Joe Rogan Experience #1073 - Steven Pinker

  • Published on Feb 4, 2018
  • Steven Pinker is a cognitive psychologist, linguist, and popular science author. He is Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, and is known for his advocacy of evolutionary psychology and the computational theory of mind. His new book "Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress" will be released in February 2018.

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  • Shawn D
    Shawn D 12 hours ago

    I love his guitar playing with Queen

  • Gary Lowe
    Gary Lowe 14 hours ago

    Steven Pinker clearly articulates that the cure to our current woes is not a binary left/right position, but a reasoned, analytical middle ground that incorporates the best of both.

  • RosieWilliamOlivia

    Pendulum, Joe. That's the word you wanted 😎

  • Mr Brown
    Mr Brown Day ago

    This guy is a liar. The satanic panic in the 1980s was true look up the finders. FBI has released information that these child sex slavery cults were in fact year and intellectual leftists like this man write it off as fake despite being absolutely true. This allows elites such as Bill Clinton to fuck little girls while wearing dresses and there is nothing that you, me, or Joe Rogan can do anything about it.

  • Jay Jorgensen
    Jay Jorgensen 2 days ago +1

    Walmart version of Jordan Peterson.

    • Joo Jewce
      Joo Jewce 22 hours ago

      Jordan Peterson is the Walmart version of Jordan Peterson

  • Fabio Tieri
    Fabio Tieri 2 days ago +2

    When your shirt kind of matches your name, you're in for some serious business.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 3 days ago +2

    Give me my hover board please lol

  • Ivete Santos
    Ivete Santos 3 days ago +1

    joe> interview this guy every quarter kkkkkkk

  • CreativeUsername
    CreativeUsername 4 days ago +2

    I wish the universe was less auto cannibalistic and more symbiotic

    • Brandy Ma La joya
      Brandy Ma La joya 20 hours ago

      I fully agree with you, and wish more had your great mind, best regards

    • CreativeUsername
      CreativeUsername Day ago +1

      @Brandy Ma La joya I meant that it sucks that the universe has competing lifeforms like carnivores and parasites instead of evolving symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships. think how cool it would be if everything evolved the way mushrooms and trees evolved and worked together instead of competing.

    • Brandy Ma La joya
      Brandy Ma La joya Day ago

      they cannot do this friend, if they let go that far they would be cannibalized, and this is a universe that is cannibalized for offering its worst, at your best you have to be a hunter gatherer, or give yourself up! Cannibals never quit.

  • Lukas Wilson
    Lukas Wilson 7 days ago

    Such a hack lmao

  • Tom Miller
    Tom Miller 7 days ago +1

    The biggest problems are dogma and censorship. Social(ist) media has created roving bands of rabbit parrots which will attack you if you are not PC and if you don't obey or if you dare question the endless dogma especially social and science dogma. That squelches real progress.
    Imagine what we could have if not for controlling dogmatists buying out govt and forcing "goodness." Censorship with dogma are always deadly. Cults do that. We have the very finest media, "education" and politicians money can buy.

  • Emma Moser
    Emma Moser 7 days ago

    "Since it was never discussed in the open, there are no counter-arguments to some of the most toxic interpretations." THIS. Two minutes in, and THIS gem is all we need to hear to agree that censorship culture is damaging and dangerous. Well done.

  • Francis Muir
    Francis Muir 7 days ago

    13:30 Reputation IS a part of ego!!!!!! "Ego" is not the confidence or arrogance of a personality. Superego is the conscious part of the psychology experience. So reputation is the ego taking notes on yourself and others. Meanwhile, your sympathetic nervous system is taking note of rewards and risks your conscious evaluation of reputation has no idea about. That would be the "id" or lower thresholds of ego.

    • Francis Muir
      Francis Muir 7 days ago

      1:40:00 Your coalition or tribe is largely determined by your SNS, because you "feel connected". Your subconscious has determined that you stand to gain something from that loyalty and your survival rate will go up; all independent of your conscious awareness and calculation.

  • ultru
    ultru 8 days ago

    Can someone clarify how Pinker on one hand praises our past efforts to improve society vis-à-vis racism, sexism, etc. and how we should learn from & continue them (around 59:00), while on the other hand dismissing (mostly leftist) activists that have been at the forefront of these improvements for over 2 centuries?
    E.g. the Civil Rights & Voting Rights Acts were fought for and won by the the Civil Rights Movement, not intellectuals, politicians or voters dead set on improving society as a whole through thinking better (or however he thinks society evolves).
    I get the impression that his idea of combatting climate change doesn't extend beyond seeing it as a tractable issue.
    Countless people have dedicated their lives to (sometimes successfully) improving society & Pinker just seems to be like "Have you considered looking at it from the bright side?"

  • Lama
    Lama 9 days ago

    Thoughtful and urbane fellow appears to have arrived from the 18th century lol. Loved this discussion

  • Ми
    Ми 9 days ago +2

    All those DMT talk got Joe in so much trouble
    I mean look, he already have 5 stars over his head, it's fbi level

  • Arjun Roy
    Arjun Roy 10 days ago

    5 Donkeys
    1. Richard Dawkins
    2. Sam Harris
    3. Steven Pinker
    4. Ken Ham
    5. Eric Dubay

  • packhead
    packhead 10 days ago

    Pinker is an interesting guy. I wonder if he has written anything

    • James Ross
      James Ross 7 days ago

      A fair few books
      A tad intellectual

  • Carson Hodges
    Carson Hodges 12 days ago +2

    No one is talking about this guy going to Epstein’s island??

    • Kevin Forrester
      Kevin Forrester 20 hours ago

      My comment was not posted. Mr. "Better Angels" !!!!

  • Chris Holton
    Chris Holton 12 days ago +2

    Steven is the "lions mane"

    SOUTHPAW s 13 days ago

    JRE: doubling genius quotas, one moron at a time ...

  • Harreson Redden
    Harreson Redden 13 days ago

    Hate on Donald Trump and half of the country podcast #1927362 lmfao still waiting for Joe or one of his guests to acknowledge some of the good things Trump has done for our country...

  • Hans Bronkers
    Hans Bronkers 14 days ago

    Did Steven undermine some things when he forced Joe for that final Book plug ? (Money is such a terrible drug, the worst imo)

  • Todd Sullivan
    Todd Sullivan 14 days ago

    At 1:11 he said letting in too many immigrants too quickly is not good. This is Trudeau's problem. He's too busy trying to impress the UN to get a seat that he's letting 4x the amount as anyone else and they're suffering for it. No housing available.

  • Jade Zee
    Jade Zee 15 days ago

    2 half wits.....the idea that jokes have no meaning beyond ...jokes....IS TOTALLY STUPID

  • L7
    L7 18 days ago

    If you try to write a book that everyone will understand, you'll end up writing a children's book that won't be able to express what you intended. A writer's voice depends on what he can assume his audience already understands, a situation for which there is no ideal baseline.

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 19 days ago


  • Cameron’s Clams
    Cameron’s Clams 20 days ago


  • chimayinasniffer
    chimayinasniffer 21 day ago

    He’s kind of an elitist, and joe shows some republican ignorance. I wish joe would have let him explain the alt right. But joe is indoctrinated that they are skinheads too, obviously.

  • Jennie Lynn Schmitt
    Jennie Lynn Schmitt 21 day ago +1


  • Jennie Lynn Schmitt
    Jennie Lynn Schmitt 22 days ago +1


  • WeezaY5000
    WeezaY5000 23 days ago

    Think Joe can ever get Noam Chomsky on???

  • WeezaY5000
    WeezaY5000 23 days ago

    1:20:00 looks like Pinker is advocating social democracy, or what I call, the true center.

  • D S
    D S 23 days ago

    Unfortunately 75 graphics of how good humanity goes can be compared with the same amount graphics of how bad it goes. The discussion shouldn't turn around how good or bad humanity is going, of how rich or poor, organized or chaotic the world is, but around how to assure a life with meaning to everyone. I agree that we must rely on science, and that is why I don't assume that today's system, on its own, assures a meaningful life to most of the people. The way you evaded the "1 dollar wage" discussion seemed to me a little bit harsh. It's is not really too optimistic in the perspective of those who have to live on it. Mass migration is an exemple of that lack of optimism. Sorry Pinker, I get that you have sincerely good intentions, but I don't buy it.

    • D S
      D S 16 days ago

      Well, it is indeniable that all of those metrics have improved, mostly in developed countries, you and Pinker are certainly right. One question, amongst many, that haunts me though is why, if we have improved in all those basic metrics, there isn't a general feeling that we are going in the right direction? I don't believe that it is a merely matter of pessimism. That is not an objective category. It is rather an easy way to avoid profound research on the subject. I personally prefer to read such historical improvement from the perspective of Norbert Elias. At least he gives you a conceptual framework to understand the nuances of the problem (Pinker does quote Elias, but it is better to read him directly).

    • The Chad European Federalist
      The Chad European Federalist 16 days ago

      Yeah, but not with metrics of the same importance..
      Life expectancy
      Material prosperity
      In all those metrics, which are the most important for the quality of human life, the world has improved.
      Now it might have gotten worse in some other metrics, but how important are those?

  • The Coconut Cabbie
    The Coconut Cabbie 23 days ago

    Youre comparing an elected leader to a dictator????

  • The Coconut Cabbie
    The Coconut Cabbie 23 days ago

    U lot do see how unreasonable the MSM is towards trump right?

  • Bee Hive
    Bee Hive 26 days ago

    Contrast in hairstyles...

    • Bee Hive
      Bee Hive 24 days ago

      ​@jubjub 86 ? and?

    • jubjub 86
      jubjub 86 24 days ago

      Says the person with a account called Bee hive , looser

  • Ryan Crabtree
    Ryan Crabtree 26 days ago

    "the best understanding of the truth collectively" ugh, there is no hive mind you damn fool. You ought to check your premises, truth is not a subjective construct, man, the individual man, perceives reality directly, and reason (an attribute of the individual, the entity that exists) is man's means of knowing it.
    Pragmatism has rotted your ability to decern truth from false, good from evil.

  • Ryan Crabtree
    Ryan Crabtree 26 days ago

    Pinker can't let go of mystic notion of fact and value.

  • Ryan Crabtree
    Ryan Crabtree 26 days ago +3

    "We need a balance between freedom and controls" you unprincipled pragmatist. Your system is the system that has been at work in the world for the last 150 years. And it has increased in its scope ever since the 1920. Far from being a protection keeping people from starving it has caused 2 world wars, a Great Depression, and lesser depression, it has stunted human progress and growth, and killed billions of people. It has driven people into a meaning crisis where they are up a against a wall and can't pull themselves up, and can't think their way out because unnatural market forces from the government intervention in the market place of ideas and elsewhere stops them from doing so.
    Pinker, you are a goddamn unprincipled twit.

  • Ryan Crabtree
    Ryan Crabtree 26 days ago

    this guy is a fucking tool

  • Donkey_for_the_mortal_Gods For the mortal gods

    Psychologist don't know shit because they don't understand economics and monetary policies, if they did they would be able to understand the source of all misery that is the Monopoly over the economy and the money supply, in fact these are the two factors we used to derive the misery index. And so if a psychologist admits to knowing this yep doesn't incorporate it in there analysis then basically they're just a bunch of bought out shills oh, it's pretty much it at the end of the day

  • Mr Freeze
    Mr Freeze 27 days ago +1

    The reason people are not more nice and generous because when you display those types of actions and characteristics you get treated like a naive fool others try to take advantage of you

  • paul davis
    paul davis 27 days ago

    Albert Einstein is not a fan

  • Gavin Yates
    Gavin Yates 28 days ago

    Less billionaires more multi-millionaires this will help Society tremendously. Pass it on if you have the guts or just talk about it.

  • Gavin Yates
    Gavin Yates 28 days ago

    Racism is not funny!

  • Kaiderbulla
    Kaiderbulla 29 days ago +3

    I don't understand...Why does this podcast have such a high percentage of dislikes..?
    What a enticing and thrilling conversation they had... For me, a perfect podcast, once again. Thank you Joe!

    • Nobody Unknown
      Nobody Unknown 20 days ago +1

      Negative people not buying his optimistic outlook on things.

  • sn0fx
    sn0fx 29 days ago

    I came to comment on how much of an idiot this guy is, but decided to look him up first. Kid fucker with epstein.

  • Joe Stephan
    Joe Stephan 29 days ago

    Steven Pinker "People don't often care about the truth. They care about what will most likely earn them esteem in their peer group."

  • Him Next Door
    Him Next Door 29 days ago

    Pinker wants us to accept the notion that school-shootings should occur in secret, in the dark, unreported... He doesn't want us to be asking 'why are these kids looking for notoriety?' or 'what is it about society that causes children to develop into mass murderers?'... and Joe Rogan agrees with him!!!

    The snake in the garden of Eden is a metaphor for men such as these.

  • Oliver P
    Oliver P 29 days ago +1

    Makes fun of Christians who think the past doesn’t matter after accepting Christ...legit five minutes later says democrats starting the kkk doesn’t matter cause it’s in the past *facepalm*

  • dabell12
    dabell12 29 days ago +1

    Steven Pinker is working for the elite ...he is not looking up for average citizen, he is a big reader of the inflated data that the system produce

  • banana rama
    banana rama 29 days ago

    didn't agree with a lot of his views, but still a very interesting guy.

    • J D
      J D 26 days ago

      Which view(s) dont you agree with?

  • Jade 333
    Jade 333 Month ago +1

    Joe is conservative capitalist this month and socialist the next month

  • [cμlt] BlueLigerZero
    [cμlt] BlueLigerZero Month ago +3

    100% Fact: Common sense ain’t so common

  • glorious rhubarb
    glorious rhubarb Month ago


  • Anthony Simon
    Anthony Simon Month ago

    I'm an Atheist, and a Liberal, and if you think a clear as Diamond CO2 Molecule we produce 4% of, or 1/62,500th of the atmosphere can warm a whole Planet, YOU are an "Idiot".

  • Chris J
    Chris J Month ago +1

    It looked like Joe was interviewing Madea in the thumbnail..

  • BRYAN crypt keeper CALLEN

    And Christopher hitchens resurrects and emerges from the tank with them...