I Found an iPhone X Underwater in the River!!! (iPhone Returned to Owner - BEST REACTION EVER!)

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • I Found an iPhone X Underwater in the River!!! (iPhone Returned to Owner - BEST REACTION EVER!)
    WOW, this is one of my favorite river treasure dives so far. While snorkeling in the river, I found a working iPhone X (my first!), and was able to get it working and contact the owner. Her reaction was incredible, since all her newborn baby's pictures were on that phone, and she didn't have it backed up! We shipped her the phone and she was nice enough to video her reaction when she opened it.
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  • Kapejeq
    Kapejeq 2 days ago +1

    Please stop spoiler at 1 sec video

  • Renz San Juan
    Renz San Juan 2 days ago

    The current was so strong keep safe every day

  • Muhammad Rozikin
    Muhammad Rozikin 3 days ago

    The part that i like in this video when you return iphone to the owner.. wohoo..

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  • Mohammed Sadiq Vlogs
    Mohammed Sadiq Vlogs 4 days ago +1

    Backround music at 5:50 please.

  • chonamarie mercado
    chonamarie mercado 4 days ago

    i like the way of your work bro..you are so honest person,you deserves to have a many more subscriver..thumbs up to you😍😍😍

  • Zev kyle Caballero
    Zev kyle Caballero 7 days ago

    Why many people lost so many glasses

  • Noothan Guddemane
    Noothan Guddemane 9 days ago


  • Granger Danger
    Granger Danger 11 days ago +2

    me: dad I want a new phone!
    dad: let's go to river honey

  • Siti Izzah
    Siti Izzah 16 days ago

    I love your video.. it soo amazing..
    Love from malaysia❤️❤️

  • Kay Quang
    Kay Quang 16 days ago

    Coconut 🤣🤣

  • bangkal vlogger
    bangkal vlogger 17 days ago

    Hello brow gave me i phone.....😂😂😂😂😂😂from the phillipines...youre so nice...

  • Samuel Molina
    Samuel Molina 19 days ago

    I LOVE u

  • Fênix negri
    Fênix negri 20 days ago +1

    Top demais

    MRINMOY CHATTERJEE 23 days ago



  • B team
    B team 23 days ago

    Dallas. Would be amazing if we get 40m likes.
    1 year later 465k like think you went above and beyond that

  • Bảo Phúc
    Bảo Phúc 25 days ago

    Thằng lồn này hên thế

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  • Mark Tompkins
    Mark Tompkins 28 days ago

    I♥️you’re videos

  • Luke Leblanc
    Luke Leblanc Month ago

    That eeko thing you first found was the snorkel too to a full facemask

  • Fidel adella
    Fidel adella Month ago

    Gw nemuin iphone langsung gw pake lah, gak gw kembaliin ke yg punya

  • Anibal Babilonia
    Anibal Babilonia Month ago

    Man! I dont know what else to say! You're awesome!✌😎👍

  • Lulu Is the queen
    Lulu Is the queen Month ago

    So this is how to get free item

    just go into a river

  • l Happy Studio l
    l Happy Studio l Month ago

    Como que las personas pierden muchas cosas en ese río :b

  • Thecoolnumberblock 23

    Is the owner ur sister I don't know

  • Thecoolnumberblock 23

    Is the owner your sister idj

  • natasha fae urena
    natasha fae urena Month ago

    i drop my iphone 11 pro max in that river

  • Clara Bertoncello
    Clara Bertoncello Month ago

    I think it's a vacum

  • Camila y jeancarlo Bonilla silva

    The iPhone x wow

  • Ghazi Salahuddin
    Ghazi Salahuddin Month ago

    Really n ppl blve ths :/

  • Ghazi Salahuddin
    Ghazi Salahuddin Month ago

    The nailssss :/

  • Ananya m.n
    Ananya m.n Month ago

    So basically in the water u'll find iphone 😂😂😂

  • Nick Martin
    Nick Martin Month ago


  • Perfection!
    Perfection! Month ago +1

    Who else has respect for the Iphone X?

  • amina farah
    amina farah Month ago

    You drop all of those things bustard

    AN TECH GAMERS Month ago +1

    Their is no person in the world who found iPhone 10 in river but you only person who found iPhone 7 or7 plus etc you are own drop your pack phone in river and see like I found

    AN TECH GAMERS Month ago

    The iPhone 10 drop by own and see like i found iPhone he is cheat with public don’t subscribe the channel

  • ด.ญพัชรินทร์ สวัสดี

    You are a very good person. The things that are out there are:

  • milu Escobar
    milu Escobar Month ago

    Lo que mas encontras son gafas

  • Valeriecayleen Hilman

    Your such a kind person and i love your vids

  • Tina Butler
    Tina Butler Month ago

    Keep it

  • Blak Wilbur
    Blak Wilbur Month ago

    You're video is so awesome

  • rcsci91
    rcsci91 Month ago

    who is watching in 2023

  • Beauty Beats
    Beauty Beats 2 months ago

    If that was in Australia there is a chance that it might be my dads bc he dropped and iPhone X out of a helicopter by accident and it landed in a river lol

  • BOB Guardala
    BOB Guardala 2 months ago

    Dallas bro I come from Australia and I have been watching your great work your , keep it up.

  • mega 123
    mega 123 2 months ago +1

    Orang indonesia mana ngerti

  • insights of life
    insights of life 2 months ago

    very nice video.
    ....added to subscription...
    i wanna see more

  • Carry Minati
    Carry Minati 2 months ago +1

    You don't belive it bro my sister name is also (Alisa)

  • Vergie Beltran
    Vergie Beltran 2 months ago

    you shall not return to owner because you found it

  • Angi Lisa Chambers
    Angi Lisa Chambers 2 months ago

    you are looking for phone under water

  • Silvi Andrya
    Silvi Andrya 2 months ago

    I want i phone X please

  • Reinhold Kemper
    Reinhold Kemper 2 months ago

    hope that gal picked up the "waste" again after throwing it away like a dumbass.

  • aung than
    aung than 2 months ago

    that phone is piper rockella's phones

  • Tiffeny Joel
    Tiffeny Joel 2 months ago

    This man is life saver👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • livi lou
    livi lou 2 months ago +1

    Never change the music.

  • Merelf
    Merelf 2 months ago

    Your videos if anything make me very aware of backing up my media lol

  • Nathanael Greene
    Nathanael Greene 2 months ago

    how did he get it unlocked though?

  • Emily Ocampo
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  • Emil john Apelo
    Emil john Apelo 2 months ago