How Well Do Kristen Bell + Dax Shepard Really Know Each Other?

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • Does the longtime couple see eye-to-eye on questions about their relationship? (Spoiler: they can definitely agree on which of them is the better driver!)
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  • Nux Lee
    Nux Lee Day ago

    Is that like a thing? I can’t even drive at ALL yet I’m literally 20 and don’t have a license (yes I know it sounds pathetic I’m working on it I have anxiety ok) but then my fiancé is literally an automechanic , works on cars, loves racing, and is amazing at driving. Lmfao.

  • Sarah Møller
    Sarah Møller Day ago

    Kristen's handwriting should be a font option

  • Hannah White
    Hannah White Day ago

    Why so much make up

  • girl crush
    girl crush Day ago

    I need more of them.

  • Crickett Smith
    Crickett Smith Day ago

    Can they just not be children ?

  • Cassandra Arnold
    Cassandra Arnold 2 days ago

    I love them together

  • Daniela
    Daniela 2 days ago

    The australian barista 😂

  • 정수현
    정수현 2 days ago

    0:28 sounds like a typical dad and daughter conversation (so cute)

  • Chloe Luthi
    Chloe Luthi 2 days ago

    I love Daxs podcast

  • I am Not Important
    I am Not Important 3 days ago

    3:15 and 4:35
    I wish I can do this with someone one day... #single4ever

  • Denise Gascon
    Denise Gascon 3 days ago

    Kristen is literally the embodiment of Anna

  • PaulaNova
    PaulaNova 4 days ago +1

    My relationship goal has never been Brad And Angelina, it is these two, they're the most amazing couple

  • Delilah Jenkins
    Delilah Jenkins 4 days ago

    They are such a great couple

  • Add Caption Here
    Add Caption Here 4 days ago

    Did Dax have a stroke...?
    Please someone clarify for me

  • Brittany DePass
    Brittany DePass 5 days ago

    Dax. All that concealer needs to be you!

  • Brittany DePass
    Brittany DePass 5 days ago

    Ahh omg, how unexpected! that repeating thing is weird. Kristen is actually weird... How fucking cool!!!

  • Xam
    Xam 6 days ago

    Ugh I need a Dax in my life. Best hubby and father ever. Love them, they are so chill and funny.

  • Jocelyn Boros
    Jocelyn Boros 7 days ago

    It's alright Kristen, that game would have confused me too lol

  • Jade Yu
    Jade Yu 7 days ago

    They're so cute huhu

  • I Ship It
    I Ship It 8 days ago

    I'm happy for this couples💙 they seem like soulmates rare to see now and days

  • Vicky Thao
    Vicky Thao 8 days ago

    Yall it's so freaken weird. All I hear is Anna.

  • ulvjenta88
    ulvjenta88 9 days ago +1

    Jesus he looks like me when i did put on makup when it whas no light in the bathroom 😨

  • AlexandreG
    AlexandreG 10 days ago +13

    I want a women who looks at me the way Kristen looks at him when he does silly things (4:21)

  • NoalFarstrider
    NoalFarstrider 10 days ago

    "We're the fucking Peaky Blinders and we take this comment section!"

  • Hitopopamus
    Hitopopamus 11 days ago +1

    Finally someone who has my mimicing tick

  • Jamine Regnier
    Jamine Regnier 12 days ago

    Dang. RR is looking rough.

  • Jiralhanae
    Jiralhanae 12 days ago

    I have the same tick of repeating lines and people with accents etc. I just HAVE to try it, may be a normal thing for theater kids? People find me disrespectful thanks to that tho 😬

  • PrincessSakura9
    PrincessSakura9 12 days ago

    They seem to have such an intense relationship, but when Dax quietly reshuffles her cards and they had their own moment, that was the absolute cutest.

  • Matt Schmissrauter
    Matt Schmissrauter 12 days ago

    Soul mates, nothing other than that. Damn I hope I find that one day.

  • Ann Marie Aguilar
    Ann Marie Aguilar 12 days ago

    They need to get married if they aren't already! Aww.

  • explod3r
    explod3r 12 days ago

    Theyre so lovable

  • beckify1902
    beckify1902 13 days ago +2

    "Must have multiples of everything..." Even kids! hahaha i love these two.

  • Hannanna
    Hannanna 13 days ago +1

    3:14 4:35 Kristen and Dax are an amazingly adorable couple I swear♡

  • K J
    K J 13 days ago

    I'm in love with their love.

  • docartsign 911
    docartsign 911 13 days ago

    I love this couple!!!! Muachhhh stay strong !!!!

  • MrsDyjach27
    MrsDyjach27 14 days ago +1

    I hope they always stay together!!!!

  • Tibby Day
    Tibby Day 14 days ago

    Peaky blinder sound like japanese, LOL
    I sincerely hope they have happy marriage till the end of time, i mean now they are parents and already so cute, imagine they are being grandparents, that's so extra

  • pushp madaan
    pushp madaan 15 days ago


  • KYKY
    KYKY 16 days ago +1

    They are such a funny couple lol they also get along so well and have a marriage as well as a friendship

  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H. 16 days ago

    omg that is Rachel Ray :(

  • not aguise
    not aguise 16 days ago

    Omg that repeating quirk thingy is a type of OCD

  • StarGazerUnleashed6
    StarGazerUnleashed6 17 days ago

    God. She is truly the perfect woman. Her hand writing is even perfect. Damn

  • Olivia Grace Keen
    Olivia Grace Keen 18 days ago

    Omg I love these two

  • Caitlin Pierson
    Caitlin Pierson 20 days ago

    They need a talk show

  • aina faris
    aina faris 20 days ago

    They are absolutely the cutest🥺😭❤️

  • Cody Reagan
    Cody Reagan 21 day ago

    Chad Kroeger looks really good

  • Suleyman Arma
    Suleyman Arma 21 day ago

    Rachael person doesnt know simple math its 60 times not 6000

  • Natalia Miranda
    Natalia Miranda 21 day ago

    These two. I just cant. They are so cute

  • Tilly P
    Tilly P 22 days ago +1

    Kristen not understanding literally is amazing 😂

  • Neida Leal
    Neida Leal 22 days ago

    They really are so cute 😍

  • Marina Kostadinova
    Marina Kostadinova 22 days ago +1

    I am sorry but I really don’t like how the host is acting and what she’s doing with her hands. Haven’t watched her before, is she always like this?

  • Kim Hernandez
    Kim Hernandez 24 days ago

    I freaking love them so much!

  • Carmen Hernandez
    Carmen Hernandez 25 days ago

  • gabiluch87
    gabiluch87 25 days ago +1

    When Dax moved down the card for her... so lovely

  • Sarah Emilie
    Sarah Emilie 26 days ago

    I served them at a restaurant once. I thought I was on Punk’d bc no one warned me. They’re lovely people

  • Caitlin Wilde
    Caitlin Wilde 26 days ago

    I am a bad driver too! 🤭

  • Caitlin Wilde
    Caitlin Wilde 26 days ago

    Ok they are too cute together!!!

  • KellyAnne Mitchell
    KellyAnne Mitchell 26 days ago

    They are so adorable together.

  • Jill Ferretti
    Jill Ferretti 26 days ago

    How do you not love them???

  • Lacey White
    Lacey White 27 days ago +12

    Shes right though, there was inconsistency with how they played the game.