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  • Sean smith
    Sean smith 16 days ago

    What oil will go up in flames

  • Nate W
    Nate W 19 days ago

    They use the terms "yam" and "sweet potato", but this is incorrect as yams and sweet potatoes are two different plants

  • Danja E.
    Danja E. 20 days ago

    ''Gorden Ramsey has entered the chat''

  • Chloe Marshall
    Chloe Marshall 23 days ago

    I live in England and we don’t have thanksgiving so I have no clue what you would eat x

  • Gacha_ Cat
    Gacha_ Cat 24 days ago

    2:14 cursed image

  • Mayla Moss
    Mayla Moss 26 days ago

    You should have cooked the sweet potatoes first and dipped everything in a batter to give it a fighting chance

  • Liam Plays It
    Liam Plays It 27 days ago

    Deep fry the video

  • Toby Guggenmos
    Toby Guggenmos Month ago +1

    I actually almost Bunt my house down while making French fries and I had to use a chemical extinguisher and ruined my kitchen had to buy all new stuff

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    my favourate pi is 3.141592

  • Fu Qin Pan
    Fu Qin Pan Month ago

    Use bread crumbs and eggs to cover the mash mellow to keep it in the bread crumbs

  • luke perry
    luke perry Month ago

    If you guys don't like fried bread then you wouldn't like it over the pond in england... also you should definitely deep fry a mars bar!

  • Corporal McMuffin
    Corporal McMuffin Month ago

    I gots me a story. So me and ole Bubba Nathaniel were working on how to make ole Bubba's motorbike chug along powered by 'shine, and that's when we got an ideer. I said let's take the 'shine and used it da fry uncle sal's Thanksgiving turkey. So we did and it made a lot a fire, and ole Bubba Nathaniel pulled it out and it was dusted black like wylee coyote. But I took a bite and it took a wallop. Instant drunk. That Thanksgiving turkey was the darndest y'all ever did see

  • Scott Marsh
    Scott Marsh Month ago

    You don't heat up cranberry sauce eww

  • JRR31984
    JRR31984 Month ago

    My stomach wants to turn just thinking about it.

  • Snow Cult
    Snow Cult Month ago

    A little bit of the bubbly?

  • th04 gaming
    th04 gaming Month ago

    You should try deep fry popcorn seeds

  • Jayda Lawrence
    Jayda Lawrence Month ago

    Me: "Where's the collard greens?"

  • calm kind and love 98

    I actually had deep fried Turkey for Thanksgiving 🤤🤤🤤

  • King Kael
    King Kael Month ago

    That’s a sweet potato not a yam

  • Mod my Lupo
    Mod my Lupo Month ago

    Mabey sorry

  • Mod my Lupo
    Mod my Lupo Month ago

    You should deep fry bathroom products such as toothpaste, shampoo,hair wax and Manet even a rubber duckie

  • Jillan Gill
    Jillan Gill Month ago

    Nate if you EVER cut a pie like that again, I'll shove yur candy foot up yur bum got it 😁

  • Laural ローラル

    Can you deep fry with butter?

  • Trick Shots Alive
    Trick Shots Alive Month ago

    Don’t deep fry turkey 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • SubZeroo7
    SubZeroo7 Month ago

    Definitely so far the best recipe in the internet, well done!

  • Pseudonymous Anonymous

    This is more American than anything

  • mathias griffith
    mathias griffith Month ago

    you can't just put something in a deep fryer and call it deep fried it has to be batter dipped and breaded first

  • Erica Bigglestone
    Erica Bigglestone Month ago

    Why do u have marshmallows?

  • L.V
    L.V Month ago


  • Elsie Ball
    Elsie Ball Month ago

    you should try to make popcorn in a deepfryer of freeze dry sweet of caramel popcorn.

  • Andrew Left
    Andrew Left Month ago

    Soo coool!!!

  • Lindsey Hughes
    Lindsey Hughes Month ago

    Are you two together

  • Jakub Narębski
    Jakub Narębski Month ago

    Please slice that yam first into thin slices - it is delicious deep fried this way. You don't need to slice it into fries.

  • Real Factruth
    Real Factruth Month ago

    Your supposed to sit the food on napkins or a strainer for like at least 5 minutes, it would of been so much better ...

  • Maria Frydenlund
    Maria Frydenlund Month ago


  • Novaluna36
    Novaluna36 Month ago

    Sun glasses doesn't make anything cool tho even if its sunny, its been over played so much.

  • Rj
    Rj Month ago


  • Mallory Sahlhoff
    Mallory Sahlhoff Month ago

    It's Thanksgiving when I am watching and I am eating leftover Thanksgiving food.

  • beanie boo world!!
    beanie boo world!! Month ago

    Dem yams @Fnaf Flix said that

  • Lauren Durkan
    Lauren Durkan Month ago

    Oh no, much of the mashed potatoes is missing-Nate 2k19

  • Marshal Lindgren
    Marshal Lindgren Month ago

    Mmm delish, oil pie, my favourite!

  • Sparky Czifra
    Sparky Czifra Month ago


  • Beth Fernley
    Beth Fernley Month ago

    0:59 did u hear him slam the table?

  • Sid and Dee sisters forever

    9:27 EXPLOSION 💥

  • Prphasmnr kydio
    Prphasmnr kydio Month ago

    you forgot about ice cream?

  • This Guy
    This Guy Month ago

    375F will leave your food less oily.

  • 78Mathius
    78Mathius Month ago

    2:09 who cuts a pie like that

  • Omarcillomg
    Omarcillomg Month ago

    *America 100*

  • witherboy 101
    witherboy 101 Month ago +1

    i think you should try something like this but with an air fryer
    like cook an entire christmass meal with an air frier

  • Loxy Meaven
    Loxy Meaven Month ago

    Deep fry a pineapple and ham

  • FlameFlowerTheCat
    FlameFlowerTheCat Month ago

    I've had deep fried green beans. They were breaded and they were delicious.

    im MOISTOOF Month ago

    Me: sees 420k views
    Also me: *n i c e*

  • The Hatfields
    The Hatfields Month ago

    was it just me or did the cider scare you when it popped up like that. i jumped like 10 feet in the air

  • Horses 101
    Horses 101 Month ago

    You should dehydrate an entire thanksgiving meal.

  • claire g
    claire g Month ago

    That is not a yam. Sweet potato and yam are two separate things. Lol

  • Thomas Faulkner
    Thomas Faulkner Month ago

    Dry freeze a turkey that’s cooked

  • Nathalia Sandoval
    Nathalia Sandoval Month ago

    Can you deep fried gummys?

  • Perry Hubbard
    Perry Hubbard Month ago

    Freeze dry the thanksgiving dinner

  • Azlak 371
    Azlak 371 Month ago

    8:42 what is eaven the point of it then?!

  • tuinstoel77
    tuinstoel77 Month ago

    Sperzie beans