I Can't Believe This Worked!!! - Concrete Cooled PC (April Fools 2019)

  • Published on Apr 1, 2019
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    Lots of whacky computer water cooling projects have been attempted before, but none as crazy as concrete - and it turns out it works amazingly.
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  6 months ago +768

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    • DataLog
      DataLog 11 days ago

      Linus, try adding a concrete plasticiser. It will make it a few times more runny with same amount of water.
      Chemistry behind plasticizers is mind blowing.

    • Ukoverkiller
      Ukoverkiller 13 days ago

      dont add honey its worthless... shame on you linus. i spent £2400 using honey, they rewarded me $3.85 pmsl. its a joke

    • Gabriel Hosteller
      Gabriel Hosteller Month ago

      What about a concrete head spreader?

    • Joe Hefner
      Joe Hefner 2 months ago

      @Mihai Muresanu What an amazing idea sir!! Good call!

    • Joe Hefner
      Joe Hefner 2 months ago

      @VoltageLED hell yeah! MERCURY!!!

  • Riyamu
    Riyamu 2 days ago

    Why not make a closed loop with liquid nitrogen

  • Slow n' Broke
    Slow n' Broke 4 days ago

    On today's episode of LTT: Linus and the boys find out that cement (not concrete) hardens.

  • Vincent van der Krogt

    Nice! Thx Linus!
    I was just about to buy the stuff for water cooling my PC, but this actually works better!

  • LAC Clemont
    LAC Clemont 9 days ago

    Seems like a normal video

  • Riggedy Ren
    Riggedy Ren 9 days ago

    Its concrete, what did you think would happen

  • Victor Charlie
    Victor Charlie 9 days ago

    concrete takes 2 to 4 hrs to start to set .

  • Dalethegamerite 11
    Dalethegamerite 11 11 days ago

    I don’t have a basement I have a attic

    We Australians don’t do basements

  • ZΞRO
    ZΞRO 12 days ago

    Next Episode : Thermal Paste/Liquid Metal cooled PC

  • AdarkMEXICAN
    AdarkMEXICAN 14 days ago

    Try vodka

  • Adam Dinogaming1099
    Adam Dinogaming1099 15 days ago

    Maybe try some slimes instead of cooling fluid

  • lordraptor11
    lordraptor11 16 days ago

    ignorance is bliss isn't it linus

  • Owen Yin
    Owen Yin 16 days ago

    ...if you think about it since concrete hardening is an exothermic reaction(although this isn’t technically concrete but still the reaction) this would just dump extra heat into the watery part of the loop...

  • Akshat Mishra
    Akshat Mishra 22 days ago +1

    The things you said about Honey, they are a part of the prank, right? RIGHT?

  • adi megan
    adi megan 24 days ago

    Please make cooling with mercury...

  • Courtney Best
    Courtney Best 25 days ago

    Cringe... you lost this subscriber.. I did not watch you for sarcastic ignorance... Facts are important...

  • Stefan Prodanov
    Stefan Prodanov 26 days ago

    XD Apr fools.

  • MrStreaty122
    MrStreaty122 28 days ago

    I love that Linus noticed that theres an inner channel of movement vs the outer concrete that isn't. We actually just went over that exact phenomenon in Fluid Dynamics. Its called "No slip condition" and all fluids do it. When you run them through a tube, or anything actually, theres always a film of the fluid that sticks to it and doesn't move because of "no slip condition"

  • BLWDS Ligma
    BLWDS Ligma 29 days ago

    Do gasoline cooler

  • Leigh B
    Leigh B Month ago

    Of course you put an ad in an April fools joke

  • Alexander theGreat
    Alexander theGreat Month ago

    "the downside to concrete cooling"......

  • Vidrax
    Vidrax Month ago

    Linus, guys: Try insted liquid ceramic and black or anti-uv tubes. The same stuff that it's ceramic base. That thing may not solidify if kept away from oxigen and light. If you got -10 with concreete, im sure that liquid ceramic will do way better and permanent or at least long term. Also one may consider that the ceramic will neglet the condensation for a possible peltier addon (in between/inside) the base block not as a main cooling solution but as a addon, it would be intristing to link the peltier to the on/off boost of the cpu, so one would not need to keep controling it, theres got to be a solid way trough linking it almost straight to the cpu fan pin sort of using a connector, after set a pre determinated fan tick in tune with the bios setings. Or even trough usb port if there was a on system app for monitoring fan and or turbo. If worried about moisture, one can always coat the finished setup with nano coating spray (under the sun on a very dry enviroment/ up and down) In teory the tubes may produce some water on the long term, but given a tower configuration it can be divergedby using an aerogel membrane in between the heatsynch and the gpu back. Final note should be more reliable to perform the experiment on air cooling, but may loose the liquid ceramic potential for heat transfer from the water cooler system. What I have in mynd is prety simple: LET THE PELTIER COOL DOWN THE BACKPLATE FROM BEHIND OF IT "WHILE" IMESED INSIDE THE LIQUID CERAMIC TO DISPERCE THE EXPOSED HEAT SIDE. The pump action if the substance in use is not a perfect liquid, may do the job of kept considerable motion while the ceramic highter density combine with this motion may be just enought to denny the submersed peltier effect to ever even effectivelly reach the walls of the tubes/block, in theory there may not be moisture due the time the heat would took to spread to the walls of the block/tubes, that if the motion is solid. If it's as i imagine, the peltier may work for longer periods on, only observation is that the surface of the block must be equal or little bit smallert than the one of the cpu plate. Fo one can eliminate the air and seal the edges with some insulated line or glue. If there was no air under the blocks there should be no mosture, the final ensurance, cover the black of the motherboard with aerogel sheet before tie it to the case. That should do it.

  • Pierre R.
    Pierre R. Month ago

    Linus is sometimes like a scientist 200 years ago.
    'What!? How can this work, how does it work. Oh wow' and on xD
    All what they are seeing is basic fluid dynamic physic.
    The concrete is a non newton fluid which basically means, its viscosity lowers with movement making it more like a liquid.
    And that on the inner side of the tubing is no flow seeable is because of Laminar Flow. The more viscos a liquid is, the more it tends to flow laminar creating that film on the inner tube side.
    I would expect something like this to happen with Honey as well.
    LTT make Honey Cooling real 😂

  • WikingX
    WikingX Month ago

    Hey Linus, cool a PC with Oblec!

  • Aleksandras Fedotovas

    try it with thermal paste ... full of thermal paste *_*

  • Fold Master
    Fold Master Month ago +1

    Do a paint cooled computer.

  • Jared Lim
    Jared Lim Month ago

    Are the sponsorshops also fake?

  • MrFixit69
    MrFixit69 Month ago

    1st : @ 8:40 yeah thats how fluids work in a tube, the outside move a lot slower than the inside.
    3th : yes it would be interesting if someone would look into a nonabrasive(like the concrete) heat transfer fluid .(although i would think in the long run the whole system would run warmer and warmer , so you'd need bigger radiators)

  • Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell Month ago

    We need to redo this I will come in and mix your concrete for you you gotta thin it out not use hydraulic cement and move alot faster into the system

  • RL Stint
    RL Stint Month ago

    linear equation love your videos

  • Michael Van Rheede
    Michael Van Rheede Month ago

    Concrete has a exothermic reaction when drying. It releases heat

  • bam
    bam Month ago

    RIP PC 😭

  • Charlie Acanfora
    Charlie Acanfora Month ago

    I bet if they took out the binder it would work great

  • Schori
    Schori Month ago +1

    Since you were sponsored by Honey you should've cooled it with honey

  • Callum Chiverton
    Callum Chiverton Month ago

    I know it would be ridiculous but how would a concrete heatsink work? I presume it would draw away the heat quite nicely but find it more difficult to get rid of that heat

  • Matt Peso
    Matt Peso Month ago

    You could just use a basic ceramic powder so it doesn't harden up like actual concrete does.

  • Sticky Finz
    Sticky Finz Month ago

    Try a 50/50 mix of anti-freeze. You can find it at Walmart for like 14 bucks

  • Gaming Cell
    Gaming Cell Month ago

    Instructions unclear, filled my case with concrete

  • F Squanchy
    F Squanchy Month ago +1

    I don't know if it's till done but they used to pour concrete into the coolant passages of engines for dragsters. It gave the block more rigidity and enough mass that it could survive the thermal cycle of a top fuel run.

  • Billy Wang
    Billy Wang Month ago

    Concrete release heat when drying thou lol but good luck 😁

  • Eddy Hasler
    Eddy Hasler Month ago

    I listened to this at work and now I feel like an idiot.

  • cheval uno
    cheval uno Month ago

    it doesnt get hard or solidify

  • Luca Einsle
    Luca Einsle Month ago

    No, this is definitely an april fools video (to everyone saying this video is indistinguishable from the other videos). Linus' behavior is clearly off here, the way he talks and such.

  • Павел Анатольевич

    7:55 why it SHOULDN'T boot? This expensive motherboard have concrete sensor to emergency power off if concrete detected in pump?

  • Jared Stanton
    Jared Stanton Month ago

    In all seriousness though, how about trying a concrete heatsink for and cooling and water cooling and possibly see if concrete would work as a good thermal paste with the consequence of u perminatly sticking the heatsink the CPU

  • The Waraboo
    The Waraboo Month ago

    Has anyone tried to cool a PC with Flex Seal yet?

  • Travis Vercher
    Travis Vercher Month ago

    let the conrete have its full chemical reaction and then dry, and then after it dries, crush it up and put more water into it, and then let it dry and then do the process again and put it in the loop and it should take way longer to solidify, like days if its not running. after 2 chemical reactions it shouldn't solidify. but it should still have the same cooling results

  • mayur manudhanya
    mayur manudhanya Month ago

    You know what? You guys can use jetfuel jet fuel can be a great cooling solution Soviets used then for their knock off concord

  • addosixty
    addosixty Month ago

    Hey LTT-Team, could you possible build an liquid cooled PC with liquid metal??

  • The Guy from Saturn

    You would have had a few hours of working cooling: not only does cement harden in water, it is an exothernic reaction. Do try the bentonite slurry through.

  • The Guy from Saturn

    Cement is not a good solution as it's going to solidify. A bentonite slurry would be a much better solution as it would keep its consistency without hardening.

  • Dalton Morseman
    Dalton Morseman Month ago

    What would pottery glaze be like?

  • 【I】【N】 【D】【E】【P】【T】【H】

    Linus Can You make this exact setup with Entirely of Thermal Paste. Just for fun

  • Felix Holzhey
    Felix Holzhey Month ago

    I thought you guys use this as thermal paste, but you went completly crazy XD

  • travis moore
    travis moore Month ago

    I guess if you can use concrete you may try Rochelle salt water?

  • Richard Leknes
    Richard Leknes Month ago

    You know you can just mix it by hand you know.

  • Michael Field
    Michael Field Month ago

    What about setting a normal air heat-sink in a block of concrete and if it does not work then would have a great paper weight.

  • Pr0_NeXi0n_
    Pr0_NeXi0n_ Month ago

    Thermal paste loop now

  • ballz deep69
    ballz deep69 Month ago

    Ahh yes useing potential caustic agents to cool your pc

  • gašper šega
    gašper šega Month ago

    What did u ekspektct