Cardi B. On Her BET Nominations, Nicki Minaj, Dating Offset & Keeping It Hood

  • Published on Sep 15, 2017
  • Cardi B. On Her BET Nominations, Nicki Minaj, Dating Offset & Keeping It Hood
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  • Angela Marshall
    Angela Marshall Day ago

    And this was the seed that was planted to name her daughter Kulture.

    SANDY S 3 days ago

    I just came for the Nicki drama bout to search for time stamps 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Ruby
    Ruby 4 days ago


  • Amanda Gooden
    Amanda Gooden 5 days ago +4

    I still love this interview 2019 ❤❤❤❤

  • Naadira Lee
    Naadira Lee 7 days ago

    the crazy thing is no matter how truthful some of us are about these people we will FOREVER be called haters JESUS was hated also. the team that doesn't go LEFT will always be crucified!

  • LayLow30 Yo
    LayLow30 Yo 7 days ago +1

    how can you dislike cardi, she cute funny and talented

  • garry davis
    garry davis 11 days ago

    Only wish girls like her in uk

  • V G
    V G 12 days ago

    She Hass to have some form of mental disability

    KUZMA 13 days ago +1

    My dude next to envy needs sleep asap

  • It’s khalils Animation

    But Kodak did write the lyrics to bodak yellow why is she lying?

  • Richard Cranium
    Richard Cranium 13 days ago

    She has a great personality but lacks the sense God gave a tree stump

    KHALID OUTARI 13 days ago

    To be honoust bro: she got a face to just shit and pee on bro😂

  • Aphendule Ntsenge
    Aphendule Ntsenge 13 days ago


  • Ronnell Lee
    Ronnell Lee 14 days ago

    Her and charlamange look alike

  • Jay Mona
    Jay Mona 14 days ago

    Love her she so funny

  • L Baity
    L Baity 15 days ago

    Cardi Real!!! Hard Body!! Shes fr ok the boogie down BX! Prime example how anyone WITH DRIVE can make it out these bricks here in NY

  • gguod 300
    gguod 300 17 days ago

    She look like winslow from catdog fam

  • The Notorious Sir
    The Notorious Sir 20 days ago +1


  • Ta'Niyah Campbell
    Ta'Niyah Campbell 20 days ago +1

    I like Cardi B

  • Tuvock Johnson
    Tuvock Johnson 26 days ago

    How do you get a BET nomination for an award when you're not even Black! This doesn't make any sense!

  • Britteny Boyd
    Britteny Boyd 27 days ago

    I love herrrrrr

  • Joshua Rivera
    Joshua Rivera 27 days ago

    What language is she speaking?

  • mizzbleu29
    mizzbleu29 27 days ago

    3:52...... i am sorry but am i the only one annoyed by this damn interview???

  • Jess Mcc
    Jess Mcc 27 days ago

    That's ratchet rat at his best

  • Ashley Bechard
    Ashley Bechard Month ago

    I love Cardi 😍

  • Kimberley Kanages
    Kimberley Kanages Month ago +1

    Her music sucks, but her personality and her comedy makes up for it.

  • EvilJayy
    EvilJayy Month ago

    To know her is to love her!

  • Carlos Mendez
    Carlos Mendez Month ago

    Cardi B looking fine

  • Isis StaRa
    Isis StaRa Month ago

    If your interested in getting to know the facts behind Cardi ‘s song “Clout” I was one of the artists she subbed on her trak because before she recorded it I was emailing an mp3 out to the Djs (Djs Self and Funk Flex) and others som independent underground podcasts... last August 2018. The song was titled “I’M DONE” it was a DiSs record to various artists and Cardi was the first on that song. I didn’t push the song, for my own reasons I wanted to see what the Djs would do thus just as I suspected lend it to her ear and more I’m sure, so when I heard Clout I knew she was referring to me but not solely but if you hear IM DONE you would agree it clearly makes sense then. How could it b to Nikki when she clearly was a star before Cardi hit the scene not spitting from her couch or needed to work on her launch. In addition I have relations with Oscar the Grouch aka Droop Pop who she mentions in the Clout record. If you would like receipts on what I’m speaking or the mp3 IM DONE let me know and I’ll gladly share.
    Thank you

  • Warren Randazzo
    Warren Randazzo Month ago

    She’s so annoying

  • hector estremera
    hector estremera Month ago

    Y u gotta use the l word !! Lol!!!

  • The Greatest
    The Greatest Month ago

    She seems like one of those strippers that's easy to pick up if you can make her laugh.

  • Fauziyah ahmed
    Fauziyah ahmed Month ago +1

    “Help a gotdamn sista out” I felt that!

  • Frankie JO
    Frankie JO Month ago

    She is SO fucking grateful for EVERYTHING, shes gonna be huge for years upon years

  • george gleason
    george gleason Month ago

    if you watch nicki interview on breakfast club she has no vibe cardi b have that vibe...

  • kimberley thomas
    kimberley thomas Month ago

    she's sure not a dum girl. she's a business woman

  • MR 707 VLOGS
    MR 707 VLOGS Month ago

    She gonna talk like a muppet the whole fucking time. I can't watch the rest

  • Mute
    Mute Month ago +1

    15 30

  • almastro Midas
    almastro Midas Month ago

    I love her so much she is really funny

  • Reality
    Reality Month ago

    Cardi speaks like she's possessed by demons that are possessed by Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

    SEVEN WILLIAMS Month ago

    i love her shes too funny

  • jasmine tucker
    jasmine tucker Month ago +1

    I LOVE Cardi.B interviews ❤️❤️👑👌

  • Mcmilleee
    Mcmilleee Month ago

    Why does she talk like that

  • Kamuela Hind
    Kamuela Hind Month ago

    Yo she hella dope...

  • Steven Crosby
    Steven Crosby Month ago

    love cardi

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    She just so happy !! I like her but i DON'T think she's going to last in this hip hop game she has nothing to give back she's rich trash and she dosent work hard enough het only competition is herself!

  • Scratch Drill
    Scratch Drill Month ago +1

    Daaaaaamn Cardi straight from the muthafukin block!

  • Roger Gerritsen
    Roger Gerritsen Month ago

    I dislike her personality and the image she is creating for young women to follow. Also her boyfriend cheated on her and now they have a baby. I also dislike the crap she puts out some people call music. I'm sorry, I have a broad taste. Just as in food. But I won't eat dogshite. Of course some will, apparently.

    • Derek Long
      Derek Long Month ago

      Roger Gerritsen for one im still young... and two she always tells girls to stay in school and get yo education so yuh will get far in life.... she has never told anyone to go and strip... she did it because she had was her choice and yuh see where it got her..... money.... being a stripper really shouldn’t be shamed.... because its exotic dancing.... just cause they dance for money dont make them sluts or hoes or anything.... so dont shame her... she wasnt prostituting in the club.... why do yuh find a way to make her look bad... she is literally donating tons of money for prison reforms and she is pushing to get the people of the united states voices heard....if thats a bad example then yuh my friend are very lost

    • Roger Gerritsen
      Roger Gerritsen Month ago

      Man she was a stripper. That sounds like the easy way bro. I hope you don't support your children to be strippers.

    • Derek Long
      Derek Long Month ago

      Roger Gerritsen nah she isnt showing kids anything that everything in the workd is showing them... she isnt telling them get on a pole and make yo money... she is telling girls yuh can rise if yuh work hard

  • Eternal Williams
    Eternal Williams Month ago +1

    5 mins into the interview and I just can't. Not an intelligent guest and not entertaining for me.

  • Bre Reed
    Bre Reed Month ago +2

    “If ion got no licensensh...what dat tell you?...” 😭😭😭 she is sooo goofy

  • FartnYaFace
    FartnYaFace 2 months ago

    She speaking pigeon Bronx? Tell ya what who cares what language she speaking i just wanna t-bag those lips mandingo style!

  • wassup g
    wassup g 2 months ago +6

    who rewatching her i 2019!!

  • Abdulahi Mohamed
    Abdulahi Mohamed 2 months ago +7

    I think cardi what's high ash in dis interview 😆

    RAAD ELEVEN 2 months ago

    Kulture 💕

  • CoolKem C
    CoolKem C 2 months ago

    Oh is she a Libra? Cos we’re indecisive at the best of times 😆

    • Gab
      Gab 2 months ago +1


  • Emperor Ras Ross Of Burundi

    Future generation for the coulture hash tag cardiB

  • Emperor Ras Ross Of Burundi

    GotCha... BodaK Bonjour.

  • Emperor Ras Ross Of Burundi

    BTW i'm not only 33 degree freemason , i'm 33 degree counselor
    That's why.. nothin Magic like that
    Rastafari Power
    Rastafari Iwer

  • Emperor Ras Ross Of Burundi

    Belcalis Almanzar , Thank you .. Got a movie to watch.. Straight OUTA >>> the 75 000 scene

  • x TheArkhamNightx
    x TheArkhamNightx 2 months ago +3

    Lost a few brain cells watchn this.