What is Concrete?

  • Published on Mar 27, 2018
  • What's the difference between concrete and cement?
    Concrete is the most important construction material on earth and foundation of our modern society. At first glance it seems rudimentary, but there is a tremendous amount of complexity involved in every part of designing and placing concrete. This video is meant to be a bare-bones introduction to the topic, with a cool demonstration of concrete strength using a hydraulic press.
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  • Reid Garcia
    Reid Garcia Year ago +401

    Here's a cool podcast episode on some history of concrete.
    The whole idea is "let's take something 'boring' and make it awesome."
    It talks about (if I remember correctly) how concrete is largely responsible for civilization as we know it!

    • Mariusz J
      Mariusz J 6 months ago

      Looks like a concrete podcast.

    • Daniel Chapman
      Daniel Chapman Year ago

      Thanks to both of you. From a Scottish bricklayer

    • Al F.
      Al F. Year ago +1

      Unfortunately, we're running out of sand that makes concrete or at least the sand on beaches rather than the sand in the Sahara. www.wnyc.org/story/853-peak-sand/

    • Yanky F
      Yanky F Year ago

      Reid Garcia
      Why don't we use concrete for the highway or roads.
      Because tar is flexible? But in some cases we do see concrete on highways thus the different sound it makes when u drive on it

    • Reid Garcia
      Reid Garcia Year ago +2

      Bronwyn Green looks like you missed a hyphen: www.gimletmedia.com/surprisingly-awesome/3-concrete

  • George Lionon
    George Lionon Day ago

    After my bought bird bath made of ceramic broke, I decided I want to built the replacement myself. I researched about different material options what to make the new one of and settled for concrete. When I bought it, I thought, wow that's really cheap.
    The concrete bird bath serve me and the birds already for many years now.

  • Josh HD
    Josh HD 5 days ago +1

    Why would u want do this yah nonce

  • The silver fox
    The silver fox 6 days ago

    What about volcanic ash that the romans used? They used 3 types hydrolic for under water, volcanic and I think a plain cement!

  • F R
    F R 8 days ago

    Me: Okay it’s 1am I should get some sleep.
    RU-clip: Hey don’t you wonder what concrete actually is?
    Me: yeah I guess so I’ll watch this then go too sleep.
    RU-clip: Okay fair enough.
    *finishes video*
    RU-clip: hey but I bet your wondering why concrete needs reinforced now, huh?
    Me: Yes okay I do but this is the last one okay.
    RU-clip: yes okay.
    *finishes video*
    RU-clip: one last thing I bet ur wondering how to reinforce soil to hold up a car.
    Me:*checks time*
    Me: 3:35am
    Also me:ends up watching a 1 hour time lapse of a damn being made

  • John Rodri
    John Rodri 9 days ago

    Great video so how much water do I add for a 100pounds of cement mix?

  • taters
    taters 10 days ago

    Me, an intellectual:
    Uses no water and the concrete becomes unbreakable

      KAYKZU YT 7 days ago

      Cement need water to hardened. LoL

  • Mette Charlotte Jensen

    I love your videos - very visual ang easy to understand..;)) I would love to watch a video about tiebacks - how they work - and especially the interaction between grout and soil. How would you describe what happens in the soil, when grouting..?

  • phyohtetko ko
    phyohtetko ko 12 days ago

    Noted , thank you sir ✌

  • Fernando Varela
    Fernando Varela 17 days ago

    Check this video ru-clip.net/video/K4EHnxdj2zQ/video.html
    It is about shear strength in RC beams and the size effect phenomenon. It could interest you.
    BTW, nice work in your chanel!!

  • Sokhéng CHORK
    Sokhéng CHORK 19 days ago

    How about concrete with ash?

  • Randal Loshbough
    Randal Loshbough 20 days ago

    I love engineering

  • yang tang
    yang tang 21 day ago

    man I love your video

  • Daniel Joseph
    Daniel Joseph 22 days ago

    great video, since hydration takes time what mix do you think will be strongest in 30 days? can it be the wet mix?

  • HighandDry
    HighandDry 25 days ago

    Complex, yes but really there’s only 2 kinds of concrete , concrete that has cracked and concrete that hasn’t cracked yet.

  •  26 days ago +1

    Kut video

  • Seff Hyugoe
    Seff Hyugoe 27 days ago +1

    *"And here we go."*

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 29 days ago

    wait what? all this time i thought cement and concrete were the same thing

  • alto
    alto Month ago

    concrete is literally fine rock, medium fine rock, coarse rock and water.

    • alto
      alto Month ago

      @0Zolrender0 powdered lime, finely powdered. aka fine rock

    • 0Zolrender0
      0Zolrender0 Month ago

      with lime

  • mrthedude55555
    mrthedude55555 Month ago +2

    Concrete gets me HARD. But not too hard, there is a lot of water involved. JK

  • Link The Hero
    Link The Hero Month ago +7

    "Here in my garage with my brand new concrete"

  • to good for farming

    You are so fucking rong

  • Himanshu Biyala
    Himanshu Biyala Month ago

    How to know or calculate or estimate the life of reinforced concrete?
    Or, in general the life span of a reinforced concrete building

  • carultch
    carultch Month ago

    What outcome would you get, if you omitted the aggregate from a concrete mix?

  • Mirrored {} Chaos
    Mirrored {} Chaos 2 months ago

    concrete would have also been an art material like clay if it weren't so dangerous with the silicate floating in the air.

  • Kalin Zahariev
    Kalin Zahariev 2 months ago

    I have been looking for such a video and for this type of information for over six months now. Thanks you for sharing this knowledge!

  • Kartik Goel
    Kartik Goel 2 months ago

    what`s our opinion about using crushed plastic instead of sand?

  • Tclarke142 2
    Tclarke142 2 2 months ago

    cool stuff

  • jussayin mipeece
    jussayin mipeece 2 months ago

    Quick question though. Since the common wisdom is that the older the concrete the stronger ig gets wont the concrete with the most water (to a point) become the strongest eventually?


    Thank you sir for the video. Its very useful for my study as a civil engineering student. I want also to inform you sir that I'm reusing your video to my channel to store it.

  • dave oneil
    dave oneil 2 months ago

    Yea i do have a question. Why do i add a dash of soap to cement? But not concrete? Or am i getting this all wrong?

  • dave oneil
    dave oneil 2 months ago

    Good effort bud

  • Tyler Genzer
    Tyler Genzer 2 months ago

    Why am I watching your videos about concrete at 1:10am?

  • Soumya Datta
    Soumya Datta 2 months ago +1

    I am confused. Recommend range of water should create best concrete, i.e holding highest pressure. But it seems least water ( well below recommend amount ) is corresponding to best concrete! It seems really counter intuitive and wrong according to my own experience.

    • DeltroxTv
      DeltroxTv 2 months ago

      you need to understand that you can't pour that dry concerete the way you could wet concrete. so yeah it worked good when he just smashed it in the tube but what about a giant building? Your gonna end up with crevices inside the concrete and it wont work.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 2 months ago

    Please do a video on concentrated loads and spreading weight in wood structures.
    It's very practical as most live in a word construction home and have weights, beds, creak sounds in their floor, etc.

  • Tomasz Świrski
    Tomasz Świrski 2 months ago

    Why the concrete cracks during this "bouding time" and why sprinkling it with water prevents it from cracking ?

  • Edward Osafo
    Edward Osafo 2 months ago

    Can you add lime to the mix and still get to 3000psi strength?

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M. 2 months ago +1

    Who is concrete
    I’ll do you one better why is concrete

  • kieran malenoir
    kieran malenoir 3 months ago

    so making concrate is a Engineer form of cake baking...different mixes make different cakes....well concrete in this case

  • Brenda Fernandez
    Brenda Fernandez 3 months ago

    I love your channel

  • Federico Olivares
    Federico Olivares 3 months ago +1

    Concrete is domesticated rock, fight me

  • Cirno
    Cirno 3 months ago +1

    Nice Hydraulic Press Channel reference XD

  • festivusmayberry
    festivusmayberry 3 months ago

    Consider me facted.

  • zebratangozebra
    zebratangozebra 3 months ago

    How good is is ready-made cement sold in tubs by Dap and others. Can I add aggregate to it?

  • Stephen Gillie
    Stephen Gillie 3 months ago

    Cement is stone-glue. It's like proteins (aka gluten) in bread or rubber cement in school projects.

  • Sigurd Torvaldsson
    Sigurd Torvaldsson 3 months ago

    Can you be more concrete?

  • Hiandbye95
    Hiandbye95 3 months ago

    7:30 hold on a minute... Canoes?

  • Hampshire Piano
    Hampshire Piano 3 months ago

    I'm in New England, and they always seem to be pouring concrete even into the freezing temp. Are we being cheated? Good info.

  • Spyke Spiegel
    Spyke Spiegel 3 months ago

    i'm actually on the 77th floor of a skyscraper in HK watching this video, and now i just hope that the concrete was well mix

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar 3 months ago

    Amazing lecture

  • J C
    J C 3 months ago +9

    Grady's voice has a calming effect. He should be a hostage negotiator.

  • Dan Rustle
    Dan Rustle 3 months ago

    Ahhhh wait so this is how those karate guys break those concrete blocks. They make the weak.

  • jackie alvarez
    jackie alvarez 3 months ago

    Very intresting

  • CocoAnana
    CocoAnana 3 months ago

    What is the environmental and psychological impact of the production and application of concrete/cement?

  • Phantom Hunter
    Phantom Hunter 3 months ago

    You're awesome man! These videos are helping me a lot for my exams

  • Zenytram Searom
    Zenytram Searom 3 months ago

    a few feet, hahaha, my house is entirely made of concrete, even the bricks.

  • Harriet Simmons
    Harriet Simmons 3 months ago

    I'd like to know the practical engineering aspects of AirCrete. There are many YT videos on AirCrete, but nothing from an engineering perspective.

  • Evan Abell
    Evan Abell 3 months ago

    great content my man

  • PseudoTiger
    PseudoTiger 3 months ago

    So what is beton then?

  • scronx
    scronx 3 months ago +3

    Thank you -- interesting. The last cylinder's surface resembles cinder block. Same recipe?