Live PD: Just Wanted to Stop Smelling Bad (Season 3) | A&E

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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    An officer locates a robbery suspect in the passenger seat of a vehicle. Upset, she explains that she only stole some hygiene products, but after finding additional drug paraphernalia, the police arrest her in this clip from "8.24.19". #LivePD
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  • A&E
    A&E  Month ago +318

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!

  • Kitabees brownzen
    Kitabees brownzen 54 minutes ago

    VOTE ANDREW YANG 2020 for the $1,000 a month to each and every adult over the age of 18 to help offset the inflation ratio we are obviously and currently going through.

  • Craig Ebanez
    Craig Ebanez Hour ago

    Omg I was more worried about beanz, poor baby....

  • Itstillshotzy
    Itstillshotzy 2 hours ago

    Can we get a beans only vid where the cops try and detain beans

  • Emily Perez
    Emily Perez 2 hours ago

    Girl. the bag isnt mine
    Six.nine yes it is

  • lunar acid
    lunar acid 3 hours ago +1

    he's. he's wearing a rosary on his neck like a necklace.

  • The 7 Ace Family
    The 7 Ace Family 3 hours ago

    Beans needs to go to the vet it looks very sick.

  • Mr. Hollidayy
    Mr. Hollidayy 4 hours ago

    Beans a real G

    CM ONHITME 6 hours ago

    cut her loose- omg,,, 2020 it's almoast 2020!! The Right Guard Police! RGP!

    CM ONHITME 6 hours ago

    NOTE TO FILE: Watching police/LE bust people for grass is about as exciting as a bad car commercial. Just pointing this out, folks. You want an edge? You'll need an edge because people will quit fast. Watch. Just giving ya a heads up, a polite heads up..thanks.

  • Averie Doran
    Averie Doran 7 hours ago

    *Dear god I would die for beans*

  • deven elwell
    deven elwell 7 hours ago

    i just wanted to stop smelling bad .

  • John Graham
    John Graham 10 hours ago

    Druggies have no problem blaming each other. Real upstanding guy he was. Please don't get involved with drugs or druggies.

  • MAR1 Z
    MAR1 Z 11 hours ago

    That’s not fair she just dnt want to smell bad
    :( lol

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 12 hours ago

    Awww poor thing

  • Tackleberry
    Tackleberry 12 hours ago

    Thumbs up For Beans good luck lil homie

  • Deimos Exypnos
    Deimos Exypnos 13 hours ago

    Little do they know, the pipes belonged to Beans

  • GuyRidingOstrich
    GuyRidingOstrich 14 hours ago

    Beans looks very sickly. Poor kitten

  • Dee Spasojevic
    Dee Spasojevic 14 hours ago

    Wow she thinks she's gonna get killed in jail doesn't she??😂

  • Dusty May
    Dusty May 15 hours ago

    Beans was the main man. He didn’t snitch on them HE DIDNT EVEN OPEN HIS MOUTH. He’s amazingggg

  • Aimee Little
    Aimee Little 16 hours ago +1

    Congratulations us police. Lol

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 17 hours ago


    RB_SPLICE 19 hours ago +1

    Waahyy athy yuu awesthing mwee ygsagusyhauhhu

    RB_SPLICE 19 hours ago +1

    I jUsT wAnTeD tO sToP sMeLlInG bAd

    Soap: 😐

  • Lps s l o w m o
    Lps s l o w m o 21 hour ago

    The cop acted really nice, tbh I’m scared of cops and my step dad is a cop and well it doesn’t help to much

  • Andrea Lynn
    Andrea Lynn 21 hour ago

    I hope Beans is doing good

  • Pikao
    Pikao 21 hour ago


  • Aiko Hamasaki
    Aiko Hamasaki 22 hours ago

    Beans is another name for MDMA, so I guess they doin their cat

  • Aiko Hamasaki
    Aiko Hamasaki 23 hours ago

    We all know that that's bean's meth. He just switched up on tray and the girl 🚬🐈

    Yo I see you twitchin' beans.

  • s a d / 1 0
    s a d / 1 0 23 hours ago

    Oh she was smokin meth, now I don’t feel bad.

  • Ryan Hale
    Ryan Hale 23 hours ago

    2:09 mood

  • sa'maira grace
    sa'maira grace 23 hours ago

    when she opened her mouth and started crying i knew she was on drugs

  • Bo Fleming
    Bo Fleming 23 hours ago

    Ariana grande if she was on crack

  • Jeff Keil
    Jeff Keil 23 hours ago

    I hate theives. She must be a Democrat.

  • araceli
    araceli Day ago

    Wouldn’t be the same story if they was black

  • jack matt
    jack matt Day ago

    Kitty cat 🐱 🐱

  • Denise
    Denise Day ago

    You know**sniffs** i i feel bad

  • Chris Burnell
    Chris Burnell Day ago

    Then take a shower

  • Fear4Lezz
    Fear4Lezz Day ago

    Is it me or does anyone care about the cat beans

  • Oscar Santiago
    Oscar Santiago Day ago

    Okay beans the cat is the real hero

  • Fabricated Reality

    Awww, poor little kitten.

  • J Gator
    J Gator Day ago

    Who’s meth is that?! It ain’t beans the cat meth. Lol

  • Molly Jamison
    Molly Jamison Day ago

    0:41 when he says trey, hi my name is trey and I have a basketball game tomorrow, I play point guard.

  • Genocide
    Genocide Day ago +1

    What ever happened to beans ? :( they were so cute , hope they’re doing well

  • Rainzy
    Rainzy Day ago

    I loveeee beeennnns

  • how to do stuff
    how to do stuff Day ago

    She sounds like a dying horse

  • Brandon collins
    Brandon collins Day ago +3

    “so it’s just for a theft” i wonder what else she did😭

    • 101 Gamer
      101 Gamer 22 hours ago

      or meth

    • 101 Gamer
      101 Gamer 22 hours ago

      she shouldn't have stole anything might sound dumb but she stole and smoked weed and it's not legal there

  • Donny Khita
    Donny Khita Day ago

    I didn’t hide it please,” *closes door and no more talking heard*

  • marko cynamon
    marko cynamon Day ago

    Their both ratting each other out .....nice!!

  • Karen smith
    Karen smith Day ago

    i thought drugs were legal in the US like everyone does it

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark Day ago

    What! The driver gets to go just because it was not his ? Not in Alabama, everybody in the car no exception

  • Alphastarseeds
    Alphastarseeds Day ago

    Its funny they start crying thinking the cops will let em go

  • Dick And Jane
    Dick And Jane Day ago

    🎶Part of a meth piiiiiipe🎶

  • Evans Lewis
    Evans Lewis Day ago

    If you want to stop smelling bad then always have your bath 🛀

  • Evans Lewis
    Evans Lewis Day ago

    If you want to stop smelling bad then always have your bath 🛀

  • Evans Lewis
    Evans Lewis Day ago

    If you want to stop smelling bad then always have your bath 🛀

  • That Bloke Will
    That Bloke Will Day ago +2

    Officer: *STOP RESISTING*

    Beans: *m e o w*

    • Blindi
      Blindi 3 hours ago

      is this meth yours?


      that's basically a confession

  • primitive gaming

    What you guys mean by beans

  • Kendra Linkins
    Kendra Linkins Day ago

    I cannot watch anymore that cat was so cute I was about to die

  • jcbusto122
    jcbusto122 Day ago +2

    We should start a GoFundMe for Beans the cat 🐈. She doesn't deserve this