Hairdresser Reacts To Dreadlock Removal Videos

  • Hi Beautiful! Major transformations today! It was so cool watching these girls go from dreadlocks back to their natural hair.

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Comments • 80

  • Loren Penalo
    Loren Penalo Hour ago

    Umm dreads are only protective for poc with natural hair 🤦🏻‍♀️😂. Not white girls with straight hair. I can’t 😂. Cute video though! Xo

  • icelover xxx
    icelover xxx 3 hours ago +1

    Brad: you look beautiful.
    Me: im looking like trash
    also me: thanks

  • anushka acharekar
    anushka acharekar 3 hours ago

    ThT last video when she brushes het hai
    Me: hello hagrid.

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 8 hours ago

    I always thought the only way to get dreadlocks was by getting your hair really dirty and not washing or brushing your hair

  • Smoothb0bRoss 21
    Smoothb0bRoss 21 9 hours ago

    The reason why her hair is so shiny is because it’s greasy. She said that she had them for a week or more and she doesn’t wash them so her hair must be greasy. ( I’m sorry.... I love u....)

  • Ria W
    Ria W 10 hours ago

    I have lock for a year now. And this make me thinking about my life choices 😌 I probably just shave my head if i get bored with this hair 😂😂

  • Red Wolfie
    Red Wolfie 10 hours ago

    A long time ago i saw a dude with dreads down to his ankles and he wasnt even short- this dude was tall afffffff

  • Sam Dang
    Sam Dang 12 hours ago

    In every video of Brad I'm just wondering the whole time where he got his outfit from. Literally all of his clothes in his videos look so sick!!

  • themelonsoup
    themelonsoup 12 hours ago

    There is a Polish thing where you have your hair grow into one giant beaver tail shaped dread that is as long as possible. It's wild.

  • Keira Hafda
    Keira Hafda 18 hours ago

    The first girl looks l8ke Jojo Siwa lol

  • Chen Wild
    Chen Wild 18 hours ago

    Did anyone notice how his hairstyle changed from the beginning to later on? It literally changed side LMAO BOY

  • Emily Murton
    Emily Murton 18 hours ago

    The last girl only had them for a week yet they looked that bad?

  • Stitch Christen
    Stitch Christen 20 hours ago

    I have that color but guess wut... my natural hair is actually brown and blond not lies

    DO U KNOW BTS? 21 hour ago


  • Caroline Mccook
    Caroline Mccook 22 hours ago

    Brad only likes blond people

  • Caroline Mccook
    Caroline Mccook 22 hours ago

    Brad only likes blond people

  • Caroline Mccook
    Caroline Mccook 22 hours ago


  • Caroline Mccook
    Caroline Mccook 22 hours ago

    Brad only likes blond people

  • Caroline Mccook
    Caroline Mccook 22 hours ago

    Brad only likes blond people

  • Caroline Mccook
    Caroline Mccook 22 hours ago

    Brad only likes blond people

  • Ashley Louise
    Ashley Louise 23 hours ago


  • Ceren Sahin
    Ceren Sahin 23 hours ago

    can you maybe give styling tips for curly haired people cause i have been struggling a lot with my real fuzzy and curly hair thank you in advance😄

  • Laila Spaights
    Laila Spaights 23 hours ago

    The first girl reminds of an older Jojo Siwa.

  • Addie blue
    Addie blue Day ago

    their hair is better quality than mine!

    ive never had dreds

  • Natalia K.
    Natalia K. Day ago

    Just subscribed love your channel its amazing can you please make a video about how to have the most healthiest hair. And how to dye your hair but in the healthiest way.

  • Hacker Exposer
    Hacker Exposer Day ago

    0:00-0:05 this dude just spat out straight up lies

  • LaBeLLa MiSSDonna
    LaBeLLa MiSSDonna Day ago +7

    He was SOOOOO sweet when talking about the black girl’s natural hair (to the comment police: please don’t get butt hurt...I myself am a black girl with natural hair)!!!! My ❤️ is so happy!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • ShadowCuber
    ShadowCuber Day ago +1

    Brad: you look beautiful
    Me, watching RU-clip on the toilet: thank you 😊

  • Slightly Psychotic

    I had dreads for 2 years and it took me roughly 3 weeks to brush them out. I would only sit for about 6-8 hours at a time and worked top down so I could comfortably wear them in the in-between times. It was so painful to remove them that I could only handle the pain for a day or two in a row. It was 1 hour each lock, 2 for the oldest ones.

    • Slightly Psychotic
      Slightly Psychotic Day ago

      I loved them so much, but my head was itching and they pulled on my scalp too much. They also hurt to sleep on. They were also GROSS even though I washed them regularly! They were super messy too. I love my loose hair now more than I ever have before.

  • Grant Girls
    Grant Girls Day ago

    With the first girl i would of just shaved it 😂

  • Cecily Maya
    Cecily Maya Day ago

    I brushed/picked my 2 yr old dreads about 6mos ago! I used a metal single pick on the end of a hairdressers comb...if you know what I mean? I kinda like reverse crocheted them &it literally took me 13 days & I lost probably about 1/2 the volume of my hair in the process. My hair was the same length as the first girl's hair &so so heavy with all the dreads. I'd wake up with the WORST stiff neck in the morning! I somehow managed to keep enough hair to give myself a stacked bob &my friends &family were shocked I was able to keep so much length. Lemme tell was because I took my TIME picking them out...& I still lost a LOT of hair! 😂😰

  • voodoo baby
    voodoo baby Day ago

    I don't think dreadlocks are ment for thin hair

  • Lily Hutchins
    Lily Hutchins Day ago

    He looks like Antoni from the fab 5

  • Nidia Fierro
    Nidia Fierro Day ago

    I thought it was a dog

  • Doug Bernhardt
    Doug Bernhardt Day ago

    I watched a video of yours and I cut 9 inches of my hair

  • pinkfluffy 17
    pinkfluffy 17 Day ago

    5:04 it looks like a small dog😂

  • hothotheat3000
    hothotheat3000 Day ago

    That ball of removed dreads from first girl looks like a family of Tribbles.

  • Lannie901
    Lannie901 Day ago

    19.36 ... my hair everyday #CURLY #curlsforthewin

  • paige carter
    paige carter 2 days ago

    Inlove with Brad Mondo!!!! He’s super cute.

  • Caylah Tzairi
    Caylah Tzairi 2 days ago

    19:22 dumbledore??

  • Tish Smiddy
    Tish Smiddy 2 days ago

    I have a non working Thyroid or enlarged Thyroid and a Old Lady with curly hair... can you recommend a Conditioner for me remember fixed income ! and only condition my when I wash it , I use a gentle shampoo about once every 8-13 days ...but everyday condition and rinse and a leave in conditioner ( Florida) hot here !????? I spend for a month 7.00 on conditioner times 3 = $21 and leave in $10 and Jel for the curl ...

    • Tish Smiddy
      Tish Smiddy 2 days ago

      I just ordered your conditioner ! I’ll let you know in April 2020 around the end of the month or May 2020 , I want to give a week or more to the products...

  • Bre R
    Bre R 2 days ago +1

    16:40 of course they are attached to their hair.. it connected to them😂

  • Alondra Laguna
    Alondra Laguna 2 days ago

    That how long my hair use to be when I was 5

  • Elizabeth Ntiamoah
    Elizabeth Ntiamoah 2 days ago

    I had braids for two months and they were pulled way too tight and it made it to where my scalp we had red bumps all through it it was itchy and hurts all the time and my hair follicles were begging me to take them out The braids themselves reached my butt but my actual hair is 2 inches long and the amount of hair I lost was just scary

  • Music Obsessed
    Music Obsessed 2 days ago

    the first girls accent is precious!!! reminds me of perrie edwards

  • Yahani Castro López
    Yahani Castro López 2 days ago +3

    The amount of hair the last girl lost in the span of a week is literally the amount of hair I lose when I brush my hair once 😂

  • Estella F
    Estella F 2 days ago

    The third girl... I never saw that ending coming. She essentially did what us Black women call a protective style, where we add extensions to protect our hair. It’s funny to this on someone with her hair texture.

  • Mirna Ewes
    Mirna Ewes 2 days ago

    Why does his intro make me smile every time😂

  • Hayley M
    Hayley M 2 days ago

    @5:04 my boyfriend asked me if that was a cat 😂😂😂

  • 1313 SixtyOne
    1313 SixtyOne 2 days ago

    Holy Shit, when she said: 'I've bleached it twice and it changed color once.' My intake of air was very loud, to the point where my four year old Granddaughter said Mei~Mie , you ok, are you sad? I told her nope not sad just flabbergasted at what the girl in the video was explaining what she had done. She then wanted to start the video over so she could see it, so I did. When we got to the part that flabbergasted me, the 4 year old going on 40 said, ''Mei~Mie, that's just crazy, don't she know where the 'Sally Beauty Supply' store is? I told her, with all she had done to her hair, most likely not, that and maybe where she lives don't have a 'Sally Beauty Supply' store, the four year old walked away shaking her head and saying 'Really Mei~Mie you think there is no 'Sally Beauty Supply' where she lives, and I say that girl is lazy and didn't take the time to find out where the store was, so she will just have to live with her messed up hair!' BOL my granddaughter has spent way too much time hanging with adult family members, and that is why she is 4 going on 40! and has an opinion about everything she hears and see's. Trust me I am going to feel bad for any teacher she has once she starts school. She ain't the first though, my 16 year old granddaughter is the same way. She too hung out and still does with adult family members. Because she is so smart she will graduate high school in November. I graduated at 15 years old, and I am willing to bet the 4 year old will do the same. Love the video! When that girl held up all that lost hair, my brain was screaming...Wig, you have enough in that pile to make a wig!

  • Feima Lahai
    Feima Lahai 2 days ago

    You won’t believe who shaved her head! Ahem Joanna Cedddia btw hope u see this comment and text to her shaving her head!

  • Jessica Freshwater
    Jessica Freshwater 2 days ago

    I'm naturally quite blonde. I love it. Especially when people ask me what my natural hair colour is. Dude this is my hair colour 😂😂😂

  • Katja Ristanovic
    Katja Ristanovic 2 days ago

    The last girl was all like my hair was never this puffy(dont get me wrong
    I loveeee her hair )
    Me an 11 yr old with 30 inches of hair who does braids 5 times a month by herself to get hair that puffy : 🤪welp now youre adicted to this good luck girl

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 2 days ago

    I had hair as long as her and my hair is extremely thick so me every morning was spending 20 minutes everyday brushing it. It was so heavy that I couldn't put my hair up without it just hurting. I finally cut it off now I'm loving but I miss my long hair😢

  • Joshua Bryant
    Joshua Bryant 2 days ago

    Brad I'm blonde and yes, it's natural. Also you're cute as hell :)

  • Keyana Hood
    Keyana Hood 2 days ago

    You should see me doing a twist out after a wash day 💀💀💀

  • Tea Tammi
    Tea Tammi 2 days ago +1

    Hi I have very dry scalp but oily hair does anyone have tips 😁😁thx

  • Taurus Brit
    Taurus Brit 2 days ago +6

    When the last girl showed how much she shed in a week, girl, I lost more hair than that today alone in the shower... Life of having alopecia... 🙃

  • Mena Murray
    Mena Murray 3 days ago +1

    I love how sweet and encouraging you are to all.

  • Mxrcuriie
    Mxrcuriie 3 days ago


  • Lisa Goolsby
    Lisa Goolsby 3 days ago

    Last girl had the most beautiful hair and i couldn't believe how shiny it was!

  • Sophie Cooke
    Sophie Cooke 3 days ago +1

    When I was in year 6 everyday I straightened my hair but now that I’m in year 7 I have stopped doing that. It has caused so much damage to my hair.

  • SunshineQueen123
    SunshineQueen123 3 days ago

    Him : You look Ravishing!!😁
    Me: in bed, double chin and eating like a pig ☺💞

  • Milan Todev
    Milan Todev 3 days ago

    why tf u got holes in ur shirt??

  • mercygal1
    mercygal1 3 days ago +2

    He's just so positive and it feeds my soul.

  • Kim Kim Yeon-Tan7
    Kim Kim Yeon-Tan7 3 days ago

    I have virgin hair if you want it!

  • Melissa Hunt
    Melissa Hunt 3 days ago

    Oh Brad, you look great in this video 🥰 loving the hair color, necklace...everything 😍😍😍 go you

  • no name
    no name 3 days ago

    The first girls hair lice are shook right now

  • Moo Cowz
    Moo Cowz 3 days ago

    Can we appreciate how kind,funny,and caring Brad is like seriously,freaking LOVE his channel!😄👍🏻♥️

  • Mitchell Bryant
    Mitchell Bryant 3 days ago


    PRO TIP. if you wanna dry your locs really well to avoid mold cause duh moisture and heat. sham wow cloth. no fibers but drys very well.

  • Royalty Brown Fan
    Royalty Brown Fan 3 days ago +6

    Brad: “Hi beautiful, how you doing today? You look ravishing” 😏
    Me: Stares at the screen smacking on Chicken Alfredo... 😳....... “who me”?

  • Salam Al-Kassem
    Salam Al-Kassem 4 days ago

    Dreadlocks are just disgusting... I can understand someone with African hair to do it, but for other people it is needless , ufff just too dirty

    • Lay Tweakin
      Lay Tweakin 2 days ago

      dreadlocks were originated in India and i’m sure sb with dreadlocks that is Indian would be very upset abt you calling their culture dorty

  • rima
    rima 4 days ago

    you're so friendly i'm in love i want you as my bestiiiiiie

  • madyson oster
    madyson oster 4 days ago +1

    We Stan a man who knows about protective styling, yes!

  • Jennifer Donn
    Jennifer Donn 4 days ago

    My hair is down to my knee

  • Alex Leah
    Alex Leah 4 days ago

    a little Hagrid moment 19.35

  • merry hunt
    merry hunt 4 days ago

    Aren't there products that make hair slippery so that it's easier to get dreads out?

  • Lil blue! #ThePocketVoid

    That first girl grew a new pet, like Jesus Christ.
    "Hair ball, come here! Who's a good dreadlock f**k up!"

  • Sophie gacha roblox
    Sophie gacha roblox 4 days ago


  • Richaye Brackeen
    Richaye Brackeen 4 days ago +1

    So we not going talk about how dumb she look..