New Wind Turbine, Proof of Concept

  • Published on Apr 1, 2019
  • This patent pending wind turbine captures more wind and is more efficient than the comparable commercial wind turbines by at least 300% or more, excluding the higher capacity factor which currently is at 25%-40% (percentage of time that is working depending on speed of the wind). At any rotational cycle one panel is completely closed to capture wind force. In a working prototype there will 100's of these smaller panels. Other advantages are as follow:
    1) Significantly Lower Production & Installation costs
    2) Works at Lower Elevation with Lower Wind Velocities
    3) Works Instantly at any Direction that Wind Blows
    4) Catches More Wind per Sweeping Area
    5) Higher Capacity Factor (works at lower wind velocities)
    6) Much Lower Use of Land and Could be Installed in Close Packed.
    7) Perfect Energy Source for Locations that are Off-Grid
    8) Creates no Noise/Infrasound/Vibrations or Health Issues
    9) Could be Installed for Residential or Small Business Use
    10) All Electric Components including Generator/Gearbox are Installed at the Ground Level.
    11) No need for Expensive Composite Material used for the Blades
    12) The unit could be lowered automatically in a cylindrical housing at the ground level in case of severe weather.
    Making the actual working prototype with electric components such as generator, gearbox, and electric storage is the next step.

Comments • 3

  • Дэн Кошман
    Дэн Кошман 6 months ago

    Silly design. It has long been known.
    Very little efficacy and very big danger in a strong wind. The author needs to learn the history of technology, so as not to disgrace further.

  • No Left Turns
    No Left Turns 6 months ago

    Old concept that makes a lot of noise

  • Tihomir Čuljak
    Tihomir Čuljak 6 months ago

    There are wind turbines on sails that work at very low winds. By gathering sails, they also work in very strong winds. The number of working hours is much higher. They can also be put on boats.