Peter Parker vs Flash - Basketball Scene - The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie CLIP HD

  • Peter Parker vs Flash Thompson - Basketball Scene - The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie CLIP HD [1080p 60 FPS HD ]
    Peter Parker vs Flash (2002):
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  • Divan Asinaha
    Divan Asinaha 10 hours ago

    This scene was directed by someone who has never played basketbal

    KOJAK BRADDY 11 hours ago +1

    Y'all see that man spider dunk a ball

  • märcøs ._.
    märcøs ._. 11 hours ago


  • Ross
    Ross 11 hours ago

    @0:26 she has clearly never seen anyone catch a ball before

  • eating chicken
    eating chicken 12 hours ago

    103 million views.... Okaaaaaaaaaay

  • PG Plays Video Games
    PG Plays Video Games 14 hours ago

    this looks funny @ 60 fps
    anyway, this isn't very cool. parker isn't supposed to be a bully

  • Jaylan Ramirez
    Jaylan Ramirez 14 hours ago

    That's travel

  • Jason Overbee
    Jason Overbee 14 hours ago

    This can’t be Peter Parker

  • Ant 1
    Ant 1 17 hours ago

    Scene is stupid af, I guess as a bball fan I cringe whenever I see someone try to look cool while traveling. Also, Flash was trying to challenge him to a fair game and he used his superhuman body to run flash over (off. Foul) , travel and then used his powers to super jump and shatter the backboard. Peter would never burn out his secret like that, this school is so stupid for not knowing that he's spiderman

  • Str8manballtouch
    Str8manballtouch 17 hours ago

    This is entire scene is so fucking stupid.

  • RuvaRoyale - Gaming
    RuvaRoyale - Gaming 19 hours ago

    Flash: “Give it up Parker!”
    Parker: “No, I don’t think I will”

  • Jose Zuniga
    Jose Zuniga 20 hours ago

    Play movie 2:16:18 set up scene bonus dvd/bluray menu

  • Jose Zuniga
    Jose Zuniga 20 hours ago

    Peter funny basket ball thrown into the flash tasm 1 😆🤣😂🏀😈🤬😠😡🙍‍♀️🙍‍♂️

  • Wanderson Prestton
    Wanderson Prestton 22 hours ago

    He traveled

  • Kolyatte Koritsy
    Kolyatte Koritsy 22 hours ago

    It's not 60fps, its rendered as 60fps with optical flow technique. There is a difference.

  • ManChuChuTrain
    ManChuChuTrain Day ago

    You know imma be honest with you i expected the super hero flash and not a gay actor

  • JohnWayne Dayo
    JohnWayne Dayo Day ago

    Who are the characters??? C'mon tell me

  • Lob_Wiggle
    Lob_Wiggle Day ago

    Random nba ref: No travel

  • 守lower
    守lower Day ago

    This spiderman acts like a total bully douchecanoe, What a turd. With great power comes great pettiness

  • I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    I just want one movie where the guy with new superpowers isn't made to feel bad for doing shit like this.

  • Joel Ortiz
    Joel Ortiz Day ago

    weak as layup lmao

  • FBI Agent
    FBI Agent Day ago

    To be fair is the girl's fault for doing her paint in the middle of the court.

    SUA SPONTE Day ago +1

    what the fuck

  • Rikin Thakkar
    Rikin Thakkar Day ago +1

    Bully maguire more like bully Garfield

  • ammar alhylon
    ammar alhylon Day ago


  • WestTexasDrip
    WestTexasDrip Day ago

    Why did I think it was the flash from the DC universe

  • رجل في زمن المستحيل

    اشتي الفلم كامل

  • Maisam Mozafary
    Maisam Mozafary Day ago

    Good flash

  • Nadjib Ninou
    Nadjib Ninou Day ago

    and now we are stuck with tom holland annoying and boring childish kindergarten spider man

  • AC-2-Shoes
    AC-2-Shoes 2 days ago +3

    0:36 “I’m going to put some dirt in your eye”

  • Ali Saad
    Ali Saad 2 days ago

    شنو اسم الفلم

  • Kinju911
    Kinju911 2 days ago

    You know. This girl comes in a close third on where the safest place to paint it.
    This is 3rd.
    2nd is in the middle of the boxing ring while 2 MMA people are crushing each other.
    And 1st is underwater in a cage with alligators and Great whites surrounding you.
    1st is the safest of all

  • shark puppet the second

    The homecoming version was just annoying and this one's This one is more violent

  • Quavo Huncho
    Quavo Huncho 2 days ago

    Why is he in some Air Force 2s🤦🏾‍♂️

  • stephy 2006
    stephy 2006 2 days ago

    0:21 bucket of paint falls on the poster paper
    one item falls
    peter: goes to pick it up as if she needs help and she dropped 1,000 pencils

  • stephy 2006
    stephy 2006 2 days ago

    why do the first 5 seconds of this look like its sped up

  • Emenike Anigbogu
    Emenike Anigbogu 2 days ago

    how does he get away with this

  • JHolland
    JHolland 2 days ago

    Andrew Garfield just made this spiderman cool and badass , we have the other guy who just made it spiderman then Tom holland who made it all kiddy , they all good in their own way

  • Lusty MaLe
    Lusty MaLe 2 days ago

    SuCk mE 😈😈aNd foLLow me on
    IG @da_reticent
    Twitter @LustyLaunda

  • naveena N
    naveena N 2 days ago


  • rajo md
    rajo md 3 days ago


  • JohnWayne Dayo
    JohnWayne Dayo 3 days ago +1

    Who is the girl?

  • Nicole Herold
    Nicole Herold 3 days ago

    Hh l
    ovm b6 lj

  • Michael Chung
    Michael Chung 3 days ago

    The title should have been Spiderman vs Flash🤣

  • ชินกร อาจศัตรู


  • zachnight 311
    zachnight 311 3 days ago +1

    I think he is the best Spiderman
    Made it more realistic
    Than the other the second one
    except the spider Man we have now

  • Gangster Steep
    Gangster Steep 3 days ago +1

  • xYama
    xYama 3 days ago

    can we talk about that lay up attempt at 0:07 that shit was disgraceful

  • Rodger
    Rodger 3 days ago


  • Unkownplayer_Army_YT

    Flash looks like a default character in a game before upgrading

  • Purple Uzi
    Purple Uzi 3 days ago

    1:17 was that Kobe Bryant

  • tipo de incógnito
    tipo de incógnito 3 days ago

    No sabia que courtois jugaba baloncesto también

  • M and M Nation
    M and M Nation 3 days ago

    Don traveled and doubled

  • Alfian Lusianto
    Alfian Lusianto 3 days ago

    0:38 who's her name?

  • alfonsus yoga
    alfonsus yoga 3 days ago

    People be complain about Peter traveling. but i far more concerned on this one 0:08

    I mean how did u even managed to have spot in the team with that layup?

  • Teoman
    Teoman 3 days ago

    0:07 that layup was clearly made it for getting blocked

  • Aktsar Abdikar
    Aktsar Abdikar 4 days ago

    This scene was directed by someone who was bullied by some basketball player throughout highschool

  • Ami Desai
    Ami Desai 4 days ago

    Definitely did not travel here!

  • Dolph1nsI23
    Dolph1nsI23 4 days ago

    the only best scene in this movie

  • Blockler Path
    Blockler Path 4 days ago

    How is this 60fps?

  • MR. Negrete
    MR. Negrete 4 days ago

    This scene on 2x speed and while smoking a spliff is pretty fucking awesome

  • JamesTheTsundere
    JamesTheTsundere 4 days ago

    that block scene was so bad he let him block the ball

  • Hespiota
    Hespiota 4 days ago

    This Peter Parker is terrible.

  • Kesar Rawat
    Kesar Rawat 4 days ago


  • sad boi
    sad boi 4 days ago

    Pretty smooth video

  • sputnikalgrim
    sputnikalgrim 5 days ago

    Bro super high refresh just makes things look shitty. I barely made it to the end of this clip

  • Loading
    Loading 5 days ago

    runs the basketball without dribbling and then fowls

  • Destiny Webster
    Destiny Webster 5 days ago

    Parker looks like the younger version of Remus Lupin!!! Complete fan girl moment here!!!

  • E pokey
    E pokey 5 days ago

    0:27 ultra instinct plays

  • Lookis Lopez
    Lookis Lopez 5 days ago +1

    0:09 me in elementary school

  • A -10 Thunderbolt
    A -10 Thunderbolt 5 days ago

    yo Peter’s shoes look lit

  • Noname
    Noname 5 days ago


  • rEaR vIeW
    rEaR vIeW 6 days ago

    Andrew Garfield had no business being that hot

  • lorddoc
    lorddoc 6 days ago +1

    0:07 what was he tryna do lmao? he would’ve never hit the lay-up


    *nice tricks*
    1:25 💜🖤💟

  • Salus
    Salus 6 days ago

    This clip is played at 60 fps, it is meant to be played at 24...

  • Sharkbait GD
    Sharkbait GD 6 days ago

    That quality is smooth and buttery like the letter M..