Peter Parker vs Flash - Basketball Scene - The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie CLIP HD

  • Published on Mar 21, 2017
  • Peter Parker vs Flash Thompson - Basketball Scene - The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie CLIP HD [1080p 60 FPS HD ]
    Peter Parker vs Flash (2002):
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  • Dhruv Hazarika
    Dhruv Hazarika Hour ago


  • Thomas Calabio
    Thomas Calabio 2 hours ago

    Wow that was really bad.

  • Blake Guilfoyle
    Blake Guilfoyle 3 hours ago

    8 seconds like was that suppose to be a shot or

  • Kostas - Κώστας Μπ

    I dont want to fight you Flash.

  • Mega heeping Pile of shit

    Tom Hollands flash Thomson looks nothing like he should be portrayed as

  • Elaina Christy
    Elaina Christy 5 hours ago

    Oh it's the other flash

  • TheBombersYT_
    TheBombersYT_ 5 hours ago


  • Ganjas Kron
    Ganjas Kron 7 hours ago

    Worst spiderman

  • Pr3mJ4rn Th4v4r4j4h
    Pr3mJ4rn Th4v4r4j4h 8 hours ago

    2 years and it’s still on my recommended 😂

  • Soul
    Soul 10 hours ago


  • IceB 25
    IceB 25 11 hours ago

    Painting in a gym??

  • afam uzoka
    afam uzoka 11 hours ago

    I didn't like this version of Peter Parker. He's more of a self assured by bully which was very distinct from the comics

    DRAGON 12 hours ago


  • Sandro Qavtaradze
    Sandro Qavtaradze 13 hours ago

    ტეგჰსგსჯსჰდჰ! ...

  • Nikorasu Dragneel
    Nikorasu Dragneel 13 hours ago

    Whatever happened to "With great power, comes great responsibility"

  • Alejandro Toledo
    Alejandro Toledo 17 hours ago

    Yo creí que flash el super heroe :v

  • Vicente Hernandez De La Cruz

    1:54 Ese compa ya esta muertoo
    Nomas no le han avisadooo🎵🎵

  • Norxs
    Norxs 18 hours ago

    why does the footage look so good

  • Vitro Amare
    Vitro Amare 19 hours ago

    Why is this filmed in like 120fps 🤦‍♂️

  • お前の母ちゃん
    お前の母ちゃん 19 hours ago


  • Jesse Muotoh
    Jesse Muotoh 21 hour ago

    Shaqrryl Parker

    MABRYONTAY FREEMAN 22 hours ago

    This scene kinda reminds me of Never Back Down

  • Xalzo
    Xalzo 23 hours ago +1

    No one going to talk about that travel?

  • BlackXXl Soares
    BlackXXl Soares Day ago +1

    Alguém 2019

  • Elie Samil
    Elie Samil Day ago


  • Adam Sigal
    Adam Sigal Day ago

    fucking dumb nerd bitch lmfao

  • dave jimson
    dave jimson Day ago

    That girl should be the one to blame

  • vektor lekabistni

    u cant just run with a ball in baskteball

    SPARTAN ROJAS MX Day ago +1

    *Fuck You Sony*

  • Macaroni Jack011
    Macaroni Jack011 Day ago +1

    what the frick he took like 6 steps

  • ddd ddd
    ddd ddd Day ago


  • mega pro gamer
    mega pro gamer Day ago


  • hesham zain
    hesham zain Day ago

    يا للهول اين العرب

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker Day ago

    Worst cgi ever

    IVAROM Day ago

    Пошли на хуй, не русские сучки

  • Mario Salgado
    Mario Salgado Day ago

    Why did this get 95 million views

  • Kao Vang
    Kao Vang Day ago

    95M views. Damn.

  • James Bowles
    James Bowles Day ago

    How the he’ll do you have this in 60 FPS??

  • Lachie Fraser
    Lachie Fraser Day ago +1

    That was a travel

  • ice wallow come
    ice wallow come Day ago +2

    are we not going to talk about how this has 95mil views

  • Kevin O'campo
    Kevin O'campo Day ago

    *Michael Jordan has left the chat*

  • sleeping angel
    sleeping angel Day ago

    Parker estas demente

  • Rytyrocks
    Rytyrocks Day ago

    Ok that’s true but he traveled hard in that dunk

  • maxwaximus _
    maxwaximus _ Day ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how trash that layup was at 0:07😂😂😂

    ME HOY ME NOY Day ago

    Lol is this music for real? Is he fighting a bully or starting a journey in Middle Earth?

  • Aiden Wagner
    Aiden Wagner Day ago


  • pranks and vlogs
    pranks and vlogs 2 days ago +1

    at 1:45 or 1:46 doesnt it sound like he said im pregant instead of bring it? sub to SnowyyOnWii Yt

  • Donnavin Zepeda
    Donnavin Zepeda 2 days ago

    Peter looks like a mix of Perry Farrell and Morrissey

  • Sebastien Seguin
    Sebastien Seguin 2 days ago


  • Tomy :v
    Tomy :v 2 days ago

    Pondria a este flash con el peter de ahora :v

  • [BLD]PAI-II: Jay
    [BLD]PAI-II: Jay 2 days ago

    Flash didn't seem like a bully at all.
    He even called him partner, a normal bully would call you something else.


    this quality though omg

  • Thiccctor
    Thiccctor 2 days ago +1

    We just gonna Ignore how he travelled.

  • Просто SmoTри


  • Adeoye Oyedele
    Adeoye Oyedele 2 days ago +1

    A giant flex on flash

    MANAATTI 64 2 days ago +2

    This movie was just the worst spiderman ever made...
    The main character being bullied didnt make any sense a SKATER and a pretty good looking guy. Not the bullying target in any schools...

    • SYN Eli
      SYN Eli 5 minutes ago

      @arrow Patel that not the point, this movie makes peter seem and act more like the douche jocks rather than someone who could have the potential to be bullied. Thus scene alone shows that let alone his behavior throughout the rest of the movie

    • arrow Patel
      arrow Patel 11 minutes ago

      You obviously don’t know much about peter in high school.
      Flash constantly tormented Peter in the comics and even in the 1st tobey maguire movie. Flash constantly bullied peter or hit him but he never did anything back bc his spider powers prob would’ve killed him

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel 6 hours ago

      Fr he would easily be a pretty popular guy in the majority of schools

  • Astro PHYSICS
    Astro PHYSICS 2 days ago

    yaw 9iiiiiiww

    H4YDN S1LV3RTON 2 days ago


    H4YDN S1LV3RTON 2 days ago


  • 100,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    How does nobody know he is spider man 😂