GTA 5 Online - NEW Progen Emerus Customization (Diamond Casino)

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Is this possibly the fastest car in the game now? I'm no expert but if i read 200mph... I imagine it means 200mph.
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  • Balin Speight
    Balin Speight 5 days ago +2

    Common sense: massive stock wing
    Blackpanthaa: that wing is tiny

  • Hugo Holmström
    Hugo Holmström 7 days ago

    Fuckng ricer puts all the expensive parts on because why not

  • Sabber Gaming
    Sabber Gaming 11 days ago +1

    I keep trying to watch a video of an Actual 'Try Hard Want To Be Something Another'! And the only reason I came here was to see how the car raced & compared to others. But then his face took the show. Did no one tell him you first get big, before face reveal. In your case, I would have still waited.

  • DazikenHD
    DazikenHD 16 days ago

    Is this a Mclaren Senna? In gta

  • Fame is Our name
    Fame is Our name 17 days ago

    You call that a street car? That is a TRACK MONSTER and there is no two ways about it. This thing shouldn't be street legal. XD

  • Skull Cyborg
    Skull Cyborg 19 days ago

    Krieger is the fastest i think and Deveste

  • Mikeyhouston1
    Mikeyhouston1 21 day ago

    If you listen to the start good enough you could make a rap out of it

  • SWSDRRF 88
    SWSDRRF 88 23 days ago


  • oplix
    oplix 23 days ago

    i cant stand the back window. it destroys the look of the entire car. i hate how most cars in GTA are 80% done right and 20% looks like the designer's 3 year old child finished the design.

  • OakleyManTV
    OakleyManTV 24 days ago +1

    The pariah is the king of speed but ok

  • Den Haag Content
    Den Haag Content 25 days ago

    You are the worst auto customizer i’ve ever seen

  • yo nigga chicken little

    down syndrome little boy

  • Ken R
    Ken R 26 days ago

    I’ve always liked my cars in a metallic feltzer brown with a pearlescent race yellow. At first with the brown it looks horrible but when you add the yellow it looks pretty cool.

  • witiss lafontaine
    witiss lafontaine 28 days ago

    I hate when youtubers have bad tastes like who tf would think its cool to put 10 metres of skirt on ya car and wtf is that large ass front bumper

  • Trevor Walston
    Trevor Walston 29 days ago


  • Elynt
    Elynt Month ago

    GTA V is starting to show it's age damn

  • africa
    africa Month ago

    Thought your face cam had a snapchat filter on it

  • Huey Freeman & his animated friends

    R* WHERE IS THE LORE OF THE EMERUS? who is the person they named it after?

  • Tobiaz911
    Tobiaz911 Month ago

    Do u really think the speedometers are accurate? In that case, i do not hope so.

  • Tobiaz911
    Tobiaz911 Month ago

    And Entety XXR... and then u say 200 mph? Can u just stop?

  • Tobiaz911
    Tobiaz911 Month ago

    U still dunno damn ‘bout this game. And ya still can’t drive? Man..

  • Z- Bob-Z
    Z- Bob-Z Month ago

    Whats the fastest car in the game?

  • Mr Ying Yang
    Mr Ying Yang Month ago

    Good video

  • Error 404
    Error 404 Month ago

    1 - the entity XXR is nowhere near the fastest cars in the game it’s actually really disappointing.
    2 - yes the emerus is the fastest around a track and so is the best allrounder but...
    3 - it has a very good top speed but not the best that award goes to the deveste 8.
    All this info comes from Broughy1322, he is rigorous in his testing in which he tests both lap time and top speed, he actually calculates the top speed over a mile of the car going as fast as possible as the speedos in game are not reliable.

  • M Zain Ali IShaq
    M Zain Ali IShaq Month ago


  • Slushu!
    Slushu! Month ago

    It bothers me how it was likely displaying the speed in KMH, yet it says "MPH" on the dial(Either that or it says "KPH" and it is just so blurry that it's hard to tell)

  • Michaël X
    Michaël X Month ago

    Why does rain on EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMIZATION VIDEO the second you get it out the garage?!!

    • Ket Sniffer
      Ket Sniffer Month ago

      Michaël X well then you need to test it yourself then don’t you I’d buy it

    • Michaël X
      Michaël X Month ago

      I'm legit interested in seeing how the vehicles handle, and couldn't care less how they perform on slick terrain.

  • Sam Arena
    Sam Arena Month ago +1

    Love how the face cam is right where the customizations are

  • Monolith Preacher
    Monolith Preacher Month ago +1

    "We just robbed someone. It's OK..."
    That's on you, buddy. I didn't do nuthin'.

  • Qamar Bryant
    Qamar Bryant Month ago

    I need someone that has the bogdan heist glitch and can give me money I play on ps4

  • blblng. zzz
    blblng. zzz Month ago

    *its 200 kmh*

  • ツCalvin
    ツCalvin Month ago

    It was raining that’s why it was sliding 🤦‍♂️

  • TBest HotBowl1080
    TBest HotBowl1080 Month ago

    This is not a senna, but almost

  • tron tastic
    tron tastic Month ago

    It was probably on kilometers instead of mph

    DMTFOES Month ago

    hey man, just wondering if you lived in Vegas because i just saw a matte black Miata with a huge Drift wing, was that you???

      DMTFOES Month ago

      oh wait you live in England srry

  • kyle gibson
    kyle gibson Month ago

    you’re welcome.


  • Emre5 JDM
    Emre5 JDM Month ago

    The analog speedos in gta5 are inaccurate

  • WavyXII
    WavyXII Month ago

    It triggered me that he didnt repair it after that one crash in the beginning

  • SP00KS
    SP00KS Month ago

    200 kmph = 130 mph

  • MatrixXD
    MatrixXD Month ago

    This looks like a Senna mixed with that new aston martin "Valkirie (sorry if didn't spell that correctly)

  • Geege
    Geege Month ago

    This dude looks like a straight up crackhead

  • Firestorm
    Firestorm Month ago +2

    *Top 3 speed cars in gta online*
    1 Tezeract
    2 Deveste Eight
    3 Progen Emerus
    Emerus is a absolute vagner killer

    • Ignacio Romero
      Ignacio Romero 28 days ago +1

      The Pariah is the fastest car in GTAO, and the Tezeract isn't the fastest supercar, its top speed is only 125.5 mph. The 811 is the fastest, the Deveste is 2nd, the Emerus is 6th, and the Tezeract is 15th lol. Emerus still destroys everything in handling tho

    • GlibbaTron
      GlibbaTron Month ago

      The tezeract beats the Emerus?😪

  • Arran Browitt
    Arran Browitt Month ago

    Senna 100%

  • Devoo
    Devoo Month ago

    200 km/h is roughly 124 mp/h pantha, dont be a knob m8

  • logan crouse
    logan crouse Month ago

    God every time he gets in a mclaren in gta he always pisses me offffff like cmon theo its obv a sennna with fxxk headlights, dont get me started with what he said abt the t20

  • Miraak Dova
    Miraak Dova Month ago

    Well pants, 200Kph is actually around 125Mph..... so yeah

  • Ohthats Taz
    Ohthats Taz Month ago

    It handles better with stock wheels

  • Nicholas Molinaro
    Nicholas Molinaro Month ago

    No all wheel drive and no butterfly doors for 2.7mil? Looks sick but isn’t worth the price tag.

  • jrogn
    jrogn Month ago

    just stop talking the vid wud be better

  • mizikei
    mizikei Month ago

    It’s 200 km 😂😂😂

  • You're Right
    You're Right Month ago

    It's a foreign car its showing kilometers per hour. So 125mph

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez Month ago +1

    It’s based off of the senna

  • HUSKYdito
    HUSKYdito Month ago


  • Jordan Webster
    Jordan Webster Month ago

    Its shit i can beat it in a nero lol same with the devisty 8 and the tezeract vanger ect thay have very good acceleration but i can catch them no bother in the corners and the tubes

  • aland jamal
    aland jamal Month ago

    It’ll be funny if it starts catching fire... in game too

  • Don Barzini
    Don Barzini Month ago

    Fuck u

  • Gacha MemsterYT
    Gacha MemsterYT Month ago

    I hope nfs heat has a supra...

    You thought i would say it.

  • Dalton Burns
    Dalton Burns Month ago

    The Pegassi toros goes over 200 as well

  • WhyNotFoltz
    WhyNotFoltz Month ago

    why does he look like a half eaten rib

  • Gaming York
    Gaming York Month ago

    The galaxy blue is the color of the real Senna