I Can't Believe This Worked!!! - Concrete Cooled PC (April Fools 2019)

  • Published on Apr 1, 2019
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    Lots of whacky computer water cooling projects have been attempted before, but none as crazy as concrete - and it turns out it works amazingly.
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Comments • 7 291

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  3 months ago +718

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    • Vishnu Vishnu
      Vishnu Vishnu 15 days ago

      Why don’t you use corn flour and water mixture

    • Hobby Man
      Hobby Man Month ago

      How were they not your liquid cooling with honey episode sponsor...?

    • Sapioit
      Sapioit 3 months ago +1

      You could take cement which has already set and powder it, or just plain lime powder or ceramic/terracotta powder, and mix it with water. I will not set, and likely it will probably have similar advantages.

    • It's_not_me
      It's_not_me 3 months ago


    • Robert Crawshaw
      Robert Crawshaw 3 months ago

      @VoltageLED Quicksilver?

  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott 11 hours ago

    All jokes aside, it is surprising to me that this worked at all- I was under the impression that curing cement was an exothermic chemical reaction, as in, produces heat-

  • Tian Tian
    Tian Tian Day ago

    Dear Linus what if you also try using liquid nitrogen

  • Franz Neumeier
    Franz Neumeier 2 days ago

    hey llt team what about filling a watercooling circle complete with liquid metall 😅

  • M S
    M S 2 days ago

    What about the content of about 1000 tubes of liquid matal?🤔

  • Kartoffelbaer 77
    Kartoffelbaer 77 2 days ago

    It's funny how I have exactly the same motherborad and cpu used in the video

  • adam gascoyne
    adam gascoyne 2 days ago

    Liquid metal???

    GE PLAYER 3 days ago

    What about a closed custom loop liquid nitrogen system? No idea whether it would evaporate as its a closed loop, but itd be an interesting experiment.

  • JF Tech/Drones
    JF Tech/Drones 3 days ago

    Can you cool with Belle Delphine's bath water?

    TNT_AND_THE_FLAME 3 days ago

    Smooth sand and water?

    TNT_AND_THE_FLAME 3 days ago


  • N.P.C #357
    N.P.C #357 4 days ago

    Do a hydraclauric acid cooled pc

  • deam0
    deam0 4 days ago

    I know this comment is late, but please try non Newtonian fluid next year :)

  • IcedElectric
    IcedElectric 5 days ago

    Try useing luqids from a glowstick lmao limeted timed led for your liquids

  • ph4nt0m
    ph4nt0m 5 days ago

    You guys are fucking stupid
    do more of this

  • spooK_xd
    spooK_xd 7 days ago

    When I watched this I couldn't tell it was a joke.

  • Jonathan Barankin
    Jonathan Barankin 8 days ago

    Alex trying so hard not to laugh

  • Bit Rage
    Bit Rage 13 days ago


  • iLuckie
    iLuckie 15 days ago

    The solution need to have a lot more water u should also add a bit of soap to the mix as it slows the setting process of concrete

  • Ian Oliver
    Ian Oliver 16 days ago

    I was expecting a normal water loop but with a concrete block in place of the radiator. That might actually work.

  • Alex Barbu
    Alex Barbu 17 days ago

    Instructions unclear. My concrete block doesn't POST anymore.

  • IraQ Nid
    IraQ Nid 17 days ago +1

    Next April 1st we'll see condiments used as a coolant or possibly the stuff from their sponsor's like Dollar Shave Club made into coolant?

  • animan095
    animan095 18 days ago

    Liquid Ceramic is the future of PC cooling

  • ThatOneDude
    ThatOneDude 18 days ago

    Hmm but what about concrete insulated tubes so the the coolent cools quicker?? Idk

  • todd scholefield
    todd scholefield 19 days ago

    Well ok then if it just gets dry and fucks all your shit then, could you not use something just as thick but doesn’t dry up

  • Spencer Jackson
    Spencer Jackson 20 days ago

    Now that I'm rewatching this, I can feel the prank.

  • Colin Sullivan
    Colin Sullivan 21 day ago

    I legitimately watched this in July so I was like what is this April 1st

  • Kevin Vang
    Kevin Vang 22 days ago

    I thought you guys were gonna pour concrete over the whole computer. And the concrete would be like a whole passive cooling solution.

  • Michael Last
    Michael Last 22 days ago

    Then why not a thermal paste filled water cooler

  • parz1
    parz1 23 days ago

    Cool a pc with hydrogen peroxide

  • Mike
    Mike 23 days ago +1

    When he pulled out the RTX 2080 and then said "not too shabby" that made me die inside

  • Erick Constantino
    Erick Constantino 23 days ago

    5 Stars to that one use only concret cooler xD

  • Kogoro
    Kogoro 23 days ago

    Does that mean you could take ceramic powder that does not harden and put it into your cooling liquid and make it just more effective ??

    EN LA MIRA MX 27 days ago

    what if you put copper dust instead of sand in it?

  • Safe Shows
    Safe Shows 28 days ago +1

    2 sponsors in one vid..... smh.......

  • tkddan
    tkddan 28 days ago +1

    What if: thermal paste "liquid cooling" or thermal paste submerged cooling.

  • Guy Pipili
    Guy Pipili 29 days ago +12

    I have heard of bricking a device, but… literally!? 😂

  • vidyaWolf
    vidyaWolf Month ago +29

    How do I know this was an April Fools episode?

    Linus didn't drop anything.

  • DatGameh
    DatGameh Month ago

    Ceramic-infused coolant. Who would have known?

  • Asiandonut 21
    Asiandonut 21 Month ago

    You should do obleek cooled system

  • Cr1st0ph
    Cr1st0ph Month ago

    Omg, what a garbage content even for an april fools joke

  • Sander169
    Sander169 Month ago

    how about liquid metal cooling?

  • Bryan Jones
    Bryan Jones Month ago

    Wait..wtf is this?
    Ooooooh... sees date is was uploaded.
    Damn, I feel dumb.

  • Michael Sears
    Michael Sears Month ago

    could you take the juul port (for example, also smart watches have this feature" make this on the phone and directly attach it to the battery for faster charging speeds?

  • Leonel Cantú
    Leonel Cantú Month ago

    Do you want a valid reason to ask the question "But why"? Subscribe to Linus Tech Tips.

  • Tech Build
    Tech Build Month ago +9

    Is it possible to get mercury flowing in the cooling system?

    I'm serious.

  • Johnathan Korba
    Johnathan Korba Month ago

    You still need to do one with concrete, this cement crap isn't cutting it.

  • First Name
    First Name Month ago +6

    Linus' staff:"Which coolant will you use?"

  • Alsmamfkm
    Alsmamfkm Month ago

    Err, what did you expect? Concrete curing is a chemical reaction, not drying out. Even with power 24/7 it would happen. You noticed that it flowed way slower near the tubing than in the middle - movement would not help in anything, it would cure inwards until everything is solid.

  • jaakko200987654321
    jaakko200987654321 Month ago

    you should try making a concrete heatsink

  • F0r3m4n
    F0r3m4n Month ago +4

    my concrete system is still running fine, 38 deegres max, thanks Linus! :----------DDDDDDDDD

  • Cameron 98
    Cameron 98 Month ago +3

    When you destroy a water cooling system for a prank

  • william zarza
    william zarza Month ago

    Cement heatsink?

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter Month ago

    Can't believe I missed this when it came out.
    Need to get started on my concrete cooler ;D

  • Daito __
    Daito __ Month ago

    They said 35 idle and I laughed cause I am using the i7 9700k on a air cooler and the idle is 26

  • Noah Fontaine
    Noah Fontaine Month ago +1

    Isn't concrete supposed to dry?

  • calavante
    calavante Month ago

    good bit.
    it should be common knowledge concrete hardens IN water.

  • master class.
    master class. Month ago

    Concrete hardens when it sits still. If you turn that off it will be completely harden and your tubes will clog

  • Tony Dinh
    Tony Dinh Month ago

    Stupid! Already new that it would never flow,only dumb fucks would believe I would Ork.

  • oof my existence
    oof my existence Month ago

    Next year cooling a PC with gasoline

  • FPV Kubbur
    FPV Kubbur Month ago

    try mercury next please!!

  • Kevin Hall
    Kevin Hall Month ago

    I tried this and my CPU burned out, thanks linus.

  • the one you dont see

    at 1.25X speed at 1440p this is much better!

  • David Flara
    David Flara Month ago

    saw the end result coming xD

  • ravioliwheresthespaghetti

    I can imagine that maintenance with this computer sucks ass.
    I was thinking they would use it more has a heatsink like as an air cooler or something like that and not actually using it through liquid cooling.

  • Ecktor
    Ecktor Month ago

    Look at that face right there...

  • Cody Gatewood
    Cody Gatewood Month ago

    fill the loop with mercury

    ZAID SALAMEH Month ago

    Linus, Try Mercury cooling the PC

  • TheFakeCanadian
    TheFakeCanadian Month ago

    Curious how thermal paste would work

  • Joe Hrdina
    Joe Hrdina Month ago

    Try clay slip from a ceramics studio