Time And Money Saving Home Cleaning Hacks

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • Whip out these tricks for some quick and cheap clean up for the next time you have guests coming over!

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Comments • 63

  • Shamm Jjj
    Shamm Jjj 2 months ago

    اتمنى ان يترجم باللغه العربيه وشكرا

  • Abby Lackey
    Abby Lackey 7 months ago

    please don't let your bathtub get that dirty in the first place for the love of god

  • m a r ' k i a
    m a r ' k i a 7 months ago +1

    Mr.Clean is quaking

  • Krhodes02
    Krhodes02 7 months ago

    Does the walnut thing actually work? That’s crazy

  • Josh Schreib
    Josh Schreib 7 months ago

    They need to clean that light switch at 5:06

  • Ky My Khuu
    Ky My Khuu 7 months ago +1

    These channels think that a normal human have 2 gallons of vinegar to clean all these shit

  • iiRxdii
    iiRxdii 7 months ago

    My house would be clean for one second

  • Teela Tequila
    Teela Tequila 7 months ago

    This video is way too fast if you wants people to watch it you need to slow downI think you are trying to keep up with the beat of the music

  • Life Everything
    Life Everything 7 months ago


  • Minghao is god
    Minghao is god 7 months ago


  • April
    April 7 months ago +4

    That disposal switch needs cleaning too

  • monica Davila
    monica Davila 7 months ago +10

    Well people now we know the power of walnuts

  • KFC or Chickfila Console or PC

    Anti vax moms: NOT THE ESSENTIAL OILS

  • Meg Hoff
    Meg Hoff 7 months ago +7

    I like how they also use a magic eraser on the tub but minus that bit out

  • docsmctink
    docsmctink 7 months ago +1

    Clean the switch plates
    And clean the microwave after you use it

  • Jini
    Jini 7 months ago +2

    Oh my goodness. That kitchen sink is gross af. 🤮

  • Jini
    Jini 7 months ago

    That microwave was just nasty!

  • qwaqwa1960
    qwaqwa1960 7 months ago +1

    How do you clean those disgusting switches?

    • Zoe Elliott
      Zoe Elliott 7 months ago

      @qwaqwa1960 WDYM?

    • Josh Schreib
      Josh Schreib 7 months ago

      @qwaqwa1960 ?

    • qwaqwa1960
      qwaqwa1960 7 months ago


    • Josh Schreib
      Josh Schreib 7 months ago

      Remove them, use soap and water. Try to avoid an abrasive sponge if it has a shiny finish. Make sure it is completely dry before you screw them back in. For the switches, make sure you turn off the power and use a little rubbing alcohol on a q-tip.

    • Zoe Elliott
      Zoe Elliott 7 months ago

      @ 5:07 for reference

  • Adamya Singh Parihar
    Adamya Singh Parihar 7 months ago +8

    That kitchen sink was so dirty that even after adding tonnes of soda Buzzfeed couldn't make it "sparkling clean"😂

  • Jojo
    Jojo 7 months ago

    Ew was that a “poop ring” in the tub. Not in my 38 years of life have I seen a tub that nasty. There were particles of stuff. What did use to “dirty” that tub 🤯

  • Martha romero
    Martha romero 7 months ago

    Too fast! I did't get it

  • Sarah Corrin Garr
    Sarah Corrin Garr 7 months ago +49

    FYI if you use the Cream of Tartar method on burned pans, it will kill any non-stick coating that may have existed. It becomes a magnet for anything else you cook in the pan, and will hold on to dirt and food after this cleaning “hack” so proceed with caution!

  • Cait L
    Cait L 7 months ago +34

    For crying out loud rinse your dishes!! No wonder your sink is so gross!

    • Erin Picken
      Erin Picken 7 months ago +1

      This is at the buzzfeed office, so it’s a office sink

  • Nyx Quatorze
    Nyx Quatorze 7 months ago +7

    I watched this video like...a year ago? Its reloaded. Come on BuzzFeed!

  • jose leon
    jose leon 7 months ago +2

    Can anyone tell me what is tartar cream?

    • jose leon
      jose leon 7 months ago

      @Cait L thank you sir or madam I will look for this one

    • Cait L
      Cait L 7 months ago +1

      jose leon Cream of Tartar is used for baking, you’ll find it in the baking or spices aisle at the market

  • Iωάννα Couchpotato
    Iωάννα Couchpotato 7 months ago +1

    Natural and eco friendly ☺️

  • Mrmasterfinn
    Mrmasterfinn 7 months ago +1

    20 comment lol eeee

  • purplekittywuman
    purplekittywuman 7 months ago +41

    Also, make sure it's cleaning vinegar. It's twice as strong and just that little bit better than just normal vinegar.

  • purplekittywuman
    purplekittywuman 7 months ago +11

    I would just like to say that unless you're currently toilet training your child, no one says potty. Seriously.

  • Julian  Hill
    Julian Hill 7 months ago +2

    Definitely will try drill with brush end . thank you

    • Cait L
      Cait L 7 months ago

      Julian Hill IT WORKS!! we’ve been doing it for years. Cuts tile cleaning time in half for me personally

  • Leigh Barry
    Leigh Barry 7 months ago +26

    HolyFluffernutter don't use a course sponge on fine china or ANY CERAMIC PERIOD!!! You'll destroy it!! Just fill your sink with hot water baking soda and dish detergent,let soak for 30 min and hand wash!
    The dishes are dingy because of the dishwasher residue and need a good old-fashioned hand washing and NOTHING MORE!!!
    Be incredibly careful if your dishes have a gold trim, because a coarse sponge will remove it and any fine details your plates may have! People need to remember, when older dinner ware was produced, it was meant to be hand washed, because that was the ONLY METHOD AVAILABLE AT THAT TIME!!! Heavy pressure,chemicals and extreme heat, wasn't even a thought!!! So placing your great grandmothers china in a dish washer or using extremely course sponges, were never included in the thought process of durability!!! Back then, this item was one of their most prized and precious possessions!!! They followed her where ever she moved, whether it was cross country or even an ocean and was treated like treasure! It was handed down like jewelry and displayed with PRIDE!!! So if you're blessed enough to have a piece of history💜 FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T SCRUB IT WITH ANYTHING HARSH OR ABRASIVE!!!
    As far as everyday inexpensive dinner ware STILL don't scrub with a green pad! Only use a NON SCRATCH PAD and hand wash your dishes around every 5th trip or so through the dishwasher and they'll last for DECADES!!! I guarantee any staining on your plates, is because of surface scratches or a crack in the seal!!! Hold your plate at an angle and if you can see anything in its surface its been damaged! You can still use it, but if you use GREEN SCRUB PADS YOU WILL SCRATCH THE SURFACE MAKING THE PLATE A MAGNET FOR DIRT!!! So don't do IT!!!!

    • iisophieeii
      iisophieeii 7 months ago +1

      When you didn't ask for a dish cleaning lesson but you got one for free

    • Cait L
      Cait L 7 months ago +1

      Leigh Barry None of is broke ass bitches looking at “Nifty” for cleaning hacks have fine china, are you serious? I have $3 plates from IKEA and I only have 4 of them, if I scratch one trying that hack then so be it, it was 3 damn dollhairs!

  • Leigh Barry
    Leigh Barry 7 months ago +25

    What does the salt do in the drain cleaner? I just use straight baking soda,vinegar and boiling water and it works every time!

    • Nathan Pecson
      Nathan Pecson 7 months ago +1

      Leigh Barry maybe it acts like a sponge, like its scraping the sidewalls... idk really

  • nickkamila
    nickkamila 7 months ago +85

    who watched this type of video but when it’s time to do it, you just do your old own way?

  • My Hyuka
    My Hyuka 7 months ago


  • Skylar matthews
    Skylar matthews 7 months ago

    Super early yay♡😀😀💕

    • Cait L
      Cait L 7 months ago

      No one cares, both you of you can shut the fuck up

    • Tina Panda UwU
      Tina Panda UwU 7 months ago

      Im first

  • Rogelio Lopez
    Rogelio Lopez 7 months ago +5

    re upload ?

    • Jul Jac
      Jul Jac 7 months ago +2

      Maybe yes(idk) but this channel is good be cuz the thumbnail doesn't look like 5 min craft,troom",etc

  • Mad 54murai
    Mad 54murai 7 months ago


    • xxxratedkills
      xxxratedkills 7 months ago +1

      Idk if u were being sarcastic or something but that makes complete sense🤨

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  • Tina Panda UwU
    Tina Panda UwU 7 months ago +2

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  • Tina Panda UwU
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    • Cait L
      Cait L 7 months ago

      No one cares, shut the fuck up

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  • Tina Panda UwU
    Tina Panda UwU 7 months ago


    • Cait L
      Cait L 7 months ago

      Tina Panda XD Shut the fuck up, you posted this 3 times, it’s not the 90s anymore moron