5GHz Gaming Laptop - MSI GT76 First Look

  • Published on May 28, 2019
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Comments • 1 904

  • BlazingTank578 2
    BlazingTank578 2 4 days ago

    Apple is triggered

  • PunisherXOmega
    PunisherXOmega 8 days ago

    MSI never fails to amaze me they are by far my favorite brand

  • Yudha Eka
    Yudha Eka 11 days ago

    linus, can you please slow down! hold the laptop properly and open it slowly xD....

    • Yudha Eka
      Yudha Eka 11 days ago

      please just stop jungling it!!!!

  • Gmoney30001
    Gmoney30001 13 days ago

    So just a dumb question a really dumb one. So where can i buy this at? Lol cause i think ill pick this over a desktop XD

  • Hex0
    Hex0 15 days ago

    Please do the gp series

  • Saptarshi Ghosh
    Saptarshi Ghosh 17 days ago


  • Yasmin Maow
    Yasmin Maow 21 day ago +1

    U Keep The Raider

    I Keep The Titan, Ok

  • fellpower
    fellpower 21 day ago

    Hmmm, thats nothing special.....they bring in a big CPU, a big GPU....but the barebone is sooo crappy and cheap. The system always throttled....yeah, nice. Every year a new laptop, that get hyped. but have sooo much worst things in it...Cpu and GPU is not all - u need to game on it, and with this cheap stuff, u cant...

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje 28 days ago

    3:00 When you should worry about your laptop because someone might steal the copper from it...

  • Luis Henrique Paoletti

    I don't think that the MSI GT Titan Laptop is actually portable, which definitely defeats the purpose of being a laptop...

  • waheed khan
    waheed khan Month ago

    as a GE raider user those vents need mesh as a filter, as even the slightest amount of dust that will go in that laptop will prevent your laptop from booting.
    I used to go to the repair centre pretty much every month giving it away for more than a week till i figured it was a dust issue and I could just clean it by opening it myself.
    Sadly it was too late to figure out and the service centre had already broke the back panel of my laptop, pulling the treads from the center screw from the back panel, loosing a screw from the SSD retention bracket which is annoying as its glued of sorts and makes it a pain to remove the SSD or add a new one.

  • jed pad
    jed pad Month ago

    Linus can you make your voice deeper I’m sure there’s some plastic surgery out there that allows you to do that and if there is I would very much appreciate you get that surgery. Thanks.

  • Christian Wurm
    Christian Wurm Month ago


  • yurihakana
    yurihakana Month ago +5

    2018 : "Damn look at all those RGBs!"
    2019 : "Damn look at all those fan and cooling pipes!"

    • Lan SJ
      Lan SJ Month ago +1

      cooling is definitely a lot more welcome than rgb

  • LoneWolfPack777
    LoneWolfPack777 Month ago

    When he turned over the GT76 Titan I literally yelled, "JESUS CHRIST!! WHAT THE FUCK!?"

  • Adem Gun
    Adem Gun Month ago

    That was a brilliant squarespace transition :D

  • alexfjuhl
    alexfjuhl Month ago

    Ltt love your vids but Linus Stop shouting in every video

  • H. Lewin
    H. Lewin Month ago

    how many hinge does linus broke already

  • Nitin Stark
    Nitin Stark Month ago


  • emilio colombo
    emilio colombo Month ago

    why putting 144hz instead of 240hz like the asus, especially considering it's competing with a desktop !

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk Month ago

    Thank God you censored the word "Ass". Linus tech tips is obviously a Christian RU-clip channel and I appreciate you continuing to uphold these good standards.

  • Cñor pacman
    Cñor pacman Month ago

    Taiwanese guy: *sees razer laptop*
    Omae wa mou shindeiru!!

  • A.J. Gallegos
    A.J. Gallegos Month ago

    Scar 3 or gt76????

  • chinthor
    chinthor Month ago

    Oh, so you didn't bring your own dragon?

  • scorcher117
    scorcher117 Month ago

    Did he just say that he was at 69 Leet street?

  • Taimoor Ahmed
    Taimoor Ahmed Month ago

    This has a better clock speed as a standalone core than my dual core Intel B960

  • Max Germuska
    Max Germuska Month ago

    are we not going to talk about how adorable the dragon in the background is?

  • kyaw Zin Hein
    kyaw Zin Hein Month ago

    Hello there guys, this comment is not related to the video but please hear me out. I'm trying to RMA my GTX 980TI from MSI which I bought on 16th of June back in 2016. It's supposed to have a 3 year warranty but I got turned down. The sales representative told me that the warranty started when they shipped it to NewEgg and not on the date of purchase. I'm feeling screwed over by MSI after spending more than S$500 on a graphic card. Please like and comment, so Linus can see this and spread the message about crappy warranty service by MSI. Thanks for reading.

  • Jinxed Slayer
    Jinxed Slayer Month ago +1

    2:27 #demonitized

  • Mingyao Li
    Mingyao Li Month ago

    Lmao maxp

  • Crumbz McChip
    Crumbz McChip Month ago

    I wonder if that last part with the guard was actually scripted or if Linus actually went to walk off the property?

  • Far Han AliShah
    Far Han AliShah Month ago

    90+ or 100+
    msi sucks because of heat issue thermal throttling

  • LizardVideoDude
    LizardVideoDude Month ago

    5 GHz desktop i9 + 2080 Max-P GPU = $5,000+ laptop.

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson Month ago +1

    He forgot to mention, the battery lasts a whole 13 seconds

  • Radu Luncasu
    Radu Luncasu Month ago

    To be honest, the keyboard of the gt75 titan is much better, apart from that, no much real difference....you can get a gt75 with rtx2080 already....well 24 more fps on the screen....mmmhhh

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan Month ago

    If you're using that laptop just to create a website, you're doing it wrong.

  • Z_A_N_G_E_R
    Z_A_N_G_E_R Month ago

    Imaging linux throws one of the laptop in water

  • Dr. Fresh_2k
    Dr. Fresh_2k Month ago +1

    If all the specs are everything it is cracked up to be then this might be my next laptop...

  • wandererstraining
    wandererstraining Month ago

    Nice. I'd wait for Eurocom to use the barebones frame of it to make their own Tornado F5 v2 with it.

  • 肯尼
    肯尼 Month ago

    Welcome to Taiwan! and that Li De Street is just a block away from my house! should've went take a picture with ya!

  • Obafemi Onwochei
    Obafemi Onwochei Month ago

    Top 5 segues this year 😂

  • TheHornet79
    TheHornet79 Month ago

    This is a wet dream for laptop gamers a decade ago. Now we are here.

  • Ross Anon
    Ross Anon Month ago

    Area 51 is better

  • MANN[][][]
    MANN[][][] Month ago

    this is garbage just for the PS5. better value.

  • Emotionally Challenged Subordinate

    Thumbs up is this video made your keyboard sticky.

  • Ataturk Shirinov
    Ataturk Shirinov Month ago

    I was going use Squarespace but you said I need powerful laptop for it so I won't, Bad sponsorship

  • Xdew Gaming&More
    Xdew Gaming&More Month ago

    So that's where lucky went?

  • Super Striker 1789
    Super Striker 1789 Month ago

    Are these good specs for a pc for $1266
    CPU: I9 9900k
    GPU MSI RTX 2060 6GB GDRR6
    MOBO: MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151
    RAM: Corsair vengeance DDR4 DRAM 3000MHZ
    SSD: Crucial MX500 250GB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD
    HD: Seagate BarraCuda 2TB
    PSU:Corsair VS Series 650w
    Case fans: 4 ML120 120mm fans
    CPU cooler:Darkflash cpu cooler
    Tell me what to change and if something DOSENT work with these specs

  • Yuriy
    Yuriy Month ago

    Msi gt76 not 18.4!(((

  • Ahezerith
    Ahezerith Month ago

    im sooo poor ill stick with my acer predator helios 300 for now lol

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 Month ago

    Why is the touchpad always (9/10) poorly placed for gaming purposes?
    Tbh, i most likely get additional keyboard and gaming mice anyway if i need to play with laptop...

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 Month ago

    Corner of the table propably not the best spot for this laptop.

  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini Month ago +1

    The MSI dragon is back!!!

  • TheVergile
    TheVergile Month ago

    The real reason linus teams up with madrinas and squarespace is so that we can at least afford something from the stuff he is showing. In a way LMG is taking one for the team

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B Month ago

    Omg that laptop

  • EAX
    EAX Month ago

    did I see a Razer there ?

  • Ivan Castelar
    Ivan Castelar Month ago

    Michael Quesada la mostro primero que linus. not bad

  • Maanus Mei
    Maanus Mei Month ago

    Linus, stop yelling, just stop! I know you're excited and need to perform, but that just hurts ears!

  • Shane O'Mac316
    Shane O'Mac316 Month ago +1

    Sounds like the GT76 TITAN might have a 9900KS CPU in it, if MSI is claiming that all cores run at 5 GHz.

  • John Avitable
    John Avitable Month ago

    "A perfectly normal 15.6" laptop" Ehhhhhhhh not quite

  • Acrain7
    Acrain7 Month ago

    Oof that not-quite-fitting B-roll at 2:08... haha

  • memeylord
    memeylord Month ago


  • jesse verdida
    jesse verdida Month ago

    3:37 almost gave me a heart attack there linus i thought you were gonna drop it

  • rfdzn
    rfdzn Month ago

    msi red dragon at the start is cute

  • Carlos Ferrari
    Carlos Ferrari Month ago

    What the heck is 'totable'? :P

  • Chen Isameme
    Chen Isameme Month ago +1

    1:18 $2000 laptop and windows isn’t activated....

  • Urovah Games
    Urovah Games Month ago

    2:48 thank me later

  • Robert Garnica
    Robert Garnica Month ago

    im waiting for the gt86 one

  • Cringeworthy Humans

    My GE63 Raider has 7 heatpipes...

    7/11 confirmed

  • Zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe Month ago

    Thank God you censored ass

  • Gogo8mkd
    Gogo8mkd Month ago

    Wait. Linus doesn’t drop the lap top? Was this clickbait?

  • SeijuroRen
    SeijuroRen Month ago

    Looks cool, though I prefer computers without the numberpad, and as a result a bit smaller like 14 inches or so.

  • Shawn Miranda
    Shawn Miranda Month ago

    Linus why are you shouting at me? You aren't even on the show floor yet man, save your voice.

  • MaxSettings
    MaxSettings Month ago

    Can you just talk normal and not YELL all the time, you literally have mic under your nose... we can 📢 HEAR YOU JUST FINE 📢

  • UrSoMeanBoss
    UrSoMeanBoss Month ago

    linus outdoors holding a laptop? what year is it?!

  • Flappy Gamer
    Flappy Gamer Month ago

    price: 1x kidney

  • Alexander Ives
    Alexander Ives Month ago


  • Mohamad Nasmeer
    Mohamad Nasmeer Month ago

    Taiwan looks good

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk Month ago

    Bad boy linus inside MSI using a Razer LP

  • Thodoris Efstathiou

    how do u walk in there with a razer blade?

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba Month ago

    Only a 2080? Last year laptops had desktop cpu and dual 1080. Step back

  • Karlynn 77
    Karlynn 77 Month ago

    Reported for nudity... 2:27
    Lol... jk.

  • AceButters
    AceButters Month ago

    interviews MSI for there laptops... Uses RAZOR laptop...

  • Vigor Gaming
    Vigor Gaming Month ago

    would u stop yelling ffs, other than that all's good :)

  • Philip Fry
    Philip Fry Month ago

    (((up to)))
    *Read more*

  • A.J. Gallegos
    A.J. Gallegos Month ago

    Dude, tell them to not make it fukin grey! SO UGLY!!! make it black!!

  • Jeconiah Hoffman
    Jeconiah Hoffman Month ago

    Is... Is that a high quality segue? I miss those

  • Thorigin
    Thorigin Month ago

    you know a laptop is hardcore if it doesn't end at the hinge

  • the purple fedora
    the purple fedora Month ago

    2080 in a laptop !?!?!

  • XTTL4X
    XTTL4X Month ago

    He’s at a MSI laptop meeting and has a razor laptop

  • David Darida
    David Darida Month ago

    or how to pay for that big ass dragon in your garage

  • FDN
    FDN Month ago

    who cares about bezzles

  • Konrad Godel
    Konrad Godel Month ago +3

    So the 2070 laptop has 240Hz and the 2080 laptop only has 144Hz? Wtf MSI?

  • WantedHorizon81
    WantedHorizon81 Month ago

    Linus *slaps screen shut* msi worker's looking out the window :| "really"

  • Makaveli -
    Makaveli - Month ago

    There is a reason they dont show the pricing in these videos.

  • Foster Lindsay
    Foster Lindsay Month ago

    Whelp demonetized... 2:27


    Ω να σου

  • Shiro_King
    Shiro_King Month ago

    hahaha He was like '' Its mine Give it back ''

  • Is mayonnaise an instrument?

    It wouldn't be a tech expo without Linus attempting to steal a prototype.

  • Elliot Holbrook
    Elliot Holbrook Month ago

    I don't get 240hz screens. Is 144hz not enough?