LaMelo Ball is Back in High School! Drops 20 & 13 in SPIRE Debut! 🅱️🅱️🅱️ | SLAM Highlights

  • Published on Nov 11, 2018
  • It's official, LaMelo Ball is back playing high school basketball for SPIRE Institute (OH).
    In his season debut-a 96-86 scrimmage victory over The Hill (PA) School-LaMelo finished with 21 points, 13 assists and 5 rebounds.
    Senior guard Rocket Watts, finished with 38 points. Together, are they the best backcourt in the nation?
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    LaMelo Ball is Back in High School! Drops 20 & 13 in Spire Debut! 🅱️🅱️🅱️ | SLAM Highlights
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Comments • 212

  • DuckBrosGaming
    DuckBrosGaming Year ago +129

    I stg if anyone says “ wHy iSNT HE sCoRiNG 40”.... he has good teammates now and a good coach and doesn’t take as many shots so don’t expect him to drop 40 he’s still number 1 in his class and lowkey I don’t even think he was trying this game😂

    • Liberty
      Liberty Year ago +1

      Melo is talented and he's in the top 10 of HS ballers for 2019.
      And yes, he did have this "I'm too cool for school" vibe in this game.

    • Manuel Toranzo
      Manuel Toranzo Year ago

      @Sharrieff Muhammad Where did I called you that? I'm confuse. The person that used that language wasn't me I was somebody else that is who I called immature. Like I said it wasn't me.

    • Manuel Toranzo
      Manuel Toranzo Year ago

      @Jon Snow Your replies shows the kind of person you are.

    • Manuel Toranzo
      Manuel Toranzo Year ago

      @Jon Snow Yes. I'm not a fan either but I didn't call you any names, but it was ok for you to call me that and that is what I called you immature.

    • Manuel Toranzo
      Manuel Toranzo Year ago

      Sharrieff Muhammad just look at the post above which I replied. If it wasnt you that is how RU-clip show it. I haven't called anybody other than BBB fanatics in any of my post because I don't use that language. I that wasnt that was it showed.

  • IZ Wild
    IZ Wild Year ago

    Lonzo is a way better athlete and defender

  • ESP.Fitness
    ESP.Fitness Year ago

    Bullshit! LaMayo is a fucking PRO! You can't go from THAT to THIS!

  • randomly chillin_

    I live in Ohio

  • LoneWolf Rider
    LoneWolf Rider Year ago

    Everyone dislike because they are too lazy to show the scoreboard! D I S L I K E now

  • Ethan Kjenstad
    Ethan Kjenstad Year ago

    Anyone know his shot % this game?

  • j gg
    j gg Year ago

    wheres dat romanian guy innit

  • imahustla50
    imahustla50 Year ago

    Hey slam when are you guys going to put Lamelo Ball on the cover? he needs a solo cover ASAP!!!

  • Nate Watusay
    Nate Watusay Year ago

    Mane #swagwalkin to the nba

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy Year ago

    We’re rob

  • Damion Magee
    Damion Magee Year ago

    That whole squad tuff... Melo blended right in. This will be a team to follow for sure. Just wait til they get used to his fast, push da ball type pace. They wont know if Melo bout to pull up from half court or throw a lob. 🤣 🤛🏾✋🏾✌🏾

  • Alex Danny B
    Alex Danny B Year ago

    TRAVEL? 9:09

  • JahPoetix
    JahPoetix Year ago

    Definitely a dynamic duo. Hoping they have defensive drills in practice though. That's always a constraint to the next level of hoops. Offensively speaking, they may rival some great backcourts across the land. Time will tell.

  • Savage Saquad
    Savage Saquad Year ago

    Number 0 was spraying

  • EJ Monteagudo
    EJ Monteagudo Year ago

    Where is the 7 foot 7 kid

  • John Wall
    John Wall Year ago +1

    Lamelo is trash.If u watch the highlights has no defense aint,but he wanna play in the league lls stop it.

  • Robi Yonas
    Robi Yonas Year ago

    why oak hill scared tho

  • Adamlee_23
    Adamlee_23 Year ago

    number 0 is cold; he knocked down like 7 threes

  • ATL Hip Hop
    ATL Hip Hop Year ago

    Ik Teams in Atlanta that play better

    • Rocket wattssr
      Rocket wattssr Year ago

      ATL Hip Hop who let get them together and make the world learn rocket watts spire way

  • BlackOutBeatz414
    BlackOutBeatz414 Year ago

    Melo is going to the NBA

  • Account Name
    Account Name Year ago

    Playing in chino hills against Zion Williamson to playing with professionals in Europe to playing in the JBA to playing back into high school again. What a cycle!

  • Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson Year ago +1

    He would get destroyed in high D1 competition. Lacks strength, turnover machine and simply can't guard anyone.

  • Troll Bot
    Troll Bot Year ago +1

    He looks lazy on the court lmao

  • JB
    JB Year ago

    Worst highlights

  • Terrell Martin
    Terrell Martin Year ago +2

    I hope going against highschool kids don't make him worse. He been pass them.

  • Doyoan
    Doyoan Year ago

    Lamelo is playing smart

  • Drippyrc
    Drippyrc Year ago

    Where is that tall white nigga who look like a stick ?

  • Dan
    Dan Year ago

    Out of how many shots?

  • Danny Gentry
    Danny Gentry Year ago +1

    Lamelo is a better shot taker than Lonzo for sure but something i see in all 3 is they like aggression. I dont think its because they cant, they just dont have that hunger because their dad gave them the things that normally come with the Nba. These kids had deals, fancy cars, a fan base, money just in HS. They all remind me of a young dirk... they love the game but the hunger is absent.

  • Drake Ovo
    Drake Ovo Year ago

    Fuck Cole Anthony the nigga a bum he scared thats why he beg oak to cancel the match melo gonna drop 50 thats why he scrared

  • DC nation's capital
    DC nation's capital Year ago +1

    He doesn't play with passion lack of energy seems like he doesn't like basketball at times

  • A.Lane15 WWJD
    A.Lane15 WWJD Year ago

    Even if the JBA comes to a end, it has served its purpose getting Lamelo and Gelo towards where they need to be and improving their game.

  • A.Lane15 WWJD
    A.Lane15 WWJD Year ago

    Lamelo did this not too much removed from a flight. He’s gonna be a great player. Not including his range and the fact that he’s now shooting at a much closer 3pt line.

  • Ry Guy
    Ry Guy Year ago

    Refs wearing shorts? This must not have been an official game.

  • Yavex
    Yavex Year ago

    Please watch this instead of the Overtime video the camerawork and lighting is so much better.

  • Jonathan Fernandez

    That up and under at the beginning is classic Melo

  • Lost Thoughts
    Lost Thoughts Year ago

    This the high school duke lol

  • Lost Thoughts
    Lost Thoughts Year ago

    Slam out here with the pixel 3 camera lol

    HEΔRT GΔ†ES Year ago

    Rip JBA

  • jacob
    jacob Year ago +1

    Where’s Rocket Watts?

  • waltdunn2
    waltdunn2 Year ago


  • Young Among
    Young Among Year ago +3

    He could of easily went for 30+ in this game but got called a ball hog so he shared the rock he's lowkey the best prospect coming out of this year ❗💯

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago +1

    How tall is he really?? I looked it up and I’ve see everything from 6’3 to 6’8..

  • King Seasick
    King Seasick Year ago

    Melo looking like Jason Tatum

  • Walter Davis
    Walter Davis Year ago +8

    Damn he dont hustle and he dont play defense!!!!

      JOEL REED Year ago

      Walter Davis have you ever got of a 14 hour flight?? you legitimately sound stupid...

    • Big Dicholas
      Big Dicholas Year ago +1

      @Walter Davis I suppose when you're young you don't feel fatigue from exercise and travel? That's not how it works, ancient one. Having to play a game and then probably not sleep on the flight back to then immediately go to another game will tire anybody out. Stop hating people younger than you because you never did anything in life.

    • Walter Davis
      Walter Davis Year ago +1

      @Big Dicholas man stop making excuses ok. Dont hype shit up then come with excuse. He to damn young to ne tired ok.

    • Big Dicholas
      Big Dicholas Year ago

      He had just got off of a game and a 14 hour flight to get to the game. His coach wanted him to score for them and not worry about defense so much.

  • Johnathan’s Life

    Is it a preseason game?

  • Kcon Vlogs
    Kcon Vlogs Year ago

    Where’s the Rob Bob at

  • Malachi Barrett
    Malachi Barrett Year ago

    Where is this school

  • Miles Davis
    Miles Davis Year ago

    Levar send him to CAL he would be ok and still will be in Cali

  • djmiamamma
    djmiamamma Year ago

    he aint that good

    • G West
      G West Year ago

      @Alex Barton lol you mad? I told you nothing would happen. But you wanted to act all high and mighty. Reality cock slapped you right in the face.

    • Alex Barton
      Alex Barton Year ago

      G West it got served after I busted a nut on your moms face

    • G West
      G West Year ago

      @Alex Barton still waiting on justice to be served? lol

    • Hopper830
      Hopper830 Year ago

      "Justice will be served" lmao idiot

    • G West
      G West Year ago

      Thousands of comments with insults and profanity get posted on youtube every day. So yeah good luck with wasting your time.

  • Bane Braxton
    Bane Braxton Year ago

    6:38 y’all see da way he twisted his ankle right

    CB MIXTAPES Year ago +5

    This is insane, how slam like ALL the comments

    • Javon
      Javon Year ago +1

      he ... didn't .. like .. urs

  • Damian vlawgs
    Damian vlawgs Year ago +1

    Everyone got different stats for him w t f

  • 1stRedShirt
    1stRedShirt Year ago +14

    This is the best video from the game posted so far. All the others look like they were recorded on a potato

    • SLAM
      SLAM  Year ago +2

      😂 appreciate that

  • Ryan Stanfield
    Ryan Stanfield Year ago +8

    bro those uniforms😖😷

    • MEECH !!
      MEECH !! Year ago

      Them bitches solid as shit, be quiet

    • Chiraq Shawty4
      Chiraq Shawty4 Year ago +3

      Mf it ain’t no fashion show they playing ball who cares how the uniforms look y’all complain about everything on the internet damn shut yo bitch ass up and enjoy the video fag ass goofy

    • Ryan Stanfield
      Ryan Stanfield Year ago +1

      SLAM in my humble opinion and again just a opinion yeah i think their bad

    • SLAM
      SLAM  Year ago


  • Basketball God
    Basketball God Year ago +8

    Yo Melo play that first game just like LeBron played his first games when Playoff starts definitely was a feel out game LOL

    • SLAM
      SLAM  Year ago +1

      For sure. Makes sense tho gotta build the chemistry

  • Here Here
    Here Here Year ago +4

    I wish he would try on the D side of the ball .. put his damn hands up at least .. his length would shut down a lot of lanes

    • LaVar Ball
      LaVar Ball Year ago +1

      @SLAM pause

    • SLAM
      SLAM  Year ago

      Dude got longgg this past year

  • Damien H
    Damien H Year ago

    that darkskin nigga was splashing bruh😭

    • SLAM
      SLAM  Year ago

      Who rocket watts?

  • Martin
    Martin Year ago +11

    Not even trying light work

    • SLAM
      SLAM  Year ago +2

      Looks so easy for him

  • You A Fool Boa
    You A Fool Boa Year ago +10

    So Uh Where’s Tht Tall Dude

    • 252 Productions
      252 Productions Year ago

      In the weigh room💪

    • Richard Wolfe
      Richard Wolfe Year ago +2

      SLAM I saw a comment on another video that the tall guy is on the b team.

    • SLAM
      SLAM  Year ago +1

      Idk I was wondering the same thing 🤷🏻‍♂️