iPhone SE vs 5S Water Test! Waterproof?


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  • Boy Kocher
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  • Wiczik Wiczik
    Wiczik Wiczik 17 hours ago

    Jestem polskim komentarzem którego szukasz

  • Aydin Khan
    Aydin Khan 21 hour ago

    18:30 SEX has to come out

  • 5 subscribers with no videos

    Who else is here because they know they can finally afford the se?

  • Forky
    Forky 2 days ago

    Iphone 1

  • Mónica Sandoval Lopez

    9 🤭😂

  • Frank Goldcamp
    Frank Goldcamp 2 days ago

    You didint set up the iphone 5s

  • christina marshall
    christina marshall 3 days ago

    Who else feel bad for the phones 😆

  • J v
    J v 4 days ago


  • Seywan Sina
    Seywan Sina 4 days ago

    Diamond vs underwater

  • Kailey Lacy
    Kailey Lacy 5 days ago

    i currently have an iphone se and i've dropped it in water sooo many times and it still works but for my birthday i am getting a iphone 7 in 4 days!!

  • Chocolate Flavored popcorn

    He just killed his phone

  • nando gonzales
    nando gonzales 5 days ago


  • Arun Grande
    Arun Grande 6 days ago

    Why are people destroying electronics? I mean, it's just stupid. Apple should have told the public if their devices are water resistant.

  • Hidayet kocatepe
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  • Carrot kenya
    Carrot kenya 10 days ago

    That not run hi8 vj j

  • Elena Is Elena
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  • Karlie Toronto
    Karlie Toronto 11 days ago

    so yesterday i dropped my se in the water and ites been in rice, when water got in it acted just like the 5s in this vid

  • Aantela 4 Bairath Viratnagar

    Fek video h bro koi b try mt krna
    Maine try kiya
    Mera I phone 5se damage ho gya or on b nhi ho rha
    Plz friends koi b try mt krna

  • AV02 YouTube
    AV02 YouTube 14 days ago

    Whats up guys, *drops in water* Sh- *Cut*

  • Shahid Rafiq
    Shahid Rafiq 16 days ago

    Please give me a iPhone 5s

  • The Roblox Gamer
    The Roblox Gamer 16 days ago

    Love the intro

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown 17 days ago +1

    In what moment would u have a phone underwater for 15 min

    • Steve Johnson
      Steve Johnson 7 days ago

      Mr Unknown
      I would try to at least save it.

    • Mr Unknown
      Mr Unknown 7 days ago +1

      Steve Johnson
      Yeh but would u keep the phone after it’s been down there

    • Steve Johnson
      Steve Johnson 16 days ago +1

      If you drop it into a lake and can’t find it, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen very often.

  • Berenise 333
    Berenise 333 18 days ago +1

    Xk solo movías los iPhone 👌🏻🤫
    No creo esto 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Albaxe 1
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  • Uresis Fish
    Uresis Fish 18 days ago +3

    I'm currently looking for a new iPhone because I jumped in the pool with my SE and am still paying for it :(. I am thinking about getting the iPhone 7Plus, thoughts?

    • Elan Suris
      Elan Suris 5 days ago

      Sub to pewds

    • Aaron Hoffman
      Aaron Hoffman 17 days ago +1

      Yes! (im a girl on my dads account lol) The iphone 7plus is great! and waterproof. I have one and i love it, its big, camera quality is BOMB! Hope you get a good phone! :)

  • Hotel hideaway Queen
    Hotel hideaway Queen 19 days ago +3

    Is anyone watching this in 2019?? no? Just me....? okay

  • Flarez Productions
    Flarez Productions 19 days ago +1

    2:35 Hey the message on the right is in dutch

  • R3 Exotic
    R3 Exotic 19 days ago +1

    Literally best intro 😂

  • UniQue Boy
    UniQue Boy 20 days ago

    Bhai mujhe de dete yrrr tino phone

  • Scarlett DIYs
    Scarlett DIYs 20 days ago +2

    My mom dropped hers in the toilet for a second. She broke it...

  • Namz
    Namz 20 days ago +3

    A drop of water went on my SE and my phone was broken.

  • Sarsha Xox
    Sarsha Xox 21 day ago

    *_ and I oop- _*

  • Laura Perera
    Laura Perera 21 day ago

    Me: broke iPhone 5s home button
    Brain: look diy iPhone x
    Apple: I'm I a joke to you

  • Blue Gacha
    Blue Gacha 21 day ago

    IS green shot!!!

  • てゃ솜슝
    てゃ솜슝 22 days ago

    아이폰을 막 그렇게 사용하면 ㅋㅋㅋ폰을 왜 사는거야 진짜 ㅎㅋㅎㅋ

  • Keagan L
    Keagan L 23 days ago +1

    I have the se and dropped it in the snow once and now the volume buttons don’t work

  • Major Gamer
    Major Gamer 23 days ago


  • MemeLord TM
    MemeLord TM 23 days ago

    but if i drop it in water and then put it in rice i’ll be fine?

  • Edit _ Central
    Edit _ Central 23 days ago

    I have red xr

  • Will Berthelot
    Will Berthelot 23 days ago

    I try this whit my iPhone 5 SE and they died... :(

  • Nanghanda M
    Nanghanda M 26 days ago

    Give me one I use my dad's phone

  • sebastiano.bordonetti
    sebastiano.bordonetti 28 days ago

    Spirito Santo di merda

  • Le0n RBLX
    Le0n RBLX 28 days ago

    Love how he put a samsung next to 2 iPhones for a test

  • HowlyYT
    HowlyYT 28 days ago

    How many fkin ads

  • malek shut up!
    malek shut up! Month ago +1

    You deadass know that its not water proof

  • Galaxxy G_I_R_L
    Galaxxy G_I_R_L Month ago

    What is the samsung?

  • MAVEM Cal
    MAVEM Cal Month ago

    Been an android user most of my life but now i am thinking of getting the Iphone se.... watching this or other vids help me determine what i should get so mahalo.

  • Shawn Flex
    Shawn Flex Month ago +2

    Good video

  • Thedopeshark
    Thedopeshark Month ago +3

    I left mine out in the rain dropped it in ramen and in my dogs bowl

  • L 'n' P gamer
    L 'n' P gamer Month ago +1

    i like old smaal phone like iphone 5

  • 7- Eleven
    7- Eleven Month ago +4

    Did it bother anyone else that he couldn’t just set up the phone?

  • GamingDot
    GamingDot Month ago

    0:01 lol he dropped the other phone!

  • Francesca Giannetti

    Da novembre ho un telefono waterpluf e non lo sapevo!! Figooo

  • Alfred Naconas
    Alfred Naconas Month ago

    SE is much better.

  • Cihat Çelik
    Cihat Çelik Month ago


  • Cihat Çelik
    Cihat Çelik Month ago


  • Puffers God
    Puffers God Month ago

    I have the iPhone 10S MAX

  • Kion Leader of the lion guard

    Who else is watching on an se?

  • MP mation
    MP mation Month ago +1

    The real answer who won


  • Gaming Embassy
    Gaming Embassy Month ago

    Imagine the Samsung turns off instead of the iPhones

  • Tellonic
    Tellonic Month ago

    The 5s is my daily driver cause my parents said I'm too young too have more expensive phones like the 10
    I'm 11

  • oceanowo •watervids•

    Galaxy S9 vs iPhone XR waterproof and a hundred feet drop

  • Mangesh Shinde
    Mangesh Shinde Month ago

    5s king 🤴

  • Znack - Roblox
    Znack - Roblox Month ago +1

    0:01 *-facepalm-*

  • Karyna Batista
    Karyna Batista Month ago

    to precisando de um iphone e ele faz uma coisa dessa

  • Hacking Tech
    Hacking Tech Month ago


  • Mg Hpone Thant
    Mg Hpone Thant Month ago

    iPhone SE and iPhone 5S is not the newest the newest is iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

  • Zachary Murphy
    Zachary Murphy Month ago +1

    0:01 ... fight meehhhh

  • Stam Dagd
    Stam Dagd Month ago +1

    Here we gogo !

  • カマイア
    カマイア Month ago

    I remember dropping my iphone se in water and it kept vibrating and getting very hot, thats why i upgraded to the 8.... No regrets

  • liza wow йоуу!!!

    Я русский, привет (hi)

  • stephen johnson
    stephen johnson Month ago

    Keep pressing the home button on one phone and not the other will let more water in to the button not fair on the 5s really

  • PanosEfta
    PanosEfta Month ago +1

    *If you’re watching on iPhone SE*

  • ePIc ePIDeMIc
    ePIc ePIDeMIc Month ago +3

    *drops phone in water*.

    *still holds phones above water*

  • Egor Danilin
    Egor Danilin Month ago

    Подариш 1 айфон

  • Parsa's Life
    Parsa's Life Month ago +1

    I checked this to make sure that my phone won’t break in the rain... Because I left mine outside and it rained over night.

  • Mathew Gallaway
    Mathew Gallaway Month ago

    Hate how he Doesn’t dry them fully

  • WeyZi _04
    WeyZi _04 Month ago


  • Vinicius Tome
    Vinicius Tome Month ago

    Eu tô com o celular do meu irmão me dá pôr favor

  • Vinicius Tome
    Vinicius Tome Month ago

    Mano porque não me deu 😭

  • Manuel Chavez Delgado

    Y te das cuenta de que su reloj no es contrq el agua :c

  • BombDefuser6710 Kraken

    Two days ago I actually dropped my iPhone 6s Plus in water and it still works fine.

  • Tiago gamer
    Tiago gamer Month ago

    Da um pra mim

  • ツUnicornツ
    ツUnicornツ Month ago

    I have IPhone SE

  • Heh Meh
    Heh Meh Month ago

    R.I.P SAMSUNG😭 [*]

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girl Month ago +1

    Is clean water will have different effect compare to sea or dirty water

  • Luan Silva
    Luan Silva Month ago +1

    Uau da pelo menos um pra mim 😎

  • Andreea Andreea
    Andreea Andreea Month ago

    Wtf ?! I just dropped my iPhone 5S today in wc for 30seconds, and guess what? Is dead🤥

  • TQA - Aykut
    TQA - Aykut Month ago

    who is watching it with 5s

  • santi Gómez
    santi Gómez Month ago


  • Tim N1
    Tim N1 Month ago


  • yetus fetus
    yetus fetus Month ago

    my brothers 5s got dripped on and broke

  • Johan matias Campillo calle

    Jajajaa jajajajajajajaj el Samsung

  • супер спинер

    Эро вотч утопил

  • ruben ortiz
    ruben ortiz Month ago

    0:00 0:01 oops jajaja

  • WOKEN_GiGi
    WOKEN_GiGi Month ago

    remember when u unlocked ur samsung s5 ? 8:29

  • WOKEN_GiGi
    WOKEN_GiGi Month ago

    u know the update makes it waterproof right? FAKE

  • spedC00kie
    spedC00kie Month ago

    my first phone iphone 5s i fucking loved it but i was a greedy bastard so i tried to drown it i had it in the water for about 30 min and the only thing that broke was the wifi band went months only using my ipad then got the blue samsung galaxy 7 edge and loved it and then last summer got the iphone 8 plus and i love the big phones (still have the 8 one year my contract is over and i’m getting a xs max

  • shahzaib kazmi
    shahzaib kazmi Month ago

    iPhone 5 legend