Juliana Wants To Be More Independent After Discussing Prenup Agreements | 90 Day Fiancé

  • To make sure Juliana is clear on what a prenup involves, Michael takes her to talk with a mediator about what the terms of their prenup might be. Juliana decides she needs to become more financially independent in case they should ever get divorced.
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Comments • 80

  • CA2VA
    CA2VA 4 minutes ago

    Micheal was preparing for her to hit 35 and send her back packing and then get a new 20 year old.

  • robsmusic68
    robsmusic68 Hour ago

    they don't have prenups in brazil you rape her then set her on fire if you get a divorce

  • Global Healing
    Global Healing 2 hours ago

    Playing uninformed and dumb pays off lol

  • 1& ONLY
    1& ONLY 3 hours ago

    He seems like a CREEP... Good thing she is smart and looking out for herself

  • Fern Fernis Fernie
    Fern Fernis Fernie 3 hours ago

    He's so insecure and disgusting...girl run.

  • Mika Cotty
    Mika Cotty 4 hours ago

    Mike wants to play with the toy's but don't want to put them back in the box

  • Devala yum
    Devala yum 5 hours ago

    Gold digger ..why would he want to share with u?

  • Peace & Love
    Peace & Love 7 hours ago

    How did she learn english so quick?

  • Sonam L. Tsering
    Sonam L. Tsering 9 hours ago

    She should be thankful that he is a gentleman else who will help her with such behaviour.. for 100% sure she is here for herself not for him..

    • 1& ONLY
      1& ONLY 4 hours ago

      And he is with her because she is drop dead gorgeous. He wants eye candy and she wants money... It's not real to begin with

  • County2County Solutions

    This white lady is very honest. God bless her soul

  • Nichole McCready
    Nichole McCready 10 hours ago

    Does he even seem to be in love with her??

  • Denden Rosales
    Denden Rosales 12 hours ago

    Juliana is beautiful i think she could still find someone better 😅

  • Dodge Ram
    Dodge Ram 12 hours ago

    If she loved him she would sign any prenup.
    If he loved her he would take care of her fear if dependency.
    They don’t love each other.
    This is a business arrangement.
    Sex for money
    This is marriage.
    Nothing will ever change that.

  • Alecia Calibat
    Alecia Calibat 15 hours ago

    What is from you your property is yours but you to care of your wife you will only secure future for your self. But you are protecting your savings i understand, agreements should be fair and for your children . Only if you divorce her she takes nothing zero.

  • Glimmering Sea
    Glimmering Sea 16 hours ago

    Girls from developing countries do not know that a lot of the American men who go to their countries to get married are the men American women avoid. They r superficial, jerks, and just idiots ( obviously there are exceptions). That is why they have to look for women someplace else because American women do not put up with their crap. My adivice to these girls: Ask a lot of questions before getting married, and get to know the person very well. Not all the men who bring girls from other countries have the best intentions.

  • BE J
    BE J 17 hours ago

    Come on mike dont wife it up
    .. hit it and quit it save your money man

  • Elizabeth Rebel
    Elizabeth Rebel 18 hours ago

    This girl is smart and because the language is different I thought she wouldn’t understand. she did and I’m happy she’s sticking up for herself and sees the true meaning.

  • M A ADAM
    M A ADAM 20 hours ago

    Let's keep it real . She will never earn more income than him and she is 23 in modelling industry she is old . Get prenuptial agreement or find another sugar baby.

  • Ishara Pollmeier
    Ishara Pollmeier 22 hours ago

    A prenup honey is where u get nothing....nothing...nothing lol
    Love it
    The lawyer wants to probably teach this child how to be an independent person....lots of growing up to do yet

  • 1hourOfLove
    1hourOfLove Day ago

    Michael's his name?
    He TOTALLY _shot himself in the foot_ .
    Michael's a living example that RICH doesn't necessarily mean SMART.

  • Skankhunt 43
    Skankhunt 43 Day ago

    These scumbags get exactly what they deserve. In what world is it ok to bring these young girls over and use them for their bodies and have the cheek to get them to sign a prenup... look at these dirty old perverts. Grosss

  • Michael Hunt
    Michael Hunt Day ago

    Michael doesn't need a prenuptial because he'll be broke before he knows it! Good luck buddy!

  • Khardellen
    Khardellen Day ago


  • Leo Badawi
    Leo Badawi Day ago

    Man you are olde you must buy millions car for this doll to sleep with you 🤣

  • mindofigor
    mindofigor Day ago

    Juliana you can marry me, I will share my 30k salary as a bagel boy with you

  • Dr. Slim Nuggington

    You have to make sure shes taken care of for what? Does a husband really need a piece of paper saying he will take care of his wife while they're married? If she divorces him she doesnt deserve to be "taken care of" tell her to kick rocks and be a fashion model.

  • asianmale30
    asianmale30 Day ago

    This woman is so smart, are they still together?

  • Grace Ramires
    Grace Ramires Day ago

    let me marry her instead

  • Amir Khan
    Amir Khan Day ago

    Looks like Ian Beale

  • Joshua Thompson
    Joshua Thompson Day ago

    Why is our legal system always trying to transfer wealth from men to women? Alimony shouldn't exist anymore. It was ment for stay at home moms not feminists bitches to suck cash from dudes.

  • ndilimeke nambala

    she can use this time to go to college and get a degree ..just so that she can work in the future..she cant relay on someone forever..

  • Muhammad Steinberg

    Green card come yet?

  • Caleb Niederhofer

    She is completley clueless on the real world.

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok Day ago

    She sounds really vulnerable lol and easily to manipulate haha 😆 girl needs to worry about her goals realistically

  • Katasha Tidwell
    Katasha Tidwell Day ago

    Don’t know what prenup is... I call BULLSHIT !!! 😂 oh she cold

  • Zage Mahone
    Zage Mahone Day ago


  • ma xiong
    ma xiong Day ago

    Smh bias againts mens... smh

  • Petro
    Petro 2 days ago

    hes got fear all over his face cuh

  • S M.
    S M. 2 days ago

    If we as women want men to stop valuing us only for sex, we must STOP valuing men only for their money! This lady is only with him to be taken care and thats dishonest. We are creating men that are leaving their wives and children for flings with young available women out of lust. We have to stop treating our bodies this way and learn to be independent on our own. A romantic relationship should be about love and respect, not an arrangement based on only sex and money.

  • Adan Arguelles
    Adan Arguelles 2 days ago

    Mediator looks like a man.

  • ImR0nBrgndy
    ImR0nBrgndy 2 days ago +1

    Mediator: “What do you do for your money?”
    Response: nothing...I’m willing to say out loud.
    By the end of it all she essentially says:
    I’m with you for your money. But if you won’t let me have your money then I want to be independent with some other mans money.

  • Mary Grace Babanto
    Mary Grace Babanto 2 days ago

    I feel pity for the lady..Prenuptial is good but he needs to set a side for her as her wife

  • Alejandro Aragon
    Alejandro Aragon 2 days ago

    I love broken English on a woman🤤🤤🤤

  • H. H.
    H. H. 2 days ago

    Juliana is such a smart woman

  • H. H.
    H. H. 2 days ago

    That attorney is amazing.

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male 2 days ago

    The guy should not marry just date. Too risky, these women wait to rob you of your assets.

  • Travis Kendrick
    Travis Kendrick 2 days ago

    The most airtight prenuptial isn’t worth what you paid for it. Women are entitled to half your shit after a month of living together in some states. You couldn’t pay me to get married. Fuck that.

  • Christiana King
    Christiana King 2 days ago

    That bitch a gold digger 😂😂& he dumb as fuck .

  • Lola Mignon
    Lola Mignon 2 days ago


  • Cat litter
    Cat litter 2 days ago

    Man I love the mediator lady she was sharp and I like t
    Her way of thinking great stuff here I feel her on everything

  • jamaica saenz
    jamaica saenz 2 days ago

    I'm crying for her, she's strong,... Felt like the guy is I dunno,.. she'll be his wife she should atleast share his income,..

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 2 days ago +16

    This mediator is amazing, she didn't judge her in any way she was like a mother figure to her.

  • Serenity
    Serenity 2 days ago

    I love being independent even though I'm married. I got my husband if he needs anything and vice versa. We take care of our family. But, I'd never let no one take care me at all. And, this is being raised by strong parents. Guess what... And, I make hell of more money too and an excellent career. Level up ladies and remain independent... then no one can take away from you.
    I'm so proud of the mediator, she remained fair to both of them. Julianna is very wise also. I like how she is not fluent in English but how she comprehends things, is amazing. She's beautiful but that brain of hers, would definitely be essential to a successful life.

  • Me Me
    Me Me 2 days ago

    Gold Digger 100%

  • Milki xo
    Milki xo 3 days ago

    Hand shakes make me nervous right now

  • Ricardo Garza
    Ricardo Garza 3 days ago

    His scared for this little girl to a job.

  • Mike C
    Mike C 3 days ago

    bruh just take her to brazil to visit her home and pay off a crook in the favela to make her disappear. Act like she ran away or was abducted or whatever. Pretend to give a shit then fly back home and live your life.

  • Andres Garabito
    Andres Garabito 3 days ago

    This is propaganda

  • Gina Chism
    Gina Chism 3 days ago

    She just using him

  • Gina Chism
    Gina Chism 3 days ago

    She play the roll

  • recon496
    recon496 3 days ago

    Yo if you wanna be independent find a job.

  • bizbite2
    bizbite2 3 days ago

    Yet she bought a car on his credit card... she is a gold digger and he wants a not to share...

  • Jackelyn Tolitolyy
    Jackelyn Tolitolyy 3 days ago

    The persecutor is so fair yet smart

  • Prince Neezy
    Prince Neezy 3 days ago

    Dude got a Richard Mille as soon as he said prenup I understood 😂

  • Chichi Okolo
    Chichi Okolo 3 days ago

    Sorry - but she could do much better than him. He’s not that cute, he’ll bore her and he is stingy with his money. Red flag with the stinginess.

  • Shannen Themartinist

    This mediator is brilliant

  • VC West
    VC West 4 days ago

    Well , you old ugly pervert ass just want to smash and feel good when going outside with this Beauty, but you don‘t want to give her money? BITCH FUCK YOU, U CAN‘t HAVE EVERYTHING! It‘s a world rule - take but also give mf

  • Donald Bentley
    Donald Bentley 4 days ago +1

    His money he can do whatever he wants with it leave him alone 🤣😂

  • K P
    K P 4 days ago +4

    She is way to gorgeous for him come on give her her own show about her finding a better man who will treat her better !!

    SIMONE 4 days ago +2

    Girl secure the bag and strive for independence! He wants to waste your young years. Don’t ever let a man do that to you.

  • Lil baby Shark
    Lil baby Shark 4 days ago

    That’s rite u not finna take half my shit if u decide to leave.

  • Dreaming Tree
    Dreaming Tree 4 days ago

    This guy is a pig.

  • carolinavlogs
    carolinavlogs 4 days ago

    😂 my favorite person lol

  • Just me
    Just me 4 days ago

    The guy really wanted his own atty... but TLC is not having it..... .😁

  • P272
    P272 4 days ago

    This guys an idiot, just go get another Brazilian. Send Miss Independent back to her shithole crime ridden country. She can marry a local boy and ride on the back of his scooter.

  • DaEverything1
    DaEverything1 4 days ago

    what she meant to say is shes an instagram model so shes unemployed

  • oldsoulx
    oldsoulx 4 days ago

    I fucking love Juliana I feel like she isn’t really a gold digger like the other girls who have been on the show plus she’s so sweet and nice I feel bad for her I really do I feel like he just wants yo use her as arm candy she’s drop dead gorgeous

  • andy mather
    andy mather 4 days ago

    Another guy who has low self esteem and has to go outside of the united states to find some young girl who is scamming him out of his hard earned money. Way to go dad . Way to be suckered out of your money your making for your kids. How can people be so blind when dating these scabs

  • Gee A
    Gee A 4 days ago

    Juliana is a very weak person, if i were in her shoes which i would never be in this disgusting relationship, i would be like, You're an old fat guy, im a pretty young woman. You have money, i have youth, You either share your money with me or we done. I hate woman that think being in it for the money is shameful, he doing the same thing hes with you cause you're young and pretty. PERIODT

  • Ceci lia
    Ceci lia 5 days ago

    You go girl! You have so much potential and you can do do it. I hope you don't marry him and find someone that would really care and cherish you.