VRTB/WRTB turbines technology. Our history! www windrotor bolotov com VRTB turbine is born

  • Bolotov designed, patented, developed, and manufactured the VRTB/WRTB turbines. Historic names related with the different manufacturing technologies: WRTB/VRTB/WB turbines.​
    ENECSYS.LTD has all patents, designs, drawings, blueprints, plans, images, promotional material, websites and the VRTB/WRTB turbines technology.
    Our vertical wind turbines are designed to adapt to any environment. The VRTB / WRTB turbine is a visually calm, environmentally friendly and safe source of electricity, which does not have external rotating parts, is irritating, does not interfere with communications, and meets high sanitary standards.
    All of our photos, videos, copyrights, production technology and installations are genuine and exclusively belong only to WINDROTOR BOLOTOV (VAWT/VRTB/BOLOTOV ROTOR). All Rights Reserved. All the correct information is only on our website www.windrotor-bolotov.com & www.WRTB-windenergy.com
    There is a website of the company that actively uses our photos, videos and images, but this company has never been in places where our turbines are installed, and does not own the copyright. The company that copies our photos and videos uses an interactive map with the installation of turbines, but they have never been to the locations of the installation of turbines, and confuse photos of objects. ​​

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