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  • Published on Mar 2, 2017
  • New Retro Wave + Phillip D Hitlist
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    Superb work!
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    Scarface (1983)
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Comments • 280

  • NewRetroWave
    NewRetroWave  2 years ago +93

    Superb work!

    • Shaun
      Shaun Year ago

      NewRetroWave Keep up the work. This is Highly Sick

    • UncleHo19
      UncleHo19 Year ago

      Yeah, the 80s were the good times ! No internet, no mobile phones,
      personal computers with very limited performances, a world on the brink of nuclear annihilation due to the Cold War, high crime rates in New York, a spreading global AIDS/HIV epidemic at a time when nobody knew what it was, shitty life in the capitalist corporate paradise of the USA due to the disastrous effects of Reaganomics, a shitty life in the USSR due to the economic crisis and the stranglehold of the bureaucracy (but also the terrible mistakes made by that traitor Gorbachev), martial law in Poland, leftist and neofascist terr0rism and
      false flag attacks in western Europe (Operation Gladio, etc), a rising
      Al Q@eda (thank you Uncle Sam for Operation Cyclone !), a strong western backed apartheid regime in South Africa and Isr@el, murderous wars often involving the superpowers or the neighboring countries in Afghanistan / Lebanon/the Arabo Persian Gulf (Iran vs Iraq) / Angola/Nicaragua/Salvador/ Cambodia (Vietnam vs the pro chinese Khmer Rouge and their western backed allies), US backed dictators and drug traffickers all over the Third World , Native Americans and black activists murdered or framed in US government black ops/domestic repression.... And I'm still forgetting other things.

    • Steven Royalton
      Steven Royalton Year ago

      Truly superb work. You guys got source for thumbnail? Would make for a really kick ass background!

    • César Augusto
      César Augusto 2 years ago +22

      I'm having a 80's syndrome. I JUST WANT TO GO TO THAT TIME

    • DEREKinNYC
      DEREKinNYC 2 years ago +11

      I agree. It really evokes the mood of Scarface.

  • NeoMortiny
    NeoMortiny Month ago

    Damn dude that synth! Ughhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • cukt_3
    cukt_3 3 months ago

    Just found this song.... it's damn powerful.

  • OllegN
    OllegN 3 months ago

    put it on spotify pleaaase

  • Mr. Extreme
    Mr. Extreme 4 months ago

    Say hello to my little synth!

  • Connor Magnum
    Connor Magnum 5 months ago

    Excellent !

  • Placeb0Effect
    Placeb0Effect 6 months ago


  • グき因spooky
    グき因spooky 7 months ago

    I see you are a mang of culture as well.

  • nismoman420
    nismoman420 8 months ago

    I don't want to leave a like, can I leave a LOVE?!?!?!

  • Dog of Wisdom
    Dog of Wisdom 8 months ago +1


  • nismoman420
    nismoman420 9 months ago

    I love how the artwork fits the music pretty accurately.

  • HausXstylz l
    HausXstylz l 9 months ago

    I'm glad we are all together . This was like totally tubular

  • Mιιѕтer Taʏʟօʀ
    Mιιѕтer Taʏʟօʀ 10 months ago

    Want this t-shirt 😍😍

  • Anthony Chatto
    Anthony Chatto 10 months ago

    Best type of music, i think i was born in the wrong era

  • George tom
    George tom 10 months ago

    oka' say heloo to ma little friend.

  • Adam K
    Adam K 11 months ago

    Damn this tack is the bomb

  • TheWireLayer
    TheWireLayer 11 months ago

    I wont get tired of this song! :S The tune is just... amazing

  • Tim Marquez
    Tim Marquez Year ago


  • TheWireLayer
    TheWireLayer Year ago

    I love the guitar ending

  • Phill D
    Phill D Year ago

    Thank you for all your support listeners and to New Retro Wave!
    Album is out now on:
    follow us for more info at:

  • Luke Nope
    Luke Nope Year ago +2

    Absolutely incredible music here, never would have expected it, phonomenal.

  • James sanabria
    James sanabria Year ago

    This video was raped the song was great pictures of Scarface were great everything was great except one thing the last part where you have girl wearing a new retro shirt the shirt is great but you got to get a better model

  • Vincent Rodriguez
    Vincent Rodriguez Year ago +1

    Yeahh...Scarface! 😁

    THE PEOPLE Year ago

    Que mas Jamon ni mas Jamon! Asi viene El Sangwish mein!!!

  • stiliqn007
    stiliqn007 Year ago

    This one is the tits...

  • 8lifeisamovie8
    8lifeisamovie8 Year ago

    Where is the Scarface's music video with this music? :)

  • jackdonith
    jackdonith Year ago +23

    The retrowaves, chico...they never lie.

  • Pavel Brzak
    Pavel Brzak Year ago


  • eleanorasleigh
    eleanorasleigh Year ago

    Phillip D your talented I'd love to meet you some time 😉😉😚

  • Nick S
    Nick S Year ago +3

    "I always tell the truth. Even when I lie" -Tony Montana

  • Mastodon
    Mastodon Year ago +1

    This city is like a pussy waiting to get fucked, mang.

  • SlenderBlam
    SlenderBlam Year ago +1

    This should be GTA 6's theme song!!!

  • 3131Bubba1313
    3131Bubba1313 Year ago

    Too many commercials guys, tone it down

  • Zak Bond
    Zak Bond Year ago

    Torrent doesn't work for all retro wave videos is it my phone to blame. If any one can please.message.

  • 808Mugen808
    808Mugen808 Year ago

    Oye sapapaya !

  • DoingStuffDownUnder

    Self-taught in coding (and neuroscience) at age 12

  • RallyDon82
    RallyDon82 Year ago

    a remake of scarface with music like this in it would be most welcome.

  • Sensi-One Resistance

    rebenga !!!!!

  • Ramza
    Ramza Year ago

    Amazing zonggggg

  • Andrew Mc
    Andrew Mc Year ago

    This is fantastic.... should be used as the main score for the planned Scarface 2018 'reboot'

  • Christian
    Christian Year ago

    I miss the 80's...

  • poleag
    poleag Year ago

    OKEYYYY, i'm reeLOADED!!!!

  • mellow magic
    mellow magic Year ago +2

    One of the most empowering retrowave songs I've ever heard!

  • ruben rodriguez morales

    Pura esencia de lujo por lo prohibido por los dioses y las diosas ,de alguien que en la ficción retó al abuso y al fracaso sin conseguir la eternidad.

  • ruben rodriguez morales

    Pura esencia de lujo por lo prohibido por los dioses y las diosas ,de alguien que en la ficción retó al abuso y al fracaso sin conseguir la eternidad.

  • Jellyfish. Gif
    Jellyfish. Gif Year ago

    say hello to my little friend!

  • Bharat Raghavan
    Bharat Raghavan Year ago

    fucking cockaroaches!!

  • Croatian Master
    Croatian Master Year ago

    Tony Fucking Montana you fuckers !!

  • erik guerrero
    erik guerrero Year ago

    i fucking love this!!!!!!

  • Scott Ennis
    Scott Ennis 2 years ago +3

    I told you to tell them you were in a sanitarium not in sanitation.

    • ninjast4r
      ninjast4r 5 months ago

      You shoulda kept your mouth shut. They would thought you was a horse and let you out.

  • KingWi11y
    KingWi11y 2 years ago

    very cool

  • Adrian Geiger
    Adrian Geiger 2 years ago +5

    Heavy retro sound

  • Jurica Kovačević
    Jurica Kovačević 2 years ago

    Antonio Montana!

  • California Bobby
    California Bobby 2 years ago

    Anyone listening in 1987 ?

  • Mario 8A
    Mario 8A 2 years ago +1

    the eyes chico they never lie - Antonio Fucking Montana A.K.A. - SCARFACE -

  • tmrthiago
    tmrthiago 2 years ago

    This track sounds very badly mastered in the studio.

  • Алексей Васильев

    спасибо за музыку...

  • Jesus Mendoza
    Jesus Mendoza 2 years ago

    This is seriously awesome

  • DrewVillain
    DrewVillain 2 years ago


  • George tom
    George tom 2 years ago


  • Gaming collection
    Gaming collection 2 years ago

    scarface yeeeeh...!!

  • Gaming collection
    Gaming collection 2 years ago

    scarfec ...!! yeeeeh

  • Mark S
    Mark S 2 years ago

    Dude, first off great work! Secondly that breakdown with the x-file sounds, you should take that and make a redux of this song where you harp on that for a while. I would listen. This song is officially vice (city).

  • Lisa Zoria
    Lisa Zoria 2 years ago

    I couldn't pass up a Scarface thumbnail.
    ...Great tune!

    KILLYOU DEAD 2 years ago

    I didn't come to america to b no fuckin dishwasher!

  • Iago Silva
    Iago Silva 2 years ago

    Oddly, makes me think of Enya

  • Ian Rose
    Ian Rose 2 years ago

    Only 30 years into the future can you make the 80's sound this good!

  • Franchute Viejo
    Franchute Viejo 2 years ago

    Esto es increíble. No puedo creer que nazca gente que no le guste esto.

  • César Augusto
    César Augusto 2 years ago +1

    "oyeh, when you do this, the women, they knô... they understand. in this country women love when you"grab' em by pussy""

  • PoweredByOstX
    PoweredByOstX 2 years ago

    wow, it's so cool, good work

  • Neven Kulić
    Neven Kulić 2 years ago

    what a tune!

  • Franchute Viejo
    Franchute Viejo 2 years ago

    I dont know how the music changed a bad way... This sounds are awesome!

  • Yann Gargaire
    Yann Gargaire 2 years ago

    Damm... Those Vice City vibes...

  • Baffling Documentaries

    Oye Chico! My Name is TONY MONTANA!

  • Марк Шабоха
    Марк Шабоха 2 years ago +4

    This is Perfect))!

  • Raphael Gomi
    Raphael Gomi 2 years ago +1

    Such an actionfilled track! It sounds very intense and the melodies are perfect

  • Badolf Pittler
    Badolf Pittler 2 years ago +4

    sounds like UNREAL music, a very necroish feeling to it.

  • Klaus Raoh
    Klaus Raoh 2 years ago +6

    An album is planned? I love this song.

    • Phill D
      Phill D Year ago

      Full Album is out now my friend!

  • eon14873
    eon14873 2 years ago +2

    superb track. fits well with one of the greatest movies of all time

  • Nobodi' B
    Nobodi' B 2 years ago

    I'm a political refugee from my White Homeland. Great track Ba Du Du Dooouu

  • JL
    JL 2 years ago

    Who in here is handing out the yeyo?

  • Flammen Official
    Flammen Official 2 years ago +2


  • Kriss Kross
    Kriss Kross 2 years ago +1

    "This town is like a big pussy waiting to get fucked..!!"

  • Harry Bousoutis
    Harry Bousoutis 2 years ago +1


  • J vinton
    J vinton 2 years ago +1

    "You hungry tony? Oh yea, so hungry I could eat a horse, OK they're gonna cook you a horse how's that ahahahah"

  • Atli Jorund
    Atli Jorund 2 years ago +1


  • 3en6ie
    3en6ie 2 years ago +1


  • Judah Earl
    Judah Earl 2 years ago +59

    Who's the cockaroaches who down voted this? Colombians?, Gaspar Gomez?, The fuckin' Diaz Brothers? - I'll bury them all.

  • z HAZE
    z HAZE 2 years ago +2

    fckn love this channel

  • Thunderfist53
    Thunderfist53 2 years ago +3

    WOW that's pure gold! ...Eargasm....

  • Marcel Helmich [StEAki]
    Marcel Helmich [StEAki] 2 years ago +2

    awesome :)

  • gutter snipe
    gutter snipe 2 years ago +2


  • JWH
    JWH 2 years ago +2

    Feeling it!

  • skyline productions
    skyline productions 2 years ago +2

    toooooooooonyyyyyyyy!!!!! omg montana

  • BrudnyRobert
    BrudnyRobert 2 years ago +1

    The world is yours

  • Johnny Weekend
    Johnny Weekend 2 years ago +9

    Tommy Vercetti

  • Chris Cross
    Chris Cross 2 years ago

    Random: Tony who?
    Tony: Shut your fucking face or else.
    Random: Gone.

  • kenny kennysson
    kenny kennysson 2 years ago +1

    This is one of the best tracks I have ever listened to for a very long time!

  • Ray Wave
    Ray Wave 2 years ago +7

    This song keeps me calm.

  • Veeroos
    Veeroos 2 years ago +1