2020 Moto RAZR Impressions! The Return of a Folding Icon!

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • The Motorola RAZR is back for 2020. The flip phone re-invented. With a bunch of catches.
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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee  2 months ago +17727

    The lighting was so bad I didn't catch the secondary 5MP camera up in the notch. It's there! So you can in fact take even worse quality selfies if you so desire.

    • Matthew Seth
      Matthew Seth 3 hours ago +1

      @Marques Brownlee you were definitely high on pot in this video lmao

    • Meredith Mebane
      Meredith Mebane Day ago

      How would a screen protector work on this phone? I saw their phone cases and they are very unique.

      ZAINUDIN HASSAN 14 days ago

      Greetings from singapore, hello marques. Currently i'm using samsung note 3 since 2014 and samsung A10 since july 10 last year. But this phone looks awesome i mean for work purpose.

    • Amina Guled
      Amina Guled 20 days ago

      I had a crush on him until I found out I he

    • terrence samps
      terrence samps 27 days ago


  • Matthew Seth
    Matthew Seth 3 hours ago

    He had to of been high in this vid. Red eyes... did no research on the phone.. missed a whole camera..

  • epicjen
    epicjen 15 hours ago

    To note the pocket thing...I don't want the screen to be bigger because folding would make it ALSO bigger and many women's clothes have tiny pockets!

    • epicjen
      epicjen 15 hours ago

      Basically I just want SMALLER phones that have lots of battery, but that's not easy to find

  • cooldbz12
    cooldbz12 17 hours ago

    You need a wallet that cant fold close from the money to afford this

  • Jason Pierce
    Jason Pierce 20 hours ago

    They have backed up again on delivery 2/18/20, I hope there's not an issue with this phone seems a little sketchy? Might look into Samsung flip, hopefully it wont come to that!! Peace

  • Sharky
    Sharky Day ago

    This is a flip phone! not that shitty samsung fold... jeez i want this Razr!!!

  • Daniel Ortego
    Daniel Ortego Day ago

    I don't to versions of the razor from years past and I always liked it. I also joined the Apple ecosystem back in 1983 with the Apple IIc. I currently have the iPhone XS Max and I'm not all that crazy about it. In fact, I personally feel that it works poorly following the 13.x update. I feel that iOS is becoming somewhat dated With the square a little tiles. The RAZR appeals to me in a few ways and I have been looking for an excuse to switch to Android.

  • Christopher Cognetta

    Nice job! Thanks for the details.

  • Tanya Tugia
    Tanya Tugia Day ago


  • James Mueller
    James Mueller Day ago

    It's a cool phone, but way too expensive!

  • David Gleason
    David Gleason 2 days ago

    Just ordered mine.

  • eddyjamez20
    eddyjamez20 2 days ago

    Who holds the phone to their ear, nowadays? Yuck!

  • poppy This Guy
    poppy This Guy 2 days ago

    I got a Coolpad.
    $100 . Does everything y'all phone do.

  • Tyler Nelson
    Tyler Nelson 2 days ago

    Can't wait to see the tear down from Zach!

  • Cjon wickham
    Cjon wickham 3 days ago

    Wait apple lg HTC samsung copies...

  • Noor Alkarkhi
    Noor Alkarkhi 3 days ago

    I was all about this phone but then I realized (1) the price is so high, and (2) there is no earphone jack? Ummm no thank you! Besides I would like to wait and see what happens and what kind of problems will rise in a few months after it comes out... I really wanted this but going to have some self control and say no... I'm sure in a year or so better folding phones will come out.

  • Raid Prime
    Raid Prime 3 days ago


  • Noella Bason
    Noella Bason 4 days ago

    me personly, yes i want! cant waite! yes, you right, nostalgie!

  • MK Iob
    MK Iob 4 days ago

    Great first review, lighting was great, maybe not to your standards, but i like how the darker background highlighted the phones screen.

  • Jon Morisi
    Jon Morisi 5 days ago

    You forgot to put it on the table and spin it (Cause that's what we did with the RAZR "back in the day").
    Also, I wonder what happens when you drop it, because there's no way you're putting a case on it.

  • Metalmachine467
    Metalmachine467 5 days ago

    You get one of those Motorola razr phones
    You'll be one of the first to use it
    Everyone whips out their brick phones and you whip out and flip your phone open like a boss

  • G Campbell
    G Campbell 5 days ago

    Love it!

  • home9dog2blue
    home9dog2blue 5 days ago

    Wait....."terribly.....lit"? Thats a contradiction

  • Raj More
    Raj More 6 days ago

    Rip Snapchat on this phone

  • Vic
    Vic 6 days ago

    Owned the original razr v3 from early 2005 to 2014. It was just that good. Only one battery swap. Had a Samsung tablet for everything else.

  • Rayhatesyou2
    Rayhatesyou2 6 days ago

    why wish to have a heasdphone jack we have bluetooth headphones

  • Michael L
    Michael L 6 days ago

    Hey, was there an issue with the lighting? He didn't mention it.

    S COREA 7 days ago

    I was wondering about the need for a front facing camera for app use like snapchat, IG, fb, etc.

  • Sivakumar P
    Sivakumar P 7 days ago

    Believe after moto razr fold other OEMs will follow the same design in different dimensions, hello moto you started the trend in 2004, what a design brilliance true innovation , still new in 2020

  • Sivakumar P
    Sivakumar P 7 days ago

    There bought moto razr v3 3 times , after that never liked another phone "honestly", it's like MJ anytime anywhere its "Charismatic", will be happy moto rebuild out of Lenovo and will be much happier if v3 return as feature phone, pls vote for the v3 razr by hello moto 🙂 like 2004 in 2020
    Honorary Mentions: razr got launched in 3rd quarter of the year 2004, that means until 2003 it's a concept or did not even exist
    Note: if relaunched now it should be non removable battery, bcz the retro of it was bit creaky at the battery compartment bcz its user replaceable

  • zl x
    zl x 8 days ago

    Cant wait till come out to Verizon store

  • Dan
    Dan 10 days ago

    No protective case capability I'm guessing. No protection

  • Easy Life
    Easy Life 10 days ago

    NO: Headphone jack/micro SD/Optical Image Stabilization (main camera 16mp/frontal camera 5mp) with 2510 mAh battery for 1.500$ ???
    That is NOT funny! ... :(

  • Muhamad Afif
    Muhamad Afif 11 days ago

    This device make me think if i really buy it i feel like the screen going to crack or break when folding..i know it will not but it just feel weird to bend the glass just like that

  • Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa

    Yup i couldnt afford the original one either...

  • OG UJkidd
    OG UJkidd 12 days ago

    U lost everyone with no aux jack, car rides are gunna suuuuuuuuuck

  • Lisa Scott
    Lisa Scott 12 days ago

    Looking forward to pre ordering it soon. I had the original in 2005, loved it.

  • Viani Edwards
    Viani Edwards 13 days ago

    I love this. Definitely want one just to be able to flip it closed!

  • C Baber
    C Baber 13 days ago

    That's an awesome looking phone, but I wouldn't pay that much or go to a different carrier just for a phone.

  • Eye Animation
    Eye Animation 13 days ago

    Leafy felt bad when he saw the design of RAZR.

  • Run The Fusion
    Run The Fusion 14 days ago

    Had me until the price. 1,499 =/
    I wanted to live the nostalgic life without it being more expensive than the I phone or the Android.

    ZAINUDIN HASSAN 14 days ago

    Greetings from singapore, hello marques. Currently i am using samsung note 3 since 2014 and samsung a10 since july 10 last year. This phone looks awesome i mean for work purpose. Reminds me the very first motorola phone i use last time. Grey colour with antenna, only sms..lol. that was a few years back

  • Adamah Mashiach
    Adamah Mashiach 15 days ago

    It'll only get better from here and i want one too!

  • Peter Juhasz
    Peter Juhasz 15 days ago

    I want 2 more folds. Scratch that. 3.

  • Naveed lal khan
    Naveed lal khan 16 days ago

    Thanks bro for telling the truth about this fone unlike those other paid views guys who were boot licking this fone

  • Naveed lal khan
    Naveed lal khan 16 days ago

    Better specs fone available than this crap with same price

  • Naveed lal khan
    Naveed lal khan 16 days ago

    Folding fones dont work with me always gets wrecked

  • v sparrow
    v sparrow 16 days ago

    Why spend $$$$ on new motorola foldable phone, just buy a phone with the screen that fits your needs and you dont need to do extra work by folding and unfolding the phone!

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell 16 days ago

    Best folding to date. It completely folds flat, also. No noticeable Bump on the extended screen. Battery is too short of time. Picture stability is important but otherwise, I am interested.

  • tacosR1 Gaming
    tacosR1 Gaming 17 days ago

    I am NOT giving Verizon my money.
    Sorry, Motorola.
    You made a bad deal.

  • dominic alvarado
    dominic alvarado 17 days ago

    People may thin it is crazy but you would think that when making phones back in like 2006 or 7 that they wo uo ld ha e been flip smart phones first then just what we use now. Idk just a thought weird.

  • Don Hale Jr.
    Don Hale Jr. 17 days ago

    Good info bro, regardless of their trash lighting lol

  • Kimi Nem
    Kimi Nem 17 days ago

    filming self with main camera and watch it while filming, no other phone can do that

  • àElizabeth Davis
    àElizabeth Davis 18 days ago

    Can it be charged on the new car chargers by just laying it down?

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 18 days ago

    Imagine a case for that. The case would cost more than MY phone

  • Gangrepuceau
    Gangrepuceau 18 days ago

    Way too large to be a razor

  • JesusSavedJoshua
    JesusSavedJoshua 18 days ago

    $1500 is insane.

  • s s
    s s 18 days ago

    Its awesome but extremely overpriced

  • XarP
    XarP 18 days ago

    1500$ is price of an iPhone 11 pro base 64gb in India.

  • kalin kalin
    kalin kalin 19 days ago

    NO to impressed