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  • Sports Car Nation
    Sports Car Nation 14 hours ago

    That’s what happens 2 the middleman: it gets the least protection. It happened 2 the Xbox One S, and now it happened 2 the PS4 Slim

  • Paul Vancheri
    Paul Vancheri 17 hours ago

    Wow... I really hate all these rich youtube kids... (Just look at how much I under value money).

  • PhilGamer ProGamer

    USB killer vs private jet

    • Paul Vancheri
      Paul Vancheri 16 hours ago

      In mid air... Live stream, and full of youtubers like this..

  • Emma Ali
    Emma Ali Day ago

    Try the ps4pro

  • Danielle Traxy
    Danielle Traxy Day ago

    These videos hurt my bank account 😂

  • DingYeh Yang
    DingYeh Yang Day ago

    Godzila: **wot n tarnation?**

  • AngelWithFanz
    AngelWithFanz 2 days ago

    That bass 🤣👌🏾

    TEAM TOXIC SERBIA 2 days ago

    youre crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • N HolmesIII
    N HolmesIII 3 days ago

    You wast a lot of money

  • GH -Goal Highlights.

    So how can you revive these new electronics?

  • Zach TNT
    Zach TNT 3 days ago +1

    Why a gtr???????

  • Agent 3
    Agent 3 3 days ago


  • Fantastic Films
    Fantastic Films 3 days ago +1

    My I pad doesn’t have a USB port so yeah my I pad is safe


    This guy is the reaper of technology

  • Rishand 786
    Rishand 786 4 days ago +1

    I love NISSAN GTR 😘

  • Raymond Whitten
    Raymond Whitten 4 days ago

    Wtf do u and all these dumb asses keep breaking shit for no reason

  • Irma Bautista
    Irma Bautista 5 days ago

    That was David vlas subscribe to him

  • moby dick
    moby dick 5 days ago

    Gtr is just too far😢

  • Guadalupe Luevano
    Guadalupe Luevano 6 days ago +1


  • Zeus aylaf
    Zeus aylaf 6 days ago

    USB killer vs pc gamin

  • Green Mr
    Green Mr 7 days ago

    Nintendo switch so beautiful :((( why guys.

  • Death Eater
    Death Eater 7 days ago

    Its hurts to watch the nissan die

  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro 9 days ago

    Like 2000k is wasted

  • Pure Hats
    Pure Hats 10 days ago +1

    People really enjoy this or just curious but it would really fun if you use explosion instead of a tiny electric charge use gas dude

  • DeadCell
    DeadCell 11 days ago

    This is the worst content I've ever seen

  • robin vvs
    robin vvs 11 days ago

    What is the gems name

  • Viksata 1379
    Viksata 1379 12 days ago

    Can I have the car pls

  • green123FTW
    green123FTW 12 days ago

    Why the GTR R35 doe why not a Toyota Camry 😂

  • Technical Tips
    Technical Tips 14 days ago

    Man how much money do u hsve to buy more and more

  • Bear Jennings
    Bear Jennings 14 days ago

    9:44 pile of Nokia’s

  • กันทรากร คงสกุล


  • 하잇섭
    하잇섭 14 days ago

    Wow.... That name is usb killer..

  • Herald Wekesa
    Herald Wekesa 15 days ago

    Well, u did kill like more than 400 dollar products so; that isn't such a big deal

  • GrantPlayz
    GrantPlayz 15 days ago

    You literally have something that has the word killer in the name and you plug it into something and are like “oh shoot it doesn’t work anymore” well no shit Sherlock of course it’s not going to work anymore

  • red erio2.0
    red erio2.0 15 days ago

    USB Killer vs a house XD 🏠

  • Rishu gaming and car videos

    Do you know techrax

  • Shaima Bari
    Shaima Bari 15 days ago

    Can you give me that nintendo switch

  • Anisha Singh
    Anisha Singh 15 days ago +1

    Did U JUST destroy A CAR!!!!!

  • Pieter Keinrich
    Pieter Keinrich 16 days ago +1

    Can you just give me the ps 4 and the Nintendo switch

  • Ej Padilla
    Ej Padilla 17 days ago

    Give me.some boy

  • SickGaming
    SickGaming 17 days ago

    for an actual USB u need a docking station witch has 3 USB ports and connect the docking station to your TV (via HDMI included and also chrg the docking station while plugged in

  • Gerald Fileman Simatupang

    Lucast is right

  • Abdul Shaheed
    Abdul Shaheed 17 days ago

    You are so crazy man

  • The Inevitability
    The Inevitability 18 days ago

    PS4 pro does not get affected

  • PeekAShoot
    PeekAShoot 18 days ago

    *puts USB killer into GTR*
    Nissan GTR: *explodes*

  • FlyByN1te
    FlyByN1te 18 days ago

    Wtf is the point of all this?

  • mr.light bulb
    mr.light bulb 19 days ago

    What there are a army of nokias I think we all ded 9:37

  • lemoncloud GT
    lemoncloud GT 19 days ago

    The static may be the tv

  • Phillip Sevenster
    Phillip Sevenster 19 days ago +2

    Can you give me a Nitendo Switch I've always wanted that pleas

  • Case Phone
    Case Phone 19 days ago

    Plug a USB
    killer into the Nintendo Wii

  • Dr Kevorkian
    Dr Kevorkian 19 days ago

    Should try obd killer

  • TurtleRealYT
    TurtleRealYT 20 days ago

    It's David vlas

  • Kingkillboy's Revenge

    I also have a switch I can show you guys on my channel

  • Kingkillboy's Revenge
    Kingkillboy's Revenge 21 day ago +2


  • Jeff Trimper
    Jeff Trimper 22 days ago

    this pains me to watch

  • Dylan Simpson
    Dylan Simpson 23 days ago

    Get a Tesla, then use the USB killer.

  • PRO_Hickgood king
    PRO_Hickgood king 23 days ago!WU4VQIib!HS0DdlcsQLlQW4iF2ZKYTeNc8feIaV52pT9yXsIi3wY
    baxa ae e poe no pendrive eenfia no cu fdp

  • Doktor moisi
    Doktor moisi 23 days ago

    fuck you faggot

  • Noman Ashfaq
    Noman Ashfaq 23 days ago


    TURBO CHICKEN 8 24 days ago

    This hurts to look at

  • erick urtes
    erick urtes 24 days ago

    Well USB port for a 2016 gtr looks like 57.99 lol

  • Rdunn24
    Rdunn24 25 days ago

    What if you plugged the sub killer in a wall

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 25 days ago

    3:11 three two huan

    XXXBOX360TACION 26 days ago

    Why do people do this for youtube 🙄

  • Jacob Detubio
    Jacob Detubio 26 days ago

    GTR fans anyone

  • Sharyn Basid
    Sharyn Basid 26 days ago


  • Joseph
    Joseph 28 days ago


  • Michael Baatz
    Michael Baatz 28 days ago

    Why you destroy so many things? 😠

  • Ethan Maynard
    Ethan Maynard 28 days ago

    Anybody watching in 2019 when David is a famous RU-clipr with his brother and changed his RU-clip name to David vlas

  • Roblox mater DJ
    Roblox mater DJ Month ago

    Bro you are so ugly 😂😂😂