"Master in the House" ITZY Cut Full Version (Ep 60, 61)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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Comments • 980

  • Gamer_OofGURL owo
    Gamer_OofGURL owo 2 hours ago +1

    i was thankful it was itzy but if it was twice i predict that they will have teary eyes after that lol I love dorkies fairies of jyp is so precious

  • Jeremy Sun
    Jeremy Sun 3 hours ago +1

    There is a reason why ITZY's dancing is amazing.

  • ada sd
    ada sd 3 hours ago

    I like how JYP implements talent with a nice attitude/personality..

  • Molly Crowder
    Molly Crowder 19 hours ago

    0:08 practicing icy?? ;)

  • Bernadette Beesmith

    ITZY: Dances perfectly
    JYP: Did you breath at the same time?

  • L
    L 3 days ago

    Why does it say that yuna is 17 when shes 15 here doesn't that mean that she should be 16 in Korea???

    • Ohphrodyte
      Ohphrodyte 2 days ago

      The ages are always add up by 1 or 2 unreasonably in Korea. It's not even her 17th year. My guess is that rule created to abuse or marry young aged girls sooner since Korean men "love" (as) young (as possible) girls. That sounds creepy right ? But creepy stuffs is not something unusual in Korea, Japan and China

  • Proud to be Baquiran
    Proud to be Baquiran 4 days ago +1

    When JYPE's back crack I laughed so hard 😂

  • Jiyang Xie Vlogs
    Jiyang Xie Vlogs 4 days ago

    Didn't the Master in the middle judge Chaeryeongs sister? Well I mean he was a judge on PRODUCE 48 sorry I don't know his name, he is a nice guy though, look even more fun here!

  • Slm Dmp Pnd
    Slm Dmp Pnd 5 days ago

    Okay, itzy is the next blackpink BUT in a nicer company😂😂
    Ya know YG is the worst company😭😭😭😭😂😂

    • I T S R I R I
      I T S R I R I 21 hour ago +1

      No itzy is itzy and blackpink is blackpink

  • D a y a n e
    D a y a n e 5 days ago

    Jesus christ

  • Casperian
    Casperian 5 days ago +1

    Somi would have been the center of ITZY if she had stayed with JYP. I think she would have been a great fit for the group.

  • ikkyo 16
    ikkyo 16 6 days ago

    ru-clip.net/video/VIUKi29YUYk/video.html yuna cute

  • Lara Violet
    Lara Violet 6 days ago

    Woah, I actually pause the video when they started dancing and they are really in sync

  • BTS is everything
    BTS is everything 8 days ago

    My best entertainment families are BIGHIT and YG, they treat their members with respect. Bighit even more than YG and I love how pdbang and JYP were and still are REALLY REALLY good friends.

  • Super Batchie
    Super Batchie 8 days ago

    Lee Seung Gi's face though when he saw JYP's serious face. 😂😂😂

  • Vilidtar Xayavongsa
    Vilidtar Xayavongsa 8 days ago +1

    I love you yeji ❤️cute 🥰💖

  • musicalala
    musicalala 8 days ago

    JYP was gonna ask the men to do their greeting again while he takes pictures to see if they are all in the same positions in the photos. Then he would tell them to do it again....a million times.

  • Yanna Jin
    Yanna Jin 9 days ago

    *That's why JYPE called 'Home of the Dancers'*

  • JinMin사랑해요!
    JinMin사랑해요! 10 days ago

    Whenever Lia smiles she reminds me of Park Bom of 2ne1 😊

  • M S
    M S 11 days ago

    Why is he scolding them in front of others

  • Princess Jinerella
    Princess Jinerella 12 days ago


  • Octavia Rahmadani
    Octavia Rahmadani 13 days ago

    "Honesty, diligence, humility"
    thats why i stan this agency

  • Dua M
    Dua M 13 days ago

    You don't become performance masters without someone meticulously making sure you make the performance the best it can be, I respect that part of JYP as a mentor. I also respect the company motto, while no company is perfect it's nice to see that some aren't completely bad and fully profit crazed.

  • Aditya Pathak
    Aditya Pathak 14 days ago

    Jyp is god of all entertainment n u guys see in jyp entertainment under lots of swagger stars 1is our. Kwon ji young G dragon n got 7 .n many more new stars so i like jyp he see detailed steps where girls group miss n where they fit thats i like 👍🏻👌🏻as Indian fan if jyp entertainment fighting😉

  • Heartbreaker 018
    Heartbreaker 018 14 days ago +1

    Yeji in the thumbnail 💜😻

  • WB IsMe
    WB IsMe 15 days ago +1

    The girl in the white top and white pants has the most unique facial feature out of all the kpop girl group that i've seen.

  • Jae Jae
    Jae Jae 15 days ago

    my chaeryoungie is so cute aaaaaahhhhhh😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖

    MONIEYEONIE 16 days ago

    Who is comeback here after “ICY”

  • mafeehney feehily
    mafeehney feehily 16 days ago

    WAIT... Did they film this after they filmed their Choreography video? Or before?

  • Kanika Garal
    Kanika Garal 16 days ago

    Thatd a good technique of taking shots of them performing. That ay they know they r in sync or not where they can improve. Man he is hardworking

  • JJ Playz
    JJ Playz 16 days ago

    If I attempted that dance and showed it to him I’d be kick out in two seconds flat

  • Meraflor Dalida
    Meraflor Dalida 17 days ago

    Sinong pilipino dito???diba may hawig si seunggi kay darren espanto???


    When I say Park you say Jisoo
    When I say Kim you say Jisoo
    When I say Choi you say Jisoo

    TSCH WAVE 17 days ago

    jyp sent me lonely, horny pussy

  • IamBri
    IamBri 17 days ago +1

    Why do they always cover their mouth while laughing? I see this all the time

    TSCH WAVE 17 days ago

    Why do you need to make a list of psychopaths? Come and hire a beautiful person to dance and sit and look.

  • Mindaugas Marikas
    Mindaugas Marikas 17 days ago


  • aileen yamha
    aileen yamha 18 days ago

    😂😂😂 the crack

  • simpleascarl
    simpleascarl 19 days ago +70

    When the caption said:
    “The air suddenly feels cold.”
    Well, duh! It’s because they are ICY.
    (if you get it, you get it.)

    • MsYogaGrrrl
      MsYogaGrrrl 15 days ago +1

      Yes, that was why the show writer made that joke.

  • Bueno Obra
    Bueno Obra 19 days ago

    Yeji, Yuna, Lia, Chaeryeong, and Ryujin...

  • the kpop
    the kpop 19 days ago

    Is that SUNG-JAE 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Tim T.
    Tim T. 19 days ago

    5:22 lowkey was disappointed when she didn’t cross her legs with the rest of them as well 😅

  • Blackpink In ur area
    Blackpink In ur area 19 days ago

    Seung gi is different here,

  • Isabelchristine Soroan

    Why do I remember strict or stoned Jhope's face😂

  • Iah Chico
    Iah Chico 19 days ago

    JYP대박이다 빅히트이도 짱이야! 👍🏼

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 20 days ago

    I swear the captions for jyp's reactions are so exaggerated

  • Renz
    Renz 20 days ago

    If he's this strict on his trainees' singing, jyp artists would be really monsters. They all are amazing dancers. It's sad that most of them are unstable vocalists.

  • Best Day Ever
    Best Day Ever 20 days ago

    Pokal Teaching 😂😂😂

  • Li Ly
    Li Ly 21 day ago

    Jyp nim is cute ❤️

  • 티니누리아
    티니누리아 21 day ago

    I would love to be a trainee at JYP, I love how strict everything is. I wanna get a taste...

  • julia m
    julia m 21 day ago

    just for perspective, I’m a dancer, and the way he’s teaching is completely normal. I definitely don’t agree with people who say he is mean. he’s actually doing quite a good job, and is giving rational, specific, and helpful criticism!

  • Krystle Raglin
    Krystle Raglin 21 day ago

    I would love to have JYP as my teacher

  • Caroline
    Caroline 21 day ago

    Y’all are talking about how amazing JYP is and I’m sitting her distracted by my Goblin and Who are You: School 2015 baby Yook Sung-Jae😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Elicia T
    Elicia T 21 day ago

    i can’t believe how i used to not stan them. they’re so so so talented, and especially their dance wow

  • bunny
    bunny 21 day ago

    ITZY are such sweeties, and they got talent💕 I’m starting to stan oh no

  • Esarpy
    Esarpy 22 days ago +28

    JYP: Dancing Ground
    YG: Rapper Ground
    SM: Vocal Ground

    • Esarpy
      Esarpy 17 days ago

      i mean it's bcos even though they play around most of the time but they are good at all those things. i don't think Bighit have to be in the top 3 big companies spot, bcoz they already have a league of their own.

    • Esarpy
      Esarpy 17 days ago

      haha no u can see my profile it's namjoon

    • Kyndra Lewis
      Kyndra Lewis 17 days ago

      lol is that supposed to be an insult

  • mye forsythe
    mye forsythe 22 days ago +1

    Honestly jyp artists arent being trained to be famous and successful but to be the great performance. Though their music isn't favoured by everyone, their performance is definitely worth seeing. Even if you arent a fan, you'll feel great by watching them and thats what performers should be.

  • matchalafa
    matchalafa 22 days ago

    If I were parents of those artist under JYP, I'd never regret to trust them to JYP since they were little. He take care of them like his own kids and they become adult as in person (good characters).

  • Nacho Business
    Nacho Business 22 days ago


  • Kellee Soup
    Kellee Soup 22 days ago +1

    ugggh after watching this I hate YG even more for the way they treated Hanbin

  • Jbyeon 17
    Jbyeon 17 22 days ago

    Itzy smiles as if they aren't nervous

  • jasmines
    jasmines 23 days ago +1

    *Yuna* : steps aside
    *JYP* : _weird_ _flex_ _but_ _ok_

  • Wil Dorinquez
    Wil Dorinquez 23 days ago

    Thinking about it now, if Sungjae or Btob was JYP, I wonder how he would've reacted?

  • Anak ayam
    Anak ayam 23 days ago +1

    Lia is so pretty

  • Kratumban
    Kratumban 23 days ago

    Anyone know how many practice rooms they have at JYP?

  • Caitlin Kelly
    Caitlin Kelly 23 days ago

    Does he think they are fucking robots? Their dancing is perfect

  • london bby942
    london bby942 24 days ago +1

    what yg should be doing with blackpink

  • Zhong Chenle
    Zhong Chenle 24 days ago

    Yeji's hair 😍

  • dbsksarangx3
    dbsksarangx3 24 days ago +4

    Chaeryeong is so pretty in a soft way

  • G. Apriska
    G. Apriska 27 days ago +1

    Yuna is so pretty

  • Chiara Vallini
    Chiara Vallini 27 days ago

    Honestly jyp is the man!!

  • SuperYT4Ever
    SuperYT4Ever 28 days ago

    I cracked up when JYP cracked his back, lol!

  • Bling Ppoong
    Bling Ppoong 29 days ago +1

    Sungjae having a tour into sm and now jyp... yeet!💕😂

  • jungshook
    jungshook 29 days ago

    Back crack😭😂❤

  • Bipasha Blink
    Bipasha Blink Month ago +2

    6:47 he is Sungjae right?.