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  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • We're counting down the top OMG, craziest moments on Andi Mack! Buffy's mom leaves her military station to suprise her (Sofia Wylie) at a basketball game!
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    Every moment, every mistake, and every maybe matters when you are part of the good hair crew! Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee), increasingly confident about expressing herself, navigates her relationship with Jonah Beck (Asher Angel) and new territory in her long-standing friendships with Buffy (Sofia Wylie) and Cyrus (Joshua Rush). Meanwhile, she continues to work on building a family unit with her parents, Bex (Lilan Bowden) and Bowie (Trent Garrett), who are new to parenting but are doing their best through humor, love and open communication. These are the moments to remember especially when you're surrounded by the ones you love.
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  • Kaydence Smith
    Kaydence Smith 10 hours ago

    I literally cried and I don't even cry in funerals!

  • It's Lu
    It's Lu 8 days ago

    Es normal llorar viendo algo tan corto?

  • Sandy Ramirez
    Sandy Ramirez 10 days ago +1

    Raise your hand if you tiered up when Buffy’s mom came ✋🏻

  • Makenzie Hackett
    Makenzie Hackett 10 days ago

    Such a beautiful moment between mother and daughter 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Marie Gooding
    Marie Gooding 10 days ago

    I love you asher😘😘❤💝💖😍

  • aesthetic _wolfy
    aesthetic _wolfy 12 days ago

    This came out before my brother came back from the Army and surprise me and I started getting flashbacks

  • soda pop art
    soda pop art 12 days ago


  • Marena Wickler
    Marena Wickler 12 days ago

    Who else is crying?

  • Albert Olsen
    Albert Olsen 13 days ago +1

    I think this series had more to say and contribute. Too bad Disney has canceled it. Netflix, you should buy the story and continue it.

  • king Quan
    king Quan 13 days ago

    I don't care what no one says I would never forgive dittany for canceling such a iconic show

  • sj Jackson
    sj Jackson 14 days ago

    I love this video I watched it over and over again

  • Marisol Renteria
    Marisol Renteria 15 days ago

    That was so sad it made me cry😭😭

  • Audrey G
    Audrey G 15 days ago

    I cried because when I saw her face and her mom I cried when she hugged her mom that’s when I cried

  • Sina Angitoa
    Sina Angitoa 15 days ago

    So sad Mack💘❤️❤️💔😂😍

  • maria aguilar
    maria aguilar 21 day ago

    Hay alto error en el abrazo ¿no?

  • iannieke simon
    iannieke simon 26 days ago

    It made me cry

  • Max Calick
    Max Calick 29 days ago +1

    In February 16 2018 buffy mom was in the military and Disney channel original movie Zombies

  • angel logavatu
    angel logavatu Month ago

    Wow wow wow

  • Ilike StrangerThings

    Ok like, I cried

  • Gacha Selena
    Gacha Selena Month ago

    I cried

  • Ayla Lindsey
    Ayla Lindsey Month ago

    Why am I crying?

  • нεηтαι
    нεηтαι Month ago +1

    She Could've Waited Till The End Of The Game...

  • Blaine Mauer
    Blaine Mauer Month ago


  • Lionely Baez Jimenez

    I am crying

  • Ateca Drua
    Ateca Drua Month ago +1

    So sad good thing she came

  • Amera Simmonds
    Amera Simmonds Month ago


  • Diamond Avila
    Diamond Avila Month ago

    I cried because i am so emotional 😭

  • Maria Victoria Bayot

    I was crying 😭 it’s so happy!!!!!

  • Satandra Dell
    Satandra Dell Month ago


  • Valeri
    Valeri Month ago

    I’m not crying 🤧

  • Laiba Hussain
    Laiba Hussain Month ago


  • maya_ roblox
    maya_ roblox Month ago

    Who ever disliked has no soul

  • yiyi torres
    yiyi torres Month ago

    fue muy hermoso

  • Ines Mohib
    Ines Mohib Month ago


  • tivaxmal xo
    tivaxmal xo Month ago +2

    *yass queen*

  • Niana O'hurn
    Niana O'hurn Month ago +1


  • Gacha life Songs
    Gacha life Songs Month ago

    So good

  • Zaza Fam
    Zaza Fam Month ago +2

    I can’t believe they cancel this show already I loved it 😩😭❤️

  • Princess Judah
    Princess Judah Month ago

    And why is she on a boys basketball team

  • Princess Judah
    Princess Judah Month ago

    I never got to watch this. What was it about. It looks a bit cheesy

  • Sara LeBlanc
    Sara LeBlanc Month ago

    Makes me cry happy tears

  • Maria Camila Valencia

    I cried

  • Local Girl
    Local Girl Month ago +1

    Who else cried

  • Gotcha Info
    Gotcha Info Month ago

    Every single time I burst into tears 😭❤️❤️ such a good scene

  • Moroc Pop
    Moroc Pop Month ago

    Yo I have literal chills

  • Markia Jackson
    Markia Jackson Month ago

    Wish I still had my mom😢this pit me in teard

  • Brianne Bienkowski
    Brianne Bienkowski Month ago

    This is one of my favorite parts in Andi Mack

  • India Mcleod
    India Mcleod Month ago +2

    No, I don't AT ALL like this show...
    But I have to admit this scene got me in tears😢😭😂😂

  • Olivia Wilson
    Olivia Wilson Month ago +2


  • Claudia De Freitas
    Claudia De Freitas Month ago

    I don’t watch this show and yet I’m crying

  • Raesha Campbell
    Raesha Campbell Month ago

    I watched it twice, cried both times

  • Cartoon Nerd
    Cartoon Nerd Month ago +1

    Back when Tyrus wasn’t a thing 😂😂

  • Pet Lover
    Pet Lover 2 months ago

    SHO is ketting unions

  • Destineelole Simi
    Destineelole Simi 2 months ago

    ngl this almost made me cry

  • raja singh
    raja singh 2 months ago

    If TJ stoped arguing for once Buffy and him would make a cute

  • Caira edits
    Caira edits 2 months ago

    I'm surprised no one made the shot when everyone was distracted,now that would have been drama

  • Si'Era Thomas
    Si'Era Thomas 2 months ago

    Had me crying

  • ciara maitte marrero campusano

    Totally not crying 😭

  • Kyoru Honda
    Kyoru Honda 2 months ago

    It's kinda a shame she lost her chance at basketball

  • Hello There
    Hello There 2 months ago

    I cried and I’ve barely seen this show so I guess it’s time to start watching since it’s going to end