Are Premium Tanks Worth it in World of Tanks?

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • All this grinding and mission marathons in World of Tanks have left me asking if premium tanks are worth it in World of Tanks?
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Comments • 736

  • Joe Lilley
    Joe Lilley 6 hours ago

    Wargsming does ok imo at balancing the game. I mean it’s hard to do with so many tank tree tanks plus premium ones and they have to do it in a way that makes lower tier tanks relevant and fun to play or else everyone would only play tier 10 unless just grinding a line. I think they did good with that being the higher the tier tank the less credits and xp you make so it makes sure you still play lower tier tanks to make money. It’s hard for me to say that all tanks are balanced but I’m my experience if you play the tank the right way you can have some good games. It just depends on you and your enemies. But there are deff some tanks that stick out of the pack in terms of being really good.

  • AMPed101
    AMPed101 11 days ago

    WoT devs: 50k base xp mission.
    WoWs devs: 105k base xp missions 4x for a garbage tier 10 premium ship.

  • Moaka
    Moaka 11 days ago

    T54 mod 1 is it worth it anymore?

  • ultra_mario
    ultra_mario 17 days ago

    good thing i got 10 of them in my garage...

  • T G
    T G 17 days ago

    Tankrewards use to be a fun thing to earn some extras, when they started it back up, was amazed to get the Cromwell B. But since the first one, it seems to be a constant need to play the game for 2 hours a night at least as a decent player to earn all the certificates needed to get the end prize. All in all its buy a premium thats better than the rest of its tier these days.

  • joey leeds
    joey leeds 19 days ago

    maybe get a girlfriend? virgin etc?

  • FSDraconis
    FSDraconis 21 day ago

    Personally, I play games to have fun. Wargaming is no matter how you break it down. A pay to win game. So no, I won't put in that sort of a grind 99% of the time. It very quickly goes from being a game to enjoy to just being work to get a tank that you have as much a chance of disliking to play. Then you really are at a loss if you don't like that tank. On the other hand, there are plenty of other games out there. I enjoy playing WoT with some friends. But then, we move on.

  • Samurai Mouse
    Samurai Mouse 21 day ago

    Yes I know this is a slightly older video, but frankly M'Dears, I dont care. In my experience, Theres only one good reason to invest in premium tanks, and that would be, because you want that tank. No tank is going to magically improve your game. No tank is going to make you king of the hill, and no tank is going to make you all powerful on the game field. If you dont have the basic skills down, no tank is going to give them too you. So, you buy them, because you want them, and only because you want them. Sure its expensive, and wargaming hopes that you and others will make them look desirable enough to make the next one even more expensive and i do say, you have all succeeded beyond anyones wildest dreams. Now, no one on the earth can play like you. I must say that most people place you in a class all of your own. Most of us are in other classes spread across the entire spectrum of players. I myslef am the anathema of most competitive players. I'm a collector, and I'm only there, in any given game, to enjoy my tank. I dont care who wins or loses. I am enjoying doing my current best in my tank. I could give a rat about tabk stats, or my stats. How much fun I am having is the only thing that counts to me.. There was a time when I would have perhaps called myself a casual pro gamer. I took my gaming very seriously, but not at the cost of other aspects of my life like so many gamers have done over the years. I remember when using gold was frowned upon and cost real money. That was back when the TOG could fire from one corner of the map to its diagonal opposite and still score a hit. Those days are gone. Maybe someone with the wealth of Baron Trump could become the next QuickFingers, but my bet is on the probability that that will never happen again. It's all too commercialized and calculated to extract as much cash from your wallet without mercy as conceivably possible. So go enjoy your tank, no matter which tank it is, and have fun. It's a game where only wargaming wins, so enjoy what you can and lump the rest..

  • TotalRookie_LV
    TotalRookie_LV 23 days ago

    Short answer - no, unless they come for free or are earned in the game. Of course, it's just my personal biased opinion.
    P.S. And no, you don't have to waste a lot of time, just get up to tiers VI-VII, and play there, it's not worth to go higher because of in-game economics, which will make me as a free-to-play gamer to play at loss every time on tiers IX and X. Sure, that will mean, I'll never get high stats, because WN8 and other ratings also use tier for calculations. So what? I can still play for fun.

  • Geoff799
    Geoff799 25 days ago

    does twitch prime count to buying a premium tank if not then I've only bought 1 tank ever

  • Dragonflame
    Dragonflame 27 days ago

    Man... how the fuck do you not get burned out?

  • Negev Master
    Negev Master 27 days ago

    Honestly I think that you have kinda bad logik behind it... For me is worth to work 8 hours and I can buy one and half of premium tank, if I spend 35 hours in work I will earn much more money, soo I am basicly saving money. I have like 5x 8tier, 2x 7tier, 4x 6tier, and 4x 5 tier, 3x 3tier, 4x 2tier.
    For me 2 of 8tiers are my money makers, 1x 6 is for clan activities and stuff, and others are basicly worth less I get them from boxes or something else. For me is worth to have Premium account 2x 8 tier premium and 1x good premium 6 (light tank or fast medium)
    My 3x 8tier premium are just tanks that I like by visual or game style, I bought them just for fun 😄

  • Kristian Ludvigsen
    Kristian Ludvigsen 28 days ago

    the ts 5 is fucking stupid

  • Joost v Pomeren
    Joost v Pomeren 28 days ago

    The thing is is that when I play on tier 6,
    I am being matched with tier 8.
    But now I have bought the TS-5, I am being matched with tier 10

  • Thomas Hunter
    Thomas Hunter Month ago

    I got the EBR and the Renegade doing the missions it was a challenge for sure. I did it all with T6 tanks. Yes the Hellcat with top gear makes a huge difference. It does get frustrating though when you get a constant MM team that is all yolo types. Makes me cherish the few times I get a team that works together. I make mistakes just like everyone else but seriously this is a game that requires team work.

  • GonRanEE
    GonRanEE Month ago +1

    Game is good.
    Playing tank is wonderful.
    Playing with retarded bot or even lesser. Isn't good. Also make me mad.

  • Leetsarge
    Leetsarge Month ago

    You've been doing a great job with this incredibly informative content, thanks!

  • Mihael Vulchev
    Mihael Vulchev Month ago

    @QuickyBaby Stream WoW from time to time mate or at least some videos in some sub channel to not disturb your WoT audience.

  • Block
    Block Month ago

    Lol don't talk about the Defender, both you and Jingles were Tickled Pink when the Defender came out. I believe you both said you were getting one. Now it's overpowered. LOL

  • Black_Leopard
    Black_Leopard Month ago

    I played casually and got 40% off for the Renegade, but it's still $45 which is an average regular price for a tier 8 prem so I'll pass.

  • TXP-Tuff
    TXP-Tuff Month ago

    I can say that my 2nd Premium didn't add squat to my credits or experience. My fault though for buying the Excelsior. Fingers crossed that WG makes a mistake and allows trade-ins for that Tier.

  • American_tradegy
    American_tradegy Month ago

    Only premiums i use are the fv4202 and the centurion 5/1 really fun tanks

  • ThatBrianGuy
    ThatBrianGuy Month ago

    Man, I just fired up my account after over a year of not playing, and things are so crazy different. Not to mention there are so many new tanks that are crazy op versus my old legacy tanks I did the grind for. I mean WTF....? I do not feel like grinding out a new tank tree just to be competitive again. Especially in my Tier X tubs. Shit got crazy unbalanced. Graphics are pretty though, 4k 60 is nice, but after about 2 hours or so trying to get my tank skill back, getting out slugged by a light tank in my tank destroyer...I'm just over it.

  • Mike Patton
    Mike Patton Month ago

    Is the title of this video a rhetorical question?????

  • Kelkschiz
    Kelkschiz Month ago

    Grinding is never worth it. It implies that you are not having fun. When playing games becomes a job/chore, you are doing something wrong, imo.

  • Drextor
    Drextor Month ago

    Type 59 got needed and super persing.

  • Mc Ninja
    Mc Ninja Month ago

    I sometimes just want to have a premium tank, because it's fun to play them.

  • Frederic Lequin
    Frederic Lequin Month ago

    For a long time, i was playing, like you are telling, free to play account, only bought some gold, once, to be able to buy garage slots. But it's true i was struggling, searching some tanks, and wait 2 months to be able to buy it. And with last marathon, finally i got a premium, Renegate for 80% discount, and i can see real difference with more credits. But to help on Campaign, i finally decided to buy like you wrote the "40 million Euro baby", and i'm progressing in Campaign much faster. And you are true, no need to buy a lot of Premium, few to make credits and enjoy them. Thanks a lot, i learn the game by looking on your videos, and hope to see more of them.

  • Ian Bird
    Ian Bird Month ago

    Premiums are usually better than tech tree tanks

  • Ian Bird
    Ian Bird Month ago

    Lol Nerf coming in 2020 it will get and American cancer hat lol

  • Lethul IV
    Lethul IV Month ago

    I dont think the marathons are designed to give players tanks for free but rather to get people to spend cash on discounted item as they don't want to waste their 60% discount.

  • Laife Hartman
    Laife Hartman Month ago

    QB I support you bashing WG as much as u want!! They’ve went so long without having any consequences for their lowly actions…

  • straswa
    straswa Month ago

    Not bothering with the Renegade challenge. I feel sorry for the poor T32, still sitting with that 198mm pen gun while all these newer tanks (not counting Chrysler K) get 200+ pen standard.

  • beadsman13
    beadsman13 Month ago

    I get sick right at the begining of marathon. So I had time to grind it. And that "luck" bring to me a premium tank. :)

  • Gijs van der Gracht

    Did you take speed before making this vid? My god..

  • Evaldas kačkis
    Evaldas kačkis Month ago

    i think that most people who bought more than 3 tanks, they done it not for credits but for different game play

  • drjoe71
    drjoe71 Month ago

    OB you know how this account is free to play right. what happens if someone sends a gift to you?
    The gift could be premium vehicles or premium account

  • Szabolcs Szasz
    Szabolcs Szasz Month ago

    Playsforfree videos are my favourite! It was a great idea that you made this account, it is very helpfull for us, normal players :)

  • ZGuy0fSci
    ZGuy0fSci Month ago

    *Until they make the game Economically Fair and Balanced and not RNG Determinist rather than Player Determinist in their designs.......* just no thanks. /)'

    (as am playing warframe) lol,

  • superkupa Nemo
    superkupa Nemo Month ago

    'I do not spend anything (besides my soul and time)'
    Yeah, sure. Soul and time are really can be omitted here, right?

  • Braaap85
    Braaap85 Month ago

    I played WOT during the Beta days and have been playing on and off since then. Originally the way the game was layed out you really had to work hard and long to progress through the tech tree, especially after about tier 5 and 6. I never really focused on a single tech tree line to make it to tier 10 and wanted to play all of the tanks. The game also felt more rewarding in the lower tiers when you actual made progress. Not to mention as new tech tree lines came out and new nations you wanted to dabble in those as well. But in order to break into tier 8 back then I had to play some 200 plus battles in some tanks to grind into Tier 8; this sort of game mechanic forced you to play a lot to progress but that is what ultimately made me stop playing for a long time. I think I stopped playing for about two years and then came back to the game and holy cow there were a lot of changes... I left the game being a pretty decent player and returned having to learn a lot of the game over in order to be competitive. But one thing I noticed with some premium time and all the boosters they have now and XP weekends and events you can grind a tier 7, 8 or 9 tank within 50 battles or so, it was almost so quick that I felt like I hadn't even had enough time in the tank to see if I enjoyed it or to really learn it's quirks. Anyways I'm getting a bit off my main focus which is there are new reasons war gaming are giving you to make you want to spend time in the game. Tank rewards gives you loot for playing the game so you try and grind those, then you get premium time from tank rewards so you feel like you need to make use of that and play as much as you can before that runs out. Then there is a 2X XP weekend or some other weekend event that either progresses your game or gives you new loot. Then these mission marathons come about and you try and grind as much as you possibly can to get the reward or at least get deep enough into the discount that you don't feel bad forking over the cash. What I feel like now is that war gaming is sort of forcing you "but not really" to play their game, they provide all these incentives to make you want them but you have to sacrifice so much to get them or to make your game easier like getting a crew with zero skill or grinding out female crew members. I feel like that because I have premium time I need to use it effectively, I feel like because there are missions on the weekends that provide rewards and tokens to collect for tank rewards and twitch prime tokens to collect for more rewards that I'm probably spending way too much time in game and it's sort of wearing it out quickly for me again. I want my premium time to expire and war gaming to stop releasing such tasty rewards for missions so I can go enjoy some other games or activities that I feel like I'm missing out. I participated in the Renegade challenge and I put a lot of time into it and only managed the 80% discount which made me feel like the $18.94 I had to spend to get the full reward not so bad but then I sort of feel like I shouldn't have even tried and just enjoyed some casual games and then not spent any cash. Everything about this game these days is screaming "PLAY ME" to get this, play me to get that play me as much as you can.

  • Thirstypioneer
    Thirstypioneer Month ago

    If you buy a premium heavy tank: Don't buy the Mauerbrecher. It's utter garbage! Just buy an IS6 or WZ111, or if you're lucky you get the Defender or IS3A in one of the loot boxes this Christmas. I was lucky and got them both in the first 10 boxes I've opened last year.

  • Raunaq Gupta
    Raunaq Gupta Month ago

    free to play player here, have only 1 premium tank, Caern AX, bought from black market by selling off the consumables and multiple tanks, even tier 10s..

  • Bin Beany
    Bin Beany Month ago


  • Bin Beany
    Bin Beany Month ago

    I swear quicky is a coke head

  • Bruce Scott
    Bruce Scott Month ago

    Lot of talk, but no real answer to the question there......

  • Dan Kuster
    Dan Kuster Month ago

    I am grinding the missions and I will take the goodies that come with completing the stages but I am not buying the renegade.

  • Eric Haagen
    Eric Haagen Month ago

    i think its ridiculous the time they require .

  • StrangeTerror
    StrangeTerror Month ago

    For me it's absolutely predatory. Admittedly It's not as bad as some games out there but it IS still ridiculous. I have a newborn to feed, Do you have any idea what I can buy for that baby with the cost of a tier 8 prem tank? That's in a first world country much less the people in places like South Africa or India or any other third world nation out there.

    That said I have no problem supporting Wargaming. I'll drop 10 or 20 dollars every 6 months or so on the game but the grind as an almost completely free to play player is ridiculous. That's why I play for a week or 2 get tired of not making any progress on unlocking a new tank or unlock one and be no where NEAR having the money to buy it. IMHO the game is perfect if you have the money to throw cash at a game every time you want something or if you're in the top 10% of players. But, as someone with a 54.63% win rate on blitz and I believe 52ish% on WoT, it's still absurd and very off putting that even the event tanks are functionally unobtainable for someone who doesn't have several hours a day to spend playing a game, or, for the average player just playing for fun. I also don't think the game should be streamlined the way they are. That's how you ruin the competitive scene and eventually kill the game.
    Another note for the developers: It would be nice if people didn't have to log into the game during a certain time frame to get a reward for account age. I missed both promotional vehicles that were just given out because I'm moving into a new house and setting up my computer. Why can't you simply send out a promo code for the vehicles? simple little program to check account age and dispatch a promo code with a 30 or 90 day expiration that's bound to the account it was sent to. Stops trading/farming tank codes before it becomes a problem while letting the people like me that may be able to play every day for a year or may not be able to play for a year collect their rewards all the same.

  • Alec Liu
    Alec Liu Month ago

    It’s just flat out better than the t28

  • Ge0 Arc
    Ge0 Arc Month ago +2

    Premiums will never be NERFED I remember Wargaming saying that then next month NERFING THE HELL out of my Type-59!!!

  • Michsko04
    Michsko04 Month ago

    QB: "there's no competative gamemode at tier 8"
    *America frick yeah stopps*
    Frontline: am I a joke to you?

    • Michsko04
      Michsko04 Month ago +1


    • SkipperPL
      SkipperPL Month ago

      @Michsko04 well you're right. When you compare it to Ranked battles. There isnt that much of gold spam lol

    • Michsko04
      Michsko04 Month ago

      well that's the competitive part about it
      Gold, bonds, tanks n stuff

    • SkipperPL
      SkipperPL Month ago

      Since when is Frontline competitive? Just take out your most broken tier 8 and grind the Generals to get prestiges... atleast its worth it because you can change prestige points into bonds and gold

  • Peter H. van Leeuwen

    I think again your contribution by publishing this video is added-value. You show that on a totally free of spend account you can manage to do well and get goods and tanks that are costless in the sense of no-spend but your time. Very valid. But lets not forget that WG will only allow us to keep playing if there is a playersbase that does spend money and they can make profit out of their businessmodel. But again I do think this is very worthwhile to see that without any money you can keep your account alive and kicking. Good job QB to discuss this. Bottomline lets all not forget that WG is a business to make money and as long as they do they will host WOT and therefore keep us gaming with our tanks. Overall there must be a mass to pay for their company structure, profits and share-holders.

  • Bon AzmaL
    Bon AzmaL Month ago

    ahh fuck it marathon,,,i have another responsibility in life,,,my daughter need to taken to school and fetch ,,cook,,work,,,wife,,,WG are putting us at pressure ,,i tried before but only lasted 4 days,,,straight ,,my fingers,,hands both shit cramp,,,fuckk i can't even twist the bloody car steering,,so i decided fuckk it,,this too much ,,the fun becoming annoyance !!

  • O3Chaos
    O3Chaos Month ago

    My problem with the marathons is when you get multiple scrub teams in a row and, even when you have a good game, you're getting 3-4 hundred xp.

  • PallyLeonas
    PallyLeonas Month ago

    As a ex professional WoT player im doing a steady 6.0 win8 rating without spending (alot)cash for the OP premium or CW tanks. This mission marathon is doable in 7 to 8 days if you have a couple of crucial tier IX and X tanks. If you dont have those it will take you the full 10days grinding. A marathon more like the EBR or the TS-5 was way easyer time wise and more doable than this mission...

  • Origami Chik3n
    Origami Chik3n Month ago

    The only tier 8 marathon that i intentionally participated in was T25 Pilot. The daily missions were easy, did not require hours upon hours of grinding. And the tank itself, while far from OP, is not bad at all. With every other marathon i was thinking about clearing 7 stages and then buying tank with 70% discount. Only to end up playing even less than i normally do. Same goes for Frontline. I suppose it's nice that you can get multiple tier 8 paying only with your time. But i quickly got bored out of my mind playing the same map over and over again for entire week that i couldn't be bothered to get enough points for STA-2. Even after Wargaming added boosters.
    Now i am just playing the game as much as i want whenever i feel like it. If i get some rewards while doing it - fine. But i cant justify paying 60+ euros for a premium tank. And i can't justify time required to grind it. I feel that mid tier tank marathons, like T-34-85M or M10 RBFMHTPEWSLTYUDF, are more rewarding.

  • Jukl
    Jukl Month ago

    Tier VIII has advantage of playing SH clan battles, worth playing for credits. Also, season campaign has tier VIII part.

  • The Irish Reject
    The Irish Reject Month ago

    I despise the ts-5

  • VacuumTube88
    VacuumTube88 Month ago +1

    "The problem with premium tanks is they'll never nerf them." Cries in T34

    • beadsman13
      beadsman13 Month ago

      I had black version and swap it for T26E4. I am happy man now. :)