Jedi Fallen Order is not what you think it is - New Gameplay

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay has revealed that it isn't exactly what we thought it might be. Surprisingly open world and Dark Souls like combat. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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  • jackfrags
    jackfrags  25 days ago +12205

    we might actually get a good star wars single player game again...

    • LineyDampzPlays
      LineyDampzPlays 10 hours ago

      Thanks for sharing this @Jackfrags I'm definitely going to buy this game.

    • JComm57
      JComm57 12 hours ago

      KOTOR is one of the best RPGs and games of all time.

    • Colt Davis
      Colt Davis 19 hours ago

      Uhh it looks like the force awakens with 4K graphics...

    • Ryan Ormerod
      Ryan Ormerod Day ago

      Revenge of the sith on ps2 was amazing

  • speedy
    speedy 58 minutes ago

    best of the best

  • SteezyHeath
    SteezyHeath Hour ago

    i wonder if theres gonna be multiplayer

  • Loopytube
    Loopytube 2 hours ago

    The game needs full dismemberment!!! Lol still excited though.

  • Joe
    Joe 2 hours ago

    Best SW single player game I have ever played and still is, is SW the force unleashed.
    And that was on PSP boys! Quite a few years ago at that.
    While I highly doubt this game can give me a better experience, it does look promising.

  • Spark The dragon
    Spark The dragon 2 hours ago

    For some reason I feel like Cal would fit better with a Green lightsaber

  • Mad.fb.
    Mad.fb. 2 hours ago

    I’ve preordered it but now I don’t really want it I thought it would be like force unleashed but nah maybe it will be different because this guys trash but it looks more like for honour

  • Majestic Blunts21
    Majestic Blunts21 3 hours ago

    Game looks great didn’t even want it but now it do!

  • Kidd Hernandez
    Kidd Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Star Wars: The force Unleashed meets New Gen

  • Posdrums3
    Posdrums3 3 hours ago +1

    "Can we just appreciate this for a second?" Hyping up a super derivative execution sequence?
    (with no sense of excitement) "There it is."

  • agung meinastesi
    agung meinastesi 3 hours ago

    The game is like God of war with light saber and storm troopers. Awesome !

  • terriblecertainity
    terriblecertainity 4 hours ago

    Compared to the jedi knight series, the combat looks very boring

  • memsefer
    memsefer 4 hours ago

    Who else thought the title meant that Star Wars will not be good?

  • Spaghetti Carbonara
    Spaghetti Carbonara 5 hours ago

    Jedi souls?

  • Jill Jillgar
    Jill Jillgar 5 hours ago

    game looks sick like kotor sick

    • SgCy
      SgCy 4 hours ago

      Th isn't an RPG its an adventure game

  • 1c3 sLy1
    1c3 sLy1 5 hours ago

    I wasn't excited about the last Start Wars games after I heard about the micro transactions and progression system. I didn't get it until it wad free on PS plus. This one here though...I can't wait for Fallen Order!
    but this one here... Can't wait!

  • Joshua Fleming
    Joshua Fleming 5 hours ago

    i don't see how dismembering a living alien is much different than dismembering a stormtrooper lol

  • MrSnailWhale
    MrSnailWhale 7 hours ago +1

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has built me up for this >:)

  • AlterBridgeSurfa
    AlterBridgeSurfa 7 hours ago

    Has the person who is playing this game ever played a game before? Lmao. Dodge!!!

  • The Commentators
    The Commentators 8 hours ago

    Lightsabers and force powers should be op as fuck it shouldn't be a "force bar" amd lightsaber should just about 1 shot everything

  • Keandre Green
    Keandre Green 8 hours ago

    I hate that just because Yoda said Luke was the last Jedi people think that every Jedi is supposed to be dead. Cal being alive during the events of return of the Jedi wouldn’t mess up the canon

  • Meenie
    Meenie 9 hours ago +1

    I think a difficulty or gamemode would be cool where you would get one hit, but so would enemies. More realistic.

  • CaneisAble34
    CaneisAble34 9 hours ago

    So this game is a combo of The Force Unleashed combat and Assassins Creed movement and story progression . Love it

    • SgCy
      SgCy 8 hours ago

      No, it really isnt. If you go into it expecting that you might be disappointed.

  • Crunch Gaming
    Crunch Gaming 10 hours ago +1

    It's like Sekiro & Dark Souls had a threesome with Uncharted..!!

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams 10 hours ago

    Can I make my own Jedi like customize ?

    • SgCy
      SgCy 8 hours ago

      Nope. This is a story driven game about a specific character.

  • VividPsychosis
    VividPsychosis 11 hours ago

    My issue with all Star Wars game is the light saber. It’s not a sword. You dont need to hit people 20 times to kill them. It cuts through everything on one strike. So every enemy when hit should, if done properly die in one hit. Which makes for shit gameplay which is why I can’t ever get into it. It’s immersion breaking.

  • Reuben Ahmed
    Reuben Ahmed 11 hours ago +1

    it looks OK, I feel like it needs more star wars universe stuff in it. Reminds me of SMB2, a game that just had the mairo chars in it.

  • WhoTube?
    WhoTube? 11 hours ago

    So it’s souls, in terms of iT hAS roLlInG, but they designed the world to be “better” for gameplay rather than atmosphere, there are difficulty sliders, maps, contrived environmental locations that don’t connect, if people are calling it a soulslike it really isn’t, at least from what I can tell from this video. I’m still kinda interested tho, I always enjoy a bit of Star Wars content here and there.

  • Dickins McGee
    Dickins McGee 12 hours ago

    Why is Ian holding a lightsaber?

  • Gemini Writer
    Gemini Writer 13 hours ago

    It’s too linear or boxed free roam - like shadow of Mordor/War - gimme a full free roam of at least one planet.

  • PainKillerPaul
    PainKillerPaul 13 hours ago

    looks great, was gonna get then I saw the jumping puzzles, hate them so wont be getting. I only have feeling in 1 hand so cant do them.

  • KeeTV
    KeeTV 14 hours ago

    fuck it there goes my wallet

  • Ceceli
    Ceceli 16 hours ago

    Another Star Wars game that the saber works like a sword instead of a freaking light saber... Fuck off

  • ricky koch
    ricky koch 16 hours ago

    Idk man seems like the guy playing is not v good at this game lol

  • Adarsh Shah
    Adarsh Shah 16 hours ago

    Does anyone know how many hours the game is going to be? Hoping it's at least 20hours

  • Gary Gelini
    Gary Gelini 16 hours ago +6

    Lightsaber: cuts saber wielding droid in half
    Also lightsaber: flips stormtrooper onto back

  • NateOCE
    NateOCE 16 hours ago

    very god of war like

  • Gary Gelini
    Gary Gelini 16 hours ago +1

    Why does he walk like he's got poopy britches?

  • Aiden Burrell
    Aiden Burrell 16 hours ago

    Imagine if they teamed up with Dice... Holy fuck.

  • Mr. Steal Your girl -_-

    The only reason why people are bitching about disembarbment or how ever you spell it is because they grew up playing unleashed like me so I understand I used to play around with stormtroopers all of the time and honestly it made the game more entertaining and it was fun holding them up and throwing the lightsaber and seeing then struggle and seeing the lightsaber through their chest was oddly satisfying in a way I’m no psycho you are lol

    • Mr. Steal Your girl -_-
      Mr. Steal Your girl -_- 6 hours ago

      It makes sense but it’s just a video game it would be cool to have it in just for fun for the extra enjoyment if that makes any sense at all lol

    • SgCy
      SgCy 8 hours ago

      This game is in the movie canon where human dismemberment is only used during important/symbolic story moments. Also, there isn't a single instance of a stormtrooper being dismembered in the entire main film series.

  • Infamous Zephon
    Infamous Zephon 17 hours ago +1

    Gonna be able to play in 24 hours

  • Duffy Sullivan
    Duffy Sullivan 17 hours ago

    Last decent Stars Wars game I played was Jedi Outcast on PC. Might give this a whirl. I play Souls and Nioh. Playing Sekiro now. Any puzzles? If it nails the Star Wars universe, has good music and decent combat, it should be a good action game.

  • JLR 96
    JLR 96 19 hours ago

    What the fuck was that start! Looked like Ron weesley with a lightsaber

  • bob jankens
    bob jankens 19 hours ago

    Literally dark souls with light sabres kinda exited

  • Colt Davis
    Colt Davis 19 hours ago

    This is just the Force Unleashed in 4K

  • JustShadoW
    JustShadoW 19 hours ago

    This game looks babyish 🙄

  • Predator vidz.
    Predator vidz. 20 hours ago

    A Star Wars game with assassins creed mechanics 🤯🤯

    • SgCy
      SgCy 8 hours ago

      @Predator vidz. It's literally not open world, try actually looking up some info about the game or you'll end up disappointed because it wasn't what you expected.

    • Predator vidz.
      Predator vidz. 18 hours ago

      SgCy I think it’s an open world just not as much stealth as we want

    • SgCy
      SgCy 18 hours ago

      Nope. There's no stealth and this is not open world.

  • Prototype 81
    Prototype 81 21 hour ago

    Telling people what they think in your title is poor practice. Because it is exactly what Ive been expecting.
    The only thing im waiting on is game length.

  • deadbeetle 317
    deadbeetle 317 21 hour ago

    Looks like god of war a bit

  • Nick Giancana
    Nick Giancana 22 hours ago

    already pre ordered. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

  • Michael R
    Michael R 22 hours ago

    Slightly promising, this looks, mmm yes. Fuck this up don't.

  • elronman
    elronman 22 hours ago

    Having a hard time taking this review seriously when you casually drop "epic" or "awesome".

  • WethamanClanVideos
    WethamanClanVideos 22 hours ago

    Love how you can dismember a robot but not fucking stormtroopers. Weak!!!!!! Not buying.

  • Yan 11000
    Yan 11000 22 hours ago

    Just me who found this game just like God Of War?
    I mean, the new one

  • Rob Capewell
    Rob Capewell 22 hours ago

    Hmm assassin creed in space 😔🙄

  • RZ 370
    RZ 370 23 hours ago

    Still hate the crash bandicoot platforming in this game...since when jedi jumping around using plant as a trampolin? so f****ng stupid, what were the developers thinking.

  • ThaBeastBrockly
    ThaBeastBrockly 23 hours ago

    Looks like god of war and Prince of "Purrsia"

  • Patrick Shehan
    Patrick Shehan Day ago

    Gives a good of war vibe

  • Alex Mizann
    Alex Mizann Day ago

    well, I'm convinced

  • Killprogaming *
    Killprogaming * Day ago

    I’ve already pre-order the game and now I’m waiting for il to go out 😆😆😆