Raphaël Pyrat
    Raphaël Pyrat 7 days ago

    Robin, thank you for the editing. Very pleasing.

  • BTF
    BTF 7 days ago

    Jack- the reason your portal only moved two or three blocks when you moved it into the windmill is because one block in the nether is equivalent to eight in the overworld, but not vise-versa- which means you could move seven blocks in the overworld, go into the nether, and not have moved in the slightest. you moved your portal approx. twelve blocks, shifting only the direction of the portal, which means with the overlap between the dimensions on the grid system resulted in you hardly moving at all.

  • BTF
    BTF 7 days ago

    "Let's put away the REEEEEEAAAAAALLY nice things" [fifth thing he puts in is a stack of potatoes]

  • Caylin S
    Caylin S 7 days ago +1

    Can we appreciate the Irish music cutting in and out when Jack opens and shuts the bar? It’s so subtle but it’s so nice! We love good editing.

  • XxDarkLionxX :3
    XxDarkLionxX :3 9 days ago

    Instead of a wooden pressure plate, use of that blends into the floor. Then people don't need a password

  • Chris Thumann
    Chris Thumann 11 days ago

    Stop torturing the sea turtles. They can’t swim forever. They need some land bro.

  • legalize homicide
    legalize homicide 11 days ago

    Sean... If it's ok with you... STOP TORTURING YOU PETS. 😆

  • Sofia Martinez
    Sofia Martinez 13 days ago

    How come Sean never feeds his cat 🐈???

  • Sofia Martinez
    Sofia Martinez 13 days ago +1

    Who is watching this in December??? Like

  • Brodie Russell
    Brodie Russell 13 days ago

    wait did anyone else think from the title that he moved the castle and the wind mill

  • alex McCormick
    alex McCormick 14 days ago

    *harry potter and the philosopher's chamber*
    Every hp fan: *screams in patronus*

  • Grim reaper
    Grim reaper 14 days ago +1

    Drinking game, take a shot everytime Jack says "Heckin Minecraft."

  • Oliveoil Rios
    Oliveoil Rios 14 days ago

    1:Jack goes to Nether:
    2:Puts stuff away
    3:Goes to Nether,,, and forgets to put in shield and armor🤤🙃

  • Cailee League
    Cailee League 15 days ago

    You should make a iron gholem

  • REZZ VENOM2504
    REZZ VENOM2504 15 days ago

    Ur dumb af

  • T-rex
    T-rex 16 days ago

    Jack: creepers are awesome!
    Creeper spying on jack: **SOB** I never thought anyone would say that...

  • Get Shrekt
    Get Shrekt 16 days ago

    sticky piston lava moats are sick, I've got one surrounding my whole base, just flick a switch and boom lava moat

  • Ktp
    Ktp 17 days ago

    Jack both books are for trident

  • Tairiq Karim
    Tairiq Karim 18 days ago


  • Ruth K
    Ruth K 18 days ago

    Fortune goes on pickaxe, looting goes on sword
    Loyalty is pretty good for trident which makes it come back to you after u throw it

  • Daire Walsh
    Daire Walsh 18 days ago

    Drink every time he says he’s Irish in the series

  • Joseph Kuhl
    Joseph Kuhl 19 days ago

    the subtitles said im on a murder rap page

  • John Grasse
    John Grasse 20 days ago

    Snowmen die in the rain

  • dorkqueen_tom_✌
    dorkqueen_tom_✌ 21 day ago

    Top of morning

  • KDaKing
    KDaKing 21 day ago

    I don't know why people expect the video to be about the title and about the title only. Like they don't care about anything else you do except the main focus of the video and it's quite sad to see not everyone watches these videos for enjoyment they just wanna see what they came for then go somewhere else immediately after ygm.

    DARREN GREEN 21 day ago

    Eyes of ender dont break in my experience with them they just fall out of the sky also it doesnt go to a stronghold the 1st time it takes a few trys

  • Sasha Gould
    Sasha Gould 22 days ago

    The snowman will die from rain Jack!

  • T Spencer
    T Spencer 22 days ago

    You should name the snowman marget

  • T Spencer
    T Spencer 22 days ago

    Jack you make the best of the best videos

  • Tracy Wolstenholme
    Tracy Wolstenholme 27 days ago

    20:27 I laughed my eyes out

  • 99BraiNKilleR99
    99BraiNKilleR99 27 days ago

    Why is the title in german?? (I live in germany, sooo... wtf?)

    MIGHTYKNOWN 27 days ago +1

    There’s nothing wrong with him he’s just happy

    MIGHTYKNOWN 27 days ago +1

    For the last time it’s called THE NETHER NOT NETHERLANDS FOR GOODNESS SAKE😒😠🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Widesteal321
    Widesteal321 28 days ago

    14:26 the subtitles just say "just done a murder rap hey"

  • Gaming Demon069
    Gaming Demon069 29 days ago

    At the start it sounded like he was crying

  • Carla Chaffin
    Carla Chaffin Month ago

    And he wants balls um that sounds gay

  • Carla Chaffin
    Carla Chaffin Month ago

    Jack:" I just love them
    Blob: " ow ow ow I'm dying

  • Thunder Ninja
    Thunder Ninja Month ago

    Jack, if you eat a pufferfish if anything touches you in the next minute they get poisoned

  • Cybo_Vampire
    Cybo_Vampire Month ago

    Fortune on a Pickax, Looting on a Sword. They each increase their respective drops.

  • John Brown
    John Brown Month ago

    So this is vanilla, man they added a lot to it. I don't remember vanilla having half as much as what jack is finding.

  • The Loony Girl
    The Loony Girl Month ago

    16:21 potato eating noise lol

  • LilPapaAgron g
    LilPapaAgron g Month ago

    Looting III is for swords and Fortune III is for a pickaxe and loyalty III is for a trident

  • TheeGamerAce
    TheeGamerAce Month ago +1

    Ogm he died

  • Myah Ennenga
    Myah Ennenga Month ago

    I miss your green hair

  • Dylan Cook
    Dylan Cook Month ago

    Me: yay! He got the fishing rod!
    Also me: aww. It's cursed.

  • Afroz Mukta
    Afroz Mukta Month ago

    Bro get mending books from librarian villagers.