Kindle Paperwhite vs iPad Mini 2 - Reading Compari

  • Published on Apr 21, 2015
  • If you want to bring your library around with you, which device should
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  • Stephen Cooper
    Stephen Cooper Month ago

    One thing you didn't mention was that with Kindle, you can only read books sold by Amazon. An iPad can read all kinds of ebooks, including from the public library.

  • Moi Aussi
    Moi Aussi 10 months ago +1

    Bizarre and frustrating that you choose to demonstrate the actual text in a book by opening up perhaps the worst formatted ebook I've ever seen.

  • Ravi Kumar Bairwa

    This is a stupid review and comparison... How can you compare iPad with Kindle.... You can only compare Apple to Apple.. You cannot not compare Apple and orange.... stupid...

    • Alex James
      Alex James Year ago

      He's comparing it for reading purposes?

  • Ananth R
    Ananth R Year ago

    1:45 it's 9.7 not 7.9

    • Arturo Valle
      Arturo Valle 4 months ago +3

      No, the iPad mini is 7.9" the regular iPad is 9.7"

  • Tricky_Riddles and answers

    I love originalities. So I would prefer kindle only
    As the battery life is more in that when compared to ipad.
    Joke:- title says compari

  • Damian Froon
    Damian Froon Year ago +2

    *I order this for the screen size and the memory. It did NOT disappoint me.>>>**** This was great to have while on my flight to Chicago. Watched a couple of movies.*

  • Dheevesh Mungroo
    Dheevesh Mungroo Year ago +1

    Can you highlight and write annotations on the Kindle?

  • William Sukonik
    William Sukonik Year ago +3

    Im shocked no one talks about the delay on the kindle, I bought one and the ink fading every time I tapped a button drove me crazy right from the start. I'm returning and switching to an ipad.

    • Joshhies
      Joshhies 11 months ago

      it is suppose to be like that!

  • Seraph McGregor
    Seraph McGregor 2 years ago

    I am a studenf and i am looking for a gadget that will have a wholesome package of stidy aids for me. Now should i go for kindle or a tablet?

    • Jithin Jose
      Jithin Jose Year ago

      @Mr. Gadget iPad for sure. Kindle doesn't suit your needs.

    • Mr. Gadget
      Mr. Gadget Year ago

      @Jithin Jose i want to read pdf books with colourfull images, want to watch syllabus related videos, i also read the english author pdf books, have to make ppt's for seminar so which one should i buy kindle or an ipad

    • Jithin Jose
      Jithin Jose 2 years ago

      Seraph McGregor What study aids you require? If you be more clear about your requirements, I can make a suggestion.

    • Seraph McGregor
      Seraph McGregor 2 years ago

      Some corrections, its student not studenf and study, not stidy.

  • Gustavo Rance
    Gustavo Rance 2 years ago

    Helo, Which is the diferent between reading pdf on Kindle 300ppi resolution and on mini ipad, and ipad 4? Thanks in advance!!

    • Scott M
      Scott M Year ago

      On my Ipad mini 2, I have noticed that I am unable to change the font size when reading PDF files. For me, the text is way too small. When reading Kindle books on the IPM2, the default font is fine.

  • Rodolfo Passos dos Santos

    Cool video thanks

  • Margaret Moulding
    Margaret Moulding 3 years ago


  • PartyUpLive
    PartyUpLive 3 years ago

    Just got the Kindle Paperwhite for this very reason. LOVE it. Even in sun light it's amazingly clear and much easier to read. I use read every night now. I recommend it.

  • Imoh Balu
    Imoh Balu 3 years ago

    can we download free Manga on Kindle

  • Rachel
    Rachel 3 years ago

    Thank you this was really helpful!

  • christiansniper2
    christiansniper2 3 years ago +2

    I have the first iPad mini and hate reading on it because it gets my eyes tired.. do you guys think that the kindle will have the same effect?

  • Ice Inducer
    Ice Inducer 3 years ago +2

    I hope apple make iPad that is same size of Kindle Paperwhite, which is only 6 inch. As of now there are 3 iPads (7.9", 9.7 and 12.9") models. But none of them make my hands comfortable holding it without resting it on something.

  • Marylou Molina
    Marylou Molina 3 years ago +2

    I just bit the bullet and bought an ipad 2 mini, Verizon was having a great deal. I already have an Ipad Pro and a Kindle Paperwhite 3. The biggest drawback for me with the Paperwhite is the refreshing of the pages and I have to admit, I'm still struggling to adjust to reading on a tablet versus loving the feel of having a book in my hand. Not sure how to get over this one in general. :) As far as night time reading, the Kindle can't be beat, especially if you don't want to disturb anyone else with a light. The backlight feature is terrific. That being said, the struggle is real and I will continue to try enjoy reading an e-reader as much as a book. Great comparison, it was just what I was looking for.

  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger 3 years ago +26

    I would like to make my contribution regarding the video for those in doubts.
    Short story: For a serious student [not liberal arts] it's not worth buying the kindle if you have ipad. To back up my words I'd like to say that nothing worth mentioning was said in the video. If you need or would like to read book with much illustrations, for example University physics etc. then ipad should be your first choice, if you have the money aim for the retina display.
    Hope i helped someone in doubt. Bye

  • Valerie J
    Valerie J 3 years ago +1

    I have the old Kindle with the keyboard. I haven't bothered to change it because I only use it when reading ebooks at home. But, when I am out and about (say, having a coffee alone somewhere, in a waiting room, etc), I use my iPhone 5s to read my books using the Kindle application which is synchronised with my Kindle device via my Amazon account. I don't have to lug a Kindle device (which is a lot bigger than my phone) around with me. iPhone 5s? Light as a feather in comparison and takes up no room at all in my bag or pocket. :)

    • Tiger In the Desert
      Tiger In the Desert Year ago

      And here I am, an avid reader on the Kindle app with my iPhone 6s, thinking whether I should buy the Kindle or the iPad for my reading purposes. :) Funny how our 'needs and wants' really work. I still haven't decided though.

  • Chuckle Berry
    Chuckle Berry 4 years ago +5

    Color and Illustration means so much to me. I don't like looking at pictures in white and black. It's to boring and It hurts my eyes. I like and read a lot of books that has a lot of illustration artwork. I don't know if the kindle HD would be best for illustration artwork and colors. Is the kindle HD 7 or 8 would be good for that? A friend of mind suggested me to stick with paperback and hardcover books. lol But I have sweaty hands, and I am always on the go. What's your option?
    By the way, thank you for this video. I subscribed and liked :)

    • Chuckle Berry
      Chuckle Berry 4 years ago

      Oh wow! Thank you :)

    • Ethan Powell
      Ethan Powell  4 years ago +1

      Amazon just released a Readers Edition of the Fire HD, I think that might work best for you.

  • Sarah Valdez
    Sarah Valdez 4 years ago

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  • Oleg Korchinski
    Oleg Korchinski 4 years ago +1

    Ethan - thank you for taking the time to make this video. I just sold my iPad 4th Gen w/ Retina to Amazon, and was contemplating getting an iPad Mini 2 ($300 for 32gb, and it's lightweight and compact).
    However, there is still the concern of back lighting and blue light waves on the tablets, and the eye strain and headaches (and supposedly the distorted sleep patterns) that come along with it. Also, limited functionality on an e-reader is actually attractive, as all the distractions of emails and videos are nowhere to be found. Now I am only concerned with being able to transfer the .epub and .pdf onto it.
    I think I am just going to flip a coin.

    • Ethan Powell
      Ethan Powell  4 years ago +2

      Look on eBay, I think they are even less there. And yes, that is why I have the Kindle. My eyes strained while I read the iPad before bed, the Kindle is much easier on the eyes. When you buy a Kindle, you are assigned a special email account. You can simply email files to your Kindle. However, it is usually NOT optimized. iPad is better for PDF.

  • Kerrie Redgate
    Kerrie Redgate 4 years ago +11

    There is one more very important difference between the Kindle and any iPad: that is battery life. An iPad may need to be completely recharged during the course of a day, especially if you're also using it for all the fabulous apps, the net, emails, music, RU-clip viewing, etc; but the Kindle is a dedicated e-reading device, and its battery can last for a week or so before a recharge is necessary, so it's great if you're going on a trip, and don't want to take cables, etc.
    I do like reading my Kindle books on my iPad Air, but I use my old Kindle Keyboard outdoors in the sun. (I'm about to buy a Kindle Paperwhite 3). Though, in Australia, we do have a problem with both devices getting pretty hot in the sun, but then again, so do we!

    • Chuckle Berry
      Chuckle Berry 4 years ago +2

      +Kerrie Redgate Thank you. That makes sense. Although, I probably wont use the iPad mini 2 for anything else but books, while I'm on the go.

    • Ethan Powell
      Ethan Powell  4 years ago +7

      Thanks for the reminder about the battery life! My Paperwhite 2 has lasted a month so far.

  • Akshay Kulkarni
    Akshay Kulkarni 4 years ago +2

    Good explaination

  • Ahmed Hamed AlKalbani
    Ahmed Hamed AlKalbani 4 years ago

    Thanks, very helpful.

  • CAVlogs121
    CAVlogs121 4 years ago +2

    Good video. I have an iPad but was considering getting the Kindle just for reading

    • Ethan Powell
      Ethan Powell  4 years ago +3

      Glad you liked it! When I bought my Kindle, I didn't think that I would use it nearly as much as I have! It's a great tool.