How To Fix Side-By-Side Configuration Error Step By Step

  • Published on Aug 23, 2012
  • Step by Step:
    For windows 7

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  • Frahuel -w-
    Frahuel -w- 3 years ago

    a for sssaaaa a Bla Bla ingles de merda

  • Roth SZ
    Roth SZ 3 years ago

    window 8.1 pro 64 bi

  • Roth SZ
    Roth SZ 3 years ago

    not working help me plzz

  • Theatre Mad
    Theatre Mad 3 years ago +1

    Whats wrong with the audio on this video as your voice sounds distorted.Cant understand a word.

    • Theatre Mad
      Theatre Mad 3 years ago

      Thanks Kenny

    • KennyGee
      KennyGee  3 years ago

      +Theatre Mad Old video, old encoding. Look for latest videos when looking up how tp's. Video is out of date anyway and won't work for anything but Vista. What you do is the same but how you get there is different. Also there are other things which it could be that I didn't include in this video so.

  • Tommy Lum
    Tommy Lum 3 years ago

    i dont have components

  • brickfilms1954
    brickfilms1954 3 years ago +2

    Will this work for a Windows 8.1 64-bit computer?

    • brickfilms1954
      brickfilms1954 3 years ago +1

      By the way if you don't feel safe downloading the torrent there is also another method where you go to and download the Visual C++.

    • brickfilms1954
      brickfilms1954 3 years ago +1

      Well so far it hasn't given me any viruses. And Avast Antivirus hasn't detected any malware so I presume it is safe.

    • How To - Digital
      How To - Digital 3 years ago +1

      @saad mohamad I am the original up-loader of this video, just on a different channel. I deleted his comment because I don't want people downloading that because there's no way of telling if its safe or not. The only way to check if its clean is to do a registry scan of your computer but....if you didn't already have a scanner installed that had a record of what your registry(at-least the important stuff) looked like before it was altered there's no guarantees. You can also scan the folder you downloaded or do a full computer scan which might see if something was buried inside of it but that won't change the registry back.
      You should have stock Microsoft applications like Windows Defender and what not already installed. Just make sure they're turned on and they might catch something if it was changed but really there's nothing you can do...just be careful in the future. Especially with Pirate Bay, if you have no idea what you're downloading or looking for.

    • How To - Digital
      How To - Digital 3 years ago +1

      +saad mohamad That Torrent you just downloaded could have any kind of worm inside it and you just installed it and allowed it to change things in your registry. NEVER download something like this from 3rd Party, especially because you can get this directly off Microsoft's website. Good luck to you.

    • brickfilms1954
      brickfilms1954 3 years ago

      +KennyGee Okay never mind then. Plus I managed to solve my problem. Anyways thanks for responding.

  • TheEVilleKid
    TheEVilleKid 3 years ago

    will this fix the zmodeler error?

  • W. Lynn
    W. Lynn 3 years ago

    What if my highest number is the same as the "Default" number?

    • KennyGee
      KennyGee  3 years ago

      +W. Lynn Then you have a different problem that you probably won't be able to fix without a restore but try this first.

  • TheBindingOfKandy DCP
    TheBindingOfKandy DCP 4 years ago

    I can't open notepad ._.

  • Beaul Hunkapiller
    Beaul Hunkapiller 4 years ago

    can not hear well even with computer loud as it will go

  • Janesh Devkota
    Janesh Devkota 4 years ago

    I didn't have winners subfolder in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Not sure why

    • KennyGee
      KennyGee  3 years ago

      +Wig Pusha Not copying anyone, This is made on windows vista, windows 7 and 8 dont have winners

    DHWANKSH BHARTI 4 years ago +1

    i have no components option in regedit :(
    pls help dude

    • Edmar100
      Edmar100 3 years ago


    • spyTHEsniper
      spyTHEsniper 4 years ago

      Me too

    • Tiny Mike
      Tiny Mike 4 years ago

      @DHWANKSH BHARTI Me neither, If you find the solution to this problem, please share it with me, thanks!

  • Pixelime Pixelarete
    Pixelime Pixelarete 4 years ago

    I dont have 9.0... :s only until 8.0

    • Hamdy aref
      Hamdy aref 4 years ago

      +Rishi Raj Jain ME TOO

    • Rishi Raj Jain
      Rishi Raj Jain 4 years ago +2

      @Pixelime Pixelarete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMPONENTS --> No Winners Folder
      I'm Using Windows 7 - 64 bit

  • Hellen
    Hellen 4 years ago +2

    i have the same number on the default and the longest digit

  • Yvanovski
    Yvanovski 4 years ago +1

    I am running Windows Vista but my default number is the same number as the highest in the list? What can I do?

  • laythisdown
    laythisdown 4 years ago

    This idiot sounds like he's got a mouth full of gravel. Can't understand half of what he says. Then, one of the steps he suggests doesn't exist on my Windows7 machine. Utterly useless waste of my time.

    • KennyGee
      KennyGee  3 years ago

      +laythisdown Im the idiot yet you are the guy that can't see this isnt for windows 7. I'm the idiot but you are the guy that doesn't know how to work a computer in the age of computers. Keep telling yourself that IM the one thats the idiot in this situation. I'm glad I wasted your time, thanks for the view count and comment you idiot.

  • hani shaker
    hani shaker 4 years ago +1


  • chiefmouthnoshut
    chiefmouthnoshut 4 years ago

    This is the second video like this ive triedfor help but like the first when igo to my local machine its not set up the same all on my windows 7 maybe the used pc i got is bad

  • S0LiD ST4T3
    S0LiD ST4T3 4 years ago

    i dont have the damn thing so MAKE A FUCKING FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX

  • Inspektical
    Inspektical 4 years ago

    Hey i have followed every single step perfectly but i dont know why but when i get to the part where you have to change the value of the default thing i get an error saying that i cant change the value of it, please help me ive been trying to fix this for hours and i cant find a solution.

  • God of the Corn
    God of the Corn 4 years ago

    im running vista and i only have x86 policy.8.0 theres no 9.0

  • Asia Gitariani Susenoputri

    HEY in my folder there only 3 file in it : Default , and other 2 types and i did the copy paste the hghest number of the type to default then restart and it still not work to open my txdfucker ._.

  • Rankonako candy
    Rankonako candy 4 years ago


  • Calista bates
    Calista bates 4 years ago

    I don't have components :( how do i fix?

  • Chuy Trejo
    Chuy Trejo 4 years ago

    Google chrome isnt working for me

  • ty h
    ty h 4 years ago

    I have win 8.1 I cant get yahoo messenger to install can you help me.

  • AZA
    AZA 4 years ago

  • Ardie Jasso
    Ardie Jasso 4 years ago

    I am on a 64 bit Windows 8.1.... I am trying to install Ableton Live 9 Standard

  • jordan lawson
    jordan lawson 4 years ago

    aftter i clicked on the default did'n't automatically change for me, what do i do?

  • Ominiumshadow24
    Ominiumshadow24 4 years ago +3

    UGH!! I don't have the goddamn components under local machine fuck

  • emeraldpainelf
    emeraldpainelf 4 years ago

    I am on windows 8 and i do not have winners and I am trying to install smite, what do I do?

  • Ahmed MSadiq
    Ahmed MSadiq 5 years ago

    Oh Now i fixed it those who don't have 9.0 Download All C++ if you have 32 bit sys then download all ×86
    If u have 64 bit system download ×64

    • How To - Digital
      How To - Digital 5 years ago

      thanks for letting everyone know, ill be sure to direct people better when they comment (HyoGene)

  • Ahmed MSadiq
    Ahmed MSadiq 5 years ago

    i dont have 9.0
    i use vista

    • CrypticMind
      CrypticMind 5 years ago

      This is the video for vista, you probably don't have vista or are looking in the wrong place. worse comes to worse youll have to system restore.

  • Srijan Mahanty
    Srijan Mahanty 5 years ago

    Cant understand wt is he writing.please someone tell me

  • JuliusAssHole
    JuliusAssHole 5 years ago

    um i dont have the 9.0 folder all i have is 8.0

    • Barry Jones
      Barry Jones 4 years ago

      @How To - Digital i have this problem too... im using Vista

    • How To - Digital
      How To - Digital 5 years ago

      using windows 7 or 8?

  • Denise Mascola
    Denise Mascola 5 years ago +1

    Hi - didn't work for me. My default was teh same number as my highest registry number to start with. So then I took it to a pc repair shop. After spending some good money and getting it back fixed, I try to open a pdf and still side by side config. error! I'm running windows vista. what should I try now?

    • KennyGee
      KennyGee  5 years ago

      You should have clicked the Windows 7 link in the description and read the comments on the video, I went over all different ways to fix the problem. May have saved you a few dollars. Happy you got your problem resolved though.
      Just for sake of helping other out, did they tell you what they did to fix your specific problem?

  • Aidan
    Aidan 5 years ago +2

    i can't find components, im trying to fix vtfedit, it's giving me this error message =

  • Hell TubeOMG
    Hell TubeOMG 5 years ago

    i don't have components

    • KennyGee
      KennyGee  5 years ago

      read the description.

  • Hezi Israeli
    Hezi Israeli 5 years ago +2

    Thanks Man iT's working

  • bonnie43uk
    bonnie43uk 5 years ago +1

    My Acer 5735 aspire, came up with this "side by side confguration error", and i struggled to overcome it. My brother suggested i try a simple Windows restore, ( start,accessories, system tools, windows restore), and it worked a treat. Up and running again in no time. It's very annoying if you don't have a clue how to fix it and can't access the internet.

  • KennyGee
    KennyGee  5 years ago +1

    For those of you still having issues, I made a new video for windows 7. For those of you who don't have Winners, let me know what OS you are using and I'll get back to you

    • Mr.Swigger
      Mr.Swigger 3 years ago

      +KennyGee Hey it didn't work for me need help.

    • WeActOnImpulse Official
      WeActOnImpulse Official 4 years ago

      @thomastidewater gee i was just trying to help out.
      redownload mugen from softpedia or whatever, it's one of the first links in google. sometimes misplaced files in mugen cause side-by-side errors, especially if you downloaded a modded version of mugen

    • WeActOnImpulse Official
      WeActOnImpulse Official 4 years ago

      +Branden Vill run windows update
      download .net framework
      update visualc++ redistributables
      god it's so obvious

    • Branden Vill
      Branden Vill 4 years ago +1

      Windows 8.1 64 bit for all .exe files and all files except for the ones that came with the computer.

    • rithik kumar
      rithik kumar 5 years ago +1

      Windows 7 32 bit ultimate help needed

  • marty sweeten
    marty sweeten 5 years ago

    dude.....EDIT try audacity. It's free and helps to rid your recordings of the having-your-head-jammed-up-King-Arthurs-ass effect

  • Raptor Man
    Raptor Man 5 years ago

    Steam has a side by side error that doesn't seem to work. For me it's a no error in the steam client when launching the game. When I go into the appgames directory, running the darkcrusader.exe file it gives the "...side-by-side..." error. Unfortunately, my register is current and I'm on a clean machine install. I also ran the windows update as administrator that's supposed to fix the issue to no avail! :(

  • PhallicNipples
    PhallicNipples 5 years ago

    I dont have component for mine,what do i do.

    • CrypticMind
      CrypticMind 5 years ago

      This was made on vista...I know most people use 7 & 8 now. I should probably post an updated version of this soon

  • Vexar Gaming
    Vexar Gaming 5 years ago +1

    thank you so much you just saved my youtube channel :D

  • Muzammil Parkar
    Muzammil Parkar 5 years ago +1

    does this fix bully scholarship edition error too??

  • sharon russell
    sharon russell 5 years ago

    my program is completely different but it has similarities ugh my pc has been like this for days please help

  • FoziTheTroll
    FoziTheTroll 5 years ago +11

    Dont have winners

  • Srdjan Rakic
    Srdjan Rakic 5 years ago

    dont have components :/

  • Michaelyuki
    Michaelyuki 5 years ago +1

    It doesn't work for me. I'm trying to fix my AVAST 2014 Free Anti-Virus. When I got to the point when I had to edit the registry value, by default it was already set to the largest number.

  • Afnan
    Afnan 5 years ago

    i Don't HAve Any Components Help plxxxxxxxx

    PREDATORKING159 5 years ago

    Didnt work for me. It said "cannot change: had trouble changing new contents values" or something like that. Any ideas on how to fix it?

    NOONE BG 5 years ago +4

    i don't have that components any helpp???

  • Tjaart van Bruggen
    Tjaart van Bruggen 5 years ago

    CAPSLOCK 6 years ago

    THX :D i`d clap my hands when it worked :D

  • Ah Bo
    Ah Bo 6 years ago

    why i don't have COMPONENTS

  • roncenti
    roncenti 6 years ago

    Worked for me after some tweaking. First just search for "Winners". It is somewhere else in Windows 7 registry apparently. Go to the event viewer first and see in the side by side error message which policy it is. Not always the same HyoriGene mentioned. Mine was VC80.MFC.
    Then find that one and enter the highest number in "Default"
    That worked for me.
    Thanks so much you saved me 8 hours of reinstalling from scratch.

  • oussema hfaiedh
    oussema hfaiedh 6 years ago

    my default is already in the highest number

  • nimitzopsoi
    nimitzopsoi 6 years ago

    there is no components folder in windows 7