LockheedMartin SMSS (Squad Mission Support System)

  • Published on Jan 13, 2016
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    The largest unmanned vehicle ever deployed with U.S. ground forces, the Lockheed Martin Squad Mission Support System leverages robotic technologies for unmanned transport and logistical support for light, early entry and special operations forces. It solves capability gaps by lightening the Soldier’s load and serving as a power management resource.
    The SMSS will decrease the amount of time a Warfighter has to spend in controlling robotic systems by providing vehicles that can navigate autonomously. The SMSS’ supervised autonomy will provide the Warfighter with a reliable squad-size vehicle, which will improve combat readiness, while assuring re-supply channels and casualty evacuations.
    Combining perception with extraordinary mobility allows vehicles to follow the Warfighter across most terrain, guaranteeing the payload the robotic system is carrying will be available whenever and wherever the Warfighter needs it. Few other robotic systems allow for autonomy dependable enough for a vehicle to follow someone without the use of location-disclosing beacons. The vehicle can also operate by remote control, tele-operation or by manual control.
    SMSS received a U.S. Army contract in 2011 to deploy vehicles to Afghanistan, the first experiment of its kind with deployed troops, to see how autonomous robots can benefit the Warfighter. It previously served in Army experiments as a self-sustaining, portable power solution, including soldier battery recharge and logistics support for infantry.
    Range 125 miles (200 km) - Block 1
    Control • Follow Person and
    Follow Vehicle
    • Voice Control
    •Tethered or Remote Line-ofSight
    (LOS) Control
    • Non-Line-of-Sight (N-LOS)
    • N-LOS Supervised
    Gross Vehicle
    4,300 lb (1,955 kg)
    Payload 1,500 lb (682 kg)
    Vertical Step 16 in (0.41 m)
    Gap 30 in (0.8 m)
    Transportability •Internal: CH-47, CH-53
    •External: UH-60
    Variants •Reconnaissance, surveil- lance and target acquisition
    •Transport and logistics
    explosive device
    •Indirect fire/fire support
    • Direct fire/assault
    • Heavy mortar
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  • James Merkel
    James Merkel 3 years ago

    add some smoke screen launchers, & it looks like a winner. Get crazy & u could add a flip up support frame w/mini lift crane. It looks really mobile which is key to its success. It also look add 2nd buggy w/ path laid down roll mat for less mobile vehicles or just bad mushy spots( same for coiled barred wire).