Minecraft Part 1

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • we go back to our minecraft gameplay roots
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  • hiromansun craft
    hiromansun craft 8 minutes ago

    Dah punya mantan belom kalo belom ke kali mantan sana

  • FT3o Cryptyyx
    FT3o Cryptyyx Hour ago

    Anyone from 2056

  • Nicolas Ricke
    Nicolas Ricke 2 hours ago

    Hello ppl from 2023 who get this video recommended to them in 4 years

  • Riley McLaughlin
    Riley McLaughlin 2 hours ago +1

    And so it begins.....

  • Jess Francisco
    Jess Francisco 3 hours ago

    Can I just find diamonds and if you’re can get diamond armour and do not get this you can get it in time set day if you’re in creative and you go back to survival

  • Johanne Levring
    Johanne Levring 4 hours ago

    Right klik the tnt

  • umut güler
    umut güler 4 hours ago +1

    omg! PewDiePie minecraft play! :D

  • The What is Normal show

    This my first vid

  • AJ - TheAdventurist
    AJ - TheAdventurist 6 hours ago

    Pewdiepie: 4:44
    Minecraft: Do not compare me to those 2 dimensional waifus, I’m painfully more _t h i c c_

  • Hans W
    Hans W 9 hours ago


  • Alexander Alexa
    Alexander Alexa 9 hours ago

    anyone know this?
    ues a calculator if you want

  • jo galinha
    jo galinha 10 hours ago

    Quero legendaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please

  • Ульяна Иванова

    Bich minekraft BICH MINEKRAFT

  • SaVaGe BoYs On AsH HaCkInG

    Hey pew Di pie you are a minecaft noob

  • sobbbz
    sobbbz 17 hours ago +1

    This is where it all started.

  • ML Gaming
    ML Gaming 18 hours ago

    There's OctoPussy

  • Jonathan Clarion
    Jonathan Clarion 20 hours ago +1


  • ducksquish
    ducksquish 21 hour ago +1

    Me: watches really sad and depressing ad before video

  • Unstable
    Unstable 21 hour ago +1

    I know the seed comment if you want it

  • Lilly Studies
    Lilly Studies 22 hours ago

    Getting a pewdiepie ad on a pewdiepie video

  • jeff cyril santiago
    jeff cyril santiago 22 hours ago

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  • paola sivil
    paola sivil 23 hours ago

    Esse é o comentário Brasileiro que você estava procurando kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • xxxMGachaxxx
    xxxMGachaxxx 23 hours ago


  • Fortnite Fat Cat


  • 30,000 subs with 1 video

    Hello 9 year olds

  • Lucas Powers
    Lucas Powers Day ago

    You suck

  • the best mincraft player

    Such bad sound

  • trash
    trash Day ago


  • 11BlueKing11
    11BlueKing11 Day ago

    and that day. the legend was born

  • Kerem Şahin
    Kerem Şahin Day ago

    Pewdiepie prooo

  • schaft
    schaft Day ago +1

    Alguem português

  • Complex
    Complex Day ago

    SERVER IP: complex.mc.gg
    VERSION: 1.14.4

  • Elle boy09
    Elle boy09 Day ago +1

    Lika Alla som är från sverige🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • joel jimenez
    joel jimenez Day ago


  • ken's pen
    ken's pen Day ago +1

    When you realise that people will slowly forget about pewdiepie's minecraft series
    And about all the characters


  • Orla Reilly
    Orla Reilly Day ago


  • ellimo el verde
    ellimo el verde Day ago

    Thanks for reviving minecraft brother

  • Gabriell Campbell

    Mob Spohn in the evening or the night in the sun isn’t even up so this they’ll stay up all of the night that’s just light of the sun

  • Gabriell Campbell

    That skeleton thing with the chest was called a mob Spohn or in this case a skeleton spawner if you put torches on it the spawner I mean they would’ve stopped spawning and they die in the sun or light so if you put a lot of torches around you could’ve took took the good stuff in the Chester might’ve been diamonds or gold or gold or cold in that chest and if you killed all the skeletons you would’ve got bones to make bone meal that can grow things stupid

    • Angel Avila Pano
      Angel Avila Pano Day ago

      you do realize this was uploaded 4 moths ago right

    • Gabriell Campbell
      Gabriell Campbell Day ago

      Sorry if some of the words are bad English isn’t my first language

  • Marcos Corral
    Marcos Corral Day ago

    Mano a legenda bugou

  • Ken1602 KenSaktaya

    *G A M I N G W E E K*

  • Alexon Zosa
    Alexon Zosa Day ago +1

    Pewds:Im a minecraft veteran

    Also pewds: *accidently kill peepeepoopoo with a potion*

  • Iam Cass
    Iam Cass Day ago

    This is me rewatching the Minecraft series after watching thr moving meatball. Alas the series has ended and it's time to go back😂

  • krissysimpson1
    krissysimpson1 Day ago

    Are you being so rude to the boys girlfriend

  • Shane Grey
    Shane Grey Day ago +1

    It took me this long to see that pewd's Minecraft skin is from the song congratulations when he was on the streets.

    I'm sorry 😔. It's just so deep.

  • PeanutButter
    PeanutButter Day ago

    U a legend

  • Kobe Charlan
    Kobe Charlan Day ago

    I rewatched all your videos 10 times and I love your outfit and your episodes also I was trying too get your seed

  • Gilbert Here
    Gilbert Here Day ago +1

    Please help me tu subcribe my channel.. i am newbie and help me how to play this game actually

  • Meera Rawat
    Meera Rawat Day ago

    U found a temple in just start of the game wow

  • Saddoenut [HD]
    Saddoenut [HD] Day ago

    PewDiePie when he saw creeper öööö

  • R y 4 n
    R y 4 n Day ago +1

    *ok boomer*

  • Christian Corvetti

    Well this went well

  • blank
    blank Day ago

    where it all started

  • Krystal Wolfy
    Krystal Wolfy Day ago


  • Ashley O'Bar
    Ashley O'Bar Day ago

    Uhm... is it just me or did I get a pew die pie ad? ;-;

  • games like a beast
    games like a beast 2 days ago

    How did he find a sponer in the first mine

  • MOB King 0
    MOB King 0 2 days ago +7

    Who’s here after he ended the series

  • PhoneMeldoyMadness
    PhoneMeldoyMadness 2 days ago

    *rides horse* OOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO

  • ey ey ey ey
    ey ey ey ey 2 days ago

    Hows here after watching the giant flying meatball

  • XXDragonGamer 600
    XXDragonGamer 600 2 days ago

    PewDiePie screams like Flamingo