The Heaviest Boy in the World Lost 100kg!

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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    We all have moments of weakness, when it feels like the whole world is against us, and our dreams will never come true. And everyone around just says "you can do it" and "don't give up". Unfortunately, that doesn't help. The best source of inspiration has been and will always be… our videos with real life examples. That's why today we are gonna tell you about people who live their lives to the fullest and do not give in to problems despite having terrible diseases.

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  • Mystery LT
    Mystery LT 10 days ago

    Me: Sees boy that’s 200 kilograms

  • I like Cheese Lol
    I like Cheese Lol 10 days ago

    I weight 159 pounds and I’m 12 but I can still run really fast and I’m really good at soccer

  • Tomas Beyene
    Tomas Beyene 11 days ago

    Like if Mind ware house is gay

  • Tomas Beyene
    Tomas Beyene 11 days ago

    Like if Mind ware house is gay

  • Cannon Gang
    Cannon Gang 13 days ago


  • Elijah Am
    Elijah Am 13 days ago +14

    If you read this

    Leav a like

  • George Cao
    George Cao 20 days ago

    Get pooped

  • Boa Hancock
    Boa Hancock 23 days ago

    this should go on top 10 transformations!

  • JohnRoque Fernandez
    JohnRoque Fernandez 23 days ago


  • R M
    R M 23 days ago

    This video should be an inspiration to a lot of people, dedication and hard work

  • Ninjaghost420BP [ILXI]
    Ninjaghost420BP [ILXI] 23 days ago +1

    He’s gonna be ripped af next

  • Ava Ferree
    Ava Ferree 24 days ago

    Is it just me or does he have boobs

  • Ariyan TubeHD
    Ariyan TubeHD 24 days ago

    how fat is he?!?!?!

  • Pavit Jotikasthira
    Pavit Jotikasthira 24 days ago


  • GrantTheGamer -Roblox
    GrantTheGamer -Roblox 24 days ago +1

    Eric be like.
    Ahh I made it to the top of this mountain. What a nice view that I can’t see.

  • Memes Fordays69
    Memes Fordays69 25 days ago

    In 2:00
    The biker: my balls hurts

  • MigMugPlayz boy
    MigMugPlayz boy 26 days ago

    People imagine the boy as a kid playing with a toy car it whould break if he did to much force

  • Gacha Sabriel
    Gacha Sabriel 26 days ago

    *and I can't even loose 1kg*

  • Pha k'nyaw Htoo
    Pha k'nyaw Htoo 26 days ago

    Good man you look small then before

  • Dick Watson
    Dick Watson 26 days ago

    This video will be an inspiration to a lot of people

  • Please enter A name
    Please enter A name 27 days ago

    1:28 “runs 2 kilometers every day”

  • 9 0
    9 0 27 days ago

    he has titties *LEGIT*

  • Patricia Coldwell
    Patricia Coldwell 27 days ago

    The video was shit

  • Pennywise loves derry
    Pennywise loves derry 27 days ago

    Got boobs

  • Jake froze
    Jake froze 27 days ago

    If u are indonesia press like

  • Silent_ Chill
    Silent_ Chill 27 days ago

    7:13 I feel like some rude bully going to smack the backpack of her and then run away with it and then something bad will happen

  • FastBakl Roblox
    FastBakl Roblox 27 days ago

    lol phat boii

  • Nigga Penis Portable Phone Charger

    Dat boi still got titties tho

  • sandy patton
    sandy patton 27 days ago

    You have such a wonderful voice for narration!!! Why do allow these stupid beats to play....they are annoying and really disturb you narration!!! You that I didn't call it music because it's
    repetitive noise!!! "86 the NOISE"....PLEEEEASE!!!!!!

  • Dean Ahmad Ghani
    Dean Ahmad Ghani 27 days ago

    Follow your dreams everyone don’t stop to reach your goal😃😃

  • GeneralMeow99
    GeneralMeow99 27 days ago +1

    Congrats kid!

  • Waffy waffy
    Waffy waffy 27 days ago

    that rock climber is just like taft

  • 3fr3n A
    3fr3n A 27 days ago

    Phx alv💯💯 602 haha

  • Mark Denver Basto
    Mark Denver Basto 27 days ago

    0:50 lol

  • Javed Anjum
    Javed Anjum 27 days ago

    I am so happy for him

  • Frostdylan80 P
    Frostdylan80 P 27 days ago

    8:43 : my name

  • Zombie 1005050
    Zombie 1005050 28 days ago

    My name is Emily=my name is Earl

  • Tactic _
    Tactic _ 28 days ago

    “They have potential”

    “We have potential”

  • Malaika Kargbo
    Malaika Kargbo 28 days ago +2


  • Karan Palilkar
    Karan Palilkar 28 days ago

    5:32 hahahaha wtf 🤣🤣🤣

  • Star Sidd
    Star Sidd 28 days ago

    Yeah motivating video..
    Me after watching, eat sleep repeat

  • Jack Frank
    Jack Frank 28 days ago

    I have cerebral palsy

  • Omprakash Gavade
    Omprakash Gavade 28 days ago

    3:20 Like to banta hai

  • Rollins Shef
    Rollins Shef 28 days ago

    Wut about the kid president

  • John Louie
    John Louie 28 days ago

    These kid is insane

  • M Hassan
    M Hassan 28 days ago

    Not everyone have wighet

  • Junayd Ahmad
    Junayd Ahmad 28 days ago +1

    Snoop dog ho ho

  • Catisy Ellen
    Catisy Ellen 28 days ago

    0:15 - 0:23 Y'all need an ego boost? Cause you got a problem. Other than that, good video, lol.

  • tortoiseman2020 gamer
    tortoiseman2020 gamer 28 days ago

    You should make onother one of these videos with me in it I spent 3 years in a hospital and was in over 60 ambulances for my seagures i had a seagure every week.and i had to go 2 hours in a ambulance becuse their was none near me my name is gunner provencher

  • Veritas Enigma
    Veritas Enigma 28 days ago +1

    Too many ads!

  • iiray uwuii lIgmA
    iiray uwuii lIgmA 29 days ago +1

    Wow i didnt know snoop was that nice

  • Nicky Gwenny
    Nicky Gwenny 29 days ago +1

    Ok now who’s the fattest kid on earth now

    Not to be mean

  • Brody Hail
    Brody Hail 29 days ago

    I don’t have cerebral palsy bad at all but I do have it

  • Abelardo El Hallal
    Abelardo El Hallal 29 days ago +2

    I just wanna thank god for what he gave me..I rly felt what it's like to be completely fine...
    I rly feel bad for the ppl missing something..everyone pray for what u got and be grateful..
    Have a nice life everyone❤️❤️

  • Jk Julie Mai
    Jk Julie Mai 29 days ago


  • Panda
    Panda 29 days ago +1


  • vansse Mccreadie
    vansse Mccreadie 29 days ago +1


  • Taylor’s Gaming
    Taylor’s Gaming 29 days ago

    I’m a YT

  • Trust Me For real
    Trust Me For real 29 days ago +6

    Any1 else thought this was a video just documented on that fat kid

  • Bruce Razor
    Bruce Razor 29 days ago

    You can thank his parents for not loving him enough to say no