[ASMR] All Up In Your Ears #2 (Deep Ear Attention)

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
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    HEYYY everybody!!! Since I've switched microphones, up close ear videos have been so much more fun to make. I hope you enjoy part 2, but here's part 1 of some Deep Ear Attention if you haven't caught it: ru-clip.net/video/CTH_cEmp6Kw/video.html
    Also LOL at me saying left for right and right for left... smh
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  • Ali Daddo
    Ali Daddo Hour ago

    its the toaster coaster before it was broken!!

  • Ace Gitanga
    Ace Gitanga 9 hours ago

    5.4M views that’s a car Gibi...G O CRAZY 🤪😝

  • John
    John 14 hours ago

    4:45 what demon are you trying to summon? I'm only getting imps but they assure me that you dialed the wrong number

  • Hshsud Ydhdhs
    Hshsud Ydhdhs 21 hour ago

    She has lickable eyeballs. I've never felt that urge before, but its not a bad one...

  • Ryan Slayer
    Ryan Slayer Day ago

    What is gibis real name

  • Dyl Pictures
    Dyl Pictures Day ago

    I was an extra in the girl on the train they filmed part of the movie in grand central

  • Pablo Alfaro
    Pablo Alfaro 2 days ago

    pq se le ve la cara como amarilla? xd

  • Star Teen Vlogs
    Star Teen Vlogs 2 days ago +3

    “You’re okay you’re okay you’re okay”
    * hits myself in the face with a marker cap* YOU LIED TO ME!

  • iii_Lexiplays_iii Yeet
    iii_Lexiplays_iii Yeet 2 days ago +3

    When I read the title the first thing that came to my head was
    "Get out of my ears!!!!"

  • Joanes Lau
    Joanes Lau 3 days ago


  • Stella Leader
    Stella Leader 4 days ago +1

    Stay far back with the spray. When it hit the mic it woke me up

  • Stella Leader
    Stella Leader 4 days ago +1

    I like the hand better

  • Core Vortex
    Core Vortex 4 days ago

    Guys is someone says someone looks good dont say their (looking for a girlfriend) lonely losers
    their are 60% of the time just complaining her chill down

  • Core Vortex
    Core Vortex 4 days ago +2

    The water spray was a bit intense but interesting id like to see more

  • simpel
    simpel 4 days ago

    11:53 fuck you :() man... my ears

  • Miag _
    Miag _ 5 days ago

    Me: lying there calmly
    Gibi: shoop shoop shoop shoop shoop

  • Mustard Seed of Faith
    Mustard Seed of Faith 6 days ago +3

    Could you do a video on just whispering positive affirmations? That would be awesome!!❤

  • Bob Belcher
    Bob Belcher 8 days ago

    Yea like Mr Beast has made a bunch of the same challenge videos. He made a lot of videos tipping waiters, donating to twitch streamers, and selling expensive items for $1. All the same content but still different in a way

  • IZZy FUNDy_band
    IZZy FUNDy_band 8 days ago +1

    If it’s a coaster made out of toast does that make it a toaster?

    • Bob Belcher
      Bob Belcher 8 days ago

      What about a toaster made out of coasters? What would that be called

    • Bob Belcher
      Bob Belcher 8 days ago

      I think so

  • Neve McAdam
    Neve McAdam 9 days ago

    Part 3?

  • Msg Akeiw
    Msg Akeiw 10 days ago +1

    | n e e d h e l p

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 10 days ago

    Do the microphones need adjusting or will that action happen later on in the bedroom with a guy tonight? oh hell yeah she bags she bàngs really hard too. oh Sarah Silverman would have lots of fun with this girl on Comedy Central. and South Park would go to town with major humor poking on this. Randy Marsh would be masturbating to this while drinking beer. and the twelve graders will be doing freaky ass shit while they watch these videos. ya know it can happen licking the microphones would not surprise me at all. I'd be like hell yeah girl you lick those up and down like Skittles taste the rainbow. this girl know we fans are naughty she doesn't care about that. in the words of the character Wayne Campbell. "Here's a Quarter buy a clue." Garth would be saying this. "Schwing...Schwing...Schwing." Beavis and Butthead wouldn't make it through any of these videos ever. Glenn Quagmire would take time off to go home and do some hose cleaning. Peter Griffen will be eating something and Brian will be down in the fucking basement doing well it's obvious isn't it?

    • Bob Belcher
      Bob Belcher 8 days ago

      I was just thinking if I should binge watch trailer park boys again and I see this comment. Must be a sign. Should I binge it knowing I'll be sad when it's over and I have to wait a long time again to want to binge it again

  • Melissa Svec
    Melissa Svec 10 days ago

    I LOVED the spraying and hope the full video comes ones day.

  • Rohit Kumar Swami
    Rohit Kumar Swami 11 days ago +3

    Thank you.. Gibi.. i use your videos in my sleeping time and helps a lot. I forget ally problems and get a relaxed sleep. Specially your whispering voice. One day i watch zhe video and Everytime i use it. Thank you from India. And best of luck for your task and future. Bye.

  • Bannanadance
    Bannanadance 11 days ago

    Watched it a second time a year later

  • Jordan Godwin
    Jordan Godwin 11 days ago

    I sensitive in right side of my ear than the left, but only someone whisper.

  • the whelk
    the whelk 11 days ago

    you are so cute

  • FreeSen
    FreeSen 12 days ago +5

    audible had no idea how much exposure they were getting with this ad deal
    I've heard their portion of this vid like 30 times

  • vexar
    vexar 12 days ago

    when is the third sequel gonna come out ?

  • Debby Stompie
    Debby Stompie 12 days ago

    This is sooo relaxing 😁

  • Just your Average Artist

    I love 2:52

  • FreeSen
    FreeSen 13 days ago +6

    when all else fails
    this video is here
    in it's perfection
    so I can fall asleep

  • Brittany Reedy
    Brittany Reedy 13 days ago

    Laying on the beach about to take a nap. Thanks Gibi 😀

  • Xellith
    Xellith 14 days ago +41

    Can you make a video just promoting things? For some reason I love hearing you talk about Audible and Honey >.> (this is not a joke)

  • UwU pewchu
    UwU pewchu 14 days ago

    Did anyone else see that bts game ad? I see it every time I watch a video

  • DevTK
    DevTK 14 days ago +2

    I did not hit her....
    ... 10:16

  • Saurav Sarkar
    Saurav Sarkar 15 days ago

    You are looking extra pretty in this video .. are those coloured contacts ?

    • xxkookiejay
      xxkookiejay 14 days ago +2

      Saurav Sarkar that’s her real eye color

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 15 days ago

    Gibi: ...
    My brain: SPARTA!!!!!!!

  • Napoleon Dynamite
    Napoleon Dynamite 15 days ago

    Asmr makes me uncomfortable

  • YoYo Alkaissy
    YoYo Alkaissy 16 days ago +2

    Gibi: uploads video
    *my consciousness fading away while watching*
    Me: Ah shit here we go again

  • Salvador Ramirez
    Salvador Ramirez 17 days ago +3

    I listen to the promos because of the whispering

  • Mage Aurelouisee
    Mage Aurelouisee 18 days ago

    Gibi is actually a fckn hero

  • HannahKMitchell
    HannahKMitchell 19 days ago +3

    This is my go-to video when I'm panicking because I can't sleep!! Gibi has always got my back

  • Cool Cucumber
    Cool Cucumber 19 days ago

    So fit

  • Maya Castro
    Maya Castro 20 days ago

    This is completely irrelevant but i went to see a Shawn Mendes concert tonight and I don’t wanna sleep now... I’m kinda depressed now that it’s over

  • Bladomo 3306
    Bladomo 3306 20 days ago

    Why did the spray make me sneeze 😆

  • Alexander Barnes
    Alexander Barnes 21 day ago +6

    Do another men's pampering service!!! That video has put me to sleep like thirty some odd time and I only started listening to asmr about two months ago!

  • Muzahid Khan
    Muzahid Khan 21 day ago +1

    Gibi you are modst most prettier and most beautiful girl in the world.

  • Simply Becky
    Simply Becky 22 days ago

    -gets ready to watch asmr and calm down-
    My current ear status: dead

  • ChanelLavender
    ChanelLavender 22 days ago

    Why does her repeating words make me anxious

  • Alan Solis
    Alan Solis 23 days ago

    Like your vids by the way👍👍

  • Alan Solis
    Alan Solis 23 days ago

    Wasup GIBIII!! 😁😁

  • andy_jvh.z king
    andy_jvh.z king 23 days ago

    Play fortnite asmr

  • krishal karmacharya
    krishal karmacharya 23 days ago

    I've never watched anyone as closely as Gibi.😁

  • Lola Smith
    Lola Smith 23 days ago

    please make more video's like this

  • Andrew Dumas
    Andrew Dumas 24 days ago +1

    Half the time I watch asmr to make sure my ear buds are correct.

  • M_ RED
    M_ RED 25 days ago


  • Communist Party Of Canada



  • Lexi Felton
    Lexi Felton 29 days ago +9

    Me: My autoplay is still Gibi so I’m good

  • savannah Farris
    savannah Farris 29 days ago

    i hateeee when someone drags their nails down something rough or literally anything actually. its like nails on a chalk board to me swearrr

  • harry potter
    harry potter 29 days ago +4

    your triggers are so effective , they push anxiety away , thanks Gibi .

  • Whiefull
    Whiefull Month ago +2

    11:50 I need that in my life. Why nobody has ever done that :/ and why is it only 20s there :(

    • chillimocca
      chillimocca 21 day ago

      ru-clip.net/video/sXoiYC_XcdU/video.html there you go 🙂 this is my personal heaven 😜

  • Dante Lloyd
    Dante Lloyd Month ago +1

    More spray bottle please.

  • silver `
    silver ` Month ago

    Is it bad that it's like 2:00 and I'm still up reading the comments instead of going to bed

  • 5150 Logan
    5150 Logan Month ago +1

    Your so earmental.

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    Felt that in my spine...

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