Nick Wright’s biggest takeaway for Big Ben’s 2019 preseason debut | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on Aug 26, 2019
  • Eric Mangini joins Nick Wright and Cris Carter to discuss the Ben Roethlisberger's 2019 preseason debut. Nick discusses his biggest takeaway from the Pittsburgh Steelers preseason game.
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    Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
    Nick Wright’s biggest takeaway for Big Ben’s 2019 preseason debut | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST
    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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Comments • 147

  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    What are your thoughts on Ben Roethlisberger's 2019 preseason debut?

    • ddawgg23
      ddawgg23 Month ago

      Nverquit 830 They were 8-8

    • cholli4141
      cholli4141 Month ago

      They missed the playoffs without Bell... They are no longer super bowl contenders. I don’t see how that’s better.... with Bell and AB the Steelers were at least contenders.

    • Connie B
      Connie B Month ago

      He's actually playing. I'D feel like I got my money's worth. Goff of Rams hasn't plAyed a down. Geez. He needed to work on things too I thought.

    • Zimm Can
      Zimm Can Month ago

      Pittsburgh Steelers Youth Kids T-Shirt

    • Nverquit 830
      Nverquit 830 Month ago +1

      @Equitable Apple my bad your right.

  • Mark Garland
    Mark Garland Month ago

    The commentating crew is missing one thing that no one ever talks about, they keep asking with out Bell and Brown questions about the Steelers chances well they never won a Superbowl with them so what's the problem? Let's move on.............

  • Mind Business
    Mind Business Month ago

    You need to ask the question, "Who is going to be the JuJu on the Raiders to take the pressure off AB?" AB is in Oakland now, stop associating him with what is to be in 2019.

    • Mind Business
      Mind Business Month ago

      @MrPresident White We can't honestly say that JuJu never saw double coverage. A team would be dumb to see the success JuJu's having and not account for him with an extra body. JuJu's ability to play inside and outside makes him less prone to be doubled. You are thinking of Martavius today, I am talking about Martavius then...the one stretching the field every play and barely getting any targets because everything was getting forced to AB. AB can't even win single coverage against Malcolm Butler or any Patriot corner in the big games.

    • MrPresident White
      MrPresident White Month ago

      @Mind Business you're wylin! If anything AB double and triple teams help those dudes get open routes!
      Martavius Bryant? Really?
      JuJu is about to have a ride awakening. Being the #2 means you get much less attention. When teams turn up the heat will he be able to still find those openings?

    • Mind Business
      Mind Business Month ago

      @MrPresident White AB has never been alone. He's had Mike Wallace taking the top off, followed by Martavius Bryant taking the top off. They had Emmanual Sanders and others, plus he's had JuJu the last two years. His best season was two years ago when he had both Martavius, Bell, & JuJu. Both Bryant & Smith-Shuster had better rookie seasons than AB in their debuts. AB is good, no question. The reason I call him good and not great is that he is NOT a good blocker (despite the ONE block he made for JuJu last year against Denver). However, there are a lot of great WRs that went to some garbage QBs. Calvin Johnson had great numbers with a garbage quarterback...imagine if he had Ben or Tom, his numbers would be unreachable. Randy Moss is a great receiver, BUT no one remembers Randy Moss playing for the Raiders, 49ers, or the Titans. Why? Because he had garbage QBs. AB's success is partly because of the special connection between him and Ben. That's why AB didn't want to go to the Bills. He wasn't sure what he'd be getting.

    • MrPresident White
      MrPresident White Month ago

      AB was AB without JuJu. This is just silly!

  • MAGiC SchlongSON
    MAGiC SchlongSON Month ago

    "CLEAR" Downgrade? Why and how? Keep sleeping!

  • Michael Rooney
    Michael Rooney Month ago +2

    A tight team wins more than a team with disliked peacocks, ask Barry Bonds.

  • Ronald Johnson
    Ronald Johnson Month ago

    Ben sloppy burger will fade again

  • Jihad Da God
    Jihad Da God Month ago

    Steelers won't make playoffs

  • brian green
    brian green Month ago +2

    Ben is washed up Lamar Jackson is bett

    • brian green
      brian green Month ago

      Jeffery Jones he's a regular season qb...he's a liability in the playoffs

    • Jeffery Jones
      Jeffery Jones Month ago

      I didn't know washed QBs could lead the league in passing yards if over 5,000 yards passing and over 30 tds is washed up I'll take it

    • brian green
      brian green Month ago

      C R Ben has been washed up for the last five years he only has a starting job because he's white the same reason he got away with raping two different women..... lmao

    • C R
      C R Month ago

      brian green lmao ok what a great running back Jackson is

  • Jared Reed
    Jared Reed Month ago +4

    Big Ben gets away with everything. For now.

  • Curtis Jones
    Curtis Jones Month ago

    Glad coach cleaned up the leveon bell statement.

  • gdc615
    gdc615 Month ago +7

    I just clicked on this video because of Nicks hair in the thumbnail

  • Hardy Warrior O’Cruadhlaoich

    The Steelers Should be SuperBowl Favorites and It has nothing to do with Ben because the Steelers will be fielding a Of the greatest defenses of all time ! Trust Me !

    • Hardy Warrior O’Cruadhlaoich
      Hardy Warrior O’Cruadhlaoich Month ago

      Connor Smith their defense was top 10 in the league this pass two years!

    • Connor Smith
      Connor Smith Month ago

      The Irish Hitman ! The Irish Assassin ! Lmao bet their defense won’t even be top 10 in the league

  • Alpha Sports
    Alpha Sports Month ago

    I said it last season the best receivers in the NFL future was in last season's draft and none were taken in the first round. Anthony Miller, James Washington, Tre'Quan Smith, Courtland Sutton, DJ Chark. The Steelers could have used JW more last season instead of Ben throwing him under the bus like he always do ... what you saw was the other QBs throw to JW and it showed that Ben was the person he always been a drama queen. This was a perfect example of the media believing Ben in the past and now see that JW was a better player than Ben was putting out there ... JW led all WRs in yards receiving in college. In other words this guys is better than AB.

    • Alpha Sports
      Alpha Sports Month ago

      @Zack Amig I said it last season Washington was better than AB ... those WRs who came out of college last season were the best in a long time .... not all will make it on my list due to their QB and scheme ... Ab was just a KR when he was a rookie ... he had other guys to mentor him ... JW had no one to mentor him well not AB thats for sure and certainly not Ben.

    • Zack Amig
      Zack Amig Month ago

      You think right now james Washington is better than AB?

  • sixburg6
    sixburg6 Month ago

    James connor pro bowl rb and nick doesn't even acknowledge him this guy is a complete tool bell didn't play last year no drop off

  • joe nobody
    joe nobody Month ago +6

    All y'all sleep on the Steelers get your excuses ready 😂😂😂

  • Christopher Roman
    Christopher Roman Month ago

    Steelers will win Super Bowl.

    STEEL PULSE Month ago

    QUESTION... CC...back in 2010 you said Big Ben was not a student of the game can't read the field what made you change your mind in 2019🙄😂

    • sixburg6
      sixburg6 Month ago

      In total wins

    • sixburg6
      sixburg6 Month ago

      7th ranked qb all time ben may push 6 this year how's that student doing now lol

  • Jonathan Oviedo
    Jonathan Oviedo Month ago +2

    My biggest take away from Ben it's the same every year. Win a few games alone to bad teams when the game's matter. Ben and Tomlin are the dumb and dumber couple.

    • Will Cerjanec
      Will Cerjanec Month ago

      Jonathan Oviedo half the team is hall of famers? Lol I’m sorry what? Where did you come up with that nonsense that happens to be incredibly incorrect. Oh yeah......bill cowher, how many tittles did he win before Ben came to town? You think the Steelers win those titles ‘with those hall of famers’ with Maddox at QB, Kordell? Get real.
      Super team? Do you even know what you are talking about? How many games did Ben, Bell and Brown play together? Bell holdout x 2,bell knee injury x 2, Ben injury etc etc.
      Never made it past the first round? 2016, conference final ring a bell? 2010 Super Bowl that funblehall gave away to the packers? 2015?
      Yeah, guy can’t win in the playoffs. Only 6th all time in playoff wins and likely to pass Bradshaw, Elway and Manning.

    • Jonathan Oviedo
      Jonathan Oviedo Month ago

      @Will Cerjanec bro you do realize they won those 2 super bowl with a hall fame team right? Build by bill Cowher since those players retired the Steelers hasn't been able to pass the first round of the playoffs. How about the super team they had last few years with bell brown and great o line how far they been ? Exactly .

    • Will Cerjanec
      Will Cerjanec Month ago

      Jonathan Oviedo how about his touchdown drive with less then 3 minutes to go backed up at his goal line against the cardinals? Including a hold on the offensive line that put them on the 1. Or how about his performance against the Ravens in 08/10? There’s also the 05 playoffs where he single handedly saved their season against the colts when the bus fumbled at the goal line and he made the tackle in open field. Also had a QB rating of over 110 heading into the Super Bowl where he did struggle. But he was outstanding in 08 leading the Steelers to a second title under him. He was also outstanding in 2010 when Rashard fumblehall cost them a 3rd title against the packers as they were about to take the lead in the second half.
      I repeat, I’d take him over anyone not named Brady in the dying minutes of a game needing a touchdown. But to each their own.

    • Jonathan Oviedo
      Jonathan Oviedo Month ago

      @William Wheat yup the crazy thing its Tomlin may cost the Steelers probably 2 super bowl appearances in the last 5 year's.

  • Kathy Thompson
    Kathy Thompson Month ago

    When a former Browns coach says he's a big squeelers fan......where"s my bottle of tums at.

  • Faubert Legendre
    Faubert Legendre Month ago


  • you're right
    you're right Month ago +19

    Juju is better than AB at a lot of things. He's bigger, stronger, faster, tougher, smarter, more physical, better chemistry with his teammates on and off the field, unselfish, and he can block in the run game. And he's only 22. Not to mention he has that Samoan blood in him.

    • ellzthegod
      ellzthegod Month ago +2

      Pass whatever you are smoking, don't be stingy

  • you're right
    you're right Month ago +12

    People aren't talking about how much better our Defense is gonna be tho. The offense won't have to put up 30+ points every week anymore when we're holding teams to 10 to 25 points

  • Flying Toaster
    Flying Toaster Month ago

    At 1:10 says it all to me... no ideas but in things, as the New Jersey native put it.

  • Flying Toaster
    Flying Toaster Month ago +1

    omg its true what they say about CC -- he can't stand to listen to a pedestrian, a plebian, talk about the game he used to play. used to play. as in the past . as in long ago. PS the man needs to grow a new pair... guessing it's still a team sport.

  • Mojave Max
    Mojave Max Month ago +4

    Chris Carter's Eye Brows have a fuller beard than Nick Wright.

    • richard alvarado
      richard alvarado Month ago

      still ain't in Anthony Davis territory yet....LOL!!! the late Andy Rooney, Gene Shalit, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

  • Manny P
    Manny P Month ago +2

    Nick isn’t holding back with the hairstyles!?!? 🤣. He does have good takes though

  • Rj Boss
    Rj Boss Month ago

    Jenna gets better lookin everyday...seriously tho its nutz..

  • D Flatt
    D Flatt Month ago

    *CC talking to Mangina:* "Yeah coach"

  • Clinton Alen Music
    Clinton Alen Music Month ago +2

    CCs reaction to Nick Wright talking ( at 1:50) has me weak 🤣🤣🤣

    • Jorge Gaytan
      Jorge Gaytan Month ago

      I thought I paused by accident 🤣🤣

    • YouMake MeReal
      YouMake MeReal Month ago +1

      Whats he even doing? Hes just reading his notes wtf..

    • Sumswag Gaming
      Sumswag Gaming Month ago +1

      CC is entertainment himself i swear🤣

  • Charles Donohue
    Charles Donohue Month ago +12

    Big Ben is easily a HOFer and is gonna bring a 7th ring for the Steelers!

    • Daniel Barwatt
      Daniel Barwatt Month ago

      First part i agree with..second idk..well have to see..but lets hope!

    • sixburg6
      sixburg6 Month ago +1

      Ben is focused remember Mike Wallace Emanuel Sanders suppose to be super stars left Pittsburgh they were decent at best ben makes them great let's see how many pro bowls and streaks AB gets now if they don't lock him in a mental ward first

    • NY Knicks Lifer
      NY Knicks Lifer Month ago

      1st ballot. #HereWeGo

    • Keith P
      Keith P Month ago +3

      Oh yeah. If Ben wins the Superbowl after AB leaves, that'd be epic.
      AB will be frustrated by week 6. I'm hoping we go the whole way and rub it in his face. Ooo yeah.

  • Chad Alston
    Chad Alston Month ago

    Mr. Nose.

  • BNAMusic88 _
    BNAMusic88 _ Month ago

    Mangini tried it 😒😒😒😒

  • R A
    R A Month ago +18

    I'm worried about the kicker. They would have won 3 more games last year had their kicker not stunk.

    • sons of liberty
      sons of liberty Month ago

      If you look at the tape after groin surgery his mechanics were different or stiffer than the year before and now. Before the leg begins to move forward when it's back is where the groin does most of its work. When it's too tight you don't get a good follow through because you got a bad start. He'll be good. I'm not sure they're going to need him to be 2017 good. Just hit the ones you suppose to. The d and the running game is going to dominate the storyline eventhough ben will pass for over 4k again for the hundredth time. That line is stout, and the d line is collapsing pockets so even running QBs have no lane to get through.

    • Claude Bishop
      Claude Bishop Month ago +1

      And Big Ben not leading the league in Red Zone interceptions

    • R A
      R A Month ago +1

      @Nverquit 830 I'm still worried. Usually these guys are good and then fall on a cliff never to return. I hope you're right about Boswell, but I'll be chewing on my fingernails for the first few weeks when he kicks.

    • Nverquit 830
      Nverquit 830 Month ago +3

      @R A OK here's the stat In training camp, under a variety of coach-imposed pressures, Boswell made 26 of 28 field-goal attempts, including 6 of 8 from 51-54 yards. In the first two preseason games, he was five for five with a long of 47 yards. He missed two in camp, I'm not too worried about him if he keeps up this current trend.

    • R A
      R A Month ago

      @Nverquit 830 He's missed a few in camp. Some inside of 50 yards. He still worries me. The other guy doesn't have enough leg strength to be a threat.

  • Ephesians 5:11
    Ephesians 5:11 Month ago

    Yoi! T'was easy said Benny and he flashed a crooked smile. I was snapped on the fanny by the terrible towel!

  • Elliot James
    Elliot James Month ago +10

    chris carter, one of the best WR to do it, he tells it how it is.

  • Elliot James
    Elliot James Month ago +11

    ii just wasted 30 seconds to log in to comment on this. nick wright is the biggest negative duesch bag that is affiliated with sports. he was the school mascot always criticizing professional players

  • Eric Daugherty
    Eric Daugherty Month ago +4

    Mangini is cheering for the Steelers because he hates the Browns and desperately wants them to fail. He was terrible as a head coach and he is terrible at what ever you call his blathering now.

  • Marvy_G
    Marvy_G Month ago +13

    We winning the superbowl

  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods Month ago +4

    All I expect from the Steelers is to make the playoffs might win a game or two and then be out of the playoffs

    • Deez Nutz
      Deez Nutz Month ago

      True. I dont think my team is winning any SB..but I believe they're def a playoff team

    • Elliot James
      Elliot James Month ago

      awesome pic and name lol

  • Drew Chamberlin
    Drew Chamberlin Month ago

    You’ve got mangini on your side, you’re fcked.

  • The LoboGamer
    The LoboGamer Month ago +8

    1:50. Was CC asleep while nick was talking ? 😂😂. That's messed up if he was.

    • UsirRaMaroon
      UsirRaMaroon Month ago

      @YouMake MeReal no, Chris is contemplating his mistakes in life that led him to being across the table from nick wright. Chris does not deserve this.

    • YouMake MeReal
      YouMake MeReal Month ago

      He's reading his notes morons.

    • UsirRaMaroon
      UsirRaMaroon Month ago

      Just get rid of nick wright, issue solved.

  • Michael Connors
    Michael Connors Month ago +2

    Using Bill James' for expected wins ((PF^EXP)/(PF^EXP+PA^EXP))*16, (PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, where the exponant is calculated = 1.5*LOG((PF+PA)/16) the Steelers are a ten win team. Using SABR's expected win formula the team also grades out for ten wins. Using the same formulas Baltimore grades out ahead the Steelers as a 11 win team. But I don't like Baltimore's offense, so I think the Steelers win the division. Do the Steelers have enough to beat Your World Champion New England Patriots in week one? That is at Foxborough, and YWCNEP have an .880 winning percentage in home games since 2009. Maybe YWCNEP will have 14 penalties like the team had last year in Pittsburgh. Maybe. Pittsburgh will be very good this year.

    • UsirRaMaroon
      UsirRaMaroon Month ago

      @Michael Connors They aren't my Patriots, but I do respect them. I don't think Belichick has enough film on the Steelers to adequately game plan. It comes down to game plan, coaching, and adjustments Unless raw talent takes over. So glad AB is gone.

    • Michael Connors
      Michael Connors Month ago

      @UsirRaMaroon Roethlesberger had a slightly better Passer Rating than Brady in 2018. Pittsburgh looked sharp against the Titans. The team is ready to go. Problem is YWCNEP look ready to go as well against the Panters. Do the Steelers have enough in the tank to beat Your World Champion New England Patriots? We'll see.

    • UsirRaMaroon
      UsirRaMaroon Month ago

      Bill Billichick is an excellent game planner who will take away teams greatest weapons.... One small problem, No AB, No LB to game plan watching tape as they all new, but for Ben. Steelers have JuJu, Washington, Switzer, McDonald, Moncrief, Johnson, Connor, Samuels... New OC and new offense...what do you game plan against? However, both New England and Pittsburgh are notorious slow starters though...

  • Omar YAHU
    Omar YAHU Month ago +17

    I wish them well... they are one of my teams but Superbowl talk in the middle of preseason is way, way too early. Come back to the subject after week 6... anything short of that is just ridiculous.

    • Omar YAHU
      Omar YAHU Month ago

      @Jujulicous Yeah, I've lived in more than one city since I was 6, so I like a few...why is that odd?

    • Jujulicous
      Jujulicous Month ago

      Omar YAHU one of your teams?

  • You Heard It From Hev
    You Heard It From Hev Month ago +3

    Steelers wont be winning anymore superbowls, same gameplan yr in and yr out....teams know us too well and we can be easily exploited on defense due to our stubborn coach wanting to keep a 3-4

    • You Heard It From Hev
      You Heard It From Hev Month ago

      I believe Steelers should run a 4-3, do away with some of the linebackers, invest more in to pass rush linemen, our back field is not the smartest, they're not afraid to hit but poor at wrapping up and can get beat deep very easily, on the offensive side of the ball we need to get more explosive with theQB, not having a mobile QB allows defenders to sit back in coverage more, ben is on the decline, and the Tomlin era has ran its course

    • mike collins
      mike collins Month ago +1

      As already mentioned, they don't run a straight forward 3-4 like the Steelers of the past... however, you're right about the coaching being the biggest hurdle being that his in-game adjustments are nonexistent. If plan A works, then the Steelers usually roll. If the win is reliant on a plan B, then their chances drop dramatically. This is partly the cause for so many close wins and losses vs far inferior teams.

    • R A
      R A Month ago +2

      3-4 isn't the problem. It's their insistence on playing zone in the secondary against Brady.

    • OsoArrogant 1
      OsoArrogant 1 Month ago

      I don't know if you watched the game but it's a multiple defense. It has two fronts our base is a 3-4 and a 4-4 formation. They also ran it last year. That's why you seen Sean Davis at linebacker last night.

    • Michael Jackson
      Michael Jackson Month ago +6 clearly dont know much about football fam...

  • Milad Rahim
    Milad Rahim Month ago +11

    As long as Big Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Tomlin, the general manager and the ownership are the in Pittsburgh I expect nothing more of playoff contenders.

  • Thepittsburgh Man
    Thepittsburgh Man Month ago +4

    Nahhh don’t love us it’s ok

    THE FRIENDLY GAMER Month ago +10

    No No No!
    Don't support the Steelers now
    Keep hating on us like you guys have all off-season
    It starts here then it moves to SAS, Skip and Shannon,and Colin
    Then the Steelers are favorites and we lose

    • UsirRaMaroon
      UsirRaMaroon Month ago +2

      Go listen to Wiley on Speak for Yourself and regain your "haters hate us" confidence!

    • Fred
      Fred Month ago

      Tbh Stephen A has been with the Steelers all offseason and Skip and Colin have both chosen the Steelers to win the division although Colin’s is probably more out of Baker hate than expectations of the Steelers

    • Jeff Cavanaugh
      Jeff Cavanaugh Month ago +1

      Do you even watch SAS? Lol

  • theyoozernaim
    theyoozernaim Month ago +6

    It's freakin preseason! lol

  • ash.
    ash. Month ago +15

    "Flash super bowl potential in preseason." lol

    • ash.
      ash. Month ago

      @joe nobody you limit dysfunction to a single player? Naive

    • ash.
      ash. Month ago

      @joe nobody it's funny you should try and compare the Steelers and the pats.. the pats sure are great I can't imagine what tom n bill would have been able to do with all that talent over 15 years what a dynasty that would of been

    • joe nobody
      joe nobody Month ago

      @ash. all that dysfunction is gone and they have been to 3 Superbowls and won two who is better outside the pats ?..... No One

    • ash.
      ash. Month ago

      @joe nobody but then again same thing for Kansas City

    • ash.
      ash. Month ago

      @joe nobody chargers exploited how dysfunctional the Steelers are... Can't close games against top talent anymore it seems