Pouring a concrete slab for a new garage

  • Pouring a 20'x24'x8" concrete slab for a new pre-built garage. And the garage being delivered.
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  • N Yarrow
    N Yarrow 2 days ago

    That has got to be the worst concrete finishing i have ever seen . Just finish the leaves into it ?

  • Casper Audi
    Casper Audi 9 days ago

    Excellent I wish I help like that

  • C Russell
    C Russell 12 days ago

    Anyone else notice they poured that shit on topsoil as well as an area that he just dug a stump out of? It’s gonna sink and crack and drop. SMH

  • Michelle Vargas
    Michelle Vargas 12 days ago

    Mesh in your driveway? Tie some rebar together in that slab. Piece of shit.

  • V K
    V K 13 days ago

    two busy highways on each side of the property. WOW!

  • joe guest
    joe guest 14 days ago

    You’re very good with your equipment!

  • Doomzdayxx
    Doomzdayxx 16 days ago

    fuck that prebuilt garbage. I would have built a block/brick garage, or at very least wood frame.

  • Kash Kash
    Kash Kash 20 days ago

    I could have done that job with 1 other person. Much easier when you man the chute and have a guy who knows what hes doing on the rake. Darby and fresno couple min,edge and swiped.

  • james leatherman
    james leatherman 22 days ago

    So, you screeded one side, did you put elevation pins in? Maybe i missed that. Then you floated the rest on the slab, without scredding the excess. May i ask how you get a level pad? Or even a pad with pitch if you're not using elevation pins to screed by? 8' screed board, and an 24" pad. Someone help me out here.

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  22 days ago +1

      Laser level and just looking at it. It got rained on and was perfectly level.

  • Sun Y
    Sun Y 24 days ago

    Andrew, do you make your own music? If you do, you should put them in your videos!

  • Colonel Reb
    Colonel Reb 24 days ago

    Worst music ever.

  • Erick Lara
    Erick Lara Month ago

    The flowers😹

  • Jamal Armstead
    Jamal Armstead Month ago

    How much concrete slab would I need for a 20x24 shed?

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  Month ago

      Get an app or something to calculate it. But if you do it 6" thick, you will need 9 yards.

  • Ol grizz
    Ol grizz Month ago

    What a bunch of hunk a shed! Lol ( "junk")

  • Robb Bonilla
    Robb Bonilla Month ago

    What's the music that starts at 1:44?

  • Scratchin' Jack
    Scratchin' Jack Month ago

    Pre-fab garages I get. Pre-made and delivered? Don't get it.

  • Jeroen van den Ploeg

    No music please! Other than that, very nice!

  • Duncan
    Duncan Month ago

    Those fuckn leaves

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  Month ago +1

      They left cool leaf fossils in the finish. The lady likes it.

  • Aimar Meliste
    Aimar Meliste Month ago

    i wanna too pour concrete on to the grass :D

  • Joe Licha
    Joe Licha Month ago

    no j bolts or rod lines cacapoo your a sloppy dude id reem your azz for that kinda wor

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  Month ago +1

      They didn't want J bolts, its harder do slide the pre-fab building into place. Its much easier to drill and bolt it later.
      And Learn how to write; bad spelling, no punctuation. No one will take you serious writing like that. I feel much better seeing the 1% of comments I get saying I didn't do something right, all seem to be written by someone on a 2nd grade writing level.

  • Jose Ortega
    Jose Ortega Month ago

    Pardon what’s the plastic underneath for?

  • ThatOtherGuy
    ThatOtherGuy Month ago

    How much did the concrete run ya?

  • Craig Perkey
    Craig Perkey Month ago +12

    The last shot plus the music made me feel I was watching the ending to some horror movie lol

    • jaz muzz
      jaz muzz Month ago

      Hahahaha 😂😖😖

  • iNawrocki
    iNawrocki Month ago +1

    That concrete is crazy...I think my local place mixes super dry? If you watch my slab pours for my new garage, you'll see when I get to screeding with my father. It did not smooth out. It took water + brushing to float and smooth. Watching your passes with that bullfloat was actually really irritating; how smooth and easy it was...Edit: I think this was a great DIY project. I get haters too. They can't seem to use any grammar, either. I didn't bother with footers or central rebar for an 8" thick slab of 6000lb. fiber mix. We also have no frost or moisture. Everyone's an expert, amirite?? Good job, friend!

  • glen johnson
    glen johnson Month ago

    my first shop was a 12 x24 TO SMALL then went to a 24x24 still to small. now its a 50x100 cant get any larger until I rebuild my house witch is going from 2200 sq feet to about 900 but that will give me a lot more room for my shop.

  • Blayze Is Still My Name

    Had to do a double take on that trailer shifting sideways lol. Badass

  • Shawn Brown
    Shawn Brown Month ago

    Nice! Prefab workspace garage with room for an RV on the side.

  • Guy
    Guy Month ago

    Awesome job, love the shots with that drone, well done.

  • Shelley Ziel
    Shelley Ziel Month ago


  • Dave Rae
    Dave Rae Month ago

    Didn't scrape organic layer off.

  • Patula el duderino
    Patula el duderino 2 months ago

    Is it the camera or is that wood bent

  • rebel son
    rebel son 2 months ago

    pesky leaves ruined a perfect pour

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  2 months ago +1

      That lady says she likes the "leaf fossils" They do look pretty cool.

  • William B
    William B 2 months ago

    Someone help me understand something. They spend that time holding up the wire mesh when they are dumping in the concrete to have it be in the middle of the concrete I assume for better strength.....then they walk all through the concrete to smooth it and and step all over the mesh so it’s back on the bottom?

  • hr 777
    hr 777 2 months ago

    That damn tree dropping those leaves on your new concrete is driving me nutz LOL.
    Did you use old motor oil on the two by fours form to make it easier to remove?

    • hr 777
      hr 777 2 months ago

      @Andrew Camarata oh. that's cool then (sweet leaf decoration) no charge

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  2 months ago +1

      The lady says she likes the "leaf fossils" They do look pretty cool.

  • ravivo2001
    ravivo2001 2 months ago

    regarding the shed - why destroy it like this and make such a mess when you can pick it up as a whole into the dump truck?

  • whoveniledelinquent
    whoveniledelinquent 2 months ago

    Hope he got that property cheap. I'd want a big fence around that place to keep the kids and pets safe. Oh, and some pretty good sound insulation for the house.

  • luis batista
    luis batista 2 months ago

    should of cut slab down middle and across maybe no frost there🇨🇦

  • G 815
    G 815 2 months ago

    Why didn't you put any base in?

  • Seppo31
    Seppo31 2 months ago

    Why do you don't vibrating concrete?
    Do you know about tamp the gravel?

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  2 months ago

      Vibrating is more for vertical pours, like in a wall. That type of gravel does not need to be tamped.

  • mr zed
    mr zed 2 months ago

    Won't that slab move around with the freezing and thawing . Won't it crack.

  • ORGANEK egg sciences
    ORGANEK egg sciences 2 months ago

    10/10. Why did you choose not to use risers for the rebar? Thanks

  • max kallio
    max kallio 2 months ago

    very cool video!

  • Bill S
    Bill S 2 months ago

    Where do you live that you can put a garage slab on grade without footings not a good idea you really need to work with the real concrete finisher the way you guys straight edged is terrible man i’m a union finisher you would be thrown off of the job do yourself a favor work with a real finisher one time

  • ginger bread
    ginger bread 2 months ago

    You are one stupid PERSON MR.

  • ginger bread
    ginger bread 2 months ago

    The floor will get soaked on rainy days and the floor seals will be rotten in five years.

  • paco Lopez
    paco Lopez 2 months ago

    I thought all the organic supposed to be removed before pouring the slab right??

  • hans hofer
    hans hofer 2 months ago

    i guess only in america , eh ?

  • hans hofer
    hans hofer 2 months ago

    just hurt to watch the finishing or shall we say not so finishing of slab

  • alexandr lanbin
    alexandr lanbin 2 months ago

    эти люди живут в шикарном месте

  • rory bellamy
    rory bellamy 2 months ago

    more of a Shed build than a garage , but looks good , and Fast!

  • alessandro mondi
    alessandro mondi 3 months ago

    Costipatura del sottofondo ? Purtroppo inesistente!

  • George Lund
    George Lund 3 months ago

    For a young guy starting out...congrats! A couple questions: Why did you use a skidder w/ a grapple bucket to demolish the original shed when you have a small excavator w/ a thumb. The exc. will crush the builing like the skidder cant. Why did your crew only pull one strip across the wet crete & not the entire floor. Pulling w/ a straight edge is how you get a floor flat/pitched/level. You should brace your wood forms better; it looks like you got app. 6-8" of bowing on the side where your laser was. And lastly, why would you flatten out stone w/ a small exc. when you have a skid steer there. Plz realize the final drives on an exc are not the same as a dozer & are not designed to replace a dozer/skidder. Can be a costly lesson. Most importantly...it seemed the homeowner was happy.

  • Dick Head
    Dick Head 3 months ago

    U guys ain't packing your foundations right in a hurry bran new houses should have no cracks in your concrete slabs plus instead of using a 4 inch use 5 and a half all u no if you're foundations r shit your house is shit not knocking your work but cutting corners just creates weekness in structure

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  3 months ago +3

      I feel better at the fact; most comments that say I did something wrong have terrible grammar.

  • Fraser GRAHAM
    Fraser GRAHAM 3 months ago

    why do u not screed before you bull float

  • Peter Fitzwell
    Peter Fitzwell 3 months ago

    Looks close enough just Fresno it ? Smh LOL

  • Green’s grading and contracting LLC


  • D. R.
    D. R. 3 months ago +2

    This is about the most incompetent group of people I've ever seen work any kind of construction? A 8" slab with no footers on loose gravel? Seriously! Then there was the visqueen being placed inside the forms. What the hell are you trying to protect the concrete from?! Not to mention, you didnt reinforce any of it. You just laid them on the ground and poured concrete over it! If I ever see you, all your tools will become ward of the state until you get some competence.

  • Juan Tijerina
    Juan Tijerina 3 months ago

    What the heck mop their not going to know the differance just make it look flat, no beams around perimeter and still put a structured garage on it nice wish it were that simple in texas

  • Thomas D Harrell
    Thomas D Harrell 3 months ago +1

    Andrew if you will get an edger and go around the edge of your concrete slab it will keep the edge from breaking and being ruff.

  • Wade Lasch
    Wade Lasch 3 months ago

    That unloader trailer is awesome! How it can move around like that!

  • DL Construction
    DL Construction 3 months ago

    Check out the video below 3 million dollar pad foundation ru-clip.net/video/6Wawhmm9Wxo/video.html

  • thuận lê
    thuận lê 4 months ago

    Where are you?

  • T Arbeau
    T Arbeau 4 months ago

    That trailer was BADAZZ !!! Who ever invented that thing, knew exactly what they wanted and probably had it sketched out for blueprints. Amazing how great it set that shed or garage.

  • richardp1962
    richardp1962 4 months ago

    mute the video when watching. as of 5:12, crappy choice of music.

  • wayne1965
    wayne1965 4 months ago

    You don't want it on the back of the slab ?

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 4 months ago

    Incrível como aí no estado unidos vocês conseguem transportar a casa inteira 🤔
    Aqui onde moro as casa são todas de concreto armado.
    Sem chance de mexer do lugar.
    Muito legal 👍.
    Gostei 👍

  • James Dean
    James Dean 4 months ago

    What stops the water running in under the garage walls?

  • linda fox
    linda fox 4 months ago

    I wish you were able to tell the story of how those houses came to be between two major roadways. I mean, I know the roads where built after the fact...but I wonder if they were offered a resettlement, or if any of their land was bought out by the state for the road with no choice given. Just curious.

  • Manifest Everything
    Manifest Everything 5 months ago +1

    That's really not how to lay a slab!

    • Wesley
      Wesley 5 months ago

      Manifest Everything it holds up very well you keyboard warrior he always does it that way and once he gave an update after a year on a other job and the slab was still perfect and the same with this one he came back later to put Some cables in the ground and the slab was still good

  • Ken Berscheit
    Ken Berscheit 5 months ago

    didnt put any anchors into the concrete so the building is considered a "temporary" unit

  • Thee Oarsman
    Thee Oarsman 5 months ago

    Fucked up music!

  • Slimtim Fantom
    Slimtim Fantom 5 months ago

    Good job man, gotta love the comments from the so called professionals

    • j. blev
      j. blev 2 months ago

      Really ! Lol all these professionals out here

  • John C
    John C 5 months ago

    All that work and concrete for that pos shed

  • lovemypuppy76
    lovemypuppy76 5 months ago

    12:40 I hate backing up with a trailer. I rented this 4x7 trailer one time and had a hard time just backing it into my driveway. I just could not get it right.

  • Eric Kay
    Eric Kay 5 months ago

    How come you didn't dig footers?

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  5 months ago +1


    • Jeremy R.
      Jeremy R. 5 months ago +1

      @Andrew Camarata i love how you respond to stuff even 2 years old your one of the best youtubers ive seen you dont try to force people to watch your stuff or constally ask for likes and to subscribe and i love all your conten tits really intresting to me started by watching your snow plow vedios then started watching all your other ones

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  5 months ago

      Its not needed.

  • Общественный контроль. Красноярск

    Why you don't remove organic layer before?

  • Cough Box
    Cough Box 5 months ago

    Where do you pick your music from?

  • TopRankedKilla
    TopRankedKilla 5 months ago

    Sorry but i always have too mute cause of music. God knows if you say anything in between. Prefer too listen too mini excavator work. Grinding and scraping rocks, you know the sounds of money being made..

  • john anderson
    john anderson 5 months ago +2

    High end concrete work!!! Very high end Garage!!! Highest level of music!!! Owner clearly wanted a secure place to park his Pinto, or his wife's Pacer...

  • Manny Pickard
    Manny Pickard 5 months ago

    i like your attention to detail customer like that , always looking forward to your new videos,
    great job