Men Try To Earn Girl Scout Badges

  • Are you man enough to be a Girl Scout?
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Comments • 80

  • Zakiyah Burbridge
    Zakiyah Burbridge 17 days ago

    I want to be a girl scout i an a girl

  • john doe
    john doe Month ago

    We can’t have Boy Scouts. But Girl Scouts is just fine

  • lana cooper
    lana cooper Month ago

    Yikes. Not girl scouts. Mean scouts.

  • Ramon Arr__
    Ramon Arr__ Month ago

    Girl Scouts is pathetic compared too Boy Scouts

  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah 2 months ago

    If their doing things they have only dreamt about, then why do they need to be in Boy Scouts

  • Postosuchus 700
    Postosuchus 700 2 months ago

    Girls try Boy Scout badges

  • Whos joe Joe mama
    Whos joe Joe mama 3 months ago

    Girl scouts is easy try boy scouts we actually camp not just lie in air conditioned cabins

  • Honey xx
    Honey xx 4 months ago

    i've never had fun in girl scouts. i switched to boyscouts

  • Annelise Errico
    Annelise Errico 5 months ago

    Woman try to earn BSA badges.

  • Jack Attack
    Jack Attack 6 months ago +1

    That person is legitimately the principal at my school

  • Narwastu Delia
    Narwastu Delia 8 months ago +1

    Untuk yang indonesia pasti tahu bagaimana jawabnya

  • Fernanda Sayuri
    Fernanda Sayuri 8 months ago

    I’m a Girl Scouts and this just made the stereotype worst

  • Acaciiaa
    Acaciiaa 8 months ago


  • Jake Shimada
    Jake Shimada 9 months ago

    This is an amazing material showing that girls can do amazing things which shows them that they don't need to join the Boy Scouts

  • BenInGame
    BenInGame 9 months ago +1

    Wait if they are doing things we only dreamed of doing then why do they want to join boyscouts

  • Sou Qarie
    Sou Qarie 9 months ago

    Can I get the first aid merit badge

  • Nialler princess
    Nialler princess 10 months ago

    I am a girl guide and I am in rangers from the uk and this is interesting to watch .thanks for posting this

  • Tyler
    Tyler 10 months ago

    Girl Scouts can read Morse code? Tf

  • Fat Man Does
    Fat Man Does 11 months ago

    Are they women enough to be a boy scout tho?

  • Alee Waugh
    Alee Waugh Year ago +1

    I have been a girl scout since I was 8, (though it's complicated, I basically only go to camp but I've been training to be a counselor for 4 years) and it is so hardcore. The requirements to do a gold award are so rigorous and it really takes alot. Glad this video is showing that girl scouts are serious.

  • Jorrfrey’s Ert
    Jorrfrey’s Ert Year ago

    See this is why in Australia all the girls just do scouts instead of girl guides. We can all agree girl guides is awful

  • Bongo
    Bongo Year ago

    I’m sorry but this made me really angry. She said “are you man enough to be a Girl Scout” that is total bs

  • Bea Troon
    Bea Troon Year ago

    im in love w michele

  • coraline T
    coraline T Year ago

    I like Morse code!I'm also surprised they couldn't do a push ups that well

  • Snodge Kat
    Snodge Kat Year ago

    Saddle shoes are back!!

  • Ćłärå
    Ćłärå Year ago

    I remember the Morse code for the detective badge!

  • livi
    livi Year ago +1


  • Madisyn V
    Madisyn V Year ago

    Im a Girl Scouts and i dont do any of this. Now,im not saying its a bad thing because everyone does it differently but in my troop we do stuff like camping,animal badge,and we are making quilts,and we are doing a destination were we go out of state!

  • Sara Stanley
    Sara Stanley Year ago

    5:20 “although you can’t be Girl Scouts “
    If they can’t be Girl Scouts please explain to me how my father became one and was a counseled at a camp for several years

  • Candy Wang
    Candy Wang Year ago +1

    Girl guides you idiots.

  • Zorra Smith
    Zorra Smith Year ago

    I'm sorry girls, but just because your a girl scout, don't mean your superior to anyone else.

  • itz_gacha_CC._. TwT

    The girl scouts appreciate the offer but we don't want boys in are program plz go sign up for boy scouts

  • I Am pig oink oink

    I'm a girl scout and all I do is go somewhere for a hour and a half and just talk and eat candy
    Ive never learned a bit of survival skills
    Like if ur the same

  • I Am pig oink oink

    Ive been there it's at the mariposa Girl Scout house ive sat in those seats and eaten a subway sandwich there I put on eyeliner for the first time there

  • Kosausrk
    Kosausrk Year ago

    That girl with Afro hair o thought that was a boy

  • Otter
    Otter Year ago +1

    I just did a 2 mike hike today for Girl Scouts... oof

  • Myiya’s World
    Myiya’s World Year ago

    I am a girl scout

  • Francis Daniels
    Francis Daniels Year ago

    Man work harder my dad is a leader and his camp name is goffy

  • Josefina Perez
    Josefina Perez Year ago

    I am a girl but I am going to be doing boyscouts stuff because I dont want to do girl scout stuff

  • Alternative Music

    And yet thy want to let girls enter boy scouts wen in fact girl scout can do more than just cookies thing

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B Year ago

    I'd just like to say that i've been a grilscout for 11 years and people seem to have this wrong idea about us. we actually do things that will help us in life including fun things. IT AALL DEPENDS ON YOUR TROOP LEADER GUYS

  • penguin man
    penguin man Year ago +1

    Great! Now all we need is "'Women try to earn Boy scout Badges."' And the vicious cycle will be complete!

  • assileM yelgnoL
    assileM yelgnoL Year ago

    Im a girl scout!!

  • Lmao Hanz
    Lmao Hanz Year ago

    Girl scout sh¡*:
    • Do hulahoops
    • Find the _____
    • babaabarbie doll in the barbie wor!!

    Boyscout stuff:
    • Learn how to/to make ______
    • Sone gym bullsh¡*

  • Horse Lover #1
    Horse Lover #1 Year ago

    I loved this video because I am a senior Girl Scout. This is amazing and very funny.

  • Olivia Leve
    Olivia Leve Year ago

    My Troup just complained we didn't do anything just sat in a church basement and screamed for 2 hours

  • Sofia Lazarev
    Sofia Lazarev Year ago

    Ayyy it’s but not... me.

    SANGAMING V Year ago

    "get my life together" 😂😇

  • Cdunninc Playz
    Cdunninc Playz Year ago

    I like how the shirts say Man enough to be a GIRL SCOUT... Buzzfeed it should say Man enough to be a BOY SCOUT

  • Legendarium
    Legendarium Year ago

    Boy Scouts of America now accept girls, *sadly*

  • Scout Smiles
    Scout Smiles Year ago

    Try Boy Scouts

  • Alan Hajo
    Alan Hajo Year ago

    I literally ate their cookies today XD

  • Andrew Demos
    Andrew Demos Year ago

    How wemon are ruin times. More
    1.they ended boy soucts so i will end girl soucts >;) say bye bye girl scouts
    2.they ended put more men in ads and puting more wemon

  • Life with Sierra
    Life with Sierra Year ago

    you cant also take that large of money from someone

  • Toxic Can
    Toxic Can Year ago

    Dang and webelows

  • Hannah Beeson Green

    I used to be a girl scout until like 3rd grade

  • Rb6 For life
    Rb6 For life Year ago

    Girl Scouts try to earn Boy Scout badges oh wait that’s to hard

  • Max pace
    Max pace Year ago

    or they could just join CAP and wear a real uniform and really help there community

  • james Charles
    james Charles Year ago

    Olivia was a brownie scout😂

  • Keira Navarrete
    Keira Navarrete Year ago

    I'm not in Girl Scouts but I know the code

  • Google Sings
    Google Sings Year ago

    Wow the first girl troop who are actually doing things. My sister only does crafts

  • Luke Losinski
    Luke Losinski Year ago

    For Boy Scouts I remember everyone would just race to see you could get the finger printing merit badge first (because it’s the quickest badge)

  • It’s me Ryleigh

    I’m a girl guide and had to carry 39 pounds on my back 1500 altitude up and 38 km. I took me 5 hrs

  • TabYoGab
    TabYoGab Year ago

    I wish I could buy some cookies from them :)

  • Jack G.
    Jack G. Year ago

    I want to see women try to do boy scout merit badges and the get jeered at when they fail. OH WAIT THAT'S SEXIST
    Edit: Sorry, its actually Scouts of America BSA

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog Year ago

    Girls: Encourage each other!

  • smokydogjoe
    smokydogjoe Year ago

    I’ve been s Girl Scout for like two years now it’s ALOT of fun like all it is u make crafts have sleepovers camps and all that stuff it’s all about fun and that’s what makes it “Girl Scouts”. I definitely hope another girls who are bored and go try it just an advice it’s VERY “Fun”

  • Greninja Girl
    Greninja Girl Year ago

    Dat hair tho

  • oL AnderSSon
    oL AnderSSon Year ago


  • Aretha Gao
    Aretha Gao Year ago

    LOL Oliva
    Brownie Scout

  • iikai6450
    iikai6450 Year ago

    *blinks twice* -_-

  • Scott Happy
    Scott Happy Year ago

    GOOD JOB!!! You said someones name! Thats the Friendship badge. You hiked before? Nature badge for you!! 2 Popsicle sticks glued together? You're an inventor! The sad thing is, I'm hardly joking.

  • Iamdope Noble
    Iamdope Noble Year ago

    My dad got the badge man enough to be a girl scout

  • LOLCreativeStudios
    LOLCreativeStudios Year ago +1

    I was a Girl Scout all the way up until I made it to cadet rank, the rank of the teenager in the tan vest. Now I am proud to say I have joined Scouts of America (Boy Scouts) as part of their first generation of female scouts.

  • Beth G
    Beth G Year ago

    In Australia we have girl scouts and scouts. Scouts is boy and girl so no boy scouts

  • Mrdarthkermit
    Mrdarthkermit Year ago

    It’s more are u girly enough to be a Girl Scout and plus this is not hard Boy Scouts u walk 10 miles a day at camp Jesus I remember u have to do 5 physical activity’s then 1 like government and stuff. They should make a group called just Scouts and leave Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts alone plz

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira Year ago

    RIP boy scouts

  • Joshua Sargent
    Joshua Sargent Year ago

    I’m from the uk and we call them rainbows , brownies and guides
    Boys are Beavers,Cubs and Scouts

  • Knatrick
    Knatrick Year ago

    For the push ups. 0..0..0..0..0..0..0.........

  • Firestier
    Firestier Year ago

    That was arts and crafts