Everything Wrong With Pulp Fiction in 20 Minutes or Less

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Comments • 80

  • Idris Fashan
    Idris Fashan 2 hours ago

    9:35 The black and white projector background MAKES THAT BEAT WORTH IT. You get a sin, @cinemasins... 🤬 😉

  • Hamburglar v1
    Hamburglar v1 11 hours ago

    Vincent thought that the person making noise was Marsellus. But Marsellus left to go get donuts, and seeing him later adds to the foreshadowing.

  • Man Ray
    Man Ray 12 hours ago

    2:36 Y'all see that dude chilling in the corner? That is actually Samurai Jack

  • iseeolly
    iseeolly 12 hours ago

    Love this channel.....but fuck me backwards, Pulp Fiction blew our sodding minds back then !.......apart from Rosanna , fucking awful actor. .........and Tim......middle class twat trying to act hard..........apart from them, it was great !

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 12 hours ago

    Fun Fact, the woman who gets shot by Marcellus is the same woman who played Claire in HBO'S "Oz"

  • John Hermes
    John Hermes 22 hours ago

    Aight but 21:56 got me weak

  • KhyoteJinkens
    KhyoteJinkens Day ago

    My favorite movie of all time.
    I enjoyed this, bro.

  • Mitch Compton
    Mitch Compton 2 days ago

    Nothing. Nothing is wrong with Pulp Fiction

    XIBALBA DOOM 2 days ago

    Heroin is usually put in balloons, hence why lance asks if a baggie is okay. Also they did not win the twist contest, they stole the trophy. It could be heard on the radio in a later scene.

  • Chase Brostek
    Chase Brostek 3 days ago

    *video ends*

  • Robeon Mew
    Robeon Mew 4 days ago

    Do they speak "English" in 'What'? 🥇

  • Ava JOJO
    Ava JOJO 4 days ago

    Goodfellas please!

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill 4 days ago

    Dude he obviously called him Brad instead of Bret just to dis him. Your reaching my guy

  • Natalie Sutton
    Natalie Sutton 4 days ago

    It wasn't vincents gun that butch kills him with. It was Marcellus Wallace's gun. He left it there while he went to get coffee and donuts...these facts eliminate the need for about 2 minutes of your video. I can remove prolly another 5 minute s of your video with facts...do your research buddy

  • Jason Patterson
    Jason Patterson 5 days ago

    God this movie was shit.

    • Bevin
      Bevin 2 days ago

      Nah its a good movie, every movie can be picked apart. Theres nothin wrong with mistakes. I mean its a good movie to me if not to you its okay, anyway have a good day.

  • MrMagillacutty
    MrMagillacutty 5 days ago

    Honey Boney,chill learn to enjoy.

  • Zach Severn
    Zach Severn 6 days ago

    @2:18 when Marcellus calls the wolf later on, he briefs him regarding the people involved in the situation including their appearance, this is presumably also the case here

  • Leah Marie Wipf
    Leah Marie Wipf 6 days ago

    Lots of ladies primping in the mirror is exactly what goes on in the bathroom

  • NI6HTM6RE 36
    NI6HTM6RE 36 6 days ago +2

    Send this to Tarantino he loves criticism of his films, lol

  • Andrew Yeoh
    Andrew Yeoh 6 days ago

    wait... is that Steve Buscemi as the waiter???

  • Angelo Dilullo
    Angelo Dilullo 6 days ago +3

    He actually says "we should have shotguns" before they go into the apartments

  • Dr. TC
    Dr. TC 7 days ago +2

    There's no recoil from the gun.

  • Manuel Alves
    Manuel Alves 7 days ago

    Bruce's girlfriend is actually portuguese

  • Matthew Flowers
    Matthew Flowers 7 days ago

    Please. God. From Dusk till Dawn PLEASE.

  • Andrew Trang
    Andrew Trang 8 days ago

    Mia: don't be a
    CinemaSins: RECTANGLE

  • High Bee
    High Bee 8 days ago +2

    What kind of monster sins PULP FICTION??

    Most of your sins were actually bullshit I could rebut 90 percent in a conversation

    Shame on you

    • John S
      John S Day ago

      Then where in the movie are the sins explained?

  • BlzShop
    BlzShop 8 days ago

    All the things you say are wrong with this movie is what made this movie great. And you don’t think we didn’t notice these things. Sorry can’t watch the whole vid.

    • John S
      John S Day ago

      @BlzShop Evidently you care, otherwise you wouldn't have said that he's wrong.

    • BlzShop
      BlzShop Day ago

      John S who cares, it’s just a movie, a fantasy and an entertaining one at that.

    • John S
      John S Day ago

      Where in the movie are the sins explained?

  • 4-LOM
    4-LOM 8 days ago

    R E C T A N G L E

  • Shayz
    Shayz 9 days ago

    Every thing wrong with cinema sins:

    The title of this video ..

  • winston smith
    winston smith 9 days ago +2

    5:42 ding! Cinemasins made no comment about waiter Steve Buscemi. That is one sin

  • wyledawg
    wyledawg 9 days ago

    And as far as your "it's so loud, people in the apartment complex would respond", I've shot many guns in a few higher end complex and never received a complaint. Fact. Use phonebooks(what are those?) to receive the bullet. I actually shot a handgun in a fully booked hotel (a nice one) and didn't hear anything about it. I was worried it went through the floor. Turns out it did, but no one complained. 🤷

  • wyledawg
    wyledawg 9 days ago

    I know you said we could skip the Esmeralda scene, but she's so fuckin hot. Why don't we see her elsewhere?

  • Dalton Williams
    Dalton Williams 10 days ago

    You missed a sin for the pistol not recoiling, ejecting the spent round, and loading the next

  • Cory Anderson
    Cory Anderson 10 days ago

    Anyone gonna mention that Harvey Keitel license plate doesnt say Mr.Wolf???

  • So1ipse
    So1ipse 10 days ago

    The first section (however long I've let it drone on) of this has wasted more of my life than the entirety of bonus frills/twirls/embellishing-twaddle contained in the excellent production referenced by its title. And then I've paid the penance of an extra 45-90 sec as I attempt to tip the balance against anyone else creating similarly self indulgent click bait, despite possessing less knowledge about fictional style, dramatic flair or linguistic eloquence alongside less ability to research relevant subjects like recreational drug usage patterns and effects than a scraping-to-C-grade GSCE English Literature candidate.

  • Mergie S
    Mergie S 11 days ago

    How is "clit" a swear word?

    • Bevin
      Bevin 2 days ago

      Its looked at as vulgar in the world of today

  • Mad9977-RC and HOBBY
    Mad9977-RC and HOBBY 11 days ago

    "Tarantino's foot fetish" 😂👍

  • Zenon Kowaliczko
    Zenon Kowaliczko 11 days ago

    TL:DR- Subtract 23 sins, then add on 9 more you missed for a total of 70 sins.

    1.One guy has long, blond hair. The other looks like Jerry Seinfeld and has his same hairstyle (Seinfeld was running for 5 years and was at this point getting 30 million views minimum an episode. Especially given their extremely close resemblance, I highly doubt that "Jerry Seinfeld look-a-like" WOULDN'T be given as a descriptor). The other is a closely groomed brunette. Whether or not they had a description and knowledge of all 3 from Marcellus, or just on Brett specifically, it's fairly easy. Basically a 50/50 shot worst case, only really dependent on if Brett is in the bathroom, and therefore hair color being the only separating feature between the two dark haired subjects.

    2. Nobody in a big city pays attention to anything in an apartment complex. I'll only comment on this particular sin, as you have a valid point afterwards for the additional sins. "One is backfire, three is gun play." Most civilians couldn't identify a gunshot to start, and most of the rest that could only can when it's obvious and in multiple. One gunshot is more likely to be your neighbor knocking something over or dropping a book than someone getting got.

    3. She's getting ready. Using the intercom requires a) the knowledge that there is one, b) the knowledge of how to use one, and c) then responding to said call. By writing a note, she allows Vincent to come in on whatever time frame he so chooses and making himself comfortable freeing her up. I'd be fine a sin for completely defeating the purpose of the note by sitting in the control room and waiting for him to arrive anyways.

    4. 2 habitual users. Because their drug use is habitual and daily, the regular daily routine of having dinner is not unusual.

    5. They don't win. A news bulletin on the radio in the background later announces they stole it.

    6. Explained earlier. Lance runs out of balloons for the heroin, so needs to sell it to Vince in a bag. That's how they did it back then. Now a days heroin is almost always sold in wax paper bundles whereas cocaine is sold in dime bags, corners, or vials.

    7. If you go to the lengths of having an adrenaline shot in your home on account of people OD'ing, I'm sure you you'd also at least have the basic idea of how it's used.

    8. It's common for fighters to warm up and get a sweat going before entering a fight. Or Butch could be a fighter that is nervous before a fight. Lastly, this is his last fight, on top of having the enormous pressure of this fight and either loosing all his money (via a loss, or if he bet on a KO/stoppage) or being killed (either in the fight itself, because he didn't deliver when promised, or if he got caught).

    9. He leaves with nothing but the gear he has on him when he wins. So bringing the watch with him only creates a problem of having to collect it in some fashion afterwards. Because it obviously has enormous importance to him, having it tasked to the girlfriends is logical. A very specific location on a very specific object is good, but why he doesn't have her wear it at all times, or why he didn't leave a note on the front door as a final unmissable reminder in a pressure situation is valid.

    10. See number 2.

    11. Marcellus and Vincent are supposed to have staked out the place, and Marcellus left Vincent in the more dangerous situation (by going to get breakfast, evidenced by having two cups of coffee with the donuts). Vincent is an idiot and left his gun out of his possession anyways, but he makes the mistake of assuming that Butch is Marcellus. The plothole is that Marcellus is wearing different clothing than the night before. If you want to explain the first oddity (Vincent), then Marcellus travels everywhere with a spare suit, suspenders, and shirt. Or, he returned home sometime in the interim, in which case why would a crime lord fetch his employee breakfast except under the previous scenario of being in his company to begin with? It deserves a sin, just not for the reason you gave.

    12. Explained it in number 11.

    13. The gimp is there to explain the type of sick perversion that is to occur. "Oh, these guys are into homosexual behavior and rape". Otherwise, why would Maynard put either to the basement? Serendipitous robbery? Doesn't explain keeping them. Does he know Butch is a champion boxer or Marcellus a crime lord, so he thinks he has one or two presumably wealthy hostages willing to pay some kind of ransom? Once he brings the gimp in, it's now clear they're about to face forced sex and/or murder.

    14. See 13.

    14. Although pawn shops can legally sell ammunition, no smart one is going to store it within sight/easy access to a compatible gun. Most don't deal in ammunition as policy to begin with.

    16. Butch is well within a melee weapons' lethality range against a gun. Especially a sword.

    17. If he has any respect from his crew, which is reasonable given what we've seen, he doesn't need to say anything. All he needs to say is that Butch made it right is some form or fashion and to drop it.

    18. Absolutely. The route from the motel, to his apartment, to the crash site is 38 minutes. The nearest train station to the motel is 6 minutes away. Between the events at the apartment, maybe a minute of unconsciousness after the crash (more than a minute of unconsciousness almost assuredly results in a severe concussion and/or injury that wouldn't be walked away from quickly) and stumbling into the pawn shop, there should be just over an hour for the rape scene to happen. Since they are not boarding at a main stop like Union Station, they can simply walk off the street and onto the train with any bag checks/security. Traffic shouldn't even factor in. L.A. traffic is overblown as it is, at worst at the 11 o'clock window they have the motorcycle, so they can snake through everything.

    19. As you can see, they aren't in traffic at all. Like I said before, people's first instinct would not be to say that that was blood all over the windshield. They would assume it something more mundane at a glance if they took notice at all. So unless someone was side by side and noticed one was covered in blood, they got caught up in traffic, a red light, or had someone come in behind them for more than a passing glance, I don't see a problem.

    20. He's at home. It's not unreasonable to him to change his shirt for whatever reason.

    21. The simple plan worked. He was there is case it didn't and they needed a driver.

    22. Fair enough to dock it had they not, but he explains himself that he was being stupid under stress later.

    23. Go into any public bathroom. It gets quiet. Even if he still hears noise, it's not going to very clear. Most reasonable scenario would be two employees yelling out orders or pickups. By the time there is enough continuous shouting for it not to be normal, Vincent is outside drawing down on Honey Bunny.

    24. No reason to. They've made it clear it's a robbery. They have a 5 shooter and a 6 shooter in a restaurant with near/more people than they have rounds. Unless they are complete idiots and start shooting the people in that wing, then they just run and have a pretty good chance of getting out anyway. The odds of them eliminating every witness are just about non existent, so just let them take the money and get them on their way.

    You did miss some though. 1. In the Cheeseburger Royale scene, they can see clearly their car is on a trailer in the shop windows. 2. When the execute Brett, Jules mag dumps. When they play it back from Jerry Seinfeld's perspective later in the movie, he still has the one round left he plugs Jerry with. Since they aren't on camera and they are both firing in tandem, I can't be certain. But listening a few times, I do believe they fit in the 11 round capacity of their firearms between Brett and Jerry. 3. Bullet holes appear behind Jules and Vincent before Jerry shoots. 4. Vincent enters the house with his coat of one arm, but in the security camera feed it's suddenly in the opposite. 5. When Mia is about to snort the heroin, she's wearing Vincent's coat, it's gone when she lights her cigarette in closeup, then it is again in the wide shot. 6. The dot on Mia's chest disappears when she has the needle stuck into her. 7. Butch's fathers watch jumps 15 minutes from the wide to the closeup in Walken's hand. 8. Jules takes his pants off twice during the shower scene. And 9th, when Wolf gets into his car leaving the junkyard, a car and a tow truck are there. When it switches to the license plate view and he speeds off, the tow truck is replaced by a pickup.

  • chinedu obuekwe
    chinedu obuekwe 11 days ago

    This is definitely the greatest movie of all time

    • Gencturk92
      Gencturk92 10 days ago

      what about shawshank redemption and forrest gump ? titanic, green mile, gladiator, terminator 2, lord of the ring, Schindler list ?

  • Unical_Magicorn
    Unical_Magicorn 12 days ago

    I must be the only person in history who doesn’t like this movie

  • ravenwyld
    ravenwyld 12 days ago

    Yeah I knew and have it 😂

  • Tristan
    Tristan 12 days ago

    So in reguards to the samurai sword sin, there is a "21 ft rule" stating that someone with a knife can close a distance of 21 ft before you can lift a firearm and shoot. So in isnt all that unreasonable for Bruce to kill zed there for distance. Its more unlikely that single samurai sword would be legit. Most swords in pawn shops are made of cheap stainless steal ment to make it easy to keep and maintain but is really brittle and be pretty bad at cutting unlike a real version being made of carbon steal.

  • Gabriela Nunes
    Gabriela Nunes 13 days ago

    this is blasfemy

    • John S
      John S Day ago

      That is not a word.

  • Kainable87
    Kainable87 13 days ago +2

    The first scene was shot in a dinner in the Hollywood hills-ish. Was my first date with a girl I chased for 2 years. And I missed the chance to sleep with her cause I was nieve (spelling) as hell. The sin off at 49 seconds in really why my Dad walked out of the film when John Travolta shows back up alive. But it is really what makes this film for me... I had to pay attention the second time around. I am serious. I love y’all. Cause I love movies! And I love that other people see them through my eyes... film school literally ruined this for me. I analyze the crap oit of every film I see.

  • Glacier Beatboxx
    Glacier Beatboxx 13 days ago

    How bored to people have to be to make videos like this lmfaooooo

  • Tanks And turtles
    Tanks And turtles 14 days ago

    I don’t think I asked you a god daaaanm thing

  • Marko Vucinic
    Marko Vucinic 14 days ago

    Just to inform @CinemaSins , it's just a fucking movie, btw, trying to point out all the minus points of particular movie is just... pathetic.
    Not to mention that you, my dude, do this to as much movies as you possibly can... next time instead of critisizing, try to actually enjoy the movie, it is much more healthy for the body and the mind. 😄
    Peace out. ✌

    • Gencturk92
      Gencturk92 10 days ago

      oh come on dude its just a fucking film, why are you crying for ?

  • World Newz
    World Newz 14 days ago +13

    The Gold Watch section was important to show Vincent die to makes Jules “moment of clarity” deeper

    • Baland Omar
      Baland Omar 11 days ago +1

      @Michael Campbell It shows that Jules avoided a possible death if he didnt quit

    • Michael Campbell
      Michael Campbell 13 days ago

      how so?

  • Bright Hass
    Bright Hass 14 days ago

    Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  • stf303
    stf303 14 days ago

    what about a video "everything wromg with you"? 🤣

  • Dimadome12
    Dimadome12 15 days ago

    He really liked this movie

  • RobCarmina
    RobCarmina 15 days ago

    Film is not life, and films don't work like novels - all film stories have inconsistencies - I'd like to see you do the same thing with e.g. 'Withnail and I', which has huge 'sins' but is still a brilliant film. Actually I think those two films have more in common than has been said so far.

  • Sammy Davis
    Sammy Davis 15 days ago

    I knew starting off he was gonna have to remove sins. The movie was too good!

  • Pocho
    Pocho 15 days ago

    11:09 Vincent didn’t do anything because he assumed it was Mr.Wallace coming back from the donut shop. The Uzi is also not Vincent’s it’s Mr.Wallaces.
    They were both waiting on Butch to come home so that’s why Vincent didn’t say anything about the noise.

  • Valence
    Valence 16 days ago

    Whoa... It's been years since I had watched this channel, and it seems that they're "woke" now?

  • help I peed
    help I peed 16 days ago

    wow a modern cinemasins video that isn't mostly just shitty jokes and is actual sins

  • John Smith
    John Smith 16 days ago

    I used to do heroin back in the days and the part at 5:31 about having the munchies is accurate only when I would have a steady flow of cash and wasn't struggling for my next fix. I could finish almost a whole box of cereal because my stomach was numb or eat like 7 quarters pounders but I would pay for it later when the effects would start to fade.. Don't do drugs ( but if you do, go see a therapist because drugs ain't always going to help out)

  • alekesam
    alekesam 16 days ago

    70 should've been a de-sin to 69 as that exchange always kills me.

  • alekesam
    alekesam 16 days ago +1

    10:38 I'm going to have to stop you right there. The pancakes and general tone of the scene is setup and essential to what comes after. That's why it cuts to Butch and that slow push-in on him as he gets more and more frantic over the watch.
    Also, he didn't take it with him to the fight because he feared getting it stolen is my guess.
    I agree that The Gold Watch could've done with some trimming (especially given what came prior as the pace slows to a crawl and near stop) but from waking up in the morning to "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead" is perfect.

  • KaDIsS
    KaDIsS 17 days ago

    They didn’t even point out that the bullets holes are on the wall before getting shot at, the one wrong thing with this movie

  • Nate Hill
    Nate Hill 17 days ago

    I knew people that overdosed on heroin thinking it was coke... it happens

  • 1960's Clint Eastwood
    1960's Clint Eastwood 17 days ago

    I wish I double dared you but I'm in a good mood. It's actually cool and creative content, love it!

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 17 days ago

    Jungle Boogie Jungle Boogie yeah yeah Jungle Boogie. I have no idea why any girl puts a stud on the clitoris. the ketchup joke will not be missed ever.

  • MantecaStreetRacing
    MantecaStreetRacing 18 days ago

    You ever gonna do Urban Cowboy?

  • Gary Payne
    Gary Payne 18 days ago

    Having munchies on cocaine is a thing, you fucking dumbass

    • Gary Payne
      Gary Payne 18 days ago

      Also also. Some heroin is white. You know like China white, so shut up AMD again do a ton of drugs before saying shit about it. Dumbass

    • Gary Payne
      Gary Payne 18 days ago

      For the women's bathroom section. Yes most people on cocaine touch their face a ton. Do drugs before critiquing on the user's. Jackass

  • sister morphine
    sister morphine 18 days ago

    Ha!! My husband and I have argued for years over the Brett or Brad thing!

  • Katharsis540
    Katharsis540 18 days ago

    A man in real life in a dinner in the UK had the same wallet as Jules and quoted the film and everyone was OK.

  • Reid Butler
    Reid Butler 18 days ago

    7:05 Don't they say on the radio in the car later that someone stole the dance contest trophy? Mia and Vincent *didn't* win it. They lost the contest and stole it. (I think it's on the radio during the fight scene where Willis kills the other boxer.)

  • Gel Mibson
    Gel Mibson 18 days ago

    That movie is so fkn annoying

    • Gel Mibson
      Gel Mibson 2 days ago

      @Bevin There nothing much to discuss. When I was young I found the movie cool especially the cool talk and the habits of the main characters. Now I think the dialogue especially is fkn annoying. It so exhausting over top cool habitus I can stand it. I am so fed up with all this hipster edgy talk. After all it is movie for young adults who are easy to impress. For me Dialogue is much more interesting and cool and not so fake ass edgy to me in Reservoir Dogs, if we are wanna stay in Tarantino universe.

    • Bevin
      Bevin 2 days ago

      Why do you think that? I want to have a honest conversation between our two diffrent opinions. I would like to hear your side.

  • Rts
    Rts 18 days ago

    A normal person(in America, at least) doesn’t say “the N word”, or instead uses the preceding epithet, out of politeness and, these days, out of a sense of cultural and interpersonal decency, not to mention a rather justified fear of social and/or professional consequences. Nobody requires any sort of entitlement to say “nigger”; one can say it all day and all night without anybody’s permission, leave, or instruction. One simply shouldn’t.

  • Tyler Walsh
    Tyler Walsh 19 days ago

    There’s nothing wrong with this movie at all. I call bs!!

    • John S
      John S 18 days ago

      Then where in the movie are the sins explained?

  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey 19 days ago

    He is saying Breeeeett

  • Ivan the Champ
    Ivan the Champ 19 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with pulp fiction your dumb for thinking other wise

    • John S
      John S 18 days ago

      Where in the movie are the sins explained?

  • Joe Trim
    Joe Trim 19 days ago

    "Just leave it alone ! We ain't worrying about butch today aight!!"

  • Rance Freeman
    Rance Freeman 19 days ago

    Dude, you just plain suck.

  • esketit
    esketit 19 days ago

    0:45 but... it's true. A lot of foreigners own a lot of gas stations. Foreigners whose English isn't great often.

    • Bevin
      Bevin 2 days ago

      Theres a guy in my town that owns a gas station, he doesnt speak horrible english but he doesnt say great english. Then there are a few other forigners that own side shops and stuff who speak broken english.

  • RICK
    RICK 19 days ago

    I wish you could dislike advertisements

  • Achilles
    Achilles 20 days ago

    Everything wrong with Pulp Fiction: nothing

  • XkidXuglyX
    XkidXuglyX 20 days ago

    He praises then removes a sin for "oral pleasure" and then later SINS the same damn line.

  • Dennis Stevenson
    Dennis Stevenson 20 days ago

    14:35. You missed a chance to call this dude “George from wedding singer”