2019 Honda Civic Type R - POV Test Drive (Binaural Audio)

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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Comments • 109

  • Ben Hayat
    Ben Hayat 4 days ago +1

    That thing revs nice and doesn't have much rev hang.
    It sounds like you hear a lot of road/tire noise in the cabinet. Not sure it the windows was down, but also sounded like wind too.
    This car glues to the road on the corner. Imagine if it was an AWD.

  • Anthony Toronov
    Anthony Toronov 9 days ago

    this soothes me

    NUMISMATICA E VIDA 10 days ago

    Se e bloco mo carrao

    GAME KLUB 11 days ago

    Beatufuil nice

  • upbeatmantis86
    upbeatmantis86 14 days ago +4

    6:00 brake already squeaking?

    • Don
      Don 7 days ago +1

      The Type-R has ceramic brakes, ceramic brakes will squeak until they are warm enough.

    • Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon
      Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon 11 days ago +1

      Could be more aggressive compound for the brakes because racecar.

  • ksteng15
    ksteng15 17 days ago

    Which vehicle has the best headlights?

  • Pedro
    Pedro 17 days ago


    RICKY GONZALES 20 days ago

    Nice car

  • dudder86 dudder
    dudder86 dudder 21 day ago

    Hah Detroit by 8 mile

  • I Love You
    I Love You 23 days ago +1

    Aaaahhh, finally Manual Transmission.

  • D-Nice Gamezzz
    D-Nice Gamezzz 23 days ago


  • Char.Thallium
    Char.Thallium 24 days ago

    I need me one 😍

  • Simon
    Simon 25 days ago +1

    Fast yet still a moderately safe driver, thanks for the video.

  • Tristan johnson 21
    Tristan johnson 21 27 days ago

    Does that car have a manual transmission

    • AhmFrds M
      AhmFrds M 24 days ago

      Tristan johnson 21 It’s type R bro. Obviously

  • Angel Canetti
    Angel Canetti Month ago

    Go check those pads.

  • Max MORRIS
    Max MORRIS Month ago +1

    Engine sound is very good

  • A.R.M .Y
    A.R.M .Y Month ago

    Drive fast !!! Is stupid driving slow!!!!!

  • Viktor Mitan
    Viktor Mitan Month ago

    this guys shifting makes me buy a an automatic

  • Jessica Grace
    Jessica Grace Month ago +5

    It sounds like the brakes are screeching

    • 626KiDD
      626KiDD Month ago +1

      Performance brakes do that at times.

  • Damian Peterson
    Damian Peterson Month ago

    Should the breaks sound like that

    • CT Steve
      CT Steve Month ago +1

      Yes when cold, metal content pads, annoying sometimes, but stop from 60 in 100 feet. As I use the car only as a daily driver I will probably replace them with ceramics at some point, not sure how much that will reduce brake performance, for my use probably not much, and may reduce rotor wear, possibly even brake dust.

    • Simon Ngo
      Simon Ngo Month ago

      not your ordinary brakes I guess, more like performance ones

  • Cars, Coffee and Cannabis-

    I don't care what people say about it's styling, this type R is a special car indeed. It truly performs way above it's price tag would suggest, the stability and speed it carried through that on ramp is beautiful. I hate myself for buying an Si, should have waited 6 months and saved up enough for the R. If it weren't for the fact I'm also saving for a wedding, I probably would have.... It's definitely a car I will one day own.
    And they pull HARD too, the 0-60 figures don't tell the full story at all, I would wager it could do 60-120 faster than any of it's direct competitors.I've riden in modern STIs and Golf Rs, and from a roll, the Type R definitely feels MUCH faster. Only been in a Focus RS once, but it felt at least as fast to me as well.

    • ImWellEndowed
      ImWellEndowed 12 days ago

      i enjoyed your comment

    • Cars, Coffee and Cannabis-
      Cars, Coffee and Cannabis- Month ago

      @lee jim Wow, a rare positive RU-clip comment, thank you! Seriously!

    • lee jim
      lee jim Month ago +1

      Whisky, Weed and whips Watson, maybe you should have postpone the Wedding and got that type R car 😁😁😁...JUST KIDDING MAN... congrats on preparing for your wedding and future success to you and your future wife...

  • headfonic
    headfonic Month ago +1

    Love the video content-- really user friendly and great deals to see!

  • TristanMike. Motorcycles

    What's your country bro. ??

    • P S
      P S 16 days ago

      TristanMike. Motorcycles did you not see the license plate ????

  • augusto munoz
    augusto munoz 2 months ago +5

    please say that's in sport mode

    • sharmilan raj
      sharmilan raj 18 days ago

      @TruMoist no, its in sport mode, the red bar off only in comfort. R+ the whole tachometer is red in this video its white.

    • TruMoist
      TruMoist Month ago

      Its in race mode, you can tell since the two red bars on top of the speedometer are red

  • Exclusive Nova
    Exclusive Nova 2 months ago +2

    Finally, i have been waiting for this

  • Carlos Lamkin
    Carlos Lamkin 2 months ago +5

    She will be mine, oh yes... she will be mine

  • Rabby Calicdan
    Rabby Calicdan 2 months ago

    Is the hood spoiler plastic?

  • OGkush69
    OGkush69 2 months ago +1

    weak driver

  • M3mphis2008
    M3mphis2008 2 months ago +2

    Pitty abou speed limit

  • al
    al 2 months ago +2

    My vacuum cleaner sounds exactly like this car, especially when the filter is clean.

    • Ryad Hasan Ahmed
      Ryad Hasan Ahmed Month ago

      @al that's one bad ass vacuum cleaner

    • Heiko S
      Heiko S Month ago

      That must be some cool vacuum Cleaner then.

  • Deputy Wreckmeister
    Deputy Wreckmeister 2 months ago

    Is it easy to drive a manual transmission car? I'm afraid I'll fail the tests...

    • Deputy Wreckmeister
      Deputy Wreckmeister Month ago

      @devonte reeves Oh I feel you man, my father does that, e brake, car starts getting impulse to have enough strength to go fowards without falling backwards, and then e brake off, and done. Thanks for all the comments!

    • devonte reeves
      devonte reeves Month ago

      Deputy Wreckmeister the hills was my biggest fears when i first started learning manual transmission but now it doesnt bother me but i tried looking for a empty parking lot that has a steep hill and i just practiced for a long time, or when you come up the hill and stop you can pull the e-brake up and then go into first gear and once you feel the car is ready go just pull the e-brake down and it should go straight forward

    • Deputy Wreckmeister
      Deputy Wreckmeister Month ago

      @paigekesa well my parents don't own any modern cars... So... But when I can have MY STUFF, I buy automatic and done.

    • paigekesa
      paigekesa Month ago

      Most modern day manuals have hill assist that will hold the brake for you while you apply throttle to get going to prevent rollback. The Type R has a brake hold function that will engage the brake same as you holding the brake pedal down at a stop. Convenient if you're stuck in traffic albeit lazy.

    • Deputy Wreckmeister
      Deputy Wreckmeister Month ago

      @devonte reeves I'm afraid of losing control of it for example if I climb a hill and there's a stop sign or a stoplight...

  • Car Uncle
    Car Uncle 2 months ago +3

    Curious to see how the new civic type r does against the Audi rs3.

    • Ryad Hasan Ahmed
      Ryad Hasan Ahmed Month ago

      Type R is a track weapon... honda didn't focus on acceleration

    • Ricky
      Ricky 2 months ago +1

      RS3 is slower round the track but superior everywhere else

    • ABeans07
      ABeans07 2 months ago

      it doesn't. Type R is more comparable to S3

  • M P
    M P 2 months ago +2

    Even though this model has independent rear suspension, listening via headphones it seems it's as crashy over bumps as my old FN2!

  • one opinion
    one opinion 2 months ago +4

    Such a boring drive for a type R

  • Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon
    Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon 2 months ago +27

    the way you looked around the dash is pretty great, giving us a nice slow view of everything. I appreciate that

  • MainManJC
    MainManJC 2 months ago +9

    It’s nice but Honda design was for the ricers and not the racers. The wing kills it in a bad way. Now I will say this, I have seen a few with the wing delete and it looks a ton better!

    • MainManJC
      MainManJC 2 months ago

      Captain Jack functional at high speeds but super ugly at low speeds which 99 percent of the time you are driving average speeds. Look I’m not discrediting the car, I actually like it. But the appealing factor is low because of looks not function.

    • Captain Jack
      Captain Jack 2 months ago +3

      MainManJC The wing is functional. And I am not sure how a track focused car wasn’t designed for the “racers”. Ricers drive 150hp cars with loud exhaust, a million useless accessories tacked on. This is the King of hot hatches.

  • SC
    SC 2 months ago +2

    It’s so ugly as a hatch, if it was a sedan I’d consider it.

  • J W
    J W 2 months ago +1


  • Stiv
    Stiv 2 months ago +2

    The road conditions and the civic suspention = war

    • Stiv
      Stiv Month ago

      Ryad Hasan Ahmed of course there is an improvement

    • Ryad Hasan Ahmed
      Ryad Hasan Ahmed Month ago +1

      The fk8 type R actually has much better ride quality than it's predecessor the fk2 as the fk2 had a torsion beam with resulted in a hard ride whereas the fk8 has multi-link rear suspension for improved ride quality... although it won't be super comfortable since it has 20 inch wheels and lower suspension it's much more comfortable than the fk2 type R

    • CT Steve
      CT Steve Month ago

      Depends on how the roads are where you live, should be a factor in the buying decision.

    • Hakan Sarıkaya
      Hakan Sarıkaya Month ago


  • SkrawnyJonny
    SkrawnyJonny 2 months ago

    Does it still have trans issues ?

  • Geese1
    Geese1 2 months ago +15

    There seemed to be a lot more brake squeal than in the review videos on your personal channel. Am I imaging things, or is there a reason for that?

    • Jonesyy Boyy
      Jonesyy Boyy Month ago

      Filip Alexandru Well then Honda needs to figure that out if they do that and they’re brand new unless they just use metal pads as breaks. Dammit Carl this is why we don’t have nice things

    • Filip Alexandru
      Filip Alexandru Month ago +3

      @Jonesyy Boyy No, the brakes have been squealing by my Civic since the day 1 of ownership.

    • Jonesyy Boyy
      Jonesyy Boyy 2 months ago +3

      Geese1 Could be that the owner of that Type R hasn’t replaced the brakes, usually brakes don’t squeal unless the padding is worn down to the metal. Could be other cases such as temperature but that’s just my theory

  • p ch
    p ch 2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me if the problem with the grinding gears still remains ?

  • Honda
    Honda 2 months ago +4

    I wanted the Type R but it was too Tokyo drift for me. It yelled look at me a lot. I got the still night pedal 2018 accord Sport 2.0t. Not even close to the quickness of the type r but it's a good daily and fun to drive.

    • Cars, Coffee and Cannabis-
      Cars, Coffee and Cannabis- Month ago +1

      I have a 2015 Si, last year of VTEC, and I really like it. Love the rev happy nature of the engine, and it feels really light and handles great. But coming from a heavily modified WRX (350WHP), I REALLY miss that turbo grunt

  • OrderedFiber43
    OrderedFiber43 2 months ago +1

    Gotta love Michi- i mean Mexico

  • orangefirepearl FB6
    orangefirepearl FB6 2 months ago +1

    OK the heading supposed to be a 2019 Civic type R and at 6:05 the brakes are already squeaky and to be driving like a moron is unnecessary

  • Matthew Schrader
    Matthew Schrader 2 months ago +4

    Thank you for the vid. Have been waiting 2 years for a quality one on the Type R

  • Sadikur Rahman Mashrafi
    Sadikur Rahman Mashrafi 2 months ago +4

    I was waiting for this vid thnx

  • Hidden Array
    Hidden Array 2 months ago +1

    just buy a used 2017+ mustang for the same price range

    • Johnny James C
      Johnny James C 2 months ago

      this car is around 35k MSRP with dealer mark up to around 40k typically.

  • Reza Hoseini
    Reza Hoseini 2 months ago +1


  • Tanner Cole
    Tanner Cole 2 months ago +5

    Not the most pleasant sounding thing is it? Nothing but road noise, wind noise, exhaust drone, and no induction sound. The styling inside and out is seemingly borderline vulgar as well. Not much to really look at or listen to. Hopefully, it at least feels fast and agile to make up for all of that.

  • ameerskater
    ameerskater 2 months ago +2

    wish they would make these in automatic and fix how the back end looks

  • Jazzy Jock
    Jazzy Jock 2 months ago +5

    Here come all of the "car professionals" in the comments talking about why nobody should be driving a car like this. 😐

    • Randy Santos
      Randy Santos 2 months ago +1

      Driving the car how exactly?

    • David
      David 2 months ago

      Unless if you're a racerboy who could afford it and have tons of time on your hands, you really shouldn't.
      But, then again, that's just my opinion.

  • Colin R
    Colin R 2 months ago +8

    The wing is just way too much.

    • Cg3
      Cg3 2 months ago

      Colin R that plus the race red seats is why I’m driving a Stinger instead.

  • WRB
    WRB 2 months ago +12

    Drives nice but man it’s ugly on the outside

    • Ryad Hasan Ahmed
      Ryad Hasan Ahmed Month ago

      @Dennis Xu Golf R DSG = straight line speed
      Type R = track weapon 😈

    • Dennis Xu
      Dennis Xu Month ago

      @Ryad Hasan Ahmed
      Completely, but way too much design for my taste. Golf R has elegant styling styling.

    • Ryad Hasan Ahmed
      Ryad Hasan Ahmed Month ago

      @Dennis Xu in reality, the parts are functional

    • Dennis Xu
      Dennis Xu 2 months ago

      @Aroren YT
      It screams ricer.

    • Aroren YT
      Aroren YT 2 months ago

      WRB It’s the same style as the old ones but yes I do agree it looks a tad ugly.

  • MegaEssin
    MegaEssin 2 months ago +45

    4:27 The famous highway onramp pull. Send it!
    Also 2:36