Asus UX410UQ Control your fan speed - Complete silence in idle!

  • Published on Apr 7, 2017
  • Download the tool
    It should work for UX410UA and UX410UQ and many other models
    Checkout my other video how to put 24GB of ram into it
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  • Danut Gavrus
    Danut Gavrus 24 days ago

    Hp Pavilion 15-cx0013nq:
    Ive tryed for some hours to create one by myself, but I just couldnt do it. None of the recommended config works :(
    Also, I have followed the tutorial on how to create your own config, for a moment I thought that Ive found the registers as 0xF2 and 0xF3, but I cant modify them, also, maybe I am wrong.

    This is my DSDT table: . I searched in it a lot, if you search for "EmbeddedControl" you find something similar with the tutorial, but I couldn`t do the job.

    OperationRegion(ERAM, EmbeddedControl, Zero, 0xFF)
    Field(ERAM, ByteAcc, Lock, Preserve)
    Offset(0x5F), //Offset(95),
    ERBD, 8,
    SMPR, 8,
    , 8,
    OperationRegion(CCLK, SystemIO, 0x1810, 0x04)
    Field(CCLK, DWordAcc, NoLock, Preserve)
    , 1,
    DUTY, 3,
    THEN, 1,
    , 3,
    FTT, 1,
    , 8,
    TSTS, 1,

    Recommended configs: (I have tryed them all, none works)
    HP Laptop 14-cm0xxx
    HP Pavilion 14-v066br
    HP Pavilion 17-ab240nd
    HP Pavilion dv6 6190
    HP Pavilion dv6
    HP ENVY x360 Convertible 13-ag0xxx
    HP Compaq 15-s103tx
    HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13-ae0xx
    HP Compaq 615
    HP EliteBook Folio 9470m_i5-3427u_bios-F.66
    HP Compaq 6735s Turion X2 RM-72
    HP Compaq Presario CQ40 Turion X2 RM-74
    HP ZBook Studio G3
    HP ProBook 4520s
    HP ProBook 4720s
    HP ProBook 6455b

    I will appreciate any help !
    Thank you !

  • Ingo Boo
    Ingo Boo Month ago

    You made my day! thank you so much !

  • Akhil
    Akhil 2 months ago

    Thank you very much!!!! I use a ux430uq and it used to be very loud even at idle but not anymore

  • Kevin Bautista
    Kevin Bautista 3 months ago

    Any chance this could work with the UX433 Zenbook line? Thank you for the video.

  • Sofia Jerez
    Sofia Jerez 7 months ago

    it doesnt affect the computer performance in any way ?

  • Tony Cueva
    Tony Cueva 7 months ago +1

    Thanks bro
    It really in asus notebook x550l

  • Dominik Šulák
    Dominik Šulák 9 months ago

    Skvělé! mám UX430UQ a funguje nádherně! Díky moc :)

  • teacher 31
    teacher 31 9 months ago

    There is a configuration for the UX490UA (Asus Zenbook 3 deluxe)? I think there isnt a configration for it but maybe there is a configuration for a other notebook that works for the UX490UA. Sorry my english is not so good :D

  • Veronika Foltýnová
    Veronika Foltýnová 10 months ago +1

    It works :) Děkuju!

  • Karakuli
    Karakuli 10 months ago

    Thanks! When I was choosing my laptop I knew there was going to be some ventilation noise and was surprised when nothing happened for over a month. Somehow the .xml thing isn't working for me (my notebook doesn't see the .xml file when I want to import it). Can someone say whether the laptop heats up from time to time with the tool on enabled modus?

  • FonFon Girão
    FonFon Girão Year ago

    But increasing the fan speed e results in a better gaming performance?

    • Petr Večeřa
      Petr Večeřa  11 months ago

      No it doesn't work like that. The temperature of the computer affects the performance. If your computer is cold you can get the best performance out of your games. But it it's hot the processor and GPU stars throttling to keep the temperatures down. In this guide if your temps go high to the numbers where throttling would be triggered (decrease performance) the fan speed is set to the maximum.

  • abdullah hamadeh
    abdullah hamadeh Year ago

    trust me its better because my ux31e did the same ... but when the fan stop there will be a burning smell in my notebook

    • abdullah hamadeh
      abdullah hamadeh Year ago

      @Petr Večeřa i understand but there was a problem with mine .. Got it fixed and i suggest that you turn off the fan when the pc is a bit colder than that .. But thanks for the app and info because i wanted to speee up the fan not slow it down lol

    • Petr Večeřa
      Petr Večeřa  Year ago

      Well if you disable fan in your laptop you can't expect to work it well :D The tutorial is about how to slow down the fan when the cpu is low. When you are about to hit 90 C you should always have your fan at 100%

  • King Musik
    King Musik Year ago

    i have a asus x541uak I cant find my laptop in the config what do I do? any help is appreciated :)

  • Pedram kg
    Pedram kg Year ago

    I have the same problem with my zenbook ux530. Can I use this program even if my laptop is not on the list?

    • xujok
      xujok Year ago +1

      You can try. It can't harm you computer so feel free to test it out.

  • Martin Svoboda
    Martin Svoboda Year ago

    Ahoj, chci se zeptat - funguje ten program i kdyz ho vypnu? Respektive, nakonfiguruju si svoje nastaveni, vypnu program a vetracek se furt bude ridit podle mé custom konfigurace nebo pojede na default nastaveni?
    PS: Kdyby furt je na custom konfiguraci, bude se podle ni chovat i po restartu i bez zapnuti programu? :D

    • Petr Večeřa
      Petr Večeřa  Year ago

      Ahoj, rekl bych ze ne. Alespon ja ho mam porad zapnuty/nezkousel jsem. Ten program samotny nic nezere, a kdyz ho ma clovek v liste tak aspon vidi jakou ma teplotu :)

  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago


  • Gabriela Štěpková

    Díky moc :) Už jsem si říkala, že jsem vyhodila 25 litrů za hlučnej ntb (mám ux330ua), ale tohle to trochu zlepšilo. "Dead silent" teda rozhodně není, ale je to lepší.

  • ABDI Zakaria
    ABDI Zakaria Year ago

    Update the Bios and every thing gonna be alright :)

    • Kristian Zen
      Kristian Zen Year ago

      not true. have new bios 301 on asus zenbookux330ua and stil loud as hell, especiall on startup.

  • Jose Le Roy
    Jose Le Roy Year ago

    Thank you for the vid. Do you know which confid will work with asus vivobook S410UN-EB037T 14" ?

  • SonicBoner
    SonicBoner Year ago

    Does this works to ASUS VivoBook X442U?

  • מוריין מלול

    If I use the first part of the video and not part 2 where I need to change settings
    It's OK? Could this cause overheating? Confused

  • Peter Futo
    Peter Futo Year ago

    Works laptop like.

  • Christos Michael
    Christos Michael Year ago

    I am getting this message when I am trying to import the file:
    "the selected file could not be imported. Maybe it is not valid or you don't have read permissions."
    I have the ASUS UX410A

  • Stefano Zaninetti

    Thank you, same problem with ASUS UX430UN brand new. Nice tip!

  • Marek Fischer
    Marek Fischer Year ago

    Thanks a lot! Great tutorial!

  • george tsk
    george tsk Year ago

    guys, i have a one problem.
    my vivobook somtimes has a big voice from the cooling fan since i bought it and very bigest voices when i play some games
    is it normal?? :/ how can i fix it??

    • xujok
      xujok Year ago +1

      If it's only when you play games - than it's normal. You can buy cooling pad which can help...

  • Urasy Yang
    Urasy Yang Year ago

    Hello admin if I set to 100% speed all time does it damage my latop?

    • Urasy Yang
      Urasy Yang Year ago

      Now my latop is fixed the hot temperature by this program, I just buy cooling pad but not be effective to it now I really love this program thank u for your answer.

    • xujok
      xujok Year ago

      No, but it would be really laud, not sure if that's what are you looking for. If you have problems with temps (for example in the hot room ) I would recommend getting laptop cooling pad .

  • Pepa0vojta0records

    Škoda, že to není v češtině :D Ale jinak super video :)

  • zero kevin
    zero kevin Year ago

    Is that possible to set fan speed by 10, 20, 100% ??

  • Sara M
    Sara M Year ago

    OMG thank you so much. I was starting to get annoyed by the sound!!! Are there any cons?
    I hope that, as my computer model wasn't there, I chose one who it was similar to. Is that a problem?

  • nielsbrrzl
    nielsbrrzl Year ago

    Hey guys, thank you for your tutorial. I don't see a version for the Asus UX330U though, anyone knows if I can use a different version? Or another software? I have a very noisy fan too, came all of a sudden, and this laptop is only six months old! Thanks in advance!! :)

    • Petr Večeřa
      Petr Večeřa  Year ago

      You can use some config for similar model. But if it started become noisy out of sudden. You should check your task manager if you don't have any program which is heavy on your CPU or you could have clogged fan

  • onedayjstmaybe
    onedayjstmaybe Year ago

    does this also work for asus zenbook flip ux360ua?

  • Cristóbal Payá
    Cristóbal Payá Year ago +1

    Thank you very much for your work, it works very well!!!!!!

  • Adrian Kristiansen
    Adrian Kristiansen Year ago +5

    I have a Zenbook 360 AUK and ive been really annoyed with the fan noise since i got it like 6 months ago. This guide worked 100%! First time i ever used my laptop dead silent i almost cried lol. Thanks a lot you just changed my life for real.

  • Tunca
    Tunca Year ago +3

    Thanks alot, I recently bought the zenbook 490UX and I was getting worried about the fan noise. This completely fixed it.

    • Rim xoxo
      Rim xoxo Year ago +1

      Hi! There is no configuration for the the Zenbook UX490 how did you configurate it ?

  • Jori Schröer
    Jori Schröer Year ago

    Many thanks! Almost considered trading in this laptop for this issue. I used to have an older cheaper type of Zenbook which was completly silent.

  • Solem Chakma
    Solem Chakma Year ago

    Asus ZenBook UX410 UQ is it good?
    I am going to buy How is it?

    • xujok
      xujok Year ago

      Sure I would recommend the laptop.

  • King Faysal
    King Faysal Year ago

    Thanks guy for excellent video. I bought new asus zenbook ux410ua and was dissapointed after observing hudge fan noise. I contacted asus service center, but no reply. After installing this apps, i am relived. Thans once again.

  • Federico Climent
    Federico Climent Year ago

    Thanks for your help. The only downside of my asus zenbook was this one and it's solved.

  • Vanesa Santa Cruz

    Hi thanks for the video very useful!!! I have a question. I bought a Asus Zenbook Flip UX360UAK, should I set up Fan 1 at 50% , or Auto ?

  • dawia3
    dawia3 Year ago

    Thanks MAN! that's working great!

  • espsee
    espsee Year ago

    thanks bruh. helped me a lot

  • Mandy Wong
    Mandy Wong 2 years ago

    Hi, I did every steps like what you have done. After saving the xml file in notepad, when import and searching for the xml file that I have saved in document, I have no idea why there is no xml file shown :( I can't find the xml file to import it, anyone can help? Please :(

    • pooya tolideh
      pooya tolideh 2 years ago +1

      Download a free code editor like Visual Studio Code, create a new file, copy the config inside and save as .XML

  • Guadalupe Moreno
    Guadalupe Moreno 2 years ago

    Hey! Thanks for the video! For some reason it's not letting me create an xml file. I try to convert the txt file to a xml online but then it's not letting me import it. Do you know what this might be happening? Also I have an ASUS 310UQ. Do you know if is there any config from the ones are there that I can use? Thanks!

    • Petr Vecera
      Petr Vecera 2 years ago

      You might have the extension of the files hidden in your computer. try to enable it and check the file again

  • Dimitri La Penna
    Dimitri La Penna 2 years ago

    Awesome !

  • Tom Collingwood
    Tom Collingwood 2 years ago

    Man - you have just made my UX430 fantastic! Hugely appreciate this video, massive help. Thank you!

    • Brian Sørensen
      Brian Sørensen 2 years ago

      How did you set the thresholds? I own a ux430u and have set the lowest to 65c

  • Mateusz Jakubik
    Mateusz Jakubik 2 years ago

    thanks !

  • a5sa a1z1
    a5sa a1z1 2 years ago

    casper c700 model :((

  • alexa mouse879
    alexa mouse879 2 years ago +5

    is this download 100% safe for my laptop? and how does it affect battery life, speed, anything else etc?

    • Urasy Yang
      Urasy Yang Year ago

      Does it damage my laptop if I set 100% speed all time of opening my pc?

    • Mr.Zdenda
      Mr.Zdenda 2 years ago +1

      It's safe and it helps your laptop be quiet. There is not really a way that this would affect speed or battery life :).
      Personaly I'm using it over half a year and it's awesome :)

  • AYB
    AYB 2 years ago

    does it also work for the UX430au ???

  • erhard heinz
    erhard heinz 2 years ago

    unfortunately it just changes the target fan speed at my yoga 710 not the actual fan speed
    any advice for that problem?

  • Blinded Bliss - Diana
    Blinded Bliss - Diana 2 years ago


  • eduardo quezada
    eduardo quezada 2 years ago

    @Peter Vecera, 1st than all best thanks for this video!, just 3 questions, (please)
    1- Im layin at bed playing youtube and writing this, a couple chrome pages open. My UX310UA (really really similar to UX410UA) is 45C° and 0% Fan Speed (B'cos its night and the sound is stressfull) Is it ok? or should be less T°?
    2-Is not bad for the laptop to use FanControls? i mean, I hope not cos this has been a pretty good solution for me, but i wouldnt like to have issues by fan in some future (months/years).
    3- Since I've downloaded FanControl my max T°has been 50° using architecture softwares (not too hardcore, but significant), i personally care to manage the fan to not pass the 50°C, too much care? or is it OK?
    Regards, and thanks Peter

    • Petr Večeřa
      Petr Večeřa  2 years ago +2

      Yeah it's ok, the laptops are build to withstand temperatures up to 100°C , when I play a game and gpu and cpu are at full usage the fan is running at full speed and even with that I have temperatures around 85°C , also if your computer would hit the critical temperature it can automatically lower the performance to cool itself and in the worst case scenario it would shut itself down. So temperatures around 50 are completely fine...

    • eduardo quezada
      eduardo quezada 2 years ago

      this parameters
      the fan is off as long as the temperature is below 60°C
      at 60°C the fan starts with a speed of 10%
      at 65°C the fan speeds up to 50%
      are ok?

  • Mees
    Mees 2 years ago

    Thanks! I have the BX410U. I can't find it anywhere online, but as far as I know it's the exact same as the UX. This works great!

  • dddingo
    dddingo 2 years ago +2

    How is the hinge? Does it hold up well?

    • Blinded Bliss - Diana
      Blinded Bliss - Diana 2 years ago

      Good thing I've got a five year warranty in my country :P

    • dddingo
      dddingo 2 years ago +1

      Petr Večeřa not true but thanks anyway

    • Petr Večeřa
      Petr Večeřa  2 years ago

      Yeah I see, I would bet it's in the plastic. I don't have time to play with it like that. Unfortunately you can't expect the high quality from todays manufacturers. They aim for 2 years life-span. ...

    • dddingo
      dddingo 2 years ago +1

      Petr Večeřa I know I'm asking a lot but can you take the display apart from the base so we can see the internal of the hinge? please

    • Petr Večeřa
      Petr Večeřa  2 years ago

      Check out my other video - you can see it there , or try to search for any other videos which takes the laptop apart. Can't tell if that's connected to some plastic holder by I think that the screws are connected through the MB to the front frame

  • dddingo
    dddingo 2 years ago

    are you sure it works for ux410UA? I'm planning to get the laptop soon

  • snoozieboi
    snoozieboi 2 years ago

    Thanks! Great fix for the fan noise, I'm clueless about this, but with the current profile I'm using now the lowest fan setting seems to be 12,5% is it possible to go lower? I'd rather have more steps (I have not yet opened an xml, didn't even catch how you did it) before the fans blast off at 60C and you get this yoyo of quiet and strong fan power. Sometimes the fan also makes a false start and goes quiet again after 0.2 secs.

  • Hazemoky
    Hazemoky 2 years ago

    Does it also work for ux430uq?

    • Giovanna Dicosola
      Giovanna Dicosola Year ago

      I do have ux430uq and trying to figure out. I created xml file. First copy and past the config to a text file and then converted txt to xml online. But when I try to import the xml file to Fan Control I do get an error message saying I am not allowed to or the file is not ok. WHat can I do? Thanks

    • Petr Večeřa
      Petr Večeřa  2 years ago

      Not sure, I guess it should. You can always try ...

  • Jonas Maison
    Jonas Maison 2 years ago +18

    Nice tutorial, I'm one of the authors of the UX410UQ NBFC xml file ;)

    • Danut Gavrus
      Danut Gavrus 24 days ago

      Could you also help me with a xml file for a Hp Pavilion 15-cx0013nq ?

    • Jonas Maison
      Jonas Maison 2 years ago

    • Alex López
      Alex López 2 years ago

      In the UX410UQ NBFC xml file, the minimun fan speed is 12,5 for the temperatures between 40-45 ºC. But for 0-39ºC there is not configuration, it would be possible confiugure the fan speed for other percentages there??

  • Tomasz Kledecki
    Tomasz Kledecki 2 years ago

    That's a nice trick to know. Thank you. I am going to get a UX410UQ myself soon. By the way, sorry for the off-topic here, but how is the quality of the built-in speakers? Can you get any bass out of them?

    • Tomasz Kledecki
      Tomasz Kledecki 2 years ago

      Hey, thanks for a quick reply. I was curious because sometimes I'm just forced to use laptop's speakers only. At the moment, I have Asus N71vg, an 8-year old 17" brick but the sound is superior to even current laptops. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a Macbook pro - this UX410's price range is my maximum.

    • Petr Večeřa
      Petr Večeřa  2 years ago

      Well ... I would say it's ok, quite better than most of the laptops. But still not great and I would not consider too much bass. The speakers in Macbook Pro are better. Also the speakers are on the bottom so that's not great. I am not sure If I am the right person to judge, I have quite high standards, I have couple of 200$ headphones so in compare to that, I would not listen to the music on this laptop :D